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World“s Best Martial Artist

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《World“s Best Martial Artist》 Volume 1
1 The Wrong Scrip
2 I Must Take the Martial Sciences Examinations!
3 Neglecting Social Sciences In Favor of Martial Sciences
4 Everything Could Not Go On If He Was Poor
5 Hehehe!
6 Poverty Has Limited My Imagination
7 The Five Stages of the Martial Sciences Exam
8 Dismayed
9 Standard Vitality Points
10 Vitality Checkups
11 First Checkup
12 A Ruthless Vow
13 Fang Ping, Who Tricked His Father
14 Tiptoeing Between Heaven and Hell
15 Improving Mentality Points
16 Wang Jinyang
17 Ignorance is Bliss
18 Popped Some Pills?
19 Schedule
20 Tenan
21 Perfect!
22 This Is Unfair!
23 Spooking Himself
24 Testing the Waters
25 Arrangements
26 Scheming
27 Fang Ping, The Great Villain
28 Haul
29 Martial Artists Sure Are Rich!
30 The Requirements to Breakthrough as a Martial Artis
31 Suppor
32 Are You Kidding Me?
33 Splitting the Goods
34 Statistical Conversion
35 Locked and Loaded
36 An Eager Fang Yuan
37 Gotta Treat Himself Better First Thing Now That He Had The Money
38 The Parcel Is Here!
39 Basic Cultivation Methods
40 His First Time Cultivating
41 Spend Money Like Water
42 The Gym
43 Scapegoat King
44 Wu Zhihao's Hypothesis
45 Stance Breakthrough!
46 New Benefits
47 Frenetic Ma Yun Stans
48 Video
49 Eager
50 Departure
51 One Must Lay Low
52 Tinge of Cruelty
53 Martial Artists Must Fight!
54 Negotiation Breakdown!
55 Old Wang’s Successor
56 To Save Oneself
57 Pills from Heaven
58 Peak Aspiring Martial Artis
59 Telling the Truth Is Hard
60 Pass
61 Tremors Shaking the Earth
62 Two Types of Martial Artists
63 The Warm-hearted Grandmasters
64 Sign
65 Being Attacked
66 Clarifications
67 Return to Sun City
68 Too Much Good News
69 Blood-tinted Peace
70 Who Cheated?
71 Cultivating Combat Techniques
72 The Brother-scamming Fang Yuan
73 Birds of a Feather Flock Together
74 Martial Arts Universities! Grandmaster!
75 Grown Up
76 The Admission Requirements of Various Universities
77 Old Wang Returns
78 The Disparity Between Different Universities
79 Making His Choice
80 Admissions
81 Sense of Danger
《World“s Best Martial Artist》 Volume 2
82 Family
83 Sendoff
84 Hello, Magic City
85 Before and Beyond the Door
86 VIP
87 Business Plan
88 The Four Schools
89 Headhunting
90 Thrice-honing
91 The Start of University
92 Powerhouses Take Priority
93 Do Something Big!
94 Crazed Qin Fengqing Who Courts Death
95 Getting To Know Each Other
96 The Correct Way to Steal the Limeligh
97 Always Prepared
98 Face the Music!
99 I’ll Feel Guilty If I Don’t Screw Up!
100 Old Ding Can’t Hold It, Too
101 Unconquerable Wu!
102 The Selection of Instructors
103 A Secondhand Dealer’s Dream!
104 Martial Arts Universities Are Not Schools!
105 Genius Does Not Equal Talen
106 A Rank-1 Martial Artist!
107 Picking a Fight Must Be Reasonable Too
108 To Make Killing The Enemy The Objective
109 Who Else!
110 Bone-honing Speed
111 Low-profile Cultivation
112 The Domineering Martial Arts Society!
113 Two Battles, Two Deaths!
114 I’m The Actual Main Character!
115 Seeking Strength, Seeking Life
116 Going Home
117 One Must Always Be Humble
118 Danger in the Time of Peace
119 Selling Pills
