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What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes


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《What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes》 Auxiliary Volume
World Lore
《What do you mean my cute disciples are Yanderes》
1 Return
2 I Shall Get A Disciple
3 Geezer Gathering
4 Thirst For Power
5 I Screwed Up?
6 First Disciple
7 First Victims
8 Fox's Predicamen
9 Request Complete
10 Deja Vu
11 Dark Sec
12 Unum Caput Abscisum Restituitur Bis
13 Auction
14 Myriad Colours
15 Another Flag
16 Flag? What Flag?
17 And Another One
18 Fake Transitioning
19 Entry To Hell
20 Awakenings
21 Preparing For The Tournament Arc
22 Girls' Talk
23 I Want Overtime Pay
24 Throwing Smoke
25 It's A Date, Is It?
26 Demotion and Promotion
27 Wait, It's Already The Tournament Arc?
28 Fox And Lightning
29 A Conversation In One's Head
30 Obligatory Set Up Before The Big Figh
31 Obligatory Ass Kicking
32 Obligatory Side Characters Looking For Trouble
33 In the Fire and Flames
34 Ball Busting
35 A Little Consolation
36 A Little Wake Up Call
37 After The Tournament Arc, It's the School Arc
38 Do Not Pursue
39 The Sable Cicada
40 You're A Wizard
41 Face Slapping, Literally
42 Late Night Visits
43 Door To Door Salesman
44 Please Hurt Me
45 Here's Some Punishmen
46 Making Lesson Plans
47 Int. Diao Chan's Room - Day
48 New Challenger s
49 A Spank A Day Keeps The M On Cloud Nine
50 Of Course If It's A School Arc There's...
51 The Real Steal
52 First Flick
53 Of Course The Bath Scene Is Mandatory
54 Extracurricular Lessons
55 Of Course There's A Festival In The School Arc
56 The Students Become The Preachers
57 Do You Even Logistics?
58 When A Yandere Is Yandere For A Yandere
59 Of Course Elves are Mandatory In A Fantasy Story
60 And here's the Festival Arc
61 Playing Hard To Catch
62 The Prelude
63 Thousand Cherry Blossoms
64 Hunter Becomes The Hunted, But Who Really Was The Hunter Anyway?
65 And Just A Pinch Of Sal
66 Then I Saw Her Face, Now I'm A Believer
67 What's A Festival Without Some Friendly Competition
68 'Cause Baby You're A...
