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Wild Malicious Consort: Good For Nothing Ninth Miss


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She, the “godly doctor” of an assassin organization in 21st century, transmigrated into the body of Yun Family’s abandoned, good-for-nothing Ninth Miss. Good-for-nothing? Then she’ll let the world see what a real good-for-nothing looks like. Summoners are legendary? Nothing is impossible in this world! She’ll become the first Magical Summoner.

He, the third prince in Long Xu Kingdom and ...
《Wild Malicious Consort: Good For Nothing Ninth Miss》 Text
Chapter 1 — Rebirth
Chapter 2 — A Bizarre Scene
Chapter 3 — Beast Blood
Chapter 4 — A Bewitching Man
Chapter 5 — Blood for Blood
Chapter 6 — Inhibited Kiss
Chapter 7 — Yin Poison
Chapter 8 — Tier II Elemental Wind Pill
Chapter 9 — Yun Manor’s Head Madam
Chapter 10 — The Peak of Rank Six
Chapter 11 — The Peak of Rank Eigh
Chapter 12 — Into the Forbidden Grounds
Chapter 13 — Man-eating Vines
Chapter 14 — The Dragonfire Pearl and Hearthfire
Chapter 15 — Lingering Soul Fragmen
Chapter 16 — Dragon Ascension Scroll
Chapter 17 — Fortuitous Luck
Chapter 18 — The Redfire Dragon
Chapter 19 —Millenium Contrac
Chapter 20 — His Unexpected Appearance
Chapter 21 — The Sorcerous Clan and the Treasure Map
Chapter 22 — Setting Up a Scapegoa
Chapter 23 — Inappropriate Behavior
Chapter 24 — I Want Your Hear
Chapter 25 — Stirring Trouble in the Mourning Hall
Chapter 26 — Late-night Assassination
Chapter 27 — Extorting Confessions with Torture
Chapter 28 — Pompous Deception
Chapter 29 — His Highness the Crown Prince
Chapter 30 — The Exchanged Prince
Chapter 31 — To the Imperial Tournamen
Chapter 32 — Provoked
Chapter 33 — Someone You Can’t Afford to Offend
Chapter 34 — Embezzling the Imperial Treasury
Chapter 35 — Looted
Chapter 36: Divination of the Imperial Preceptor
Chapter 37: Summoner of Yun Family
Chapter 38: Domineering Declaration
Chapter 39: Kill the Third-level Evil Beas
Chapter 40: Handsome Man Lying on the Couch
Chapter 41: He Was Attractive and Powerful
Chapter 42: A Meeting of Foes
Chapter 43: "Rival in Love" Is a Man
Chapter 44: The Bloodiness Enchanting All
Chapter 45: The Evilest Aphrodisiac
Chapter 46: A Bloodcurdling Sense of Crisis
Chapter 47: Intelligent Magic Beasts
Chapter 48: Awaking Sorcery Power
Chapter 49: Craziness of Devouring
Chapter 50: Who Dares to Hurt My Girl
Chapter 51: Bloodstained White Clothes
Chapter 52: Whoever Dares to Come Close Will Die
Chapter 53: Seven Elements
Chapter 54: Mind-Control Technique
Chapter 55: Killing Enemies in a Fores
Chapter 56: Spontaneous Healing Power
Chapter 57: The Advantage of Striking Firs
Chapter 58: Mysterious Suction
Chapter 59: Amazed and Shocked
Chapter 60: Ferocious Plants Class
Chapter 61: A Mysterious Branch
Chapter 62: Grandma Medicine
Chapter 63: Greed and Amazing Grace
Chapter 64: Modern Operations
Chapter 65: Awesome Nobility
Chapter 66: Into the Lion's Den
Chapter 67: Soul Chain Technique
Chapter 68: Setting a Fire to the Mansion of the Murong Family's Offshoo
Chapter 69: Blustering
Chapter 70: A Bloodbath in the Murong Mansion
