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War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens

Author:Feng Qin Yang

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UpdateTime:6/27/2022 10:17:41 PM

Updates:3886 Duan Ling Tian Enters the Lord Battlefield Again

Earth’s top weapon specialist’s soul crossed over to an alternate world, merged with Rebirth Martial Emperor’s memories, cultivating Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique, sweeping through all opposition with invincible might! Able to refine medicine, capable of crafting weapons, and knows the art of inscription…. Being skilled in all professions is the w...
《War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens》 Volume 1
1 Weapons Specialist - Ling Tian
2 The Strength of an Ancient Mammoth
3 Nine Dragons War Sovereign Technique
4 Collapsing Fis
5 Genius Martial Artis
6 Inscription Technique
7 Dominating Attack
8 The Young Girl, Ke Er
9 Frost God’s Sword Technique
10 Gambling!
11 A Thousand Silver Each Time
12 Circumstances Taking a Steep Turn
13 Amazing the World with a Single Brilliant Fea
14 Violet Meteoric Iron
15 Grade Seven Alchemist?
16 Denouncing Crimes
17 I’ll Take Your Life In Three Months!
18 Breakthrough
19 Unruly Eldest Daughter
20 Blood Sprays in One Strike
21 I’m Duan Ling Tian!
22 Thunder Flame Pill
23 Level Five Body Tempering Stage!
24 Violet Meteorite Flexible Sword
25 Little Fatty
26 Thunder Flame Inscription
27 Unable to Vindicate Himself
28 Half a Month Later
29 Determination
30 At the Brink of Collision
《War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens》 Volume 2
31 Killing You Only Requires One Sword Strike!
32 Li Kun’s Demise
33 Duan Ling Xing
34 Blood Thirsty Killing Inten
35 Grade Eight Alchemis
36 Main Clan
37 Aurora City
38 Howling Tiger Fist? Collapsing Fist?
39 Bumpkin
40 Greater Teleportation
41 Li Shi Shi
42 Monster
43 Lin Qi
44 Intense Battle
45 Shadow Sword
46 Misty Fores
47 Li Zhong
48 The Fisherman Reaps the Reward
49 200,000 Silver
50 Going All Ou
51 Advancemen
52 Variant Little Python
53 Target, Champion!
54 Winning All the Way
55 Ke Er’s Strength
56 Satisfying!
57 Battling Li Zhong
58 Seductive Beauty
59 A Close Call
60 Condensing Sound Into A Line
61 Martial Meet Top Ten
62 Origin Gathering Pill
63 Little Python’s Unusual Actions
64 Nascent Soul Powerhouse
65 Strong Self-Confidence
66 Hidden Dragon Lis
67 Xiao Yu
68 Xiao Lan
69 Generous Prizes
70 Meng Quan
71 Duan Ling Tian Makes An Entrance
72 Sleeve Dimension
73 Cut Off Your Finger
74 Battle for the Firs
75 The Strength of Four Ancient Mammoths
76 Genius Camp
77 Alchemist Guild
78 Su Mo’s Shock
79 Li Tai
80 Demonic Beauty Divine Technique
81 Spiritual Force
82 Ghastly Shadow
83 Grade Eight Weapons Craftsmen
84 Crystal Wall Inscription
85 A Fish that Escaped from the Ne
86 The Li Clan’s Shock
87 Li De
88 Burning Anxiety
89 The Son of the County Governor
90 Li Qing Leaves
91 Dragons Finishing Touch
92 Violet Tulip Trading Company
93 Three Months Later
94 Sword Monarch’s Treasure
95 Born to be an Assassin
96 Farewell’s Near at Hand
97 Blasted Away with a Swing of the Arm
98 ‘Fate’
99 Yu Xiang
100 Trial of Death
101 Brutal
102 Su Li
103 Conspiracy
104 Training Begins!
105 Gamble
106 Bore Wood for Fire
107 Between Asleep and Awake
108 Greed
109 Transacting at a Loss
110 Beast Tide
111 Yu Hong’s Rage
112 Duan Ling Tian On a Rampage
113 Straight for the Kill
114 Teng Yun Hai
115 Final Tes
116 High Difficulty Mission
117 Duan Ling Tian’s Methods
118 Origin-Sealing Parasite
119 Xiong Quan
120 Will
121 The Domineering Duan Ling Tian
122 Returning Home
123 Duan Ling Tian’s Fury
124 Staining the Fang Family in Blood
125 Chen Mei Er
126 Yu Clan
127 The Approaching Storm
128 Tian Clan Young Master
129 Sky High Compensation
130 The Misfortunate Tian Guang
131 Despair
132 I, Duan Ling Tian, Disdain It!
133 Red-Clothed Girl
134 I’ll Discipline You in Your Parents’ Stead!
135 Duan Ling Xing’s Cousin?
136 Recruiting Jing Ru
137 Huge Problem
138 The Terrifying Little Pythons
139 Dire Straits
140 Genius Alchemist?
141 Laying a Trap, Massive Gamble
142 Divine Might Marquis Estate
143 Nie Yuan, Nie Fen
144 Senior Marquis
145 The Start of Term is Around the Corner
146 Reunion of Friends
147 Star Mastermind Department, Sima Chang Feng!
148 Higher Grade Students
149 Accepting Su Li’s Challenge
150 Spiritual Force Breakthrough!
151 A True Void Stage Powerhouse
《War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens》 Volume 3
152 The Reappearance of the Pig’s Head
153 Bone Corrosion Inscription
154 Enemies Mee
155 Life and Death Battle Pac
156 Ninth Level of the Core Formation Stage As Well!
157 The Death of Duan Ling Xing
158 Duan Clan
159 Dragon Blood Pill
160 Extracting Blood to Refine Pills
161 Invitation from the Divine Might Marquis
162 Heart of the Strong
163 Princess Bi Yao
164 Becoming a Public Enemy
165 One Must Know One’s Limitations!
166 Huge Profit!
167 Third Prince’s Probing
168 Su Tong
169 Cripple the Dantian!
170 Su Clan
171 Little Python’s Breakthrough
172 Origin Freezing Pill
173 The Vice Dean’s Rage
174 Su Li’s decision
175 Counter Tracking
176 Two Great Brave Generals
177 Got Mixed Up in Trouble
178 Invincible Under The Origin Core Stage
179 Huge Business Deal
180 A Storm Rages
181 Duan Ling Tian’s Dreams
182 Don’t Be Envious of Me
183 Former Number One Genius
184 18-Year-Old Origin Core Stage?
185 Crimson North’s Five Tigers
186 Investigating the Person Behind the Scenes
187 Going After Easy Prey
188 Critical Momen
189 Void Advancement Pill
190 Enemies Are Bound To Mee
191 Tong Li’s a Bi**h!
192 Acknowledging Ancestors and Returning to the Clan
193 Undercurrents Brewing In Secre
194 Tong Li’s Backer
195 Once Again Crippling The Dantian
196 Creating a Stir in the Inner City
197 Start Out With a Bang, and End With a Whimper
198 Three Places
199 The Death of Su Nan
200 Gu Xuan
201 Prior To Departure
202 Departure
203 Crisis
204 Suicide
205 Super Abnormal
206 Let’s Go!
207 Incurring Public Wrath!
208 Possessing Both Courage and Wisdom
209 The Despaired Gu Xuan
210 Duan Ling Tian’s Discovery
211 Demon Beast Monkey King
212 Stone Monkey Returning A Favor
213 Monkey King Wine
214 Made a Clean Sweep
215 Returning In Triumph
216 The Emperor’s Summons
217 Embroidered Uniform Guard
218 Coercing The Emperor
219 Wyrm Python Form
220 The Death of Xue Lu
221 Xue Lu, Deserved Death!
222 Pei San
223 Li Qing?
224 Half-step Void Stage Xue Yun
225 Grade Eight Spirit-Cleansing Pill
226 Duan Ling Tian’s Plans
227 Mortal Emperor Chu
228 Grand Battle In The Throne Room
229 The Death of Mortal Emperor Chu
230 Homecoming
231 Life Wager by Weapons Refinemen
232 Answer
233 Creating A Stir
234 Life Wager Agreemen
235 The Wager Begins!
236 Half An Hour
237 Don’t Spare A Soul
238 Identity Exposed
239 A Good Man
240 Xiao Lan’s Thoughts
241 Reappearance of the Ghost-Masked Man
242 Bottomless Pi
243 Burying The Hatche
244 Earth Dragon's Shield
245 Black Wind City
246 An Origin Strengthening Pill
247 Extreme Shock
248 Blaze Inscription
249 Mysterious Little Gold Mouse
250 Jade-eyed Heavenly Mouse
251 Final Auction item
252 Collusion
253 He, Must Die!
254 Xia Guang’s Background
255 Black Bamboo City
256 Fence-Sitter
257 Xia Dou
258 Seven Star Sword Sec
259 Outer Court Disciple Tes
260 Megrez Peak
261 The Law of the Jungle
262 Secret at the Cliff
263 10,000 Year Stalactite Milk
264 Reborn
265 Exploding Rage
266 Raging for his Women
267 Seizing The Cultivation Location
268 Elder Bi
269 Alkaid Peak’s Peak Master
270 Quake Energy
271 The Excited Zhao Lin
272 Small Team
273 The Atrocious Shao Fei
274 Shao Fei’s Obstruction
275 Savage Leopard
276 Duan Ling Tian’s Strength
277 Shao Fei Pleading For Mercy
278 Returning to the Seven Star Sword Sec
279 Zhao Lin’s Plo
280 Lingering Like a Ghos
281 Zhao Lin’s Suspicions
282 Life and Death Arena Invitation
283 Duan Ling Tian’s Demand
284 In the Life and Death Arena
285 One Move
286 The Little Pythons Are Missing!
287 Do You Dare!?
288 Burning Anxiety
289 Creating A Stir In Phecda Peak
290 Battling Shao Ying!
291 The Death of Shao Ying
292 Breakthrough!
293 Zhao Lin’s Greed
294 Advancement of Quake Energy
295 The Great Treasure In The ‘Foreign Lands.’
296 Shi Hao
297 Returning to Alkaid Peak
298 The Number One Disciple In The Outer Cour
299 Three Months Later
300 Outer Court Martial Competition
301 Seventh Combat Ring
302 Advance
303 Life and Death Competition
304 Winner In Life
305 Hu Xue Feng
306 Pu**y!
307 Profound Origin Frui
308 Lot Number One
309 Fight to My Heart’s Content!
310 The Overbearing Shi Hao
311 Nine-Nine Sword Technique
312 Monster
313 Drawing To An End
314 Yellow Clothed Young Girl
315 Han Xue Nai
316 Difficult Choice
317 Seventh Level Origin Core Stage!
318 Ye Xiao Bei
319 The Peak Master’s Summons
320 Conflict On The Chain Bridge
321 Infinite Killing Inten
322 Zheng Fan’s Invitation
323 Tearless Nigh
324 The Popular Duan Ling Tian
325 The Overbearing Wu Dao
326 Nether Sword Technique
327 Qing Nu
328 Fan Jian
329 Grade Seven Spirit Cleansing Pill
330 Inner Court Tes
331 Piercing The Heart With Every Word
332 Terrifying Tes
333 Ten Breaths
334 Foresigh
335 Duan Ling Tian’s Turn
336 Duan Ling Tian’s Strength
337 The Violent Ape Submits
338 Wu Yong Qian
339 Demon
340 Wu Dao’s Misgiving
341 Liu Shi Ge
342 Foreign Lands
343 Kill The Weed By The Roots
344 Ancient City of Everlas
345 Beautiful Manager
346 Zhang Shou Yong
347 Directly Thrown Ou
348 Solitary Summi
349 The Strength of an Ancient Horned Dragon
350 Withered Old Man
351 Void Initiation Stage Exper
352 Nine-Nine Heavenly Tribulation
353 Third Level Earth Concep
354 The Death of The Withered Old Man
355 Resurrection Pill
356 Ninth Level Origin Core Stage!
357 Heaven Encompassing Ne
358 The Death of Shi Li
359 Annihilated
360 The Shameless Fan Jian
361 Duan Ling Tian’s Conditions
362 Number One Under The Nascent Soul Stage
363 Liu Shi Ge, Dead!
364 Zhao Lin’s Background
365 Wind Wyrm Form
366 Hundred Million Gold!
367 Soul Severe Frui
368 Linghu Jin Hong
369 Thoroughly Familiar
370 The Reason for Everything
371 Demon Beast Dark Roc
372 Zither Young Master
373 Agreement of Two Years
374 The Changes In The Little Gold Mouse
375 Martial Competition
376 The Nascent Soul Emerges From The Shattered Core
377 Sudden Insight, Comprehension of Wind Force!
378 Jade Origin Frui
379 Elder Peng
380 Demonic Lotusblade Sec
381 The Weirdo, Sword Young Master
382 Warm Up
383 Invincible Legend
384 Shocking The Entire Audience
385 Crushed
386 Profound Nascent Pill
387 Poaching
388 Swinging a Sword like A Rod
389 Defeating A Stronger Opponent!
390 Duan Ling Tian’s Arrogance
391 Saber Young Master Making A Move
392 Saber Force Seed
393 Genuine Force
394 Duan Ling Tian’s Speed
395 Determining The Victor With A Single Move
396 Martial Competition Number One
397 Gifting The Pill
398 Betrayal
399 Arriving At The Stables
400 Mo Yu’s Natural Talen
401 Soar Into The Sky
402 Little Gold Mouse Overcoming Her Heavenly Tribulation
403 You’re A Baddie
404 Grade Six Weapons Craftsman
405 The Ferocious Little Gold Mouse
406 Half-step Advanced Lightning Force
407 Go Fly A Kite!
408 Ancient River Trading Company
409 Two Choices
410 The Unfortunate Zhao Lei
411 Elder Feng Ping
412 I’m Stronger Than Him!
413 Escorting Merchants
414 Bandits On A Rampage
415 Duan Ling Tian Makes A Move
416 Cousins
417 White Clothed Young Girl
418 Void Interpretation Stage Exper
419 Sly Old Fox
420 Muscle Meridian Rebirth Scroll
421 42% Amplification
422 Darkstone Empire
423 Conflic
424 Taboo
425 Can I Not Marry You?
426 Flower Rain
427 Feng Wu Dao
428 Feng Tian Wu
429 Fire Spirit Body
430 Apology
431 Soulcleanse Pool
432 Who’s Teaching Who?
433 Slow, Too Slow!
434 The Deterrent Force of The Strong
435 Half An Hour
436 The Source Of The Spirit Energy
437 Spiritual Force Attack
438 Strange Brand
439 Soul Brand
440 Breaking Out From The Formation
441 Four Months Later
442 Returning To The Seven Star Sword Sec
443 It’s Fake?
444 Two Year Agreemen
445 Zither Young Master’s Strength
446 Threats
447 Soul Skill, Thousand Illusion
448 Demonic Technique?
449 Arriving Domineeringly
450 Elder Xuan and Elder Ming
451 Betrayal
452 Duan Ling Tian’s Conditions
453 The Slaughter Begins
454 Heroism and Sadness
455 Hope
456 Returning to the Crimson Sky Kingdom
457 Returning Home
458 The Shock of the Divine Might Marquis Estate
459 I Won’t Participate
460 Entering The Palace
461 The Arrogant Zha Mu
462 The Aggrieved Ha Yi
463 The Strongest, Ge Lu
464 Minor Seven Star Sword Technique
465 Kneel!!
466 Do You Still Think I’m Arrogant?
467 Breakthrough, Seventh Level of the Nascent Soul Stage!
468 Refining Void Advancement Pills
469 The Swamp Of Death
470 Crimson Armadillo
471 Whose Bones?
472 Unlucky ‘Ghost’!
473 Devilseal Table
474 Mo Tu
475 It’s Easier To Summon An Evil Spirit Than Allay I
476 Whereabouts Exposed
477 Duan Ru Feng
478 Guest From Afar
479 The Voice That Sounded Out From The Horizon
480 Brought It Onto Himself!
481 Duan Ling Tian’s Plan
482 F**k Off!
483 Mysterious Exper
484 Zhong Lin’s Death
485 Martial Competition of the Ten Dynasties
486 The Owner of Another Jade Sword
487 Arriving At Black Wind City Again
488 Bleeding Hear
489 Compensation For Emotional Distress
490 Wang Qiong In Danger
491 Zhang Shou Yong On A Rampage
492 Time Flying By
493 Fifth Form, Lightning Wyrm Form
494 Tempest Poin
495 Mastery Stage Tempest Point!
496 Competing In Wealth?
497 Black Horse
498 Press Forward!
499 Crippled!
500 Rules
501 Another World
502 Chai Jin
503 Sword Young Master’s Comprehension Ability
504 Amazing With A Single Brilliant Fea
505 He’s Duan Ling Tian?!
506 Grade Four Flames
507 A Storm Is Brewing
508 Flute Fairy, Zi Yan
509 Ironwall Sword Body
510 Demonic Technique Displaying Its Migh
511 Soul Skill, Soul Shaker
512 Counter Tracking
513 Weapons Craftsmen Guild’s Main Guild
514 Jadewave Grass
515 Yin Zhong’s Death
516 Battling Flame Young Master!
517 Luo Rong’s Shock
518 Top Grade Amongst The Top Grade
519 Experience Mission
520 Void Refining Frui
521 Ninth Leader
522 Slaughter
523 Duan Ling Tian Is Captured
524 Duan Ling Tian’s Plan
525 Continuing The Assignmen
526 Taking Revenge
527 Good Luck
528 Minimum 60% Amplification
529 First Leader of the Bandits
530 Demonic Technique Reappears!
531 Number One
532 Unintentional Events
533 Crazy Young Master’s Shock
534 I’m That Idio
535 Cage Battle Arena
536 ‘Change’