69 I Am Inevitable
70 The First Blasphemer
71 The Second Blasphemer
72 And The Unfortunate Bystander
73 I Found A Founder
74 A New Toy!
75 Shota Power
76 Nothing To See Here
77 Start Of Childhood Arc... Wait, What?
78 Meeting the Family
79 Family Reunion
80 My Little Brother Can't Be This Cute?!
81 *Taps Forehead*
82 His Background Circumtances
83 Let's Split Up And Look For Clues!
84 The Adven
85 I Have The Power
86 And There Were Two
87 And Suddenly, There's Kingdom Building
88 Pot Meets Kettle
89 Could I Be A Child Star Too?!
90 Start Of Something New
91 Slash And Preach
92 Civil War
93 Shotacons VS Lolicons
94 The Other Side Of The Coin
95 And She's Back
96 Taken
97 Aw Here We Go Again
98 Get To The Choppa
99 Taken 2
100 This Place's About To Blow-oh-oh
101 The Anomaly
102 Poof And You're Gone... For Now
103 And Here Is The Separation Arc
104 I Still Got I
105 And Thus Ends The Separation Arc
106 Integration
107 Building Castles In The Sky
108 Waking Up To Fantasy
109 With Great Power...Comes A Greatly Unrestrained Advancement To The Human Race
110 Down Another Foxhole
111 You Have Received A New Quest!
112 NoobSlayer69420 Has Joined Your Party
113 When You Have To Carry Your Team
114 When The End Game Player Returns To The Starting Area
115 When You Fight Two Consecutive Bosses Without A Save Point In Between
116 One Punch Is All I Need
117 Scouting The Pests
118 If you Have Elves, Orcs Are Mandatory Too
119 It's Stabby Time Again
120 Papa's Good Girl
121 So... Purge?
122 Raising Flags With The Other Fox
123 Setting The Mousetrap
124 When You're Going About Your Day But The Boss Fight Theme Starts Playing
125 But It's Ok Because You're On New Game Plus
126 Another Fluff Ge
127 A Doomed Man
128 A Damned Man
129 Back To The Lab Again
130 It's Playtime
131 Shining In The Spotligh
132 And They Lived Happily Ever After... Maybe
133 On The Ride Home
134 Of Course There's Something Sealed Inside You
135 There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Mofu Mofu
136 Breathing Is Important For Swordsmen
137 My Disciple Is A Prodigy?
138 Cuddling Is Important For Health
139 Guess We're Walking
140 How Dare You Kill Steal A Yandere?
141 Wrong Place, Wrong Time
142 Everyone Did An Oopsie
143 Just A Small Bit Of Disciplining
144 Deus Vul
145 I'll Just Wander Off Alone, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
146 You're My Golden Finger All Along!
147 There Goes My Vacation Plans
148 You Got Bamboozled
149 Let It Burn
150 Rise To Power
151 We're Building It Up, To Break It Back Down
152 Burn The Bridges Because Who Needs Them Anyway?
153 After The Childhood Arc, It's The School Arc... Wait, What?
154 A Middle-Aged Man Posing As A Teenager Going To School
155 The Past Returns To Haun
156 When It Goes A Full Circle
157 When The Yandere Switch Gets Flipped
158 The Legendary Immortal
159 How To Get Attention
160 Detective Lin... I Mean Mark Is On The Case
161 A Link To The Hidden Faces
162 I'm No Hero
163 Are You A God?
164 It's Tough To Be A God
165 Looks Like Another Purge Is In Order
166 I Got My Eye On You
167 An 'Even' Figh
168 Honour? Never Cared About Tha
169 Oops, I Did It Again
170 Suffering From Success
171 I Knew There Was Something Wrong With You All Along!
172 Meanwhile, The Vacationers
173 Having Fun With My Sister
174 Old Men To The Rescue!
175 Face Slapping Is Crucial for Plo
176 The Not So Literal Face Slap
177 Of Course Going Out When A Monster Is Around Is A Great Idea
178 A Practitioner Is Never Late, He Arrives Exactly When He Means To
179 The Prelude Of A Beatdown
180 You Ate My Candies?!
181 The Beatdown
182 When Even The Judgement In Hell Is Rigged
183 I'm A Big Boy Now
184 Candy For The Good Girl
185 You're A Sky Full Of Stars
186 Time To Teach These Kids
187 Time To Beat These Kids
188 Time To Get Beaten By The Kids
189 Time To Traumatise The Kids
190 Get Wrecked Son
191 You're Doing It Wrong
192 When You Expect The Worst But It's Even Worse Than You Though
193 Poking The Vacationing Dragon
194 Sounds Like Another Purge Is In Order
195 Foxhunting
196 I'm Not Trapped Here With You, You Are Trapped Here With Me
197 You Have Unsealed The Beas
198 Steal My Mofu Mofu, I'll Make You Into Mapo Tofu
199 Kill Him
200 We Will Get Right Back To The Purge After This Intermission
201 I Screwed Up Again
202 Today, We Dine In Hell
203 Kill Them
204 The Alchemis
205 Oh Look! It's A Yandere!
206 Two Young Men In A Room
207 Shopping Lis
208 A Flower For The Flower Girl
209 Meeting The Parents
210 No Homo
211 Stop Right There Criminal Scum!
212 How Dare You Stab Someone Without Greeting Them First?!
213 He Protec, He Attac
214 Playing The Long Con
215 The Prowling Kitten
216 Times Have Changed
217 When You Find Out About Your Parent's Affair
218 Father Son Combo
219 Distance Makes The Yandere Even More Yan
