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Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

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Chu Kuangren has teleported to the cultivation world. With him was a game plug-in that gave him ten consecutive lucky draws right as he began. \r\nCongratulations! The host has pulled the Legendary-tier Banished Immortal Aura, the Legendary-tier constitution, Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, the God-tier constitution, Immortal Body, and one Legendary Winged Soldier… \r\nJoin Chu Kuangren as h...
《Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws》 Text
1 Immortal Body, Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Hear
2 Sacred Weapons Fighting to Acknowledge The Master
3 Lead Disciple, Heavenly Crepe-myrtle Sword Ar
4 Spirit Gathering Array, Winged Soldier
5 Li Yao Offers Her Humble Apology, As He Wishes
6 Forget Our Resentment, Breaking Through To The Golden Core Realm
7 Murong Xuan Charges Through The Domain of Sword Intent, This Person is Really Handsome
8 Coquettish Sacred Swords
9 Daoist Physique Anomaly, The Might of The Human Mountain Stamp
10 Subduing Murong Xuan. Good, Call Me Senior Martial Brother
11 Daoist's Visit Ascends A Person To Heaven
12 The Duel, Lan Yu Showing Her Ability For The First Time
13 Nascent Soul Cultivation Base Suppresses Nangong Huang
14 Three Major Visions Emerged, Everyone Is Convinced
15 Go Learn The Sword Art In The Library
16 Chu Kuangren Is Enlightened, Protected By The Supremacy
17 Golden Dao Enlightenment Card, Enhanced State Of Dao Enlightenmen
18 Demonstrating Tens Of Thousands Of Sword Dao, Creating The Savage Ruler Technique
19 The Righteous Elder Senior Brother, Heaven-Slaying Sword Wielding Technique
20 Prince Gu Changge, Unrivaled In His Generation
21 Nothing To Fear About Gu Changge, Heaven Spiritual Marrow
22 Defeating Nangong Huang In Three Moves, Gu Changge Is Terrifying
23 Lan Yu Makes An Appearance, Gu Changge Is Enraged
24 Three Supreme Level Foundations, Gu Changge Is Intimidated
25 Golden Jade Daoist Body, Chu Kuangren Reappeared, Would He Accept The Challenge?
26 One Strike To Injure Gu Changge, My Own Creation
27 True Dragon Blood Essence, Just a Single Slash
28 Unconscious Crown Prince, Another Supreme Daoist Physique
29 Let Them Bloom and Sprout, For I Alone Shall Stand Ou
30 Let Loose the Great Sky-prides, to Honorable Yuan Ling’s Treasure Site
31 Yuan Ling’s Small World Treasury, Primordial Purple Haze
32 A Supreme’s Slash, Ye Baifeng’s Eyes Turned Red
33 May This Taoist Brother Please Hold Your Step, I Was Just Rambling
34 Frost Dragon Trio Are Just Trash, Stay Out Of Trouble
35 In Heaven The White Jade City Lies, A Display For Everyone’s Appreciation
36 The Scepter Of Light, Some Hidden Secrets, And A Sparkling Debu
37 The Golden Lotus Poses A Test, At Full Power, All The Petals Will Bloom The Bes
38 A Banquet Bluff, The Seventh Forefather Comes Ou
39 The White Cloud’s Honorable Swordsman Appears, The Seventh Forefather Revitalizes
40 The Ashura’s Way, Slicing Fruits and Vegetables, Already Too Weak
41 Battle Monarch’s Domain, Three Great Battle Monarch Suppressed, Another Honorable Appears
42 Another Use for the Primordial Purple Haze, Mad Levelling
43 Domineering Aura Surrounds White Cloud City, Killing The Honorable, The Sky Rains In Red
44 Ye Lei Begs For Mercy, Do You Want It? Chu Kuangren’s Reputation Soars Once More
45 The Orthodoxies Quarrel, Princess Linglong Is Looking For A Companion
46 The Honorable Bows, Off To Royal Azure Dynasty
47 Orthodoxies Feud, Fangtian Initiates A Challenge, Are You Qualified?
48 Princess Linglong, His Looks Are Too Handsome
49 Want to Give it a Try, Princess Linglong Took Action
50 Shang Clan’s Young Emperor, The Princess Wants to Form a Marriage
51 Luminous Moon Artificial World, Sage Orthodoxies Sealed Off the Area
52 Supreme Spirit Blood Daoist Physique, Thunder Falcon Tribe’s Young Emperor, Just An Animal
53 Strange Mystery Within the Secret Realm, Qi of Death, Full Moon Blade
54 Battle Against Young Emperor Lei Ao, Black Wings of Lightning, No Feeling