537 Water Counters Fire
538 Little Prince
539 Mysterious Blood
540 Duan Ling Tian’s Cage Battle
541 Scarlet Phoenix Blood, Obtained!
542 I want him dead!
543 Old Friend
544 The Death of a Second Level Void Initiation Stage Exper
545 Duan Ling Tian’s Rage
546 Prince Sheng
547 The Medicinal Strength of the Rebirth Pill
548 Sun Rui!
549 Don’t Bully The Young For Being Weak
550 Going Up Against Sun Rui
551 Killing With A Single Blow
552 Red Clothed Young Man
553 Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom’s Emperor
554 Genius Competition
555 Two Types of Medicinal Materials
556 Saber Young Master, Fifth Level Void Prying Stage!
557 Su Li’s Strength
558 Flame Young Master Vs Crazy Young Master
559 Sword Young Master’s Conditions
560 Pleasant Surprise
561 Hell On Earth
562 Imperial City of the Empire
563 Dead Egg
564 Demon?
565 First Level Lightning Concep
566 Treasure Gathering Pavilion
567 Young Girl and Snakes
568 Blessing In Disguise
569 Zhu Qing
570 Demanding An Exorbitant Price
571 Who Can Afford To Play
572 Complete Annihilation
573 Pavilion Master
574 Causing A Stir
575 Multiplied Profit!
576 Seventh Level of the Void Prying Stage!
577 The Number One Expert In The Empire
578 The Number One Young Genius In The Empire?
579 Young Genius Competition, Begins!
580 Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom, Sword Young Master
581 Instant Kill
582 Saber Barrier
583 Sword Concep
584 Duan Ling Tian Enters The Ring
585 Zhong Nan
586 Invincible Under The Void Initiation Stage
587 Mo Xuan
588 Advanced Lightning Force
589 Void Fuse Frui
590 Han Xue Nai
591 Three-Eyed Flame Tiger
592 Little Devil
593 Ninth Level of the Void Prying Stage
594 Capital of the Dynasty
595 Experts Everywhere
596 Possessing Treasure Brings Calamity
597 Ice Concep
598 The Sixth Form, Earth Dragon Form
599 Treasure?
600 Shattered Ice Covering The Entire Ground
601 The Hard Pressed Little Gold Mouse
602 Collecting A Debt!
603 Violet Copper Pill Fire
604 The Possessors of the Other Jade Swords
605 Covetous Glare
606 Nine Swords Uniting Into One
607 Concept Fragments
608 Sword Monarch’s Treasure
609 The Door That Can’t Be Opened
610 Reappearance of the Nine Swords
611 Sword Concept Fragments
612 Second Level Wind Concept!
613 Ten Concept Fragments
614 Choice
615 Profundity Fragmen
616 Grade One Spirit Sword
617 Secret Compartmen
618 Earth Puppe
619 Seventh Level Advanced Earth Concept Fragmen
620 Real and Fake Duan Ling Tian
621 Martial Monarch’s Inheritance
622 Nine-Tribulations Sword Control Technique
623 Greed
624 The Might of the Quasi Royal Grade Spirit Sword
625 Han Xue Nai’s Methods
626 Everyone Has Come Ou
627 Elder Hu’s Death
628 Fourth Level of the Void Initiation Stage
629 Arriving Again At Milky Way City
630 Void Transformation Stage Expert?
631 Slim Chance of Survival
632 Alone
633 Pressure
634 Feng Clan
635 Grandma Xu
636 A Life Full of Misfortune
637 Zhang Shou Yuan
638 Strange Scene
639 The Patriarch’s Wife
640 Wine Gourd
641 Grade Three Spirit Weapon
642 70% Amplification
643 Zhang Shou Yong’s Shock
644 A Spirit Fruit Appears Again
645 Unreasonable Reques
646 Sixth Level of the Void Initiation Stage!
647 Three Corpses
648 Denouncing Crimes
649 Ageless Root!
650 Refining the Rebirth Pill
651 Successive Breakthroughs
652 The Death of a Void Interpretation Stage Exper
653 Reunion
654 Resounding Slap
655 The Consequences of Being Rude
656 The Death of Feng Hao
657 Feng Clan’s Third Elder
658 The Unfortunate Ye Xiang
659 A Mountain of Treasure That Can’t Be Used
660 Young Miss Tian Wu
661 Feng Yun Fei
662 Eighth Level Wind Concep
663 Unusual Change In The Devilseal Table
664 Levels of Spectating Area
665 5,000 Low Grade Origin Stones
666 Long Yun’s Strength
667 Command Token No. 32
668 The Dynasty Martial Competition Begins
669 The White Clothed Young Man’s Ability
670 Second Round
671 Duan Ling Tian Displaying His Skill
672 Advancing Successively
673 End of The First Phase
674 Grade Three Spirit Sword
675 Refining Weapons In The Presence of Everyone
676 I Miss Him
677 Feng Clan Patriarch
678 Zither Young Master, Zi Shang
679 Eight Bearer Palanquin
680 In Confrontation With The Emperor
681 Duan Ling Tian’s Background
682 Horrifying Selection Process
683 Obvious Difference Between The Weak and The Strong
684 We Still Have To Decide On The Specific Rankings?
685 20 People
686 I Have An Objection!
687 Water Dragon Destruction
688 Slitting The Throat With A Single Strike
689 Ninth Level Sword Concep
690 Zi Shang Displaying His Skill
691 Self Destruction
692 Feng Tian Wu’s Strength
693 A Defensive Martial Skill That’s Almost A Heaven Rank Martial Skill
694 Surmounting A Level To Do Battle
695 Unity of Man and Saber
696 Ranking Battle
697 The Battle For No.7
698 No.7, No.8, No.9
699 The Struggle For The Top 6
700 The Drunkard Zhang Shou Yong
701 Materialization of Concep
702 Bai He Challenging Zi Shang
703 Fire Drawing Assistance From The Might Of Wind
704 Duan Ling Tian Is Challenged
705 Bai Hao Entering The Arena
706 Still A Single Move
707 The Last Three Battles
708 The Unusual Change In Zi Shang
709 Secret Technique?
710 The Bewilderment Of The Group Of Inscription Masters
711 Ghost Flame
712 Fated Battle
713 Without The Slightest Ability To Resis
714 The Devilseal Tablet’s Origins
715 Number One In The Dynasty Martial Competition
716 Drawing To An End
717 Duan Ling Tian’s Guess
718 Saint Weapon? An Amplification of 100%?
719 Returning To The Azure Forest Imperial Kingdom
720 Meeting After Many Years
721 What The Azure Forest Tri-Sect Is Seeking
722 A Debt of Blood Must Be Repaid With Blood!
723 Arriving Once Again At The Demonic Lotusblade Gorge
724 Origin Drawing Pearl
725 A Thousand Year Old Freak
726 Good For Nothing Trash
727 Trash!
728 The Terrified Jia Hong
729 Covered In Blood
730 The Descent Of Lightning As Punishmen
731 The Dust Settles
732 Embroidered Uniform Guard! Duan Ling Tian?
733 Gone Far Away?
734 Second-rate Sec
735 Flying Rainbow Sec
736 The Things Left Behind By Duan Ru Feng
737 Flying Rainbow Mountain
738 In Confrontation
739 Saving The Critical Situation
740 Kneeling Down and Begging For Mercy
741 Successive Shock
742 Extracting Spirit Points
743 17 Spirit Points
744 Six-Clawed Divine Dragon
745 Duan Ling Tian’s Unyielding Character
746 The Talisman That Might Not Be Reliable
747 Dad Is A Martial Emperor Stage Expert?
748 Reunion Of Good Friends
749 Departure
750 Collecting A Deb
751 Living Is Worse Than Dying
752 Ninth Level Elementary Wind Concep
753 Azure Eyed Eagle
754 Darming Dynasty
755 Iceflame Pavilion
756 A Special Restauran
757 Target, The Seventh Floor!
758 Blazer Wine
759 Union Of Ice and Flame
760 Like What I Did Earlier
761 The Ninth Floor
762 Vowing To Die
763 Zhao Wei Yi
764 Coincidental Meeting
765 Feel Free To Try
766 Overbearing
767 Void Interpretation Stage!
768 Brother and Sister In Distress
769 Feng Wu Dao’s Strength
770 Skywolf For
771 Trash!
772 Dongguo Clan
773 Dongguo Han’s Revenge
774 Dongguo Han’s Death
775 Dongguo Lei
776 Nine Dragon’s Radiant Flash
777 Zi Shang’s Scheme
778 Vice Fort Master
779 Crisis
780 Grade Two Alchemis
781 Sword 13
782 House of Swords Elder
783 Sanguinary Competition
784 Life and Death Selection
785 Ning Can
786 Age Measuring Pearl
787 The Biggest Winner.
788 Lack of Qualification
789 Illusory Purgatory
790 Soul Suppression Formation
《War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens》 Volume 4
791 The Might of the Quasi Royal Grade Spirit Sword
792 The Heart of the Strong
793 At The Critical Momen
794 Instant Kill
795 Colluding
796 Heaven Defying Luck
797 Wishful Thinking
798 Eighth Level Fire Concept Fragmen
799 Colluding Again
800 A Variant, Innate Ability!
801 Zi Shang’s Scheme
802 Illusory Cryp
803 Chea
804 Waiting For The Prey To Arrive
805 Ninth Level of the Void Transformation Stage
806 The First Person To Come Ou
807 Second Level Intermediate Wind Concep
808 Third, Fourth, Fifth
809 Feng Tian Wu, the Seventh!
810 Female Exper
811 The Third Round of the Selections
812 Intense Challenges
813 Beautiful and Outstanding Woman
814 Top Ten, Final Chance!
815 Su Li’s True Strength
816 Artic Withersword
817 Baldy? Monk?
818 Flame Young Master, Zhang Yan!
819 Zi Shang Admitting Defea
820 Left Behind By A Martial Emperor
821 The Devilseal Tablet’s Deterrent Force
822 Composite Chain Sword
823 The Fate of An Innate Spirit Body
824 Soul Skill? Innate Ability?
825 The Person That Wants To Take Duan Ling Tian As His Master
826 The Final Battle
827 Soul Skill Defeated
828 Duan Ling Tian Is Injured
829 Pleasantly Surprising Breakthrough!
830 Distributing Rewards
831 The Four Great Powers Fighting For Geniuses
832 Leaving
833 Coming With Malicious Intentions
834 Sword 13’s Strength
835 Caught Up
836 The Voice From Within The Devilseal Table
837 Violet Hair and Scarlet Red Eyes
838 Duan Ling Tian Is Missing!
839 A Young Woman That Ran Away From Home
840 Duan Ling Tian Awakens
841 Side Effec
842 Overestimation of Ability!
843 Breaking Off An Engagemen
844 Receiving A Blade Barehanded
845 Thunder Nonastrike
846 The Chen Clan’s Supreme Elder
847 The Supreme Elder Has Gone Mad!
848 The Chen Clan Submits
849 The Furious Chen An
850 Five Element Sec
851 Chen Wei
852 Chen An’s Scheme
853 Young Master Duan
854 Blasted Flying With A Single Strike
855 Pitiable
856 Arriving Once More At The Chen Clan
857 I’m Satisfied, I’m Satisfied!
858 Before Departure
859 Bandits
860 Demon Revelation Mirror
861 Spies
862 Xue Nai Is Deceived
863 The Berserk Dongguo Lei
864 Little Devil
865 Where There Is Loss, There’s Surely Gain
866 The Anxious Fort Masters
867 Elder Ghost’s Terror
868 Peak of the Void Stage
869 Moonhowl Celestial Wolf
870 Huang Daniu
871 The Battle of the Five Peaks
872 Conflic
873 Hong Xi’s Death
874 Slander
875 The Frenzied Wood Peak Disciples
876 Sudden Change In The Situation
877 Two Demands
878 The Second Demand
879 Didn’t You Die Already?
880 The Ungrateful Bastard, Hu Fei
881 Origin Spirit Frui
882 Breakthrough! Breakthrough!
883 Planning for the Future
884 Are You Sure You’re Qualified Enough?
885 The Nan Gong Brothers
886 The Gathering of Young Powerhouses
887 The Appearance of the Senior Officials
888 Tian Gu’s Dread
889 Ten Pieces of Paper
890 Nangong Yi’s Charm
891 A Head-On Figh
892 Brazen? Clever?
893 Slandering Accusations?
894 I’m Just Kidding
895 My Comprehension Is the Earth Concept as Well
896 “The Boy who Cried Wolf”
897 A Mad Idea
898 Seeking Wealth from Danger!
899 The First Place of the Individual Battle Stage!
900 The Profound Assimilation Formation
901 The First Peak of the Five Element Sec
902 Ten Days Later
903 The Soul Skill is Gone!
904 Ten Hours
905 Waiting
906 Everyone Wakes Up
907 Demonstrating One by One
908 You’re Bluffing!
909 A Be
910 A Hysterical Hu Fei
911 Duan Ling Tian’s Thunder Concept!
912 You Must Be Taking A Wild Guess!
913 Huang Daniu's Earth Concep
914 Everything is Going Smoothly According to My Wish
915 The Secret Treasure of the Martial Emperor
916 Ninth Level Void Interpretation!
917 A Gloomy Huang Daniu
918 Four Hours
919 Ghost Flame’s Approach
920 Feng Tian Wu’s Elevation
921 Supreme Emotion Forsaking Technique
922 For the Sake of Profundity Fragment!
923 Arousing the Enthusiasm
924 Crimson Moon Sect’s Provocation
925 Slicing Seven Throats with One Slice of Sword!
926 Qi Yu's Pas
927 Complete Annihilation!
928 Heart-Stopping Performance
929 Hong Qing’s Death
930 The Empyrean Temple’s Abbo
931 Sun Moon Sec
932 I’ll Bet Against You Myself!
933 An Extravagant Gamble
934 It's Because He's My Big Brother Duan!
935 Battle!
936 A Blow With Just A Punch
937 Third Level Void Interpretation Concept?!
938 Five Inscription Formations
939 Opening the Martial Emperor’s Secret Treasure!
940 Bottomless Abyss
941 The Strength of 1000 Ancient Horned Dragons!
942 The Devilseal Tablet Fragmen
943 The Man and Woman Who Emerged from the Bottomless Abyss
944 Forty Eight People
945 God of Slaughter, Duan Ling Tian
946 Hu Fei's Death
947 The Long Winding Stone Staircase
948 Entrance No.2?
949 Emperor Stage Profundity
950 Second-Rate Forces
951 The First Treasure
952 The Fisherman Who Profits
953 Seventh Level Monarch Stage Earth Profundity Fragmen
954 Invincible
955 Peng Bao
956 Three Spirit Fruits
957 Another Exquisite Box
958 The Ninth Level Monarch Stage Fire Concept Fragmen
959 Eighth Level Advance Fire Concept!
960 Feng Tian Wu’s Changes
961 Tricolor Pill
962 The Eighth Form!
963 Second Level Void Transformation Concept!
964 Duan Ling Tian’s Strength
965 Eighth Level Monarch Stage Wind Profundity Fragmen
966 Another Exquisite Box!
967 Zi Shang Is Still Alive!
968 Overpowering Zi Shang
969 Duan Ling Tian’s Rage
970 The Last Profundity Fragment in the Outer Ring
971 Being Framed
972 The Re-emergence of the God of Slaughter
973 Headed Toward the Central Area
974 The Meeting
975 The Strength of the Black-clad Young Man
976 The Strength of 1,500 Ancient Horned Dragons!
977 Leng Ji
978 Peng Bao’s Plan
979 Trade
980 Lei Jun!
981 Lift and Smash!
982 Central Palace
983 Totally Ignored
984 First Level Advanced Thunder Concep
985 Leaving the Five Element Sec
986 Lei Zhong’s Death
987 Another Killing Formation
988 Entering the Palace
989 One-in-Four Stone Room
990 Immortal Spirit Herb
991 Martial Emperor Qing Feng
992 The Odd Stone Platform
993 A Crazy Idea
994 The Third Level
995 Continue! The Fourth Level!
996 Xu Qing! Zuo Yue!
997 Duan Ling Tian's Crisis
998 The Nine-Tribulation Sword Control Technique
999 The Violetspike Frui
1000 Duan Ling Tian’s Helplessness
1001 Ink Steel
1002 Three Thousand Ancient Horned Dragon’s Strength!
1003 Emperor Stage Profundity Fragment!
1004 A Change in Mentality
1005 Martial Monarch’s Rage
1006 My Mind’s Set!
1007 Returning to the Darkhan Dynasty
1008 A Threa
1009 I’m Zhao Ming!
1010 Hu Li
1011 Consuming the Immortal Spirit Herb
1012 The Regeneration of a Severed Leg
1013 The Five Element Sect’s Trump Card
1014 The Enemies Meet Again
1015 Second Level Monarch Stage Fire Profundity!
1016 A Rural Continen
1017 The Mysterious Duan Ru Feng
1018 Xiong Quan
1019 Miracle
1020 Sword
1021 Inscription
1022 The Sword Saint’s Message
1023 Sword Profundity!
1024 Duan Ling Tian's Worry
1025 Returning to the Canyon
1026 Uninvited Guests
1027 Target: Duan Ling Tian!
1028 The Crimson Sky Kingdom is Falling
1029 The Person that All of You were Talking Abou
1030 An Insane Decision
1031 The Return
1032 The Nie Family’s Decision
1033 The Dungeon
1034 The Storm Is Coming
1035 A Martial Monarch Attacks!
1036 Who'll Be Killing Who?
1037 Tong Shan’s Death
1038 Tarnished
1039 A Martial Monarch Congregation
1040 Concern of the Two Martial Monarchs
1041 A Threa
1042 Feng Tian Wu
1043 Thirty Breaths
1044 Devilification!
1045 Falling Unconscious Again
1046 Strength That Did Not Originate from the Cloud Continen
1047 A Hurried Departure
1048 Ingratitude
1049 Killed Directly
1050 Ice Coffin
1051 Arriving at Ancient Desert City Again
1052 Luo Fu in Pursui
1053 A Pressing Matter
1054 Ruo Shui River
1055 Never Enter An Unprofitable Deal
1056 Master
1057 Qing Lang Returns
1058 Northern Mountain Land
1059 The Ou Clan and Lu Clan
1060 The Alchemist Competition
1061 Huang Chun
1062 Personality
1063 Lu Clan’s Third Young Master
1064 A Loud Clap
1065 To Kill or Not to Kill?
1066 Two Types of People
1067 Dumbstruck
1068 Grade One Alchemist!
1069 First Interim Advisor
1070 Elder Duan
1071 Unsatisfied
1072 Trick
1073 Southern Outer Land
1074 Soul Fixing Root, Soul Stablizing Grass
1075 Eighth Level Advance Sword Concep
1076 Lu Song
1077 Soul Fixing Roo
1078 Offering A Reward
1079 Feng Tian Wu Wakes Up!
1080 Amnesia
1081 Split in Three
1082 Success Rate of Forming the Pill
1083 Not Your Ordinary Grade One Alchemis
1084 The Ultimate Freak of Freaks
1085 Do You Know of the Rebirth Martial Emperor?
1086 Disguise
1087 Reward
1088 Narrow-Mindedness
1089 Seventh Level Void Transformation Stage
1090 Let’s Go
1091 Unexpected
1092 A Set-up
1093 Digging His Own Grave
1094 Lu Zhi’s Speculation
1095 Cheng He
1096 Is It Worth It?
1097 Soaring!
1098 The Ninth Advanced Level Wind and Fire Concep
1099 Everything is in Order Except the Final Push!
1100 Invincible Compared to Those Below the Martial Monarch Stage
1101 Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao
1102 Playing with Fire
1103 Strict Close Door Cultivation for Three Months!
1104 The Comeback
1105 The Ancient Black Dragon’s Silhouette
1106 Coming At You With Ill Intentions
1107 The Strength of Unity
1108 97% Purity
1109 The Explosive Poin
1110 The Duan Ling Tian After Three Months
1111 Mysterious Strength
1112 Ou Ye Zi
1113 The Ninth Form, Divine Dragon Form!
1114 The Fused Profundities
1115 The Yin Yang Sec
1116 Merely Passable
1117 Northern Divergent's Sun Clan
1118 Sincerity
1119 Going to the Blade Sect.
1120 Killing the Sword’s Sect Sect Leader
1121 Before The Departure
1122 Ruo Shui Riverside
1123 Gold-Devouring Organization
1124 Xiong Quan Attacks
1125 Straight to the Enemy’s Lair
1126 News About the Two Ladies
1127 The Swift Boat is Here
1128 Two Fourth Level Martial Monarch Stages
1129 Above the Ruo Shui River
1130 The Pirates Are Here
1131 As Greedy As A Wolf
1132 The Four Southern River Thugs
1133 The Copper Thug’s Death
1134 Blood Boiling with Indignation
1135 Be My Dog!
1136 Two Choices
1137 Golden Hellhound
1138 Heavenly Jewel
1139 Heavenly Jewel Energy
1140 Arriving At the Inner Land
1141 Third Imperial Lord
1142 The Real Master is Here
1143 Third Level Martial Monarch Stage!
1144 Heavenly Jewel Obtained
1145 Resolution
1146 Yang Xue
1147 Innate Ability
1148 Volcano Eruption
1149 Snatching a Saber with Bare Hands
1150 The Death of Yang Hong and Son
1151 The Two Ladies’ Plan
1152 The Search
1153 Emergence of Ling Tian Sec
1154 Gathering at the Summi
1155 Furious Over His Confidante! Tearing Yang Peak With His Sword!
1156 Sect Leader, Duan Ling Tian!
1157 Preparation
1158 Elder Yun Is Gone
1159 A Handsome Reward
1160 Yang Chun
1161 Two Women
1162 The Eldest Son of the Ke Clan
1163 Paying A Visit to the Ke Clan in Person
1164 Chen Shao Shuai?
1165 Luo Zhan’s Dead!
1166 Ataraxia City, Zhou Clan's Auction Square
1167 Zhou Li
1168 Accusation
1169 Cripple
1170 The VIP Area
1171 Slaying with Just One Finger
1172 A Stormy Ataraxia City
1173 Mysterious Silver
1174 Seeking for Revenge
1175 Nine-Tribulation Sword Control Technique — Instant Kill!
1176 The First Item in the Grand Finale
1177 300,000 High-Grade Origin Stones!
