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Chapter 1017- lone hun

I did not hide my thoughts. "No need. Let us adventurers deal with our fellow adventurers. The Royal Army's goals are the Flame Lion and Azure Ocean armies. Maintain formation."

"Yes, sir!"


Morning in-game, the fog rose from the short bushes on the horizon. It helped cover the waist of the trees in a thin veil. Dew landed on the bushes and birds chirped. This place was really tranquil, but behind this was endless killing intent. This was India Region's chance and Clear Black Eyes would not let it slip.

In the guild, Lin Wan Er marked the coordinates of the sixty thousand Zhan Long members on the map. We were scattered across Fire Marsh Plains, Questioning Heaven Ice Plains, and Forest of Stars. The various Tian Ling City guilds were also scattered on the various maps. These few maps were huge and not all the players on both sides had headed out, ensuring that this battle was really like a hunt.

I ordered the Royal Army and Dragon’s Den troops to remain on the spot while I rode God Dragon Horse to leave War God River. Since I was in a good mood, I planned to earn some achievement points from the King's Hunt.

Over 70% of Fire Marsh Plains was fertile plains and was suitable for cavalry battles. The other 30% was bushes, forests and marshland. I had camouflage and could naturally choose to use the bushes and forest as my attack route. Many China players appeared in the plains in the distance and there were also a small group of Indian players. Both sides were probing before retreating. No real battle had occurred.

"Sha sha..."

Horse hoof stepped on the leaves and I proceeded forwards slowly. I entered camouflage and heard people talking a little in front, "That small hill has around 100 China players and they are between level 165-170. We have a chance of wiping them out. Our Peak War God guild has gathered 500 people and we can't let Drunk Maple and Clear Black Eyes look down on us anymore. We have to show off our strength this time!"

I pulled apart the leaves of the forest and noticed a bunch of people gathered here. The one who spoke was a middle aged Indian man with an axe. He looked really fierce. Around him were two deputy guild leaders and four elders. They were a guild in Waterfront City called Peak War God and they were waiting for a chance to ambush. I used the system and found that they were a level 3 guild that wasn't full. They had around 50% capacity. It seemed like they planned to kill the chinese players who stumbled into this region. Okay, time to draw first blood on these people.

I carefully summoned Ancient God Tiger and pulled out Zhen Yue Sword and Butterfly. After confirming the surrounding map, I tossed out Butterfly. Instantly, this five star god weapon turned into a spiral that charged towards their guild leader.

The Blade Spin slashed three times and before the guild leader even saw me, he was insta killed. Each slash was 70 thousand damage for a total of 220 thousand. He definitely was not able to block it.

"Be careful, someone sneak attack!" A low health deputy guild leader shouted.

But it was too late. My God Dragon Horse had already charged out. I swept with Zhen Yue Sword and used Seven Star Fragment Slash into the crowd. I followed up with Sword Tempest and out of the 7, only one who activated Crystallize was still alive. However, before he was able to feel fortunate, Ancient God Tiger took him away with one claw.

I didn't hesitate and continued to charge forwards. I didn't care about these few hundred people. I activated Icy Wings and buffed myself with Wall of Douqi and Frost Armor. My body turned into a spiral storm that swept the crowd. I didn't even use many skills and just slashed blade by blade. Instantly, the area behind me was covered in corpses as I caught the enemy off guard. When they calmed down, only then did they start shouting about using Scattered Shot to stun me. Unfortunately, my Overlord Helmet had the Heart of the Courageous effect and I wouldn't get stunned and my speed reduced. Their close combat players and archers also dealt too little damage to me. At most they dealt 2000, at the very least it was just dozens of damage.

"Mage, focus fire!" A team leader shouted.

At least 50 Mages were gathered together. Eagles cried out and lightning flashed, this was the skill Lightning Eagle Formation!

I laughed and jumped up. I used my mobility to fly across the forest to dodge most of them. I flew hundreds of meters before diving down. Butterfly and Seven Star Fragment Slash slashed the crowd and overlord blade stepped two cavalries into meat paste. At my side, a large group of heavy armored cavalry players charged over.