55 Mysterious Gray Mist, Might of the Threefold Dark Ruler Obliterating Dus
56 Having Sky-prides As Food, A Sage Is Not Easily Killed
57 The Godly Essence, Supreme Ninth Grade Purple Palace Hall
58 Daoist Enlightenment, I’m Going to Slay a Sage, Luminous Moon Reappears
59 The Sage Has Fallen, The Luminous Moon Bows, Paying for Service?
60 The Luminous Moon Sage’s Body, Chaotic Battle of Sky-prides
61 I Desire The Body Of A Saint, Even If I Must Break An Arm
62 Shatter The Four Mystical Arts And Take Down The Sky-Prides, It’s You Against The World Now!
63 Why Did You Kick The Hornet’s Nest For No Reason? Look, Lei Ao Is Dead!
64 The Honorable Lei Huo Gets Angry, A Legendary Skill Is Obtained, And Kuangren’s Joke
65 Who Objects And Who Agrees? Loot The Secret Realm Like Crazy!
66 Clash of the Supreme Daoist Physiques, It’s The Person That You Lost To
67 The Humble and Gentle Chu Kuangren, A Crowd of Shocked Honorables
68 The Seventh Forefather’s Drastic Action, A Single Warning
69 The Honorables All Bowed, Let’s Return to Capital City Firs
70 The Enraged Royal Azure Dynasty King, Which Marriage Alliance Isn’t One
71 Gluttonous Devouring Technique, Marriage Cancellation, A Lush Green Young Emperor of the Shang Clan
72 I’ve Been Sold Off, Clear Boundaries, A Talkative Queen
73 The Royal Palace Banquet, Chosen Fiancé, Are You Drunk?
74 Shang Han’s Challenge, No Difference At All, Shattered Hopes
75 Chatting With the Princess, The Female Cultivators’ Sorrow, What Plans Do You Have Nex
76 A Visit To The School of White Lotus, A Spar With The Maiden Sage
77 Defeating Countless Techniques With A Single Sword, The Legendary Trait Meditational Clarity
78 White Lotus Light Of Purification, A Shocking Event For The School of White Lotus
79 Becoming A Bachelor Sage, Protection From Three Major Sage Orthodoxies
80 Grand Conferral Ceremony, Worshipping Him Like A God
81 Everyone’s Reaction, This Item Is Fated To Be Mine
82 Solo Battling an Honorable, Might of the White Lotus Light of Purification
83 Refining an Honorable With the Gluttonous Devouring Technique, Taixu Temple’s Wuchen Zi
84 Wuchen Zi’s Despair, The Taixu Temple Lord’s Invite
85 My Daoist Heart Is As Solid As Rock, It’s Just But A Slight Breeze
86 A Mental Spar With The Taixu Temple Lord, Please Take My Attack
87 A Role Model’s Influence, An Incredibly Amazing Disciple
88 A Natural Cultivator, The Dharma Sect’s Stone Test Pillar
89 Don’t You Come Over Here! The Majestic Stele Fores
90 Gaining Insights into Eight Thousand Techniques Within The Stele Forest, Are You Kidding Me
91 Uncover And Fuse The Eight Thousand Arts Into One Daoist Physique
92 Conversations With The Dharma Sect Master And Winning Against The Honorable Supreme
93 Seventy-four Supreme Techniques, Four Sage Techniques, And A Single Sword Strike
94 The Sun, The Stars, And The Support Of Three Sages
95 The Demon Vow Sect Is Used As A Tool, Northern Lingdao Becomes Hell For Fools
96 Where Did These People Go, Thinking It’s Still Under Control
97 The Demonic Cultivators’ Intention, They Do Resemble Humans After All
98 Chu Kuangren Is Reliable, I Alone Can Slay The Demons
99 Lin Batian’s Sacred Flames, A Sky-Pride From Thirty Thousand Years Ago
100 The Ancient Sky-Pride Could Not Defend Against A Single Blow, Searching Throughout The Mountain River Sec
101 The Sage Ruler Weapon, Demonic Spear of Apocalypse, Suppressing The Demonic Weapon
102 Wanting to Fight the Demonic Cultivators Alone, Two Birds With One Stone
103 The Ones Behind His Back, Don’t Let Me Wait Any Longer
104 A Hundred Thousand Demonic Cultivators, Remember That Moment, Sing Songs Of His Achievements
105 The Underworld Palace’s Chakra King, The Hundred Thousand Demonic Cultivators Fall Like Blades of Grass
106 Wait Until His Spiritual Power Depletes, Chu Kuangren Must Die
107 Depleting Spiritual Power? The Nonexistent Gluttonous Devouring Technique’s Migh
108 Mountain Of Corpses And Sea of Blood, The Banished Immortal Slaughters, End Of A Great Battle
109 Nine-Pearled Crown, King Among the Mountain Of Corpses and Sea Of Blood