1178 Making Big Profits With A Small Capital
1179 Zhou Clan Grand Elder
1180 10,000 Ray Sword Technique
1181 Respect the Old and Cherish the Young
1182 Duan Ling Tian’s Intention
1183 A Boost of 92%
1184 Zhang San and Li Si
1185 Wu Lie, The Sect Leader of the True Martial Sec
1186 Han Clan’s Powerhouse
1187 Intruders with Bad Intentions
1188 Leaders of the Six Largest Forces
1189 On the Verge of War!
1190 Battle!
1191 Fruitful Harves
1192 Strong Puppe
1193 It's Called A 'Hammer'
1194 Paying a Visit to the True Martial Sec
1195 Lost Stone Forest, Martial Emperor Shi Qi!
1196 Yun Gang’s Confidence
1197 Idiot!
1198 The Dog of the Martial Emperor’s Direct Disciple
1199 Threatened
1200 Duan Ling Tian with Greatly Increased Strength
1201 Emperor Stage Sword Profundity!
1202 10,000 Year Red Frui
1203 The Great Treasure
1204 He’s My Man
1205 Ten Years
1206 The Enraged Duan Ling Tian
1207 Not Interested
1208 Break In
1209 Duan Ling Tian’s Madness
1210 Unleashing All Techniques
1211 Devilseal Table
1212 Martial Emperor Shi Qi
1213 Greediness
1214 Frenzied Devil
1215 The Change in His Dantian
1216 Innate Void Restoration Stage?
1217 Chi Huo
1218 Committing Fraud
1219 Who… Am I?
1220 Six Innate Stages
1221 Old Friends in Trouble
1222 First Level Core Formation Stage?
1223 The Selection of Martial Emperor’s Disciples and Followers
1224 It’s Fake!
1225 Ling Xuan Peak Hidden Behind The Mis
1226 Sword Inten
1227 First Level Void Interpretation Stage!
1228 Betting With His Life
1229 A Difference of Heaven and Earth
1230 Are You Sure He’s A Void Interpretation Stage Martial Artist?
1231 An Ignorant Person Is Usually Fearless
1232 You Han Valley
1233 Han Bing's Divine Sword Technique
1234 Martial Emperor You Han
1235 Sword Dao
1236 Three Little Devils
1237 Crossing the Ruo Shui River with Their Body
1238 The Coming of the Han Clan’s Powerhouse
1239 You’re Still Not Worthy of It!
1240 All of Them Were Killed
1241 Who Was The Luckies
1242 Qiao Zhong
1243 Another Situation
1244 Compensation
1245 The Defeated Martial Emperor, Shi Qi
1246 The Ten Great Saint Weapons Rankings
1247 Zhong An
1248 The First Selection
1249 Gravitational Stair Formation
1250 Betting With One’s Life!
1251 Lightning Penalty
1252 Lu Zhong’s Death
1253 The Tough Fight Against Two of the Greatest Martial Emperor Direct Disciples
1254 Martial Emperor Ling Xuan’s First Direct Disciple
1255 Martial Emperor Ling Xuan
1256 Overseas Saint Islands
1257 Demon Emperor’s Beast Core
1258 Clan Suppressing Martial Skill
1259 Saint Grade Martial Tactic
1260 Heading To The Hidden Fog Island
1261 Martial Emperor Lei Ming Of Thundercloud Peak
1262 Opening The Exquisite Jade Box
1263 Colossal Aerolite Arrow
1264 Overseas World
1265 Holding the World In Awe
1266 Greediness
1267 Stygian Scale Bear
1268 Restored Memory
1269 Ninth Level Martial Monarch Stage!
1270 Hidden Fog City
1271 Mortal Grade Martial Tactic
1272 Reunion
1273 The Irritating Flies
1274 Dog
1275 Duan Ling Tian Strikes
1276 A Sudden Change
1277 A Complete Recovery of His Memories
1278 The Statute of the Martial Emperor Han Bing?
1279 Chen Zhi, A Core Disciple
1280 Breaking Through to The Martial Emperor Stage!
1281 Wyrmdragon
1282 The Bowstring That Gives Him Headaches
1283 Martial Emperor Qiu Li
1284 Dong Hu
1285 An Archer By Nature
1286 The Hidden Fog Martial Competition Is About To Start!
1287 Heaven And Earth Wipeou
1288 The Formidable Red-robed Old Man
1289 Fake Devilseal Table
1290 Primitive Human Rank
1291 Zhou Yi, Traitor?
1292 The Wronged Martial Emperor Shi Qi
1293 Thought to Kill
1294 Tian Wu and the Devilseal Tablet’s Whereabou
1295 Martial Emperor Qing Xuan
1296 Demon Emperor Man Wu
1297 The Third Island Master of Hidden Fog Island
1298 Hidden Fog Martial Competition
1299 The Battle Against Chen Zhi
1300 Duan Ling Tian’s True Ability
1301 Innate Ability
1302 The Last Round
1303 Top Three
1304 Aiming To Become The Firs
1305 A Stroke Of Genius
1306 Chen Bei, The Second Island Master of The Hidden Fog Island!
1307 Innate Illusory
1308 A Panicked Zhou Yi
1309 Having His Ass On The Line
1310 Martial Emperor Lei Ming’s Death
1311 An Infuriated Han Xue Nai
1312 Saint Stone Reserve
1313 The Other Two Mortal Continents
1314 The Leading Island of the Four Great Overseas Saint Islands
1315 Formidable Saint Grade Martial Tactic
1316 Prime Human Rank Saint Grade Martial Tactic
1317 Saint Vein
1318 Arriving at the Half Moon Island
1319 Immortality
1320 Killing the Martial Emperor You Han
1321 Dao Cultivator
1322 Luo Feng Zhu
1323 Coral Island’s First Island Master
1324 Another Dao Talisman
1325 Di Yong the Island Master of Half Moon Island
1326 Devil Cultivator
1327 Absorbing The Vital Essence
1328 Dragon Clan’s Lineal Descendan
1329 The Ruthless Devil Cultivator
1330 Five-Clawed Devil Dragon
1331 Adulthood Is At 100 Years Old
1332 Uninvited Gues
1333 Touchstone
1334 Treasure
1335 Winding Up
1336 Descendants of Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang
1337 Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda
1338 Three-legged Golden Crow
1339 Two Days Inside, One Day Outside
1340 A New Targe
1341 Defeating The Three Vice Island Masters
1342 Xue Nai Makes A Breakthrough
1343 Qi Yu, An Old Friend
1344 Overpowering Demon Emperor Man Wu
1345 Duan Ling Tian, The Peak of The Martial Emperor Stage!
1346 The Potential Of The Fused Profundity
1347 A Baffled Sima Chang Feng
1348 Paying Another Visit To The “Sword” Canyon
1349 Invincible To All Powerhouses Below Mortal Shedding Stage
1350 Boundless Materials
1351 The Migration of Ling Tian Sec
1352 I’ll Be A Father Soon
1353 Duan Ling Tian Is Missing
1354 What Di Yong Is Seeking
1355 Play It By The Ear
1356 The Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda’s Second Level
1357 The Sun Shooting Bow
1358 A Year Later
1359 Mortal Shedding Stage!
1360 Duan Ling Tian’s Strength
1361 The Obsidian Pangolin
1362 The Powerful Middle-Aged Scholar
1363 Lin Qing Rong’s Invitation
1364 Defeating Ye Man in One Blow!
1365 Mound Hill City
1366 The Disgusting Latent Dragon Camp
1367 Fight!
1368 Thirteen Gangsters
1369 Guo Li’s strength
1370 Duan Ling Tian’s Turn
1371 36 Guardians
1372 High Grade Saint Stones
1373 Extortion
1374 Heavenly Leader Guardian
1375 The Leader Of The Thirteen Gangsters
1376 The Five-Rated Forces
1377 A Terrifying Old Man
1378 Azure Cloud Mansion
1379 Intermediate Mortal Shedding Stage
1380 A Ridiculous Gap
1381 The Dao Cultivator of the Dao Martial Saint Land
1382 The Rare Treasure Pavilion
1383 The Mystic Art Pavilion
1384 Hong Yu the Beastrider!
1385 Becoming Brothers
1386 Copper Shir
1387 Get it!
1388 The One-eyed Devil Vulture’s Eyeball
1389 Refined
1390 Mutated Left Eye
1391 Futile Effor
1392 Broke Through the Copper Shir
1393 The City Governor of Mound Hill City
1394 Su Qi
1395 Savage Eyes
1396 Body Verification Stone
1397 Burden
1398 Duan Ling Tian’s Decision
1399 The Test Began
1400 The Strange Pupil has Shown Its Strength
1401 The End
1402 Please Don’t Intervene
1403 Exposed
1404 93 Points
1405 Out of Debt, Out of Danger
1406 Merit Pavilion
1407 Saint Grade Pill
1408 Hu Jie’s Death
1409 Target, Mastery Mortal Shedding Stage!
1410 Duan Ling Tian’s Self-confidence
《War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens》 Volume 5
1411 Duelling Ling Yun
1412 Moon Illumination Sec
1413 Mount Hill Order
1414 Zheng Clan’s Revenge
1415 Battling With a Paramount Mortal Shedding Stage Powerhouse!
1416 The Annihilation Of The Zheng Clan
1417 An Intruder with Ill Intention
1418 Zhou Qi From The Moon Illumination Sec
1419 Fang Hui’s Pas
1420 Justice
1421 Divine Dragon Phenomenon
1422 Variant Beast Phenomenon
1423 Thanks for the Opportunity to Brag
1424 Entry Assessmen
1425 Devil Cultivator Ye Man
1426 A Thought Is All One Needs to Become A Devil
1427 The Second Section
1428 Worse Than A Piece of Crap
1429 Moon Illumination Sect’s Outer Cour
1430 Ceng Zhi
1431 Can’t Fight Back At All
1432 Devil Dragon’s Blood Essence, Another Transformation!
1433 A Wronged Yang He
1434 Death Duel Invitation
1435 Zhou Qi’s Shock
1436 Crazy Zhou Qi
1437 Duan Ling Tian Accepts the Duel Invitation
1438 A Glimpse of an Arrow
1439 Target — Perfection Mortal Shedding Stage!
1440 Two Five-clawed Divine Dragons
1441 Earth Rankings’ Powerhouses
1442 A Bustling Outer Cour
1443 Coming Out Of The Closed-Door Cultivation! Challenge Accepted!
1444 Betting Odds of One to Ten
1445 I Plan to Play on My Own
1446 Elder Dongfang
1447 Millions of Merit Points
1448 A Pleased Huang Chen
1449 Death Duel
1450 Battling Feng Fan!
1451 Saint Inscription!
1452 Two-Star Saint Inscription
1453 Die!
1454 A Panic-Stricken Zhou Qi
1455 Threats
1456 A Loose Tongue
1457 A Life For A Life
1458 Zhou Qi’s Warning
1459 Nuwa Stone Fragmen
1460 Just Around The Corner
1461 The Second Level Of The Merit Pavilion
1462 The Dao Talismans With A Whopping Price
1463 Golden Roc Mass Tactic
1464 Being Intercepted
1465 He’s Duan Ling Tian!
1466 Paradise
1467 Old Prophe
1468 Elder Dongfang’s Invitation
1469 Disrespecful
1470 Three-Star Saint Inscription
1471 Three-Star Divine Strider Talisman
1472 The Inner Cour
1473 Three-Star Saint Inscription Master, Bai Li Hong
1474 A Heaven Rank Saint Weapon?
1475 Inscription Pen
1476 The Sun Shooting Bow’s Power
1477 Nine Star Inscription Pen
1478 The Strange Inscription Art’s Inheritance
1479 The Domineering Bai Li Hong
1480 The Other Two Three-Star Saint Inscriptions
1481 Duan Ling Tian’s Strange Inscription Ar
1482 Liu Huan’s Whereabouts
1483 Mantis Catching A Cicada
1484 The Panic-Striken Huang Cheng
1485 The Oriole Behind
1486 The Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda’s Third Level
1487 The Jiuqu Mountain Range
1488 Yi Tian Xing
1489 Ouyang Ruo’s Though
1490 Han River City
1491 Ouyang Clan
1492 Gaslighting
1493 Merciless Ouyang Qing
1494 Sun Body
1495 Two Masked Men
1496 Ouyang Shan Struck
1497 An ‘Accident’ Out of the Plan
1498 Nine Sect Alliances’ Headquarter
1499 Elder Hui
1500 A Trade With the Ouyang Clan
1501 Propitiation
1502 Nether Ridge
1503 Challenger
1504 Duan Ling Tian, Saint Rudiment Stage?
1505 Mountainshade Black Marke
1506 Annihilating Ouyang Clan
1507 The Truth Came to Ligh
1508 It’s Impossible That He Was Still Alive!
1509 Qi Deviation
1510 Continuing with the Mission
1511 Chi Mei the Quasi Four-Star Assassin
1512 The Sect’s Storehouse
1513 Vice Sect Leader, Zhong Huo
1514 Fang Hui’s Crisis
1515 An Unexpected Turn of Events
1516 Su Qi’s Death! Wang Tao Showed Up!
1517 Gorilla
1518 Chi Mei’s Abnormal Behavior
1519 Identical
1520 Purplecloud Thunder Roc
1521 The Leader Of The Mountainshade Black Market’s Branch
1522 Formation Compass
1523 Perfection Saint Rudiment Stage!
1524 He Must Die!
1525 Zhao Feng
1526 The Person Tailing Him
1527 The Formidable Divine Dragon Phenomenon
1528 Fighting Zhao Feng!
1529 The Sect Leader of the Moon Illumination Sec
1530 Liu Huan’s Shock
1531 Everything Changed in Three Years
1532 On The Verge of Life and Death
1533 Ke’er’s Elder Sister?
1534 Fire Worship Sec
1535 A Smokeless Battle
1536 A Confidence of 50%
1537 Five-clawed Golden Dragon! Three-legged Golden Crow!
1538 Snatched From The Jaws Of Death
1539 The Deterrent Force Of The Fire Worship Sec
1540 Sovereign Heart Sword
1541 The Only Successor
1542 Han Jin Nian
1543 Greenwave Han Mansion, Han Xue Nai
1544 A Meeting Gif
1545 The Call From The Jasper Celestial Sword
1546 The Devata Realms
1547 The Almighty Force Of The Jasper Celestial Sword
1548 Two Impactful News
1549 Bai Li Hong — The One Who Takes Side
1550 Opening Up To Each Other
1551 Xue Nai’s Master
1552 The Seven Absolutes Sec
1553 Mirror Image Talisman
1554 Exposing His Strength
1555 Qian Kong’s Death
1556 Being Pursued
1557 The Unlucky Duan Ling Tian
1558 Getting Killed
1559 Rong Yuan! Ku Mi!
1560 The Three Religions And Nine Forces
1561 Arriving at the Moon Illumination Sec
1562 Soul Searching Secret Tactic
1563 Unappreciative of Favors!
1564 An Unusual Bandi
1565 The Devil Inscription?
1566 Not A Saint Inscription Master
1567 Heaven Rankings
1568 The True Culpri
1569 Southern Ridge Yuan Mansion
1570 Situ Zhuo
1571 The Ruthless Imperial Family
1572 The Woman Who Came From the Mortal Continen
1573 Drift Blaze Sect, Lady Feng
1574 Duan Ru Feng, Rising Abruptly Like a Rocke
1575 Azure Cloud Mansion? Ku Mi?
1576 Misunderstanding?
1577 The Dragon Clan’s Clan Leader, Di Shan!
1578 The Truth Has Finally Been Brought Into Ligh
1579 Master Duan
1580 Zi Yun, the Sect Leader of Drift Blaze Sec
1581 An Infuriated Di Shan
1582 Leader Dugu
1583 Dragon Cleansing Pool
1584 Duan Ru Feng’s Condition
1585 The Key To The Dragon Cleansing Pool
1586 Who Is Whose Father
1587 Senior Prophet!
1588 Li Fei’s Danger
1589 Han Jin Nian’s Death
1590 Greenwave Han Mansion’s Sleepless Nigh
1591 The Day Of The Battle
1592 So He’s Called Duan Ling Tian!
1593 Lady Feng, Feng Tian Wu!
1594 Pretty Boy?
1595 Firebird Phenomenon
1596 The Fifth Absolute, Blazing Phoenix!
1597 Entering the Heaven Rankings
1598 The Seven Absolutes Sect?
1599 Rejection
1600 Li Rou Is On The Verge Of Breaking Down
1601 Getting Famous In Windfall Nation
1602 Dark Nether Sect’s Slave
1603 Duan Ling Tian? The Interim Advisor of Situ Clan?
1604 The Vice Sect Leader of Dark Nether Sect, Tan Chi
1605 Bai Li Hong’s Whereabouts
1606 Devil Cultivator?
1607 Worrying Only Leads to Chaos
1608 Decapitate Him With A Flying Sword
1609 Going to the Dark Nether Sect to Rescue the Others
1610 The Sect Leader of Dark Nether Sec
1611 Two Saint Stage Powerhouses
1612 A Fish That Slipped Through the Ne
1613 Lurking Peril
1614 An Excited Feng Wu Dao
1615 Shocking News
1616 A Visi
1617 King Qian’s Estate
1618 Do You Know About The Devilseal Tablet?
1619 It’s Him!
1620 Doomed
1621 Someone from King Qian’s Estate
1622 King Rong
1623 Betrayal
1624 The Order From The Mountainshade Black Market’s Headquarter
1625 The Strongest Person On The Heaven Rankings
1626 The Situ Clan Was Unjustly Ridiculed
1627 Death Duel
1628 How Coincidental
1629 The Battle In Northern Mang Mountain
1630 Dark Clouds Hanging Over The Mountain
1631 Going Head to Head
1632 Duan Ling Tian is Here
1633 A Collision Between Territories
1634 Top Human Rank Saint Grade Martial Tactic
1635 Duan Ling Tian’s speed
1636 Lin Dong, Saint Stage!
1637 King Qian’s Desire
1638 The Devilseal Tablet’s Migh
1639 A Change of the Tides
1640 Where Did The Devilseal Tablet Go?
1641 Went Out for Wool and Came Home Shorn
1642 Refined Saint Stage Powerhouse
1643 Destination — Greenwave Han Mansion!
1644 Feng Tian Wu’s Perseverance
1645 A Similar Train of Thoughts
1646 Greenwave Han Mansion’s Eldest Miss
1647 The Governer of Greenwave City
1648 A Change in Attitude
1649 Reunion
1650 A Trap
1651 Intentionally Seeking Revenge
1652 An Imminent crisis
1653 Ling Tian?
1654 Han Zheng Tian, The Mansion Master of Greenwave Han Mansion!
1655 Duan Ling Tian Comes Out From His Closed-door Cultivation
1656 The Rising Sky Rankings Battle
1657 Friends from a Quasi Third-rate Force
1658 Duan Ling Tian, Saint Stage!
1659 The News Has Spread
1660 Benefactor
1661 The Young Mansion Master of the Rising Sky Mansion
1662 Devouring Dark Devil Technique
1663 Unsure?