120 The National Championship
121 The Mission Claiming System
122 The Benevolent Fang Ping
123 Information Summarizing
124 The First Special Training Class
125 The World of the Catacombs
126 God Sent Me to Save the World!
127 Ranking
128 We Are Not The Same
129 Feeling Sorry
130 System Upgrade
131 Collecting Protection Fees
132 First Time Completing a Mission
133 Practice
134 Encirclemen
135 Battle to the Death
136 Growth and Idiosyncrasies
137 The Martial Science Students of Other Schools
138 The Fear of Being Held Back
139 Which Weapon Is Best?
140 Back To School, Getting Rewarded
141 Big Client Fang Ping
142 One Would Have to Spend Money to Grow Stronger
143 Specialized in Face Slapping
144 I Am Falling Behind for Being Penniless
145 Middle-ranked Combat Techniques
146 The True Essence of Combat Techniques
147 Peak Rank-1
148 You Will Be The Target Of My Pent-up Anger!
149 Relax, No Pressure
150 The First Team
151 Uncomparable even to Fang Ping!
152 She Seems To Have Slimmed Down!
153 Before The Competition
154 The Championship’s Opening Ceremony
155 The First Battle
156 It’s Only Life Or Death On The Battle Stage!
157 How Can I Not Compete?
158 Invincible
159 MCMAU Wins!
160 This is How A Martial Artist Should Be Like
162 MCMAU's Ultimate Move!
163 Could Not Continue Fighting!
164 The Truth In The World Of Martial Artists
165 Final Match
166 The Championship Ends
167 Rank-Two
168 Local Combat Team
169 A Prosperous Time!
170 I Can’t Rely On My Face To Get A Meal
171 A Slow Change
172 The Wealthy Customer Is Back!
173 Only Those Who Do Their Math Will Earn Money
174 Martial Arts Resource Distributors
175 Those Who Use Their Minds Will Rule The People
176 Recruiting Talents
177 So Much Free Labor!
178 Southern Area of MCMAU
179 I Really Want To Do A Big One
180 Bankruptcy Is The Driving Force!
181 The Team’s First Cooperation
182 Peak Rank-2
183 NMAU Letter of Challenge
184 The Competition Is Not The Goal
185 The NMAU Battle
186 One Must Pretend to Be Strong Even When He’s No
187 Poor Fang Ping
188 The World Is Complicated
189 Always Picking Up Money
190 This Lingering Heartbreak
191 First Insight Into Rank-3 Abilities
192 Rank-3 Martial Artist!
193 This Turned Out To Be A Prophecy
194 It Is So Hard To Cultivate Without Money!
195 Only Now Have I Discovered How Outstanding I Am
196 One Can Only Become Stronger By Putting One's Life On The Line
197 Becoming Arrogan
198 Wait Until I Hold The Reins... Hmph!
199 Basic Catacombs Knowledge
200 Thirteen Cities in Magic City’s Catacombs
201 Grief Is For The Weak
202 Two Simple Missions
203 Old Man Li Who Almost Became a Grand Master
204 This Is My Supporter!
205 The Little Secrets Of The Martial Arts Realm
206 Middle-stage Rank-3
207 Gathering In Nanjiang
208 Night Ambush
209 The Purpose Of This Training Experience
210 Growth In The Face of Hardship
211 Finally Hacked Him to Death!
《World“s Best Martial Artist》 Text
212 A Bad Example
213 The “Evil” Old Wang
214 Another Year
215 Ready to Reap
216 The Battle of Wits and Courage, To Teach a Student According To Their Aptitude
217 Martial Artists Should Serve the Public!
218 Who Dares to Pick Fruits from Me, Fang Ping?
219 The Catacombs Illustrated Handbook
220 Lots of Good News At Once