220 Welcome To The Club
221 This Is A Date, Isn't It?
222 I Demand To Speak To The Person Of Authority!
223 You Messed With The Wrong Customer
224 At Least The Big Boss Knows What's Up
225 It Was At This Moment, He Knew He Fked Up
226 Unexpected Encounter
227 If You Like It, Put A Ring On I
228 Time To Burn Everything
229 A Compensation Of Blood
230 Six Rings For The Valkyries Serving God
231 Welcoming Your Master And Lord
232 When Your Family Isn't Atheist But Actual Cult Members
233 We Are One Family
234 Another Familiar Face
235 More Obligatory Problems Before The 'Tournament'
236 When Someone Else Puts Your Name In The Goble
237 When They Throw Numbers At You Hoping It Will Work
238 This Is A Friendly Competition Right?
239 Meanwhile There's A Torture Session Going On Here
240 Torturing Infidels Is Important, But Master Is More Importan
241 You Don't Find Me, I Find You
242 When You Like To Tease Them With False Hope
243 And Then You Crush Them Without Mercy
244 Princess's First Contac
245 The Point Where Two Timelines Merged
246 The Princess Bystander
247 A Gift From Monsters
248 Want To See A Magic Trick?
249 Political Gifts
250 What Storage
251 After Party Invitation
252 Tea Time With Royals
253 The Face Reveal
254 Who Is She?
255 Are We The Baddies?
256 I Make Big Brain Move
257 Lightning Can Strike The Same Place Twice
258 The Drums Of War
259 I'd Rather Not Sneak Around
260 Don't Drop The Soap
261 I'm The Boss Now
262 I'm Your Boss Now
263 Call To Arms
264 Why Build An Army If You Can Take Over An Existing One?
265 A Little Bit Of Peace Before It Shatters
266 This Was How The World Ended
267 No Plan Survives First Contact With The Enemy
268 Ah Yes, The Negotiator
269 People Killing, People Dying
270 You Cannot Fight Alone In This War
271 A Threat And A Promise
272 When All Strategy Fails, Charge
273 A Horse, A Swordswoman And A Loli Dragon Walked Into A Battlefield
274 Your Soldiers Are Now Belong To Us
275 Reinforcements Have Arrived
276 United We Stand, United They Fall
277 Doing Some Landscaping
278 Who Are You Again?
279 When All Your Preparations Were All For Naugh
280 Me And This Army
281 I Did Not Ask For This Big Of An Army
282 The Demoness ? And The God
283 She Has It Too
284 Nobody Likes Busybodies
285 Got To Go, Talk To You Later
286 What Have You Guys Been Up to?
287 "Damage Control"
288 We All Need A Vacation
289 You Thought It Was Time To Relax? Psych!
290 An Immortal And His Horse Jumps Up A Wall
291 The Thing Returns
292 Ready For Round Two
293 Touching The Reverse Scale
294 That Was Not How The Beat Down Was Supposed To Go
295 Part Of Origin
296 This Is Someone Else's Problem Now, Beach Arc More Importan
297 The Beach Reception
298 Dressed and 'Ready' To Go
299 Helping Each Other With Sunscreen Is Expected
300 Sandcastle Building
301 Two Foxes and Sunscreen
302 Swimming Lessons
303 What's A Beach Arc Without Volleyball?
304 This Is Volleyball... Right?
305 Un Expected Outcome
306 Enjoying Popsicles
307 Sibling Talk
308 Mandatory Bath Scene
309 Late Night Rendezvous
310 Omnipotence For A Second
311 Burn Off The Old
312 Extra Bath Time
313 Morning Greetings
314 Just A Normal Fishing Trip
315 I'll Just Take These Off Your Hands
316 Hunting And Hunted
317 Silence Atop A Hill
318 Weeping Fox
319 Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well
320 Witch In A Fores
321 Freeze
322 You Can't Make Me Sad When I'm Already Sad!
323 It's Shining
324 Treat Or Die
325 Cleansed In Lightning And Fire
326 The Roles Seem Reversed Here
327 Bringing A Nuke To A Knife Figh
328 Bang
329 I'll Give You Something To Be Scared Abou
330 BBQ At A 'Haunted' Island Beach
331 Just Relax And Have A Drink
332 Unexpected Gues
333 Unexpected Landlord Problems
334 You Do Not Belong Here
335 He Was Already Dead?
336 Do Not Piss Off Your Chef
337 Torture Plotting At Breakfas
338 Vacation Training
339 Master's Pride
340 Cleaning Up Some Pests
341 A Little Alchemy Wouldn't Hur
342 Special Training At The Beach
343 The Witch And Her Hole
344 Tea Time Execution
345 Loli Dragon's Bedtime
346 Night Activities On Vacation
347 The King's Orders Are Absolute
348 Even The Naughty Orders Are Absolute
349 Your Whip, Your Highness
350 Queen's Day Off
351 Entertainment For The 'Guests'
352 Not Again
353 Change Is Good, Right?
354 Two New Visitors
355 We're All Girls Here
356 The Gender Ratio Is Getting Screwed
357 On The Road Again
358 By The Way, There's An Ongoing Purge
359 Offerings
360 When You Come Back From Vacation And All The Work Piles Up
361 And The Little Sister Joins The Group
362 Little Sister's Initiation
363 The Master's Gambi
364 Strategist Training
365 I Used To Be The Boss Here
366 It's Me, The Hero
367 When Your Dark Past Is Revealed
368 Big Bath Time
369 Unexpected Visitors
370 We Submi