1664 Nimble Valley
1665 Brahma Temple, Flowery Monk!
1666 Li Feng
1667 What A Haughty Manner!
1668 Nimble Chess Se
1669 Rising Sky Rankings Battle
1670 It’s Starting
1671 The Sovereign Heart Sword’s Second Stage
1672 Xu Gang
1673 Xu Can
1674 Yin Xu Zi
1675 Wine-Meat Monk
1676 Another Intermediate Refined Saint Stage Powerhouse!
1677 Xu Can’s Strength
1678 The Death of the Rising Sky Mansion’s Disciple
1679 The First Battle
1680 Sun True Origin’s Power
1681 Olive Branch
1682 A Conspiracy?
1683 Space Shattering Origin Detonation
1684 Li Feng Is Still Alive?
1685 Xu Cen Who Had Gone Berserk
1686 Xu Jing Is Finally Here
1687 Xu Jing Enters The Ring
1688 Killing Zhong Gu In An Instan
1689 A Simultaneous Challenge
1690 One Against Two
1691 A Confident Xu Jing
1692 Heinous Devil Qi
1693 Xu Jing, The Peak Of The Refined Saint Stage!
1694 Target Shifted — Li Feng!
1695 Since You Want A Battle, A Battle It Is Then!
1696 Battle
1697 Wind Dragon Embodimen
1698 Xu Jing’s Death
1699 First Place in the Rising Sky Ranking
1700 Xu Jing Is Still Alive?
1701 Soul Congregation
1702 My Condolences, Grand Elder!
1703 He’s Merely Wounded?
1704 Top Devil Dao Cultivation Method
1705 Duplicated Embodimen
1706 Did Something Happen to Bai Li Hong?
1707 Bloodbath at the Imperial Palace
1708 Walking Ou
1709 Is That Important?
1710 The Windfall Nation’s Emperor
1711 Zhu Mu Ci
1712 The Azure Cloud Mansion’s Disciple
1713 Yun Kun’s Death
1714 Target — The Mystical Sky Mansion!
1715 Mystical Sky Distric
1716 Acquaintances
1717 Selection
1718 Wang Fei Xuan
1719 Heaven Palace
1720 Spirit Pool
1721 Jealousy From the Disciples of Heaven Palace
1722 His Head Was Shaved Bald!
1723 Guo Lu
1724 Making A Name In Mystical Sky Mansion
1725 A Tough Woman
1726 A One-armed Old Man
1727 Yun Kun’s Elder Brother
1728 Divine Ability — Golden Crow’s Wings!
1729 Twenty Days?
1730 Main Mansion
1731 Divine Saint Stage, Divine Ability!
1732 Upper Province, Fire Worship Sect!
1733 Ke’er’s Situation
1734 Fire Worship Sect, Enforcement Hall!
1735 Saint Martial Secret Zone
1736 The Divine Ability Relic
1737 Two Excess Pieces of Baggage
1738 Colossal Sword Bell
1739 Like Father Like Son?
1740 Luo Brothers
1741 He's Ling Tian
1742 Mystified?
1743 True Origin Consolidated Beast VS True Origin Consolidated Territory’
1744 The Shameless Luo Brothers
1745 Really Useless!
1746 Bringing Shame To Oneself
1747 Invincible Against Those Below The Eminent Saint Stage?
1748 Zhao Ji
1749 A Deja Vu
1750 We Have The Same Master
1751 Quota Confirmed
1752 Dispute
1753 The Eminent Saint Stage Disciples On Mystical Sky Rankings
1754 An Explosive Situation
1755 Gu Li, The Strongest Person On Mystical Sky Rankings!
1756 Birds Of A Feather Flock Together
1757 A Sincere Friend
1758 Clone Projection!
1759 Gu Ci Yun
1760 Vice Mansion Master, Zhao Deng!
1761 The Saint Martial Secret Zone Is Opening Soon!
1762 The Palace Master of Heaven Palace
1763 Meng Qing, The Mansion Master of Mystical Sky Mansion!
1764 A Meritorious Deed
1765 Saint Martial Secret Zone
1766 Ku Mi’s Visi
1767 The Enemies Meet At Close Quarters
1768 Zhao Ji Breaks The Record!
1769 The Secret Inside the Stone Fores
1770 Six Harmonies Tower
1771 Divine Ability — The Six Harmonies Golden Body
1772 A Month Later
1773 Two Divine Abilities!
1774 A Palace And A Swamp
1775 Rock Heaven Hall
1776 Another Defensive Divine Ability!
1777 High-Grade Divine Ability Relic?
1778 Abyssal Swamp
1779 Winged Fiery Beast!
1780 The Number One Divine Ability!
1781 Danger Upon Danger
1782 Trial Upon Trial
1783 Strength Equivalent to The Early Eminent Saint Stage
1784 The Last Trial
1785 Elementary Devouring Tactic
1786 The One And Only
1787 High-Grade Movement Technique Divine Ability
1788 The Thousand Illusory Shadows
1789 A Contented Mind Is A Perpetual Feas
1790 Sword-type High-Grade Divine Ability
1791 Divine Ability, Otherworldly Celestial!
1792 Met But Wasn’t Acquainted
1793 The Arrival Of Someone From the Mountainshade Black Marke
1794 An Invitation from the Leader of Mountainshade Black Marke
1795 The Advanced Devouring Tactic?!
1796 The One Who Escaped
1797 Rong Fan
1798 Lurking Danger
1799 The Watchers
1800 Going To Gu Ci Yun For Help
1801 Duan Ling Tian Is Sentenced To Death?
1802 The Will of the Zhao Clan
1803 A Deal
1804 Xu Jing’s Condition
1805 A Mishap!
1806 Custodian Turned Chief
1807 A Great Crisis
1808 Duan Ling Tian’s Son
1809 Pseudo Realm
1810 A Clash
1811 The Hall of Death
1812 Duan Ling Tian is Furious
1813 Death Pac
1814 The Truth Will Shut Them Up!
1815 Ling Tian is at the Intermediate Eminent Saint Stage?!
1816 Extremely Popular!
1817 Zhao Ji is at the Mastery Eminent Saint Stage!
1818 Exposed
1819 Gu Li, Divine Saint Stage !
1820 Ru Feng in the South… Ru Feng!
1821 You’re Duan Ling Tian?!
1822 Inheritance from a Prehistoric Devil Beast?
1823 A Wild Card
1824 A Storm is Brewing
1825 Killing Spree
1826 Are You Even Capable of That?!
1827 Somebody Who Outshines Him in Every Way!
1828 Somebody Unexpected
1829 Devil Suppressing!
1830 Zhao Deng’s Rage
1831 A Dumbfounded Gu Ci Yun
1832 Azure Cloud Mansion, Black Armored Army!
1833 Liar?
1834 Duan Ru Feng Appears
1835 The Meeting Between Father and Son
1836 Reunion
1837 The Five Years’ Pac
1838 Unprecedented Pressure
1839 Duan Ling Tian’s Confidence
1840 Heaven Divination Sec
1841 A Panicked Zhao Deng
1842 You’re Not Qualified!
1843 Idiot!
1844 The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree
1845 Azure Cloud Platform
1846 The Commotion In the Mystical Sky Mansion
1847 Yue Wu Ying!
1848 The Second Form! Breakthrough!
1849 The Speed Of The Golden Crow’s Wings
1850 That Era
1851 He Doesn’t Even Dare To Far
1852 Di Jue Comes Out Of Closed-door Cultivation!
1853 The Mountainshade Black Market’s Members Are Here
1854 Dugu Is Not Afraid Of The Devilseal Tablet?
1855 10,000 Devil Invasion
1856 When Enemies Mee
1857 Duan Ling Tian’s Reques
1858 Seeking Death?
1859 There’s No Need For That!
1860 The Ten Inscriptions Saint Weapon
1861 Everyone Is Dumbfounded!
1862 A Draw?
1863 Regrets
1864 The Dragon Clan’s Inherited Divine Ability
1865 Di Jue’s Death
1866 Entering the Dragon Cleansing Pool!
1867 Eight-Clawed Divine Dragon?!
1868 Dragon Warrior
1869 The Mysterious Force within Dragon Cleansing Pool
1870 Eight-Clawed to Nine-Clawed!
1871 The Tragedy, Duan Ling Tian
1872 Xiao Lan? Bi Yao?
1873 Reunion After Many Years
1874 The Powerhouse from the Upper Province
1875 Calamity
1876 Duan Ling Tian’s Wrath
1877 Black Kshetra Sect, Xie Zong
1878 Saint Celestial Nine Forms
1879 Family And Friends From Afar
1880 Pursued To The Upper Province
1881 Information About Ke’er
1882 The Former Palace Master of Heaven Palace
1883 Repentance
1884 Heading To The Upper Province
1885 Inter-Province Transportation Formation
1886 First Time Stepping Into The Upper Province
1887 The Workers in the Herb Garden
1888 Elder Huo’s Plan
1889 Sun Ying The Medicine King
1890 The Western Region
1891 Kill Them All!
1892 Black Turtle Sanctum
1893 Silver Flame Elder
1894 Another Death Duel!
1895 Lunatic Among All Lunatics
1896 Counterattack
1897 Yang Wu’s Death
1898 Pressure
1899 My Mind Is Set!
1900 Black Turtle Sanctum!
1901 Duan Ling Tian, Divine Saint Stage
1902 True Innate Ability!
1903 Gains and Losses
1904 Innate Spiritual Roo
1905 Duan Ling Tian’s Turn
1906 Blue Spiritual Root? Indigo Spiritual Root?
1907 Duan Ling Tian’s Innate Talent Spiritual Root!
1908 Methods To Raise the Rank of an Innate Spiritual Roo
1909 The End Of The Innate Talent Assessmen
1910 Black Turtle Altar
1911 No Difficulty Is Insurmountable If Your Heart Is Set Into I
1912 The Residence Of The Black Turtle Sanctum's Disciples
1913 The Donkey In A Lion’s Skin
1914 Devouring The Innate Spiritual Root!
1915 It’s A Success!
1916 The Fourth Level of The Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda
1917 Comprehending The Divine Ability Black Turtle's Barrier
1918 Gu Chun That Has Gone Insane
1919 A Visitor With Ill Intention
1920 Confrontation
1921 Counter Check
1922 Blue Spiritual Root, Gu Long!
1923 Seeking Revenge For Me!
1924 There’s No Need For That!
1925 Gu Long’s Key Advantage
1926 Unleashing All Techniques
1927 Let’s End This Game
1928 Devouring The Blue Innate Spiritual Root!
1929 The Enforcement Elder’s Verdict!
1930 Green Innate Spiritual Root!
1931 Breakthrough, Intermediate Divine Saint Stage!
1932 Dispute
1933 Is It Ending Soon?
1934 Otherworldly Celestial! Cyclopean Punch!
1935 Terrifying Energy
1936 Yang Chong!
1937 You, Kill Yourself!
1938 The Tyrannical Yang Chong
1939 The Contingency Plan
1940 White Tiger Sanctum, Liu Mu!
1941 Zhu Lu Qi’s Disbelief
1942 The Yuan Brothers
1943 The Two Of You… Deserve To Die!
1944 A Disadvantageous Position
1945 Yuan Hong’s Death
1946 Transformation, Blue Spiritual Root!
1947 An Unyielding Duan Ling Tian
1948 A Ridiculous Cultivation Speed!
1949 Guo Xiong Has Arrived
1950 The Truth Will Prove Everything
1951 The Fire Worship Sect’s Unspoken Rule
1952 Crazy Li An
1953 Wretched Ladyboy
1954 The Six Absolute Heaven Defying Fate Changing Grand Formation
1955 Li An’s Hesitation
1956 Filing A Complain
1957 Visitors From The Saint Land Enforcement Hall
1958 Elder Qian
1959 An Eye For An Eye
1960 Wei He’s Death
1961 The First Mine
1962 The Extra Large Wicker Baske
1963 Marked!
1964 Get Out Of My Sight!
1965 Who Is The One Teaching A Lesson Now?
1966 I, Duan Ling Tian, Am Taking That!
1967 The Sun Saint Energy That Was Equivalent To The Saint Energy at the Intermediate Quintessential Saint Stage
1968 Dao Cultivator Sun De
1969 The Black Turtle’s Barrier
1970 Heavy-loaded News
1971 Black Turtle Sanctum’s Great Senior Brother Hong Xu
1972 The Forbidden Pill — The Kismet Rejoining Pill
1973 Hong Xu Is Here
1974 The Battle with Hong Xu!
1975 You Lost!
1976 The Forbidden Pill!
1977 Nine-clawed Dragon Warrior!
1978 The Finale
1979 Commotion
1980 Li An’s Speculation
1981 A Lurking Danger
1982 Heading To The Saint Land
1983 Otherworldly Islands
1984 What Is Your Name?
1985 The Registry For New Disciples
1986 Guan Xiu
1987 Yang Wen
1988 Knocking On The Door To Seek Revenge
1989 Sword Warding Hear
1990 Yang Wen’s Hesitation!
1991 Palace Of Death
1992 The Commotion Continues In the Central Square
1993 Fire Worship Sect’s First Silver Flame Elder
1994 A Be
1995 I Bet 100,000 Contribution Points On Duan Ling Tian!
1996 The Long Forgotten Sun Shooting Bow
1997 Saint Celestial First Form, Saint Origin Form!
1998 Yang Wen’s Technique
1999 Warming Up
2000 Duan Ling Tian’s Swordplay Technique
2001 The Forbidden Pill Again!
2002 Spear Emperor Genesis
2003 Yang Wen’s Death
2004 On Purpose? Or Coincidental?
2005 A Net Profit Of One Million Contribution Points!
2006 10,000 Inscriptions Saint Weapon
2007 The Legacy Of The Celestial-grade Saint Inscription Master
2008 Duan Ling Tian, A True Disciple!
2009 Ke’er’s Sister? Gan Ru Yan?
2010 Violet Spiritual Roo
2011 A Furious Yang Chong
2012 Who's That Lucky Fellow?
2013 Duan Ling Tian Came Out of His Closed-door Cultivation
2014 The Fire Remuneration Palace, Wen Yan!
2015 A Conflic
2016 The Conflict Intensified
2017 History Repeating Itself
2018 Overpowering Wen Yan
2019 Wen Yan’s Background
2020 Wen Yan’s Senior Brother
2021 The Third Form of the Saint Celestial Stage, The Spiritual Eye Form!
2022 You're The Saint Girl's Husband?
2023 Except For You, Duan Ling Tian!
2024 Abuse Of Power!
2025 Not Qualified
2026 Duan Ling Tian's Innate Spiritual Root!
2027 Blocking Dong Lin
2028 Amazemen
2029 A Face Full Of Blood
2030 The Fire Worship Sect's Eighth Prodigy
2031 Did Duan Ling Tian Stir Up Trouble Again?
2032 The Enforcement Hall
《War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens》 Volume 6
2033 The Leader of the Eight Great Prodigies
2034 First Time in the Enforcement Hall
2035 Liu Yun Is Here Too
2036 Prison Hall
2037 Gan Ru Yan
2038 One Slice of the Sword
2039 Duan Ling Tian’s Resolution!
2040 The Reincarnation Of A Goddess?
2041 A Dumbstruck Gan Ru Yan
2042 Vice Hall Master of the Enforcement Hall, Dong Yuan Jin!
2043 An Unkempt Zhu Lu Qi
2044 The Devil Clan
2045 Azure Cloud Mansion’s Crisis
2046 Rabid Dog!
2047 Duan Ling Tian’s Courage
2048 Unease
2049 I’m Li An!
2050 The Super Saint Weapon, The Asura Saber!
2051 The Death Of The Black Armored Army’s Commander
2052 Saint Devil Puppet!
2053 That’s All That Is To It!
2054 Li An’s Ruthlessness
2055 Another Super Saint Weapon!
2056 A Storm Is Coming!
2057 The Devil Clan’s Vanguard
2058 Ranking On The Supreme Saint Ranking!
2059 Slap!
2060 Bu Hong, Indigo Innate Spiritual Root!
2061 Green-clad Old Man
2062 The Seventh Form of Saint Celestial Stage, Heaven Defying Form!
2063 A Frightened Ox Devil
2064 A Plan to Leave the Fire Worship Sec
2065 Leaving the Fire Worship Sec
2066 Qiu Mu Qing
2067 A Domineering Duan Ling Tian!
2068 The Bold Qiu Mu Qing
2069 The Second Master of Qiu Clan
2070 The Limeligh
2071 Beauty Is the Root of Trouble
2072 Watch Your Mouth!
2073 Trash!
2074 The Qiu Clan’s Leader
2075 In the Main Hall
2076 Dongfang Qian’s Terms
2077 It's Time To Strike!
2078 Begging For Mercy On His Knees
2079 Two Choices
2080 Those Who Are Ignorant Know No Fear!
2081 The Death of the Father and Son from the Dongfang Clan
2082 Qiu Mu Qing's Speculation
2083 Identity Exposed
2084 Sin City
2085 Wang Yi Fo
2086 Heading Toward the Central Region
2087 To Tip-Off
2088 Phoenix Clan!
2089 The Phoenix Clan’s Seer
2090 Rebirth
2091 Is Brother Duan the Successor of Fog Rain Progeny?!
2092 Arriving at Sin City
2093 Killing You Is As Easy As Slaughtering A Chicken!
2094 He Could Help Others to Improve Their Innate Spiritual Roots!
2095 I Hate Your Face!
2096 One of Fire Worship Sect's Eight Great Prodigies?
2097 Thousand Inscriptions Saint Sword!
2098 Sin City’s Charm
2099 Welcome Inn
2100 Bu Hong's Scream
2101 Sanctum Leader of the Azure Dragon Sanctum
2102 Malicious Gaze
2103 Trapping His Opponents
2104 A Glimpse of the Sword
2105 A Reclusive Sectless Cultivator
2106 Does Duan Ling Tian have a Super Saint Weapon?
2107 The Traceless Sword
2108 Something has Gone Wrong!
2109 The Rise of the Human-Devil Era?!
2110 Xie Zong Came Knocking on the Door
2111 The Bai
2112 Revenge
2113 Revealing His True Appearance!
2114 Using Every Move He Mastered!
2115 Violet Myrtle Celestial Thunder Talisman
2116 Xie Kang Xun, the Golden Lion King!
2117 Identity Exposed
2118 Shocking News
2119 The Five Great Sectless Cultivators
2120 Black-robed Savior?
2121 A Trap?
2122 The Celestial Supreme Treasure, the Universe Ruler!
2123 Going All Ou
2124 Treasure Vault Left Behind By a Powerhouse at the Ninth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage
2125 Duan Ling Tian, Saint Celestial Stage!
2126 A Powerhouse at the Fourth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage
2127 Wang Ding Shan
2128 Six Absolutes Assemble
2129 Nine Cloud Sword! Seven Absolutes Sect’s Secret!
2130 A Tear in the Void
2131 Hundred Ghosts Alliance, Yin Xuan Ming!
2132 A Clown
2133 A Shocking Outcome
2134 Entering One After Another
2135 Everyone Decides to Enter!
2136 The Three Powerhouses Who Passed the Heavenly Tribulation?
2137 The Entrance Is Closed
2138 An Inescapable Space
