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Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks!

Author:You You Jiang Jiang!

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UpdateTime:1/28/2022 6:59:12 PM

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Su Xing traveled through ten years in time and secretly checked in for ten years at Tianquan Peak. He thought he could continue to develop, but he suddenly got three junior sisters. \r\n\r\nHis first junior sister was seemingly the reincarnation of a female emperor who had fought bloody battles to the edge of the world in her previous life. Her second junior sister seemed to have royal blood as w...
《Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks!》 Text
1 Checked In For 10 years! How Many Hidden Old Demons Are There In This World?
2 The Disciple Acceptance Ceremony, Isn’t This Person A Little Too Handsome?
3 Such A Beautiful Lady, But It's A Pity She’s Trash
4 Are You Willing To Join My Sunset Peak?
5 He Was Just An Ordinary Person, So How Could He Comprehend The Intent?!
6 There Might Be A Big Secret In Sunset Peak!
7 You Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect Actually Did This In The Morning!?
8 Why Should I cultivate When There's Nothing Wrong With Me?
9 This Is Too Terrifying, He Crossed A Whole Realm In One Afternoon!
10 Senior Brother, Are You Craving For My Body?
11 A Little Foundation Establishment Realm Attracting The Heavenly Tribulation!
12 A Mere Heavenly Tribulation Cut Down With A Single Sword Move!
13 Why Is The Spiritual Qi On The Sunset Peak So Dense?
14 Su Yan‘er Has The Stance Of A Great Empress!
15 Senior Brother, Let Me Protect You From Now On!
16 Meteorite Primordia Divine Technique, Immortal Level Technique!
17 No Wonder Senior Brother Has Such An Aura Despite His Weak Strength!
18 New Junior Sister, Mo Yuanqing
19 Princess Of The Great Feng, Zero Talen
20 Severed Meridians, Recasting Cultivation! Mo Yuanqing Betrayed The First Prince!
21 The People From The Great Feng Empire Coming, The Sect Master’s Banquet! Where is Mo Yuanqing?
22 Senior Brother, I Do Not Wish To Get The Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect Involved!
23 Today Will Be The Day You, Zhuang Changhe, Die!
24 At The Mastery Realm, One Sword Move Could Instantly Kill Him
25 The Imperial Physician Was Shocked And The Great Feng was Furious
26 The Imperial Physician Reverses Black And White, The Great Feng Empire Exterminates The Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sec
27 The Meeting Of The Higher-Ups Of The Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect. Who Is The Tribulation Realm Expert?
28 Zhuang Changhe Shocked. That Person’s Instantaneous Explosive Strength Is Even Stronger Than That Of The Ancestor?
29 The Envoy Of The Great Qin Empire Is Here! Why Is There No News Of The Marriage Alliance?
30 3000 Years' Worth Of Cultivation Points! Breakthrough, Half-Step Away To The Immortal Realm
31 If The Sunset Peak Fails To Enter The Top Ten In The Sect Competition, The Sunset Peak Will Be Removed!
32 Sword Tower Uproar, Mysterious Heavenly Sword Jail!
33 If You Still Think That This Is Too Slow, How Are You Going To Let People Live?!
34 The Top Sword Intent Among The 3,000 Great Paths Sword Cultivators!
35 Was She Overthinking, Or Was Her Senior Brother Really Hiding His True Strength?
36 Junior Sister, Listen To My Explanation. I Really Didn’t Do It On Purpose
37 The Sect Guardian Sword, The Mysterious Iron Sword Recognizes Its Master!
38 Disciple Competition, Terrifying Heaven’s Favorite, Sword Intent's Mastery Realm, Champion Candidate!
39 So What if He’s In The Golden Elixir Realm? He Can’t Even Withstand A Single Blow From the Emperor’s Sword Intent!
40 Zhuang Changhe And The Mysterious Sky Sword Sect Were Shocked! The Iron Sword Actually Recognized Mo Yuanqing As Its Master!
41 Ye Youji Was Shamed, The Mystic Realm Was Opened!
42 Senior Brother, You Are A Scroll Master?!
43 Scroll Master? The Sword Pagoda Collapsed!
44 You Don’t Like Me, Do You?
45 Prepare To Set Off!
46 Departure! Mysterious Sky Mystic Realm.
47 The Faces Of All Living Beings At The Entrance Of The Mystic Realm
48 There’s Something Wrong With The White Sun Sect!
49 Strange Cat, Returning To The Mortal Realm!
50 Spiritual Energy Cyclone!
51 10,000 Swords Returning To Their Origin!