I looked at my skills and locked eyes on Death God's Dance. I activated it and instantly a red death god cavalry figure appeared around me. The players' around me started to lose health and before they could retreat, I used Blade of the Champion's Trampling Thunder effect. A large patch of over 100 thousand damage rose up and dozens of cavalry fell off their horses. I stepped in the air and retreated. At the same time, I drank Lanling Flower Wine and recovered 100 rage value. I turned around and used Defeat the Dragon to grab a Mage before sending Butterfly through his Mana Shield to insta kill him!

In a blink of an eye, this Peak War God guild went from 500 people to 200. Their mouths were opened wide. The cavalry leader holding a spear had his face turned ashen white and he trembled, "It is Xiao Yao Zi Zai... The last country war's MVP, the china region's killing god... Damn, why is he here? Brothers, don't be nervous. Attack together, he is only alone. I don't believe that he is made of metal and that we can't kill him. Charge!

They gathered at least 100 cavalry, assassins and Archers to charge at me. If it was someone else, they would have probably considered fleeing.

"Kong kong..." Ancient God Tiger roared as if it was provoking the group.

I sucked in a deep breath, time to try!


After returning Butterfly into its sheath, I opened my right hand and an invisible energy field gathered around. The bushes around started to shake and in it were many small pieces of stone. With Heaven Control, these pieces of stone started to rise up with some of the thorns on the bushes. There was even a wild boar that was lifted up by me. I waved my hands forwards and power exploded. Instantly, the stone, thorns and wild boar flew fowards like a cannonball!

"Peng peng peng..."

The fast moving stone were like bullets and these Indian players couldn't handle it at all, many of them were directly smashed to death. The wild boar crushed two Assassins. A few seconds later, half of the 200 men attack they tried to gather were killed. They looked at one another before fleeing. Their faces were filled with shock, "This person is not human, flee!"

I didn't chase them and looked as these bunch who had lost all their courage fled out of the forest. In truth, I was lazy to chase them as there was no sense of achievement at all. But, killing 400 people in such a short time caused my King's Hunt achievement points to reach first. This was a little too simple...

I continued forwards with camouflage. If I saw any Indian players, I just killed all of them. In a long period of time, none of them caused much threat to me. Until an hour later, I noticed a Flame Lion Army scout army of 100. But there were roughly 300 Conquer the World members. Conquer the World was India's top guild and their overall strength was above that of Clear Black Eyes's guild. Their strength couldn't be underestimated and there were even a few that were at level 178 and on the verge of their 7th job advancement. The strongest was an Archer called Hundred Step Bow who was ranked 14th on the IBN Battlenet. His Attack was really high and I might not be able to block him so it was best if I played safe.

Thus, I pushed forwards along the bushes and got closer to them. Suddenly, the God Dragon Horse neighed and a beast trap appeared beneath us. This was the Archer's Beast Trap skill. As the trap was invisible and my vision was not as good as Assassins and Archers, naturally I was trapped!

"There is someone!"

Shouts spread out from the forest. This time the enemy quality was much higher and they shot arrows through the trees. I activated Icy Wings to dodge but was still hit twice. The scorching pain spread out, each dealt 7000 damage. Tsk, this Archer's bow had at least 40% true damage if not it wouldn't have damaged me so much.


I slid onto the grass patch and with a glance, I saw where the three archers were at. I raised my hand and used Great Realm of Desolation. The level 19 skill light shone and the next moment, I heard an Archer cry as he fell off the tree. Great Realm of Desolation dealt 90 thousand damage just like that!

Another Archer locked onto me. The glow on the bow was huge, this was Shot of the Archery God!


My shoulder was hit and I couldn't help but shake as 12 thousand damage was taken. These bunch of Archers was strong and they were definitely Drunk Maple's elite squad.

After getting hit, I turned around and left. At the same time, I waved Butterfly to slice the leaves and use Blade Spin towards the top of the trees. Another Archer was insta killed and another one was pierced in the chest. But after killing three of them, my situation wasn't good too as many players charged over through the forest. Moreover, the Flame Lion Army soldiers charged in. That Captain raised his halberd with arrogance, "It is Tian Ling City Royal Army's general, no matter who it is, as long as you kill him, you will at least be promoted three times!"