2139 The Second Tes
2140 Ninth On The Supreme Saint Ranking
2141 To Live and Die Together
2142 Someone Died!
2143 A Blessing in Disguise
2144 Powerless
2145 Zheng Dong Ji, Devil Clan?!
2146 A Dreadful Plo
2147 Violet Innate Spiritual Root!
2148 Twin Mundane Realms
2149 Target! Fifth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage!
2150 The Violet Dragon King
2151 Pei Si Hai
2152 Super Saint Weapon, The Boundless Bell!
2153 Trap
2154 The Upper Province is Shocked!
2155 The Palm from the Sky
2156 The Great Oracle of the Heaven Divination Sec
2157 His Good Friend, Su Li
2158 Has the Sect Leader of the Fire Worship Sect had a Breakthrough?
2159 The Ninth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage, The Celestial Ascension Form
2160 Fear!
2161 Time Flies
2162 Duan Ling Tian Comes Out From Closed-door Cultivation!
2163 Revealing Himself to the Public
2164 Fake News
2165 Is Duan Ling Tian the Black-robed Man?
2166 The Golden Lion King is Here!
2167 The Death of Golden Lion King
2168 Duan Ling Tian, Eighth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage?!
2169 The Fire Worship Sect Is In An Uproar
2170 Ke’Er
2171 Duan Ling Tian Returns
2172 Trespassing on the White Tiger Sanctum
2173 Stunned
2174 Duan Ling Tian's Strength
2175 Arrogant? Conceited?
2176 A Battle With Guardian Hong Yun!
2177 One of a Kind
2178 Guardian Ling Tian
2179 The Number One Prodigy In The Dao Martial Saint Land?
2180 Dong Yuan Jin, Get Your Ass Out Now!
2181 I’m Sorry
2182 He Continues To Triumph
2183 A Last-ditch Attemp
2184 Arrogant!
2185 Ignoring Leng Ying
2186 Leng Ying's Strength
2187 Trying to Escape?
2188 Ke'er and Her Daughter's Whereabouts
2189 Duan Ling Tian was Suspected
2190 It Feels Like A Lifetime Has Passed
2191 Eager For Action
2192 The Impending Storm
2193 Beauties in the Northern Region
2194 Successor of the Prophet Progeny
2195 The Supreme Elder of Black Kshetra Sec
2196 Impossible!!!
2197 The Mighty Sect Leader of Fire Worship Sec
2198 The Battle Between Two Powerhouse At the Ninth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage
2199 Devata Artifac
2200 Where Did You Get Your Courage From?
2201 The Strongest Person Below The Ninth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage
2202 Black Kshetra Sect’s Helper
2203 Hao Shuang, a Quasi Ninth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage Powerhouse?
2204 Determining Victory With Just One Move!
2205 A Full Display
2206 Soul Detaching Form
2207 He Exhausted All His Strength
2208 Elder Huo’s Reminder
2209 The Figure He Had Longed To See
2210 It’s Really You!
2211 Elder Huo’s Trick?
2212 Duan Ling Tian's Guess
2213 Humans Are the Fool of Fortune
2214 Returning to the Azure Cloud Mansion
2215 The Azure Cloud Mansion Is Gone!
2216 Human-Devil Clan
2217 Six Absolute Re-entering the Society
2218 Reclusive Powerhouse
2219 Ke’er’s Innate Spiritual Roo
2220 A Sentence
2221 Celestial-grade Saint Inscription Master
2222 Huang Qi Ling from the Wandering Saint Palace!
2223 Tom, Dick, and Harry
2224 The Fairest Among the Human-Devils
2225 The Flaw
2226 The Elders of Wandering Saint Palace
2227 Let’s Work Together
2228 The Final Push
2229 Time Cave
2230 A Thought That Lasts 100 Years
2231 Mass-producing Ultimate Geniuses
2232 Pretty Little Boy
2233 Devour! Devour!
2234 Thousand Inscriptions Saint Weapons Everywhere
2235 The Great Spirit Palace! The Azure Sheen Hall!
2236 Is Dark Violet Really the Limit?
2237 Returning to the Human-Devil Saint City
2238 Returning to the Mortal Continent!
2239 The Speed at the Ninth Form of the Saint Celestial Stage
2240 Wipeout!
2241 Age Soul Devouring Blood Formation
2242 My Only Friend!
2243 The Limit! Black Innate Spiritual Root!
2244 The Frog at the Bottom of the Well
2245 The Final Stretch
2246 Duan Ling Tian’s Ambition
2247 The Appearance of Seven Absolutes Sec
2248 Who Says Women Are Inferior to Men?
2249 Heaven-Defying Dao Cultivator
2250 Enmity From A Millennium Ago
2251 The State of Affairs in the Upper Province
2252 Breaking Through to the Seventh Form of the Saint Celestial Stage!
2253 Disappointed
2254 The Boar-Devil Clan
2255 The Three Great Guardian Warriors
2256 The Targets Appeared
2257 The Battle with the Three Great Guardian Warriors
2258 The Comprehension of Heaven and Earth
2259 Heavenly Tribulation?
2260 The Terrifying Heavenly Tribulation
2261 He’s Human!
2262 The Secret of the Devilseal Table
2263 A Terrifyingly Fast Cultivation Speed
2264 Three Little Fellow with Su Li
2265 Su Li’s Self-Sacrifice
2266 Compare and Despair
2267 Kill Domineeringly!
2268 Chen Tong, The Elder of the Wandering Saint Palace
2269 Repaying One with His Own Deeds
2270 Meeting the Enemy
2271 Especially Jealous
2272 Sir Duan Ling Tian
2273 Spreading False Information
2274 Meeting Huang Qi Ling Again
2275 Eradicate the Source of Trouble
2276 Yuwen Hao Chen, Palace Master of Wandering Saint Palace!
2277 His Wish Is Fulfilled
2278 Causing An Uproar!
2279 Duan Ling Tian’s Determination
2280 Identity Exposed
2281 Playing Dirty
2282 The Portrait Is Revealed
2283 Yun Fu Ye
2284 Complicated and Confusing
2285 The News Has Spread!
2286 The Bird Protector
2287 The Palace Master of the Great Spirit Palace, Shi Nan Feng
2288 Captivity
2289 Duan Ling Tian Ended His Closed-Door Cultivation!
2290 The Threat of an Eminent Celestial
2291 Abnormality in the Sun Force
2292 The Convergence Area of the Tribulation Clouds
2293 The Patriarch of the Human-Devil Clan
2294 Duan Ling Tian!
2295 Meeting Yuwen Hao Chen Again!
2296 The Celestial Ascension Tribulation
2297 Colorful Auspicious Clouds
2298 The Celestial Ascension Tribulation of Duan Ling Tian?
2299 Duan Ling Tian, You Concealed Your Strength Very Well!
2300 Cleansing the Wandering Saint Palace
2301 Five Fingers Prison!
2302 My Trump Card
2303 The Technique to Overcome the Heavenly Tribulations that had been Passed Down for Generations
2304 A Death Trap?
2305 Eleven Bolts of Tribulation Lightning Left!
2306 Continuing to Face the Heavenly Tribulation
2307 Pressure
2308 About to Fail?
2309 Ke’er’s Determination
2310 The Arrival of the 80th Tribulation Lightning!
2311 Time Stopped
2312 The Return of the Sun Force
2313 The Patriarch of the Human-Devil Clan Appears!
2314 The Situation Turned Around
2315 The Last Tribulation Lightning
2316 Desperation
2317 Still Alive!
2318 Penta-color Sunglow
2319 No longer a Dragon Warrior
2320 Emergence of Two Eminent Celestials
2321 Devour Domineeringly
2322 Peerless!
2323 Bodiless Celestial
2324 Arrogance?
2325 Three Tribulation Bodiless Celestial, Liao Nai Jiang!
2326 The Path of a Bodiless Celestial
2327 Tiger Devil Phantom
2328 With A Slash, The Void Cracked!
2329 Like a God
2330 Fiery Blood Evasion Talisman
2331 The Strong Bond Between Master and Disciple
2332 Trying to Escape?
2333 Final Arrangements
2334 Destination
2335 The Ruined Inter-province Transportation Formation
2336 Returning to the Upper Province
2337 This Is Impossible!
2338 The Fog Rain Successor
2339 Everyone's An Acquaintance!
2340 Responsibility
2341 Revealing His Identity
2342 The Same Person
2343 Chen Yi Ru, the Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial
2344 Battle!
2345 A Godly Sword
2346 Chen San Dao
2347 Strength Comparable to a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial?
2348 Greed
2349 Crushed
2350 Yet Another Servan
2351 A Mysterious Case Without Clues
2352 Eight Tribulation Bodiless Celestials
2353 Sudden Shock
2354 I, Duan Ling Tian, Am Back!
2355 Leaving the Fire Worship Sec
2356 Expelled From the Fire Worship Sect!
2357 My Identity
2358 Tang Xuan Kneeling Before Duan Ling Tian
2359 A Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial Who Is A Servan
2360 Void Crack Over A Thousand Meter Long
2361 Ke’er’s Cousin In Her Past Life?
2362 The New Sect Leader of Fire Worship Sec
2363 Terrified and Worried
2364 Unless I’m Dead!
2365 The Shock of the Seven Absolutes Sect’s Members
2366 Tian Wu and Ling Tian’s Reunion
2367 Bodiless Celestials From the Three Great Sects
2368 Di Chen
2369 Li Bing Intends To Return To The Fire Worship Sect?
2370 Fire Worship Sect’s Guardian from 4000 years ago
2371 The Battle Between Two Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestials
2372 You are Duan Ling Tian?
2373 Where Did His Confidence Come From?
2374 Duan Ling Tian Attacks
2375 Killed a Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial!
2376 In Just A Month
2377 The Sword Saint Secret Zone
2378 A Message From the Fire Worship Sec
2379 Fragments of Memories from Ke’Er’s Past life
2380 Back at the Fire Worship Sect Again
2381 All Ou
2382 Equivalent to a Six Tribulation Bodiless Celestial!
2383 Ignoring The Threa
2384 Soaring Reputation
2385 Two Tragic News
2386 Anger
2387 The Successor of the Prophet Progeny Attacked Again
2388 The Return Of The Old Prophet’s Successor
2389 Mu Yi Yi
2390 Ding Yi Jian the Four Tribulation Bodiless Celestial
2391 Beyond Heaven Secret Zone
2392 Prepare To Open the Sword Saint Secret Zone
2393 Celestial Masters Sec
2394 Entering One By One
2395 Ke’er Has Entered the Sword Saint Secret Zone As Well!
2396 The Devil Clan Has Invaded The Upper Province
2397 The Whole World Is Turned Upside Down In Half A Year!
2398 The Celestial Sword And The Soul Congregation Embodiment!
2399 An Encounter With A Small Group of People
2400 Show Off Your Cultivation Base And Receive A Slap On The Face!
2401 Yan Huang Realm Feng
2402 The Hope To Return To Earth
2403 The Legacy of a Great Overarching Golden Celestial
2404 Right In Front Of The Treasure Vaul
2405 Celestial Supreme Treasure?!
2406 Distancing Himself
2407 Ke’er Appeared
2408 Ke’er’s Strength
2409 The Ultimate Winner
2410 Gao Village Sect?
2411 The Stubborn Duan Ling Tian
2412 An Eminent Celestial Comparable to A Seven Tribulation Bodiless Celestial?
2413 The Next Clue
2414 Pei Kun Shan, the Five Tribulation Bodiless Celestial
2415 Kill You Along With Him!
2416 Second Celestial Supreme Treasure
2417 The Crowd Is Greatly Overwhelmed
2418 Zhang Yi Attacks!
2419 The Hermit of Green Lotus, Li Bai
2420 Three Types of Treasure Vaults
2421 The Difference Between A Large and Small Mundane Real
2422 Entering the Underground Palace
2423 Eight-clawed White Dragon! Eight-clawed Devil Dragon!!
2424 Little Black and Little Gold’s Strength
2425 Legacy Blood Pool
2426 The Young Man With Blood-red Eyes
2427 I’m Su Li
2428 Everyone Has Come
2429 Brother Ling Tian and Sister Ke’er’s Daughter
《War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens》 Text
2430 Another Celestial Sword
2431 The Divine Ability, The Thirteen Green Lotus Swords
2432 How Much of the Divine Ability, the Thirteen Green Lotus Swords, Did You Remember?
2433 Fall Ou
2434 The Celestial Technique, the Destructive Celestial Thunder!
2435 Giving Him The Celestial Sword
2436 The Death of Zhang Yun Fei
2437 Eight Tribulation Bodiless Celestial
2438 Six Months Later
2439 Gan Ru Yan Has Entered the Beyond Heaven Secret Zone
2440 The Sisters Are Reunited
2441 She’s Your Younger Sister?
2442 Instant Kill!
2443 Finally… Made It!
2444 Leaving the Underground Palace
2445 Time to Shine!
2446 Who Dares to Stop Me?!
2447 Killing a Seven Tribulation Bodiless Celestial!
2448 Famous in the Beyond Heaven Secret Zone!
2449 They Are About to Mee
2450 Ten Thousand Beasts Heaven
2451 The Dragon Clan in the Ten Thousand Beasts Heaven
2452 Difficult to Mee
2453 Shamelessly Boasting?
2454 Dazzling Sword Formation
2455 Complete Weaponry Submission
2456 Fragmentary Legacy
2457 The Lost Land
2458 The Land Of Great Overarching Gold Celestial's Legacy
2459 Big Trouble
2460 Master
2461 Duan Ling Tian was in a Hurry!
2462 Whoever Blocks My Way, Dies!
2463 Comparable to a Nine Tribulation Bodiless Celestial
2464 A Sudden Abnormality in the Location of the Inheritance from a Great Overarching Golden Celestial
2465 Ke’er?!
2466 Reunited with an Old Friend
2467 Ren Yuan Jie
2468 A Man Can’t Stand Tall If He Doesn’t Keep His Words
2469 The Older One Is, The Wiser One Becomes
2470 Free Cloud Sage
2471 Su Li’s Potential
2472 Uninvited Gues
2473 Old Ancestor Qing Yue, a Nine Tribulation Bodiless Celestial!
2474 Another Nine Tribulation Bodiless Celestial
2475 Leave Them To Me
2476 Ke’er’s Strength
2477 Leaving
2478 Disheveled Nangong Brothers
2479 Anxious and Doubtful
2480 Back at the Saint Province Realm
2481 The Disappearance of the Intelligence Network
2482 Snatching Back the Estate
2483 Mighty Arrival In The Dragon Clan
2484 The Target Appeared
2485 How is that Possible?
2486 The Dragon Clan’s Patriarch Is A Nine Tribulation Bodiless Celestial?
2487 The Patriarch of the Dragon Clan Attacks
2488 Neither Side Wins
2489 Worthless Celestial Supreme Treasure
2490 A Nine Tribulation Bodiless Celestial from the Devil Clans?
2491 Ke’er Appears
2492 Squished To Death
2493 Ke’er’s Concern
2494 News of Atomic Proportion
2495 Old Friends from the Devil Clans
2496 Dear Cousin…
2497 Yun Qing Yan
2498 To Live and Die Together
2499 I am Heaven!
2500 Feng Qing Yang, the Heavenly Emperor of Solitary Destructive Heaven?
2501 Pull Yourself Together
2502 Departure From The Saint Province Realm
2503 The Woman In Black
2504 The Assist-type Divine Ability from a Devata Realm
2505 Tang Xiao Xiao from Tang Sec
2506 Zhang Chu He, the Left Guardian of Celestial Masters Sect!
2507 A Good Show
2508 Parting
2509 Planet Shu Tang
2510 A Cover
2511 Tang Xiao Xiao’s Condition
2512 The Thousand Opportunities Galaxy
2513 Three Greatest Powerhouses of Tang Sect Are Gathered
2514 Is He Truly Your Man?
2515 Planet Sattel in the Coste Galaxy!
2516 Mecha?
2517 The Garnier Family
2518 The Disaster-Level Battleship
2519 A Master Stroke
2520 Is He Even Human?
2521 Difficult To Deal With
2522 Apocalypse-level Battleships?
2523 Earth
2524 The Manager Is Still Alive!
2525 Du Wei
2526 The Former Mercenary King
2527 Meeting After A Few Decades
2528 Du Wei’s Trump Card
2529 Frog in The Well
2530 Lifeless Plane
2531 Shameless
2532 Enlightenmen
2533 Homeland
2534 Long Zhen Guo
2535 Aliens
2536 第2536章 利萨星第一家族
2537 The Patriarch Appears
2538 Earth-shattering Migh
2539 Duan Ling Tian’s Conditions
2540 The Powerhouse Who Walked Out Of The Void Crack
2541 Asura Hell
2542 Lord Xia Jie
2543 You Only Have A Thousand Years
2544 The Yun Family in the Divine Offering Land!
2545 Ke’er of the Xia Family.
2546 Storming the Heavenly Wave Mansion
2547 Yang Yu Ting
2548 Yang Qing Jian, The Mansion Master of Heavenly Wave Mansion
2549 Killing A Nine Tribulation Bodiless Celestial
2550 Rose to Fame After The Figh
2551 The Frustrated Heavenly Wave Mansion
2552 Ke’er’s Influence
2553 The Day of the Battle has Arrived!
2554 She Is Not Your Wife?!
2555 Shameless Boasting?
2556 Heaven Demon Blood Escape Tactic
2557 Xia Jie’s Token
2558 The Devata Artifact, The Seven Orifices Exquisite Sword!
2559 Tang Xiao Xiao’s Ascension!
2560 The Black Stone
2561 Defective Metal Piece
2562 Yellow Thearch Mansion
2563 Something Has Happened to Su Li!
2564 Mystical Ancient Galaxy
2565 Gongsun Wen Tian
2566 Threa
2567 A Nine Tribulation Bodiless Celestial’s Soul Attack!
2568 I, Su Li, Will Die Without Regrets!
2569 The Death of Gongsun Wen Tian!