52 Self-Destruct!
53 New Junior Sister! Part I
54 New Junior Sister! Part II
55 Sparring!
56 What The Hell?! My Junior Sister Is Actually Not Human?!
57 Demonic Magical Beast Mountain Attacks The Mysterious Sky Sword Sect!
58 The King of Demonic Beasts, The Nine Heavens Mysterious Thunder Tiger!
59 Head-On Collision, The Battle Between The Mysterious Sky Sword Sect And The Demonic Beasts!
60 “Hello, May I Ask If You Can Withdraw Your Troops?”
61 “I’m Sorry... I Forgot To Remove The Disguise Of My Cultivation!”
62 The Mighty Sect Master And The Unreconciled Empyrean Gorilla
63 After Victory, All He Wanted Now Was To Lie Down And Be Healed
64 Terrifying Demonic Divine Weapons. They Are All Nascent Soul Stage Experts!?
65 A Top-Grade Treasure In The Celestial Realm Was Actually A Yellow-Rank Treasure?
66 Split Into Two Groups, My Senior Brother Has Plenty Of Scrolls!
67 Mo Yuanqing Who Was Desperate Reversed The Situation!
68 The Great Reversal
69 The Power Of The Mysterious Heavenly Venerate
70 You Actually Molested Your Senior Brother?
71 The Army Approaches The City
72 The Origins Of The Demon Race
73 Great Qin’s Strength
74 The Third Prince’s Wife
75 Activate The Formation
76 Shen Yaoling’s Attack
77 The Old Demon Who Had Returned To His Youth
78 Wager
79 Rampage Pill
80 The Talent Of The Demon Race
81 Who Is Peace
82 Senior Exper
83 The Empress Was Moved
84 Chopping Wood To Feed Horses And Taking Care Of Junior Martial Sister
85 Senior Brother, Let Me Show You Something Good
86 The Elder Ancestor’s Divine Skill Has Been Completed
87 Sunset Peak Is A Beauty Sec
88 Master’s Return
89 Master’s Shock
90 Bai Xueling’s Surprise
91 Master, I Really Did Not Make A Move
92 My Disciple’s Cultivation Base Is Only In Fairyland
93 Check Your Cultivation Level One By One
94 It Is Time To Descend The Mountain
95 An Episode Of Going Down The Mountain
96 Aerial Ladder
97 Vertical Aerial Ladder. Walking Is So Easy
98 The Strangeness of Yellowstone Town
99 An Empty Village
100 Demons And Evil Dragons
101 Black Iron Axe Vs. Evil Bone Dragon
102 A Familiar Name
103 Mo Shenghong’s Situation
104 Mo Yuanqing’s Strange Behavior
105 Outside The Thousand-Mile Red Cliff
106 The Mysterious Desert Inn
107 The Special Growing Environment Of The God-Calming Tree
108 Master, Save Your Disciple!
109 He Came On The Auspicious Rainbow Cloud
110 It’s Your Bad Luck To Meet Me On The First Encounter
111 Void Master Of The Joyous Union Sect Vs. Purple Cloud Sect's Purple Lightning
112 The Outskirts Of Red Cliff Under The Night Sky
113 Staying At The Desert Inn
114 So The Voice Transmission Talisman Was A Bomb
115 Junior Sisters Set Off For The Thousand-Mile Red Cliff
116 The Half-Step Sword Immortal, A Flowery-Clothed Man
117 Drunk Sword Immortal, Carefree With One Sword
118 The Figure In The Rainy Nigh
119 Was My Disciple’s Performance Not Up To Standard?
120 Leaving The Desert Inn
121 Quicksand Domain
122 Great Changes in the Eastern Continen
123 Another Ascendan
124 Ruins of an Ancient Sec
125 The Great Feat of the Longevity Immortal Sec
126 The Plan of the Demon Race
127 The Great Tribulation of the Human Immortal
128 Two Familiar Figures
129 Heaven-Ranked God-Calming Tree
130 Half-Immortal God-Calming Tree
131 Mysterious Formation
132 The Mysterious Immortal Array Master
133 Sudden Thunder
134 I Only Want To Save People
135 Breaking the Shackles of the Bloodline
136 Heaven-Shaking Sword
137 The Plan Against the Demon Race
138 The Days of Immortals
139 Ambushed and Killed by the Demons
140 Coincidence
141 The Relationship Between the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect and the Demon Race
142 The Changes at Sunset Peak
143 The Dark Sky Sword Sect Came Out to Slay the Demon Race
144 An Uninhabited Village
145 News of the Drunk Sword Immortal
146 The Demons' Plan
147 Arrival at the Great Feng Empire
148 Mo Wudao's Bedevilmen
149 The Six Great Sects Have Gone Mad!