221 For Mankind!
222 The Road To Becoming A Grandmaster
223 Preparing To Breakthrough
224 Hard To Collect Old Debts
225 Mentality Breakthrough
226 Upper-stage Rank-3
227 Daylight Robbery
228 Advice From The Instructor
229 The Blood Arrow Method
230 Money Makes You Feel At Peace
231 I've Prepared A Big Gift For You
232 My Sister Is A Gang Leader
233 Survive As Long As We Can
234 The Catacombs Gate
235 Entering The Catacombs
236 Hope City
237 The First Nigh
238 Big Lion
239 Where Did Fang Ping Go?
240 Remember, Don’t Run Amok!
241 So Many Big Ones!
242 The Sky Is Dark, Please Close Your Eyes
243 Kill
244 Non-Human Creatures
245 An Impossible Bargain
246 System Upgrade
247 Reinforcements are Here
248 I Once Outran A Rank-6!
249 I Once Killed Countless Powerful Enemies
250 Fang Ping Is The Child Of Destiny
251 New Mission
252 For Your School Fees
253 Who Can Avoid Death?
254 Must One Repay One's Debts?
255 Be Extravagant For A Bi
256 I Really Want To Go Take A Look
257 On This Very Day Last Year, Between These Very Doors
258 Achieving True Invincibility Among Same-rank Peers
259 We Walk Different Paths Despite Having the Same Goal
260 Path of Conques
261 Northbound
262 Only Appearances?
263 Collective Punch
264 First Acquaintance With The Sects
265 We Will Know After We Fight!
266 Non-human
267 Pooh, You Pauper!
268 Gaining Both Fame And Wealth At the Same Time
269 I’m Not Afraid
270 Your Breasts Are Too Small, My Saber Can’t Hit Them
271 Potential Golden Body
272 Hurt Self-Esteem
273 If Your Will Is Strong, Then You Will Be Strong Too
274 I Don’t Think Anyone Knows of My Dark Pas
275 Time Waits For No One
276 Beijiang Martial Artis
277 The First In Rank-3
278 So Hard To Earn Money
279 Everything For Ability
280 Do You Believe He Would Dare To Collect Toll Fees?
281 Rank-4 In A Year
282 Kids Who Cry Would Have Milk To Drink
283 Not Afraid of Fang Ping
284 Changes within MCMAU
285 When Exactly Did I Borrow It?
286 The Current Situation Of Martial Arts Society
287 Being A President Is Tiring
288 Arrogance Can Kill!
289 New Semester, New Atmosphere
290 Things Are Finally Looking Up
291 Busy
292 Mentality Tes
293 Bad Trends at MCMAU
294 Catacombs Theories
295 MCMAU Will Soon Change Its Surname To Fang
296 Ten High Grandmasters Going To The Capital City Together
297 Overwhelmed With Distress
298 Qin Fengqing, How Fast Are You?
299 A Flea Market Collection Of The Best Combat Techniques
300 The Devil King Leaves
301 Another Trip to the Catacombs
302 Not Easily Swayed
303 Split Up If We Can’t Agree
304 Let’s Run Firs
305 There Are So Many Big Ones This Time!
306 I Once Outran A Rank-8!
307 You Must Have A Lot Of Guts To Provoke A Nitpicker
308 A Lifetime’s Supply Of Money
309 Next Time Let's Come Here to Mine Ore Together, the Two of Us
310 The Devil King is Back
311 Ephemeral
312 Exi
313 The Trouble That Came From Nanjiang
314 What To Decide?
315 Destruction Pursues The Grea
316 When You Breakthrough, I’ll Become The Vice-chancellor
317 Handsome, Strong, And Kind Too
318 You Think Too Highly Of Me!
319 Looking Cool for Less than 3 Seconds
320 Just To Take A Look
321 Beat You Till You Cry!
322 Chaos-vanquishing Saber
323 Too Untalented
324 Battle Between the Top Ten Elite Schools
325 Let's Get Rich Together