2570 About to Ascend?
2571 Waiting to Ascend
2572 Ascend!
2573 Celestial Ascension Pool
2574 The Devata Realm, The Spirit Overarching Heaven
2575 Stood Out in The Crowd
2576 The Heavenly Vein’s Evolution
2577 Wang Wei Strikes
2578 The Newly-Ascended Celestial Is Terrifying
2579 The Seven Stages of Heavenly Celestial and Golden Celestials
2580 The Silverwyrm Army of Bloody Specter City!
2581 Battle with The Centurion of Silverwyrm Army!
2582 Like a God
2583 Fight Until One of Us Dies!
2584 Soul Defense Celestial Weapon?
2585 Bloody Specter City
2586 A Guest With A Strange Habi
2587 An Extraordinary Woman
2588 ‘Little World’
2589 Yin and Yang Reversal Formation
2590 I, Duan Ling Tian, Am Also Not Into Casual Sex!
2591 Murong Bing
2592 The Responsibility of A Man
2593 Duan Ling Tian, the Blue Moon Heavenly Celestial!
2594 Better Than You
2595 The Commander of the Black Dragon Army
2596 第2596章 仙国
2597 A New Captain
2598 Calm Down, Captain!
2599 Qin Yu
2600 The Valley Of Ares
2601 Jian Qiu Ping’s Confidence
2602 A Furious Duan Ling Tian
2603 Gigantic Rod Tremor
2604 Not Complying With the Rules
2605 Liu Feng Gu, The City Governor of Bloody Specter City!
2606 Graded Cultivation Methods
2607 Raging in Bloody Specter City
2608 The Monstrous Newly-Ascended Cultivator!
2609 Duan Ling Tian Attacks
2610 I Will Be Waiting
2611 Things Are About To Change Around Here?
2612 Fighting Miao Lai Long!
2613 His Wish Is Fulfilled
2614 The Crystal Clearance Tactic
2615 Indigo Moon Heavenly Celestial
2616 Liu Feng Gu Made A Personal Visi
2617 Make A Deal
2618 King Qing’s Mansion
2619 Heaven-grade Divine Ability
2620 The Primitive Celestial Pill, The Spirit Nourishing Pill
2621 Elder Hong, the Head of the Golden Serpent Guards
2622 The Floating Image Pearl
2623 Celestial Fire
2624 A Celestial Fire Can Even Kill A Celestial King!
2625 Great Overarching Golden Celestial
2626 Information About A Celestial Fire
2627 Leaving the Bloody Spectre City
2628 Robbers
2629 Killing Spree
2630 Favor
2631 The Second Master of the Xia Family in the Divine Offering Land!
2632 County Governor’s Estate of Nine Specters County
2633 The Location With The Best Cultivation Environmen
2634 Latent Dragon Abyss
2635 Zhou Fei
2636 Defeating Zhou Fei!
2637 The Mystery Surrounding Qin Yu
2638 The Representative of King Qing’s Mansion
2639 Duan Ling Tian is a Golden Celestial!
2640 Zhou Tong’s Return
2641 Great Overarching Pills
2642 The Appearance of the County Governor
2643 The Primitive Celestial Pill, The Hidden Spirit Pill
2644 The Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sec
2645 The Sect Leader of the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sec
2646 Zhou Tong Acts
2647 Zhou Tong’s Choice
2648 He Can Only Rely On Himself
2649 Duan Ling Tian Comes Out From Closed-door Cultivation
2650 Trap
2651 I Don’t Think It’s A Pity
2652 第2652章 全力出手
2653 Seven-colored Sword Ray
2654 One Dead, Another Injured
2655 Return to Bloody Specter City
2656 Zhou Tong’s Death
2657 Information About The Celestial Fire
2658 The Location of the Celestial Fire
2659 Retrieving The Celestial Fire
2660 A Strange Conversation
2661 The Abyss of Confusion
2662 Preparing To Refine Pills
2663 Interception
2664 An Outrageous Offer
2665 Killing the Celestial Alchemist!
2666 Liu Qian, the Inner-estate Elder
2667 A Hundred Foot Golden Body
2668 Killing An Inner-estate Elder
2669 The County Governor Arrives
2670 To Kill Without Mercy
2671 Pill Refinemen
2672 Success In Refining Pills
2673 Preparing to Leave
2674 Gilded Golden Pill
2675 Overarching Heavenly Supreme Celestial
2676 Brushing Pas
2677 Powerhouse of Unknown Origin
2678 Time Flies
2679 Martial Competition of the 16 Counties
2680 The Last Day
2681 Qin Yu Is The Direct Descendant of King Qin’s Mansion?
2682 Revered Elder Tian Ling is Duan Ling Tian?
2683 Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect’s Celestial Duke?!
2684 Chu Yu From the Soaring Wind County!
2685 Women Are No Inferior To Men
2686 Duan Ling Tian!
2687 Qin Yu's Worry
2688 The Be
2689 Not Simple
2690 Chu Yan Wins!
2691 Shameless Zhou An
2692 True Self
2693 Identity Exposed
2694 Various Parties’ Reactions
2695 A Duel with Chu Yan
2696 Duan Ling Tian Attacks
2697 The Old Lady Appears
2698 To Trade One’s Life for Another
2699 Liar?
2700 Shadow Void Escaping Talisman
2701 Qin Yu’s Helplessness
2702 A Million Miles Away
2703 The Despairing Illusory Realm
2704 Huan’er
2705 The Mysterious Huan’er
2706 Huan’er Attacks
2707 Only for You to See
2708 Cold and Pure
2709 Seeking Death!
2710 1,000,000 Prominent Celestial Stones
2711 Huan’er, An Overarching Heavenly Supreme Celestial!
2712 The Legendary Divine Crystal
2713 A Cautious Duan Ling Tian
2714 Pressuring The Lyu Clan
2715 800,000 Supreme Celestial Stones
2716 The Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom
2717 The Sixth Prince of the Cloudy Rock Celestial Kingdom!
2718 Puzzled
2719 The Three Major Celestial Sects of the Wasteland
2720 Arrogant Lady
2721 Fleeting Time Inn
2722 The Fourth Prince of the Soaring Dragon Celestial Kingdom, Long Xiang Yun!
2723 Inherited Memory
2724 The Uninvited Guests
2725 An Actor With Great Acting Skills
2726 The Thirteenth Prince
2727 If Heaven Doesn’t Punish You, I Will!
2728 The Nian Clan’s Auction House
2729 The Guest in the First Earth Room
2730 A Visit from the Thirteenth Prince
2731 Earth-Grade Cultivation Method
2732 Great News!
2733 The Overarching Heaven Pill
2734 Zhou Shu Qiu
2735 The Seventh Prince, Long Qing Yun!
2736 Huan’er, A Profound-Rank Overarching Heavenly Supreme Celestial!
2737 In Exchange For The Divine Crystal!
2738 The Invisibility Talisman
2739 Celestial Lords and Celestial Emperors
2740 Royal Grade Celestial Weapon
2741 Master Pei
2742 The Thousand Spiders Celestial Sec
2743 Third Miss Zhou
2744 Zhou Shu Qiu Attacks
2745 Intermarriage?!
2746 The Selection Day Is Near
2747 Feng Wu Ji Guang
2748 Did the Mediocre Celestial Fire Speak?
2749 The Third Form of the Chaos Divine Flame
2750 The Golden Light King, The Golden Tiger
2751 Black Market Assassins
2752 Duan Ling Tian Is A Prominent Celestial Alchemist?!
2753 The Cauldron Explodes!
2754 The Mediocre Celestial Tool, the Pill Cauldron
2755 Not An Ordinary Prominent Celestial Fire
2756 Xu Rong Pavilion
2757 Duan Ling Tian’s Turn
2758 A Great Overarching Golden Celestial Who Is Younger Than 100 Years Old?!
2759 The Winning Prince
2760 A Losing Proposition
2761 Recruitmen
2762 The Incident in Xia Clan
2763 Ke'er in the Realm Battlefield
2764 Gold Medal Killer, Celestial Duke!
2765 Tai Yi Celestial Sect’s Left Guardian
2766 Utterly Destroyed
2767 The Evolution of the Golden Pill
2768 Tai Yi City
2769 Acquaintance
2770 Qiu Ling Makes A Move
2771 The Ninth Prince of the Mystical Wave Celestial Kingdom
2772 Duan Ling Tian?!
2773 Qin Yu Came to Visi
2774 Big Trouble
2775 Ground-breaking News
2776 Three Celestial Dukes!
2777 Battle Between the Celestial Dukes
2778 I’m Disappointed In The Martial Dragon Celestial Sec
2779 Prominent Celestial Fire!
2780 Chief Celestial Alchemist?
2781 The Death of the Celestial Duke
2782 The Crown Prince
2783 The Tai Yi Celestial Sect’s Estate
2784 Bai Ping, The Sect Leader of the Tai Yi Celestial Sect!
2785 The Main Prominent Celestial Island
2786 Ins and Outs
2787 Joining A New Sec
2788 Self Awareness
2789 The Three Prominent Celestial Alchemists
2790 Incredible Cauldron Heating Speed
2791 Horrible Pill Refining Technique
2792 Eight Trigrams Celestial Duke?!
2793 Time Flies
2794 The Golden Buddha, Teng Yun Shan
2795 Liu Yan Jun, the Supreme Elder of the Thousand Spiders Celestial Sect!
2796 The Truth
2797 Teng Yun Shan is Here!
2798 Forbearance And The Martial Dragon Celestial Sect’s Plan?
2799 The Wasteland Grand Contest Ends
2800 I've Already Made up My Mind!
2801 The Sect Leader of the Martial Dragon Celestial Sect, Chai Kong Yu!
2802 Lab Rats
2803 Enter the Little World!
2804 The Royal Grade Celestial Weapon Reappears!
2805 The Shattered Soul Pearls
2806 All Dead?
2807 Feng Wu Ji Guang’s Savior
2808 The Turquoise Long Whip, a King Grade Celestial Weapon!
2809 Insurmountable Obstacles
2810 Mystical Yin Nine Water Chestnut Ring Appears!
2811 Du Fei, Huan'er's Grandaunt?
2812 Leaving The Little World
2813 All Eyes on Feng Wu Ji Guang!
2814 Where’s Brother Pei?
2815 The Alchemy Conference
2816 Gambler
2817 Offensive-Defensive-Movement Celestial Method Or Divine Ability
2818 A Genuine Prominent Celestial Alchemis
2819 The Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect in the General Region!
2820 Unbelievably Talented in Alchemy
2821 The Old Ancestor of the Tai Yi Celestial Sec
2822 The Vast Wasteland
2823 The Title Temple
2824 The Southern Heaven Territory
2825 Alchemy City
2826 The Young Master of Profound Heaven Celestial Sec
2827 A Fly
2828 Huan'er's Deterrence
2829 Settling in Alchemy City
2830 The Sect Leader of the Profound Heaven Celestial Sec
2831 Are They from the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect?
2832 Murong Bing
2833 A Special Gues
2834 Murong Bing's Junior Sister?
2835 No One Would Believe Tha
2836 Lin Ru, The First Guardian of Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect!
2837 Don’t Want Any Harm To Come To Him
2838 Looking For Trouble
2839 The Prophecy
2840 A Marvelous Beauty
2841 Naive Kid
2842 Do You Have the Guts?
2843 Tes
2844 The Two Sect Leaders
2845 Disrupting the Peace
2846 The Bet Goes On!
2847 It Suddenly Dawned on Her
2848 Eleven Hours?
2849 Three Overarching Heaven Pills
2850 Talent Poaching
2851 Gone Out For Wool And Come Home Shorn
2852 A Wise Xiao Teng
2853 The Alchemy Conference
2854 A Quaint Box
2855 I Really Want This Box
2856 Box Acquired
2857 The Arhat of the Blissful Sec
2858 The Strongest Nine Palaces Celestial Duke in the Six Southeastern Regions!
2859 The Duan Clan of the Crimson Sky
2860 Not Even Celestial Kings Can Open It?
2861 The Reunion with Murong Bing
2862 Nangong Xiu, The Sect Leader of the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sect!
2863 Laying It Out In The Open
2864 The Alliance of Celestial Masters Arrives
2865 The Young Master of the Profound Heaven Celestial Sect Is Dead?
2866 The Death of the Old Ancestor of Tai Yi Celestial Sec
2867 Quasi Celestial Kings
2868 The Chief Celestial Alchemist of Blissful Sect, Xiao Gang Yu!
2869 Show Me Your Sincerity!
2870 Li An Compromises
2871 He Won’t Lose!
2872 Refined Six Pills
2873 Eight Overarching Heaven Pills!
2874 An Invitation From The Alliance of Celestial Masters
2875 The Capricious Duan Ling Tian
2876 He Pei Yuan
2877 We Meet Again
2878 He’s Done With Heating the Cauldron
2879 Pretentious? A Deception?
2880 The Voice of the Chaos Divine Flame Reappears
2881 The Box’s Conten
2882 Duan Ling Tian’s Confidence
2883 Bai Wu Xuan Faked His Death
2884 Frightened Yet Thankful
2885 Zhou Shu Qiu’s True Feelings
2886 Return to the Wasteland
2887 Bai Wu Ji is Furious
2888 Bai Yu Xuan Didn’t Die?
2889 Responsibility
2890 An Uninvited Gues
2891 Are You Looking for Me?
2892 Transcender?
2893 The Consumable Royal Grade Celestial Weapon
2894 The Sky Changes
2895 Li An’s Death
2896 Freakish Talen
2897 Incredulous
2898 The Old Ancestor of Blissful Sect, Li Ping.
2899 One More Month
2900 Arrived at The Blissful Sect’s Estate
2901 He is Duan Ling Tian?!
2902 Li Ping, A Celestial King?
2903 The Celestial King Attacks
2904 I Don’t Mind Killing One More Person
2905 Li Ping Attacks
2906 Li Ping’s Death
2907 Shirking Responsibilities
2908 Curtain Drops
2909 Next Destination: The Profound Heaven Celestial Sect!
2910 Barging Into The Profound Heaven Celestial Sect’s Estate
2911 Liar
2912 A Hidden Powerhouse?
2913 The Three Old Ancestors of the Profound Heaven Celestial Sec
2914 The Death of A Ten Directions Celestial Duke from the Profound Heaven Celestial Sec
2915 Bai Wu Ji Commits Suicide
2916 The Death of Bai Yu Xuan
2917 Shocking News!
2918 Arrived at the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sec
2919 Murong Bing's Predicamen
2920 Wang Dan Feng
2921 The Three Powerful Nine Palaces Celestial Dukes of the Compassionate Celestial Traveler Sec
2922 The Nine Sons Lotus Throne And The World Cleansing Horsetail Whisk
2923 Someone You Can’t Afford to Offend
2924 Duan Ling Tian, A Reincarnated Powerhouse?
2925 Preparing to Leave the Borderlands
2926 A Pack of Ravenous Wolves
2927 It's Really An Iron Wall
2928 Liu Guang Lin
2929 Huan'er Left Without Bidding Goodbye
2930 Supporting Fall Nation
2931 Another King Grade Celestial Weapon
2932 Southern Heaven Ancient Realm
2933 The Final Sprint to Become A Heavenly Stage Overarching Heaven Supreme Celestial
2934 Li Fei is in the Purple Spike Realm?
2935 Feng Tian Wu and Duan Si Ling
2936 Entering the Supporting Fall Nation's Imperial Palace
2937 The Southern Heaven Comba
2938 An Additional Rule
2939 Duan Ling Tian's Turn to Enter the Ring
2940 It's Him?! He's The One Who Killed Hao'er?
2941 Switching To Another Royal Grade Celestial Weapon
2942 Securing a Place
2943 The Origin Gathering Hall
2944 You're the One Who's Seeking Death!
2945 The Power Of The Law
2946 Not Worth I
2947 The Profound Golden Pill
2948 The Profound Spirit Flower and the Golden Nematode
2949 The Expensive Communication Celestial Talisman
2950 The Horizons Are Broadened
2951 Information About the Golden Nematode
2952 Preparing to Set Off
2953 Green-Eyed Black Hawk
2954 The Flying Tiger Clan
2955 The Southern Heaven Celestial Lord's Moun
2956 Stone Gambling?
2957 Origin Stones
2958 The Young Master of Hidden Sword City
2959 Duan Ling Tian Opens Origin Stones
2960 Forced To Sell?
2961 The Solitary Nation's Ninth Prince
2962 The Chaos Divine Earth
2963 A Third-Form Chaos Divine Earth?
2964 Bai Zhen Yue, The Deputy Patriarch Of The Flying Tiger Clan's Branch
2965 Earth-type King Grade Celestial Method
2966 The Black Rock Prison Method
2967 Gathering Storm
2968 A Narrow Outlook
2969 The Earth Elemen
2970 Ling Jue Yun
2971 A Detailed Explanation of the Profundity of the Law
2972 Law Celestial Talisman
2973 Unbelievable
2974 An Auction Item by A Four Phenomenon Celestial King
2975 The Branch of Unknown Origins
2976 The Divine Tree of Life
2977 The Chaos Divine Earth's Assistance
2978 Duan Ling Tian Emerges From Closed-door Cultivation
2979 The Profound Golden Pill With A Sky-high Price
2980 Establishing Ownership Over The Divine Tree of Life
2981 The Realms of Gods and Apex Powerhouses!
2982 The Four Supreme Laws
2983 Scaling Cloud Lake
2984 The Accumulative Points Jade
2985 The Second Prince of the Southern Qi Nation
2986 The Thunder Elemental Profundity and the Earth Elemental Profundity
2987 Unscathed!
2988 Another Purely Defensive King Grade Celestial Weapon
2989 Substantial Rewards
2990 The Three Sects and Two Clans Arrive
2991 Distributing the Accumulative Points Jade
2992 It's About To Begin
2993 The Southern Heaven Ancient Realm is Open
2994 A Flock of Golden Horns Ravens
2995 Scoreboard
2996 Some Were Happy While Some Were Worried
2997 Duan Ling Tian's Name Appears on the Scoreboard
2998 The Gale Profundity
2999 The Power of A Royal Grade Celestial Weapon!
3000 10 Accumulative Points and The Celestial Lord Temple!