Chapter 71: Flashpoin
Chapter 72: Mysterious Medical Skills
Chapter 73: I'll Help You Get Your Revenge
Chapter 74: She Didn’t Mind Killing People
Chapter 75: A Militarized Training Ground
Chapter 76: Tame Magic Beasts
Chapter 77: Deliver a Leopard Cub
Chapter 78: You Can Never Run Away from Me
Chapter 79: Coming to Her Rescue with Helpers
Chapter 80: The Venerable Master Was Critically Ill
Chapter 81: A Venomous Handmaid Bullying the Mistress
Chapter 82: What a Ruthless Girl
Chapter 83: Treating a Rare Disease
Chapter 84: Pestilence
Chapter 85: The Spreading of the News
Chapter 86: The Arrival of Assassins
Chapter 87: Waiting for The Big Bai
Chapter 88: Notoriously Sly
Chapter 89: Space Elemen
Chapter 90: The Incumbent Queen
Chapter 91: A Mask
Chapter 92: Land of the Beast King
Chapter 93: Saliva of a One-Thousand-Year-Old Phoenix
Chapter 94: The Primal Fire
Chapter 95: A Divine Beast of Fire
Chapter 96: The Nest of a Phoenix
Chapter 97: A Fiery Red Egg
Chapter 98: Falling Into a Bottomless Pi
Chapter 99: Incubation
Chapter 100: Half-human
Chapter 101: Being a Wet Nurse
Chapter 102: Phoenix Saliva
Chapter 103: A Strange Addiction
Chapter 104: A War Between Humans and Magic Beasts
Chapter 105: Mom, I’m Hungry.
Chapter 106: A Land of Idyllic Beauty
Chapter 107: Greeted by an Unearthly Fragrance
Chapter 108: It's So Cute
Chapter 109: An Indenture Circle
Chapter 110: An Equal Indenture
Chapter 111: A Battleground
Chapter 112: A Bloody Battlefield
Chapter 113: Get Your Laws off Me
Chapter 114: Don't Be Too Greedy
Chapter 115: The General-in-Chief
Chapter 116: Her Natural Father
Chapter 117: Condemning All My Family Members to Death
Chapter 118: She's So Fast!
Chapter 119: Doubly Guilty
Chapter 120: Condensing Wind Element into A Blade
Chapter 121: A Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 122: Indentured to a Human
Chapter 123: Nearly Scared to Death
Chapter 124: A Citywide Search
Chapter 125: A Seal-Up of the City
Chapter 126: A Hun
Chapter 127: Black Poison
Chapter 128: A Trap of Seduction
Chapter 129: The Son of the Grand Maester
Chapter 130: Nangong Yi
Chapter 131: Flowers Wine
Chapter 132: Returning to the Luo City
Chapter 133: The Auction House of the Dragon Cabine
Chapter 134: A Reunion
Chapter 135: A Creepy Feeling
Chapter 136: The Chief Auctioneer
Chapter 137: Top-notch Congealedfat Jade
Chapter 138: Fragments
Chapter 139: A 1,000-year-old Snow Ganoderma
Chapter 140: I Like Bidding Against People
Chapter 141: A Skinny Old Man
Chapter 142: Don't Burst Your Blood Vessels
Chapter 143: To Throw a Tantrum Like a Child
Chapter 144: Bidding for This Thing for His Mother
Chapter 145: Closing the Door on Him
Chapter 146: Soul-Control Technique
Chapter 147: Special Skills
Chapter 148: A Family in Straitened Circumstances
Chapter 149: Young Master Long
Chapter 150: A Ghost-like Half-Mask
Chapter 151: Predestination
Chapter 152: Marry Her
Chapter 153: The Banner of the Royal Family
Chapter 154: Phoenix Saliva
Chapter 155: A Pretty Woman
Chapter 156: A Mixture of Sullenness and Aggressiveness
Chapter 157: Slitting His Hand to Give Away His Blood
Chapter 158: Eyes Full of Rage
Chapter 159: An SOS