326 One Billion Wealth
327 System Upgraded Again
328 Prodigies Across the Skies
329 Not Afraid of Trouble
330 Honed Skull
331 The Road to Defending Champion
332 Going To Capital City
333 Here Especially To Cut Someone To The Quick
334 The Misfortunes Of MCMAU
335 An Extremely Grand Line-up
336 Enemies Are Destined To Mee
337 Only The Bold Can Become Strong
338 Win The Hearts To Win The People
339 MCMAU’s First Battle
340 MCMAU And CCMAU Are Family
341 Everything I Do, Is For A Righteous Cause!
342 A Victory Within Expectations
343 Qin Fengqing, Your Lover Cheated on You
344 Chen Haoran, Don’t Cry
345 The Strongest Elite School
346 Hundred Consecutive Slashes
347 Don’t Make The Fight Seem So Effortless
348 Do You Really Think That I’ve Lost My Memory?
349 What An Easy Figh
350 What A Pity!
351 Breakthrough Was Not A Good Thing
352 I Told You That You Were The Weakes
354 Unbeatable among Rank-4!
355 The Nanjiang Catacomb Is Open!
356 Overwhelming His Generation
357 Returning to MCMAU
358 Money Is As Insignificant as Floating Clouds To Me
359 Arriving In Nanjiang
360 The Seniors Said That One Could Only Get Rich By Excavation
361 Entering The Catacombs
362 Blending In
363 Ensnaring
364 Killing A Rank-6
365 Killing A Rank-8 With A Sword!
366 Even Fang Ping Is More Reliable
367 Market Town in the Catacombs
368 Royal City = Energy Mine!
369 Entering the City
370 Time To Do The Real Work
371 Entering The Mines
372 The Gopher
373 A Crazy Thief
374 I’ll Take My Chances
375 Flat-Headed Monster Can Run Really Fas
376 Owe Me A Few Trillion!
377 Celestial Bridges Has Been Flattened
378 Rank-5!
379 It Will Be Stable With Me Around!
380 The Chaotic Catacombs
381 Don't Show Off Your Wealth
382 I Am Not Guarding Anymore!
383 The Catacombs Are Too Scary
384 My Enemies Are Everywhere
385 Stop Being So Ignoran
386 Everyone Has Their Own Stories
387 It’s Time To Look For The Next Place
388 The System Upgraded Again
389 Wrong Style
390 The Function Of Fang Ping
391 It Is Very Easy To Kill Enemies In The Catacombs
392 It’s Time To Look For A Wife
393 A Pioneer Of Reformation
394 The Road Forward Is Difficul
395 Like A Demon
396 MCMAU’s Surname Would Be Fang From This Day Onwards
397 Lu Fengrou’s Unwillingness
398 Mentality-Vitality Fusion!
399 Rank-9 Paragon
400 Monster Imperial Calendar, Seven Southern Territory
401 I Want An Iron Head Too!
402 Where Did The Immortals Go?
403 I’m The Celestial Emperor
404 The Supply Of Celestiality
405 Half A Golden Body Cultivation
406 A Storm Is Approaching
407 Global Grandmaster Ranking List!
408 I Am A Real Rank-6
409 There Must Be Dreams
410 Fang Ping Has To Die
411 New Year’s Eve
412 No Chinese New Year Celebration
413 Golden Bones, And Killing A Rank-6
414 Blow You Up!
415 Rubbing On Some Imperishable Substance
416 Do You Still Remember The Past?
417 The Supporters Are Here
418 At Daggers Drawn
419 I'm A Professional Bluffer!
420 Can’t Quit Halfway
421 Shady Old Man
422 Hire Eight To Ten Golden Body Powerhouses
423 Time To Get A Good Pseudonym
424 First In Rank-5
425 Flesh Regeneration
426 Just A Teeny Bit More To Recover
427 What Was Wrong With MCMAU?
428 Qin Fengqing Comes Back To School
429 Sorrowful
430 An era of 100% Martial Artists
431 Young People These Days