3001 Sima Ping Dong
3002 Same Way
3003 A Place of Relic and Fortuitous Encounters
3004 Seize The Treasure by Force
3005 Call Me Feng Qing Yang
3006 The Law Of Time
3007 The Price For Cheating
3008 Prominent Artifac
3009 Talk to You in Private
3010 Huang'er
3011 Three Purely Defensive King Grade Celestial Weapons That Had Been Nurtured By Celestial Lords
3012 I’m Sorry
3013 Altogether at Once!
3014 Does He Think He’s Duan Ling Tian?
3015 The Profundity of the Law of Death: The Undead Doppelganger
3016 The Two Greatest Freaks
3017 The Soul Extinguishing Water
3018 Tough Duan Ling Tian
3019 Emperor Grade Celestial Weapon?
3020 The Final Destination
3021 Murong Xiao Xiao
3022 The Law of Time
3023 I Killed Them Within Seconds With Just One Strike
3024 Idio
3025 Ou Ya’s Fears
3026 Another Emperor Grade Celestial Weapon!
3027 Yun Zhan’s Death
3028 They Came Out From The Lower Realm of the Southern Heaven Ancient Realm
3029 The Lost Memories
3030 A Cold Snor
3031 The Domineering Bihai Mingfeng
3032 Everyone’s Ou
3033 Staying Composed
3034 Choices
3035 Heading to the Simplicity Celestial Sec
3036 The Heavenly Emperor Palace in the Solitary Destructive Heaven
3037 The Death of a Titled Celestial Emperor
3038 Zheng Hong Yi
3039 Sun Liang Peng, the Sect Leader of the Simplicity Celestial Sect!
3040 Entering the Treasure Vaul
3041 Clear Heavens Divine Wood
3042 The Stellar Sand
3043 True Disciple
3044 Profound Celestial Ice
3045 Wang Hong
3046 The Blood Skull Gang
3047 Chen Li
3048 The Top Floor of the Library
3049 Duan Ling Tian’s Choice
3050 The Blood Skull Gang’s Price
3051 The Fire Elemental Profundity
3052 The Profound Divine Metal Awakens
3053 Huan’er?
3054 The Ten Thousand Beast Heaven
3055 The Blood Skull Gang’s Assassin
3056 A Reincarnated Celestial Lord?
3057 I Killed Him
3058 The Suspec
3059 Want Qian Zhan
3060 Six Combos Celestial King
3061 Zheng Hong Yi’s Plan
3062 A Master of Formations
3063 A Fierce Battle With The Assassin From The Blood Skull Gang
3064 Three of the Five Divine Elements Join Forces
3065 The Death of the Assassin from the Blood Skull Gang
3066 Qing Hong
3067 Denying It Until His Dying Breath
3068 Put To Death
3069 Five Years
3070 The Heaven Sacrificial Divine Frui
3071 The Uninvited Guests in the Saint Province Realm
3072 The Nine Palaces Celestial King Assassin
3073 The Wind Shadow Escape Talisman
3074 Leng Ye
3075 Arriving At Ax Mountain
3076 Above The Cloud Pavilion
3077 50% Success Rate
3078 Duan Ling Tian and Ling Jue Yun’s Battle
3079 The God of Death’s Scythe Profundity
3080 The Power of Blood
3081 Heading to the Jade Emperor Heaven
3082 Outrageous Transportation Cos
3083 Chen Yuan Shan
3084 Yan Ru Yv
3085 The Jade Emperor Heaven
3086 Gather at Wind Defense City
3087 Ling Jue Yun’s Speculations
3088 Lin Fei Yang
3089 Trapped Beasts
3090 Jiang Lan
3091 Splitting Water with a Saber
3092 Thank You
3093 Doomed
3094 The Tree of the Heaven Sacrificial Divine Frui
3095 Jiang Lan’s Interference
3096 The Royal Grade Celestial Weapons That Can Be Combined
3097 The Embryos of the Heaven Sacrificial Divine Frui
3098 Less Than 100 People
3099 The Translucent Barrier Has Shattered
3100 The Reincarnated Celestial Emperor
3101 Emperor Grade Celestial Weapon
3102 Strength Revealed
3103 Falling Short By One Step and Resulting In Complete Failure
3104 Jiang Lan’s Trump Card
3105 The Blood Skull Gang's Assassins Who Had Traveled From Afar
3106 Their Efforts Are In Vain
3107 Is It Possible to Comprehend One of the Four Supreme Laws?
3108 Sun Wu Kong, Heaven’s Equal Celestial Emperor?
3109 Creating a Little World
3110 The Law of Space
3111 Six Profundities
3112 Farewell
3113 Setting The Mission Aside
3114 Return to the Simplicity Celestial Sec
3115 The Imperial Tutor Pavilion
3116 A Word of Advice
3117 Qi Tian Ming
3118 The Middle Realm of the Southern Heaven Ancient Heaven
3119 The Profound Nether Mansion
3120 The Ten Holy Pavilions of the Profound Nether Mansion
3121 The Law of Wood
3122 The Imperial Tutor Pavilion’s Tes
3123 Zhou Hong Jie
3124 External Help?
3125 The Profound Nether Mansion’s Base
3126 A Crazy Fool
3127 Duan Ling Tian Attacks
3128 Duan Ling Tian Cheated?
3129 The Leaving Willow Mansion
3130 Shocking Two Celestial Mansions
3131 Gongsun Jing
3132 Nineteen Points!
3133 Duan Ling Tian Ranks 52nd
3134 Heng Feng
3135 The Six Profundities of the Law of Earth
3136 The Devil’s Smile
3137 Entering the Top 50
3138 Famous in the Martial Battle Mansion
3139 The Mansion Master of the Profound Nether Mansion
3140 An Indignant Liu Ji
3141 Duan Ling Tian Ranks 25th
3142 Foreign Beings
3143 Such a Map Doesn’t Exis
3144 The Middle Realm of the Southern Heaven Ancient Realm Reopens
3145 We Meet Again
3146 Wan Qing Qing
3147 Duan Ling Tian and Heng Feng Battles Again
3148 History Repeats Itself
3149 Distribution Plan
3150 Wan Qing Qing is Shocked
3151 He’s Duan Ling Tian!
3152 The Old Man Who’s Fishing
3153 The Figure Hidden In The Shadows
3154 A Coincidence?
3155 A Snitch
3156 Strong and Bold
3157 Crushed
3158 5th Place With 286 Points!