150 Within Reason, Out of Expectation
151 Better to Beg for a Sword Than to Love a Throne
152 Junior Sister Mo Yuanqing's Decision
153 Differential Treatment of the Demons
154 The Recent Situation of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sec
155 The Discovery of the Six Great Sects
156 Green Mountain City, Hell on Earth
157 The Man in the Blood Robe Appeared
158 Demon King Antoine
159 Demons Who Worshipped the Moon
160 The Disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect Are in Danger!
161 The Demon King's Death
162 The Appearance of the Son of Fate
163 The Sword Saint of the Clear Water Sec
164 Forgotten Items
165 Senior Brother Let Me Give It a Try
166 Not a Heavyweight Match
167 Su Yan'er VS. Daoist Zuo
168 Su Yan'er Was Enlightened
169 Mo Yuanqing's Choice
170 Four Measures That Shocked the Ministers
171 Young Lady Xueling’s Terrifying Comprehension Ability
172 The Intrepid Martial Grand Uncle
173 Yes, It's As Simple As Tha
174 Daoist Zuo's Invalid Speech
175 Furious-Eyed King Lei LaoLiu
176 Old Monster Sword
177 Return to Sunset Peak
178 Be Careful Not to Hurt Yourself
179 Antoine's Corpse
180 Let’s Talk About Our Own Matters
181 Divine Weapon Hundred-Time-Refined Steel Axe
182 The Legendary Realm
183 The Oddity of Old Monster Sword
184 The Ancestor of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect Knows the Art of deduction
185 The Demon King’s Corpse
186 The Fourth Ancestor Was Devoured
187 The Storm Caused By the Taiji Fis
188 The Son of Fate Has Appeared Again
189 Zhuang Changhe on the Edge of a Spear
190 His Memory Was Completely Blank
191 False Alarm
192 Su Xing’s Promise
193 A Figure in the Depths of the Deser
194 A Vision in the Depths of the Red Cliff
195 A Projection from Thousands of Years Ago
196 Visitors from Outside the Mountain Gate
197 Baiyi’s Misgivings
198 “The Son of Fate is at Sunset Peak?”
199 Acting Must Be Done in Full
200 Experiencing the Life of a Mortal
201 Su Xing, Who Teaches By Example
202 Cultivation Increased Once Again
203 Inexplicably Inferior
204 The Ambiguity in the Bamboo Fores
205 One Must Be Uprigh
206 The Strange Actions of the Beautiful Master
207 Friendly Sparring Between Master and Disciple
208 The Appearance of a Demonic Dragon in the Lake
209 The King of Fish
210 Senior Brother is the Rule
211 Li Yiyi’s Transformation
212 Time To Go Home for Dinner
213 The All-Fish Banquet at the Semi-God Realm
214 Xuejian’s Doubts
215 Innate Pupil Technique Evolving
216 Li Yiyi Had Another Epiphany
217 The Change in the Hearts of the Girls
218 The Trouble Caused by the Youth Retaining Pill
219 If He Does Not Submit, He Will Be Destroyed
220 The Indecent Old Sword Freak
221 Scramble for the Fire to Cook
222 The Aura of the Demon Race
223 The Promise Under the Altar
224 The Drunk Sword Immortal's Methods
225 The Demon Race’s Plan Has Begun
226 Something Big Has Happened
227 The Alternative Use of Converging Sound into a Line
228 The Phantom of Old Sword Monster
229 The Return of the Beauty
230 Senior Brother Su Xing Bullying Others?
231 Preparations for the Blackheaven Sword Sec
232 The Sect Master Invited Me to Be a Merit Impartation Elder
233 The Mysterious Operation of the Two of Them
234 Senior Sister, Please Fight With Me
235 Flying Birds Understand Human Nature
236 Magical Language Arts
237 Beautiful Misunderstanding
238 The Open and Honest Su Xing
239 A Rare and Grand Even
240 The Complicated Selfless Sec
241 The Trial Conference Part 1
242 The Trial Conference Part 2
243 The Trial Conference Part 3
244 News of the Son of Fate
245 The White-Clothed Youth
246 Ye Youji vs Yin Shisan
247 The Person on the Sunset Peak
248 “Let’s See Who Dares To Touch My Junior Sister.”
249 An Existence at the Level of an Ancestor
250 Legendary Martial Uncle
251 Gather at the Nine Peaks’ Training Ground
252 Group Medicinal Bath
253 Body Tempering, Pain and Pleasure