3159 A Staunch and Upright Huang Jia Long
3160 Wan Qing Qing is Shocked
3161 False Alarm
3162 The Core Disciple of the Magic Cloud Mansion
3163 Wan Qing Qing Ranks 7th!
3164 Encountering Liu Ji Again
3165 Futile Effor
3166 Ximen Hao Xuan
3167 Ximen Hao Xuan Strikes
3168 More Than 1,000 Points!
3169 Duan Ling Tian Ranks First!
3170 The Supreme Powerhouse Divinity
3171 The Ultimate Treasure Left Behind By a Supreme Powerhouse
3172 Duan Ling Tian is Brimming with Confidence
3173 A Nightmare
3174 The Azure Green Mansion’s Base
3175 Gongsun Wuji
3176 A Match of Speed
3177 The Death of Gongsun Wu Ji
3178 The Pavilion Master of the Imperial Tutor Pavilion Summons Duan Ling Tian
3179 A Lavish Meeting Gif
3180 Duan Ling Tian is a Celestial King
3181 The Upper Realm of the Southern Heaven Ancient Territory
3182 Huan’er
3183 Huan’er’s Cultivation Base
3184 The Branch Leader of the Phantom Fox Clan
3185 The Three Assassins from the Blood Skull Gang
3186 A Clue from Leng Ye
3187 Crisis
3188 Nian Tian and Xue Nai
3189 The Purple Spike Supreme Celestial
3190 Thirty Years Later
3191 Entering The Upper Realm Of The Southern Heaven Ancient Realm
3192 Huan’er Strikes
3193 Ranked In The Top 100
3194 Old Man Hei Sha
3195 65th Place
3196 A Challenge from Zhang Yun Ting
3197 The Seven Upper Province’s Heaven Territory
3198 Zhang Jin Yi
3199 The New Peerless Genius in the Upper Realm
3200 Avoiding Zhang Jin Yi
3201 Top 10
3202 Jun Qin He
3203 The Wind Thunder Dao Sec
3204 The Flaming Green Striped Frui
3205 Dong Yue
3206 100 Years Passed In Just A Blink Of An Eye
3207 Jun Chong Shan
3208 Grade-Three Secret Realm
3209 Group Three Versus Group Six
3210 Jun Chong Shan’s Death
3211 Destroy With a Single Blow
3212 Xu Yang City
3213 The Snow Horizon Celestial Sec
3214 Glacier Valley
3215 The Great Revolving Freezing Sky Formation
3216 Huang’er’s Transformation
3217 The Law of Destruction
3218 Grade-three Medicinal Herb Paradise
3219 Stealing From Celestial Lords
3220 Big Gains
3221 Grassroots Prodigies
3222 The Genius Secret Realm
3223 Climbing The Peak Of Gravity
3224 Feng Qi Qi
3225 The Son of the Sect Leader of the Thousand Hands Devil Sec
3226 The World of Laws
3227 The Ten Progenies of the Thousand Tribulations Sword Sec
3228 Su Li
3229 Skyrocketing into the Sky
3230 The Formation Spirit Pagoda’s New Record
3231 Invitations From All The Forces
3232 First Place In The Peak Of Gravity Ranking
3233 10,000 Elephants Illusory Formation
3234 God’s Secret Treasure
3235 Guide
3236 Ning Dragon, The Quasi Divine Beas
3237 All The Young Prodigies Are Here
3238 Best Friends Reunited
3239 A Deal With The Ning Dragons
3240 Entering God’s Secret Treasure
3241 The Ning Dragons Are Without Intelligence?
3242 A Huge Gain
3243 The Five Elements Strength
3244 Leaving God’s Secret Treasure
3245 The Thousand Tribulations Sword Sec
3246 Competing Over Duan Ling Tian And Huan’er
3247 The Zhuge Siblings
3248 Return to the Profound Nether Mansion
3249 The Southern Heaven Celestial Lord
3250 The Blood Skull Gang’s Headquarters
3251 Hot Potatoes
3252 The Thousand Phantoms Ice Fox
3253 Zhuge Feng Attacks
3254 Huan’er’s Mother’s Pas
3255 Senior Feng Qing Yang Is Still Alive?
3256 Farewell
3257 Lei Ying the Merciless Celestial Emperor
3258 Two Monsters
3259 Entering the Heavenly Pool Palace’s Estate
3260 Xu Lang the Verdant Prairie Celestial Emperor
3261 Prodigious Disciples
3262 Xu Lang’s Prodigious Disciples
3263 Shocking News
3264 Lei Ying’s Disciples
3265 The Thousand Phantoms Ice Fox?!
3266 The Purple Thunder Celestial Frui
3267 The Prodigy Arena
3268 Lei Jun’s Arrival
3269 Duan Ling Tian Becomes a Prodigious Disciple
3270 A Life-Or-Death Battle
3271 Fighting Liu Jian
3272 Duan Ling Tian Spits Out a Flying Sword
3273 The Martial Dragon Celestial Emperor, Gu Chang Jiang!
3274 The Titled Celestial Emperors Attack
3275 Fan Qi
3276 In the Prodigy Arena Again
3277 Han Yun Jin
3278 Why Should I Be Worried?
3279 Fan Qin’s True Form
3280 King of Ten Thousand Trees
3281 The Heavenly Pool Extreme Territory
3282 The Godly Image Phenomenon
3283 To the Title Temple
3284 The Copper Mountain Celestial Emperor
3285 Duan Ling Tian Crushes Nan Liu Feng
3286 The Testing Ground
3287 Meng Hao Xuan
3288 Ji Xuan from the Blood Dragon Clan
3289 Working Together
3290 You Can Try
3291 Killing a Nine-clawed Blood Dragon
3292 The Blood Dragon Clan
3293 The Hundred Variant Celestial Emperor and the Indestructible Celestial Emperor
3294 Duan Xiao Hei and Duan Xiao Bai
3295 The Fog Rain Celestial Lord
3296 The Titled Celestial Emperors Attack
3297 The Godly Image Phenomenon of the Pine Willow Divine Tree
3298 The Devata Artifact is Exposed
3299 Profundity Fusion
3300 The Death of Dugu Wen
3301 Lei Jun?
3302 Duan Ling Tian Displays His Strength
3303 Duan Ling Tian’s Plan
3304 The Day of the Battle
3305 Wu Quan’s Speculations
3306 The Howling Heaven Celestial Emperor
3307 The First Round
3308 The Profound Heaven Celestial Emperor
3309 The Palace Master of the Heavenly Pool Palace
3310 His Home Planet, Earth
3311 Inquiring About the Thousand Chains Prison
3312 Prison Warden
3313 Life or Death Platform
3314 A Pitiful Woman
3315 The Prison
3316 Huan’er’s Father
3317 The World Cleansing Divine Water’s Suggestion
3318 Returning to Fresh Breeze Town, His Hometown
3319 Duan Ling Tian’s Objective
3320 Heading to the Heavenly Emperor Palace in the Solitary Destructive Heaven
3321 The Jade Bow Celestial Emperor
3322 Dugu Wu Appears
3323 Mixed Elemental Sword
3324 I Can’t Wait That Long
3325 The Grand Elder of the Dragon Clan
3326 Entering the Thousand Chains Prison Again
3327 Arrangements
3328 An Old Friend
3329 Breaking the Formation
3330 Leaving the Thousand Chains Prison
3331 Lei Jun Begs For His Life
3332 The Pavilion Master of the Purgatory Pavilion
3333 Arriving at the Deadly Square
3334 The Nine Titled Celestial Emperors
3335 Exposed
3336 Surrounded
3337 The Battle Between the Titled Celestial Emperors
3338 The Origin of Journey to the West?
3339 An Unexpected Newcomer
3340 Xu Ya Si
3341 The Three Titled Celestial Emperors from the Heavenly Palace of the Boundless Heaven
3342 A Close Call
3343 Ji Yu Nian, the Fragmentary Element Celestial Emperor!
3344 All Grown Up
3345 Escape
3346 Small Talk
3347 Returning to the Saint Province Realm
3348 Purgatory
3349 The Supreme Powerhouses’ Game
3350 Entering the Purgatory Battlefield
3351 Celestial Lords with the Five Divine Elements
3352 The Greater the Risk, The Greater the Rewards
3353 Purgatory of Myriad Changes
3354 The Fifth-Form Chaos Divine Flame
3355 The Myriad Phenomena Formation
3356 The Law of Time and Royal Grade Pills
3357 Cultivating in a Frenzy
3358 Duan Ling Tian Becomes a Ten Directions Celestial Lord
3359 Encountering a Divine Beas
3360 The Turquoise Water Divine Tiger
3361 Devoured In Just An Instan
3362 The White Tiger Clan
3363 The Nine Depths God Killing Mouse
3364 Little Gold’s Strength
3365 The Leader of Blood Moon Ridge
3366 Return to the Solitary Destructive Heaven
3367 Elder Huo
3368 The Divine Offering Land and Clan Leader Xia
3369 The Cloudy Sunbow Sword Sec
3370 There’s Hope As Long As You’re Alive
3371 The Cold Drizzle Sec
3372 Forced Marriage
3373 The Vicious Lan Heng
3374 You Can Try Convincing My Father
3375 Completely Crushed
3376 A Gif
3377 Ready To Find His Family
3378 First Stop: The Jade Emperor Heaven
3379 Traveling Through the Devata Realms
3380 You Must Have a Death Wish
3381 Elder Huo Attacks
3382 Killing Two Titled Celestial Emperors Consecutively
3383 Xue Hong Yu, the Heavenly Emperor of the Boundless Heaven
3384 Junior Nephew Duan
3385 Returning to the Ten Thousand Beasts Heaven
3386 The Qilin Clan
3387 Duan Ru Feng is Detained?
3388 Duan Ru Feng
3389 The Title of God of War? Sun Wu Kong is Here!
3390 Is He Really Sun Wu Kong?
3391 The Divine Artifact, The Flaming Spirit Mountain
3392 The Great Battle
3393 Home Plane
3394 Feng Wu Dao
3395 Feng Wu Dao’s Master
3396 Li Rou
3397 A Furious Duan Ru Feng
3398 A Fortuitous Encounter For You
3399 Scholar Woods City
3400 The Law of Life
3401 Shiva Ping
3402 Shiva Nu
3403 The Heavenly Emperor of the Purple Revelation Heaven
3404 A Stalemate
3405 Mu Yi Yi’s Whereabouts
3406 Mu Yi Yi is Possessed
3407 Annihilate Her
3408 Situ Zhu Qing, The Heavenly Emperor of the Luo River Heaven
3409 A God
3410 Li Fei, Duan Nian Tian, and Han Xue Nai
3411 Reunited After Three Hundred Years
3412 Reunion
3413 The Purple Spike Celestial Emperor
3414 As You Wish!
3415 A Furious Kong You Yi
3416 Nominal Disciple?
3417 The Almighty Wind Celestial Emperor
3418 The Heavenly Emperor of the Floating Heaven
3419 I’ll Let Him Live For Two More Years
3420 Two Years Later
3421 Has He Gone Crazy?!
3422 It’s Just a Joke
3423 Useless Bra
3424 The Sly Old Fox
3425 The Members of the Luo River Sect Came To Annihilate the Saint Province Realm
3426 Meng Luo Attacks
3427 Meng Luo’s Formidable Strength
3428 Feng Jian Yu is Shocked
3429 Reverence for Feng Qing Yang’s Name
3430 Feng Qing Yang’s Return After 200 Years
3431 Feng Qing Yang
3432 Situ Zhuqing, Show Yourself!
3433 Is This How You Ask For An Explanation?
3434 The Mighty Feng Qing Yang
3435 Feng Qing Yang’s Heaven-defying Sword Dao
3436 The Sword Mark Canyon
3437 The Devata Realms’ Battle of the Geniuses
3438 The Five Divine Elements Exposed!
3439 Special Privileges for the Heavenly Palaces
3440 The Heavenly Emperor of the Primeval Heaven
3441 Champion
3442 First on the Devata Realms’ Heavenly Emperors Ranking
3443 Tang San Pao
3444 Amogoo, the Eight Star God of War
3445 Duan Ling Tian’s Friends
3446 A Legendary Heavenly Emperor
3447 A Reunion Between Friends
3448 A Surprising Message
3449 The Heavenly Emperor of the Pavilion Shaft Heaven
3450 Ling Jue Yin’s Arrival
3451 Sizing Each Other Up
3452 The Heavenly Emperor of the Luo River Heaven Appears
3453 You’re Not Worthy
3454 Situ Zhuqing’s Threats
3455 The Jade Emperor and Ru Lai?
3456 Another God
3457 The Vice Temple Master of the Main Title Temple
3458 The End of the First Round
3459 The Second Round Begins
3460 Ling Jue Yun Strikes
3461 Gongsun Xuanyuan
3462 Yan Huang Entity
3463 The Reason Behind Duan Ling Tian’s Transmigration
3464 The World of the Undead
3465 The Third Round of the Devata Realms’ Battle of the Geniuses
3466 Challenging Duan Ling Tian
3467 The Space Sword Dao
3468 The Third Round of the Devata Realms’ Battle of the Geniuses Comes to an End
3469 The Despicable Title Temple
3470 The Four Daos of Heaven and Earth
3471 A Bold Speculation
3472 The Rules of the Fourth Round
3473 Zhong Gui Yu
3474 The Battle Between Light and Darkness
3475 Who’s Your Senior Sister?
3476 Su Li’s Turn
3477 The Tables Have Turned
3478 A Sudden Breakthrough
3479 The Heavenly Emperor of the Jade Emperor Heaven’s True Disciple
3480 Another Five Star God of War
3481 The Mastery Dao
3482 Unprecedented in the History of All the Devata Realms
3483 The Third Bou
3484 A Supreme Powerhouse’s Will
3485 Ouyang Xu
3486 Duan Ling Tian is As Strong As a Five Star God of War!
3487 The Primeval Cliff
3488 Vigilan
3489 The Great Master Miyan
3490 The King of Gods
3491 The Phantom Clan
3492 The Instigator and the Accomplice
3493 The Fifth Round of the Devata Realms’ Battle of the Geniuses
3494 Zhou Yong Qi
3495 Another Four Participants With Strength Comparable To a Five Star God of War
3496 The Final Round of the Devata Realms’ Battle of the Geniuses Will Commence In Three Months!
3497 The Title Temple’s Secret Weapon
3498 The Top 30 Young Geniuses are Calm, But The Crowd is Anxious
3499 Ye Dong Li
3500 Drawing Lots to Decide One’s Opponen
3501 A Horrifying Scene
3502 The Reveal of All Participants With Strength Comparable to a Five Star God of War
3503 Ranked Matches in the Final Round
3504 The 11th Place
3505 Rudimentary Comprehension of the Sword Dao
3506 Duan Ling Tian Is as Strong as a Five Star God of War?
3507 The Battle Between Two Female Participants With the Strength of a Five Star God of War
3508 The Process of Elimination
3509 The Title Temple’s Hidden Ace is Revealed
3510 Ling Jue Yun Challenges Huang Quan An
3511 Xu Kong Hai Bows to Ling Jue Yun
3512 A Token of Apology
3513 Killing a Five Star God of War With Just a Strike
3514 Xu Kong Hai Intervenes
3515 The Title Temple’s Left Guardian
3516 Six Star God of War
3517 The Match is About to Star
3518 Duan Ling Tian is As Strong As a Six Star God of War?!
3519 The Third Participant With the Strength of a Six Star God of War
3520 ‘Privilege’
3521 Duan Ling Tian Takes On Ling Jue Yun and Tang San Pao
3522 Seven Star God of War
3523 A Top Eight Star God of War?
3524 Next Destination: Asura Hell!
3525 Entering the Asura Hell
3526 The Four Tunnels
3527 A Supreme Powerhouse’s Legacy?
3528 Unafraid of Karma
3529 Ke’er
3530 The Meeting
3531 Duan Ling Tian: A Ten Directions Celestial Emperor With the Strength of an Eight Star God of War
3532 The Strongest Among the Younger Generation in the Devata Realms
3533 The Persistent Great Master Miyan
3534 Mi Xuan, the Clan Leader of the Phantom Clan
3535 Duan Ling Tian’s Choice
3536 The Temple Master of the Title Temple
3537 Duan Ling Tian and Feng Qing Yang Are Surrounded
3538 Dead Within a Second
3539 A Deal Between Great Master Miyan and the Title Temple
3540 Feng Qing Yang Detonates His Clone
3541 The Temptation of the Five Divine Elements
3542 It Happened So Suddenly
3543 There Are Many Lords of Gods From The Yan Huang Realm
3544 A White Lie
3545 Mi Xuan’s Change of Hear
3546 Duan Ling Tian in Crisis
3547 The Nine Serenities Battlefield
3548 The Purple-Clad Nobleman
3549 You’re the Purple-Clad Nobleman?!
3550 Probing
3551 Identity Reveal
3552 The Forbidden Area
3553 The Second True Disciple of the Heavenly Emperor of the Given Heaven
3554 Duan Ling Tian Versus Wu Long
3555 Is This All You’ve Got?
3556 Tearing the Void With a Strike of His Sword
3557 The Heavenly Emperor of the Given Heaven’s Divine Soul Mark
3558 One Must Remove the Root of the Problem
3559 The Heavenly Emperor of the Given Heaven's Strongest True Disciple
3560 Plans Can’t Keep Up With Changes
3561 The North Profound Alliance in the Second Northern Region
3562 Luo Yi Ming
3563 Mi Xuan of the Liberal Heaven Alliance!
3564 Luo Yi Ming’s Secret Wish
3565 The Autumn Cloud Alliance and the Mount He Alliance
3566 The Powerful Soul Attack
3567 The North Profound Alliance’s Crisis
3568 The Supreme Guardian
3569 One Man Sealing Everyone’s Fate
3570 Justice Above Relations
3571 Retreat to Advance
3572 Tang San Pao?
3573 The Supreme Guardian is Duan Ling Tian?
3574 The Battle Between Two Nine Star Gods of War
3575 The Defeated Mi Xuan Escapes
3576 Duan Ling Tian Arrives at the Given Alliance
3577 Swordsman Chu, the Nine Star God of War
3578 Three Versus One
3579 Huang’er’ s Transformation?
3580 Unprecedented
3581 Wait for Him to Leave
3582 Nine Star Gods of War With Divine Elements
3583 Xia Jie’s High Expectation
3584 The Gathering of Eighth-Form Divine Elements
3585 Sorry, I Have Them As Well
3586 Thanks for the Five Divine Elements
3587 Desperate
3588 Removing the Obstacles in His Path With Ease
3589 Duan Ling Tian’s Choices
3590 The Hell Bird Clan
3591 Duan Ling Tian Arrives at the Realm Battlefield
3592 Ye Bei Yuan of the Glorious Heaven Sect!
3593 The Profound Energy Land, a Realm of Gods
3594 The Duan Clan Village
3595 Duan Ling Tian’s Impending Departure
3596 A Sudden Twis
3597 Duan Lang’s Death
3598 The Second Young Master of the Qian Family
3599 Tassel Restauran
3600 Peak Imminent God
3601 A Glorious Heaven Sect’s Disciple?
3602 The Valley Master of the Glorious Heaven Sect’s Moon Shadow Valley
3603 The Psychic Pill
3604 Robbing the Psychic Pill
3605 Luo Teng Yun
3606 Qian Fei, Show Yourself!
3607 The Qian Family’s Ancestor
3608 Not a Misunderstanding?!
3609 Qian Shu Huan’s Suspicion
3610 Duan Ling Tian’s First Fight After Attaining Godhood
3611 Young Master Duan
3612 Duan Ling Tian Solves the Problem
3613 The Honorable Duan Ling Tian
3614 The Honeytrap
3615 Duan Ling Tian’s Plan
3616 Skywind City
3617 The Zhou Clan’s Auction
3618 The Lord-Grade Cultivation Method: The Six Gods Profound Shadow Technique
3619 Duan Qiao Yu
3620 Murong Sui Feng, the Dean of the Hidden Fog Academy
3621 Fourth Leader Zhong
3622 Duan Ling Tian Doesn’t Lack Divine Stones
3623 The Highlight of the Auction
3624 Duan Qiao Yu Bids
3625 It’s Just For Fun
3626 A Lord of Gods?!
3627 That ‘Young Master’
3628 Ten Stars Assessmen
3629 Three-Story Tower of Trials
3630 Duan Ling Tian Cries For Help!
3631 Duan Ling Tian, a Ten Stars Studen
3632 The Ten Stars Students’ Dormitory
3633 Duan Ling Tian, a Cause for Alarm for the Ten Stars Students
3634 Ding Yan
3635 The Berserkfication Vein
3636 Six Lightning Bolts
3637 Hong Jun
3638 Attack With All Your Migh
3639 Zhong Ke Qi
3640 The Strongest Student in the Hidden Fog Academy
3641 Tu Feng
3642 Dragon Mark Divine Herb
3643 The Trial of Ten Stars Students
3644 Off to the Trial Grounds
3645 The Trial Begins
3646 The Dean Intends to Test Duan Ling Tian’s Strength?
3647 The Leader of the Death Warriors
3648 The Mystery of the Deaths of the Death Warriors
3649 Zhong Ke Qi Left the Trial Grounds Ahead of Time
3650 The End of the Trial
3651 The Power Brew
3652 Duan Ling Tian Reveals His Origin
3653 Xue Hai Chuan
3654 Everyone is Shocked by the Results
3655 The Man from the Hidden Fog Sec
3656 The Zhong Clan’s Trap
3657 Sudden Intrusion By Uninvited Guests
3658 The Enraged Tang Chun
3659 Tang Chun’s True Cultivation Base
3660 Make Peace
3661 Two Requests
3662 Tang Chun‘s Small Gesture
3663 Sect Guardian Pavilion
3664 Tang Wu Yan
3665 Unresolved Grudge
3666 Inner Disciple Manual
3667 Duan Ling Tian Finally Comes Out of Closed-door Cultivation
3668 The Auspicious Pill
3669 The Heavenly Stairs Battle
3670 The Heavenly Stairs Token
3671 Qi Yu
3672 Xue Hai Shan
3673 The Prisoner on the Ninth Step of the Heavenly Stairs
3674 Do You Have a Death Wish?
3675 The Extreme Martial Arena
3676 I’ve Already Given You a Chance
3677 Wu Feng Yin, the Second Elder of the Hidden Fog Sec
3678 If We Can’t Have Duan Ling Tian, Kill Him!
3679 I’ll Try My Bes
3680 The Phantom Clan Is in Crisis
3681 The Two Core Disciples
3682 The Pinnacle Abyss
3683 The Death Slaves
3684 Invincible
3685 Did Duan Ling Tian Fail the Core Disciples’ Test?
3686 Duan Ling Tian Enters the Extreme Martial Arena Again
3687 Unbelievable
3688 Supreme Elder Feng, Supreme Elder Lei, Supreme Elder Yun, and Supreme Elder Wu
3689 Ding Yan Left Without Notice
3690 Exchanging for Auspicious Pills
3691 An Emperor of Gods’ Divine Sanctuary
3692 Shangguan Xiong Feng
3693 Threa
3694 Long Xiao
3695 Duan Ling Tian’s Temporary Departure From the Hidden Fog Sec
3696 Ke’er, Is It You?
3697 Linghu Qing Ze
3698 I’m Almost Certain She’s Ke’er!
3699 Linghu Chu Yin
3700 Long Xiao is Furious
3701 Impressive Reincarnation Skills
3702 The Flying Ship, a Divine Artifac
3703 Yang Qian Ye
3704 Du Qian Jun
3705 Entering the Void Gate
3706 Opening the Divine Sanctuary
3707 Dispute
3708 The Death of Liu Dong Ming
3709 Chu Han
3710 The Statue
3711 The Truth’s Revealed
3712 You Have No Choice
3713 I Renege On My Promise
3714 The Early Bird Gets the Worm
3715 Du Zhan, the Supreme Elder of the 10,000 Devils Sect!
3716 Qin Wu, the Emperor of Gods, Reappears!
3717 Du Qian Jun Returns to the 10,000 Devils Sec
3718 Kuang Tian Zheng
3719 Uncle, My Condolences
3720 Kuang Tian Zheng’s Confidence
3721 Wu Feng’s Change
3722 Breaking Through and Becoming a Rudimentary King of Gods!
3723 Overcoming the Heavenly Tribulation With a Punch
3724 Linghu City
3725 Can I Tell a Story?
3726 Duan Ling Tian Telling Stories
3727 Duan Ling Tian’s Deal With Linghu Yun
3728 Linghu Ren Jie
3729 30 Moves
3730 Revealing a Trump Card
3731 Bad News
3732 Supreme Elder Heng and Supreme Elder Huan
3733 Returning to the Hidden Fog Sec
3734 Duan Ling Tian’s Background
3735 He Killed Them Instead
3736 Supreme Elder Feng and Supreme Elder Lei
3737 I Refuse
3738 Duan Ling Tian’s Obstinance
3739 Chapter 3739 Supreme Elder Feng, Supreme Elder Lei, Supreme Elder Yun, and Supreme Elder Wu Gather!
3740 Who is She?
3741 The Lord Breakthrough Divine Pill
3742 Duan Ling Tian’s Choice
3743 Kuang Tian Zheng, the Flying Dragon Sect’s Inner Elder!
3744 Linghu Ren Jie Deals With Kuang Tian Zheng Perfunctorily
3745 Duan Ling Tian’s Warning
3746 Blessed by the Heavens
3747 Only Supreme Powerhouses Can Create Them
3748 Duan Ling Tian is Disappointed
3749 The Pill Tribulation and the Limit Divine Pill
3750 The Amazing Revered Elder Lin
3751 The Student Has Surpassed the Teacher
3752 Supreme Elder Lei’s Decision
3753 Supreme Elder Feng’s Forbearance
3754 Two Years Later
3755 Coercion
3756 Leaving the Linghu Clan’s Estate
3757 The Earthly King Divine Pill
3758 The Colossal Heaven Land
3759 The Three Women’s Experience
3760 Hou Qing Ning’s Warning
3761 Spring View House
3762 Ambushed From Every Direction
3763 A Life-or-Death Situation
3764 A Madman!
3765 Returning the Favor
3766 12 Years Later
3767 The Legendary Figure in the Hidden Fog Sec
3768 Brotherhood
3769 It’s All Because of Duan Ling Tian
3770 Duan Ling Tian Again?!
3771 Distinguished Guests
3772 Sun Quenching Divine Pill
3773 At Full Steam
3774 Yang Qian Ye and Du Po Jun
3775 Mastering the Nine Laws
3776 Murong Yin Yue
3777 Linghu Ren Jie Pleads Guilty in the Ancentral Hall
3778 Duan Ling Tian’s Doppelg?nger from the Law of Space
3778 Duan Ling Tian’s Doppelg?nger from the Law of Space
3778 Duan Ling Tian’s Doppelg?nger from the Law of Space
3779 100 Million Divine Rocks Is a Small Goal
3780 Hou Qing Ning and Murong Yin Yue’s Feelings Are Mutual
3781 An Acquaintance From the Hidden Fog Sec
3782 The Rivalry Between the 10,000 Devils Sect and the Hidden Fog Sec
3783 Attention
3784 The Eastern Oriental Sec
3785 The First Tes
3786 Mirror Abyss
3787 Tangled Warfare
3788 Lady Seven
3789 Duan Ling Tian Makes His Move
3790 Duan Ling Tian Single-handedly Stopping the Others
3791 The Fire Dragon Mountain
3792 Dongfang Yan Nian
3793 Xue Hai Chuan’s Warning
3794 Kuang Tian Zheng’s Second Disciple, Zhong Can
3795 The Latent Dragon Grand Contes
3796 A Surprising Message
3797 A Reunion After 30 Years
3798 Ding Yan’s Story
3799 Lan Yu Shan, a Black Dragon Elder!
3800 Did They Forget About You?
3801 Ding Yan’s Turn
3802 Duan Ling Tian’s Opponen
3803 Threa
3804 Who Is It?
3805 Punishmen
3806 Lan Yu Shan Attacks
3807 A Nonchalant Voice
3808 The Top 15 Participants
3778 Duan Ling Tian’s Doppelg?nger from the Law of Space
3809 The Doppelg?nger from the Law of Space Appears
3809 The Doppelg?nger from the Law of Space Appears
3809 The Doppelg?nger from the Law of Space Appears
3810 The Deciding Match
3811 Hua Tian Du’s True Strength
3812 The Champion of the Latent Dragon Grand Contes
3813 Duan Ling Tian Becomes Famous in the Flying Dragon Sec
3814 Green Dragon Disciples
3815 Linghu Ren Jie is in Danger
3816 Emperor of Gods
3817 Linghu Ren Feng
3818 Xue Ming Zhi
3819 Who Are They?
3820 Imperial War
3821 Derivatives of the Powerhouse War
3822 Duan Ling Tian Comes Out of Closed-Door Cultivation
3823 The Slaughter Ground
3824 Sowing Discord
3825 10 Vein Recovery Limit Divine Pills
3826 The Tai Yi Sect’s Spy
3827 Selfless
3828 Sikong Yue
3829 The Former Sect Leader
3830 A Natural Divine Alchemis
3831 The Imminent Imperial War
3832 Yang Qian Ye, the Uninvited Gues
3833 Duan Ling Tian, an Advanced King of Gods
3834 The Pure Yang Sec
3835 The Three War-Free Cities
3836 Entering the Imperial War Realm
3837 Liu Yin
3838 The Limit Divine Pill Alchemis
3839 The Repercussion
3840 A Woman’s Thoughts Are Impossible to Grasp
3841 The King Battlefield
3842 Ximen Long Xiang
3843 Killing Duan Ling Tian
3844 Who’s the Prey?
3845 War Points
3846 Duan Ling Tian to the Rescue
3847 A Group of 100 People
3848 A Lone Disciple from the Tai Yi Sec
3849 The White Asura
3849 The White Asura
3850 Meeting Lady Seven Again
3851 Duan Ling Tian Comes Out of the King Battlefield!
3852 740 War Points
3852 740 War Points
3853 Ximen Yun
3854 A Plot Against Duan Ling Tian
3855 An Agreement Between Both Sects
3856 Kuang Tian Zheng is Willing to Risk His Life to Kill Duan Liang Tian
3857 Ding Yan Has Taken the Bai
3858 Leaving the Flying Dragon Sect’s Estate
3859 What Are You Up To?
3860 Chased By a Lord of Gods
3861 Kuang Tian Zheng’s Determination
3862 Xue Hai Chuan Receives an Order
3863 Old Man Wen
3864 Sikong Ye
3865 Leaving After Only Two Years?
3866 Intercep
3867 Is It Worth It?
3868 Law Enforcement Hall
3869 Underworld Elders
3869 Underworld Elders
3869 Underworld Elders
3870 Thank You, Father-In-Law
3871 Duan Ling Tian Is a Lord of Gods?
3872 Internal Conflic
3873 Fang Yi Ming
3874 Two Paupers
3875 4,000 War Points
3876 Triple the War Points
3877 Xue Hai Chuan’s Warning
3878 Yan Zhe, the Intermediate Lord of Gods
3879 Two In a Day
3880 Five Death Warriors
3881 Lord Heavenly Emperor, Welcome Back to the Palace!
3882 He Can Kill With His Eyes
3883 Feng Qing Yang’s Revenge
3884 Ximen Long Xiang the Lord of Gods
3885 That’s Impossible!
3886 Duan Ling Tian Enters the Lord Battlefield Again
3887 An Inner Elder of the Tai Yi Sec