110 The Eternal Emperor’s Scripture, Immortal Body’s Second Stage, A Sudden Visit From The Divine Predictor
111 If The Ancient Sky-Prides Are To Be Awoken, What Use Is There In Continuing My Cultivation?
112 Returning To The Black Heaven Sect, Closed-Door Meditation To Acquire The Eternal Emperor Scripture
113 Time Waits For No Man, Not Even You, Chu Kuangren
114 The Fate of An Era Changes When Chu Kuangren Returns!
115 News About Chu Kuangren's Return Spreads, The Sky-prides Make Their Moves In Turn
116 Transcendent Grade Trait, Lan Yu’s Breakthrough, He Is Still Majestic As Always
117 The Sky-Prides Have Arrived In Succession, Looks Like You Will Have To Queue Up
118 Phantom Light Strike And Human Mountain Stamp Combined, A Palm Technique For Each Person
119 Chu Kuangren’s Domain, Crawl For Me
120 Becoming An Alchemy Grandmaster, Testing It Out In The Brewing Chamber
121 Massive Sorrow At The Scene, A Master Shocked By The Nine Clustered Pill Cloud
122 Gujiang Desperately Seeks A Teacher, Keep Kneeling If You Want, I’m Joining The Black Heaven Sec
123 The Winged Human’s Relationship With The Sage Ruler Holy King, To The Winged Human Tribe We Go
124 The Winged Human’s Welcome, The Demonic Well, The Scepter’s Symbolic Meaning
125 The Demonic Well Opens, Fallen Winged Human Tribe, The Battle Against An Honorable
126 The Emperor’s Clone, Effortlessly Facing The Domineering Emperor’s Aura
127 Destroying The Clone With A Sage’s Attack, The Elders’ Persuasion
128 Jue Tianlan’s Intention To Steal The Scepter Of Light, I Don’t Even Know What’s Happening
129 Just Roar If There’s Trouble On The Road, Finally Met The Real Person
130 Like Fish In Water In The Sword Prayer City, Ore Gambling In The World Of Cultivation
131 Stone of Phoenix Blood And Earth Spirit Crystal, This Really Is My First Time Playing!
132 Oh Eternal Phoenix, It's Like I'm Raising A Child Here
133 The Seven Heroes Of Swordsmanship, A Strange Sword Case, Sword Hoarder Steals The Sword
134 Swords And Humans Can't Communicate, So I'll Take The Swords And Your Case
135 A Blacksmithing Family, Meeting Li Xingchen Once More, And The Legend Of The Hundred Swords Spectrum
136 The Disastrous Godly Phoenix Egg, The Emperor Weapon Sacred Emerald Sword Case
137 Commencement Of The Great Sword Tournament, A Disturbance In The Sky Fire Valley
138 A Peculiar Sensation, Bai Qianjun’s Boast, A Slap Into The Stage
139 Still A One-Palm Problem, Chu Kuangren Is Worth More Than Ten Young Emperors
140 Battle Over The Sword Soul, Blame Myself For Being Too Kind-Hearted
141 The Sword Soul’s New Owner, There Came Three of the Seven Heroes of the Swordsmanship World
142 Battling Two Honorable Supremes, Sword Hoarder's Generosity
143 Killing Chu Kuangren With Brute Force? Don't Embarrass Yourself! He Just Cut Down An Honorable!
144 Leave the Yin and Yang Ring And Scram, I See No God Other Than Me
145 To Make The Scabbard, Drastic Measures Must Be Taken. Go, Melt The Demonic Spear!
146 The Hundred Swords Spectrum Is Unveiled, A Sage Will Preach For Us!
147 A Rocksteady Daoist Core, Whitelock Mountain, And The Tyrant Lei Mingtian
148 Who Gave You Such Courage To Speak Like That, Suppressing Lei Mingtian
149 Little Daoist Boy, Thousand Mountain Formation, Even Kids Can’t Resist Him
150 The Mental Staircase, Rigid And Unmoving Daoist Heart Of Stone
151 The Mental Staircase Crumbles, The Sage’s Daoist Teachings, My Qualifications Are Too Good
152 You Guys Are Here To Listen To The Teachings of Daoism, I’m Here To Mentally Spar Instead
153 Sparring With a Sage, The Astonishment Of The Sages
154 Self-Creating An Emperor Technique, No Winner Or Loser, Shocking The Entire World
155 Demonic Cultivators Again, Heading To The Qian Nation, Let Us Wear A Mask
156 Chu Kuangren Has Arrived At The Qian Nation, The Red Lady Of Heavenly Fragrance Inn
157 True Intentions Of The Demonic Cultivators, The Demonic Heart In The Demonic Vanquishment Lake
158 The Soul Retriever, The Two Sects Gathered, There’s No Chance For You Anymore
159 I’m Here To Swat You To Death, The One Who Slipped Away From The Weeping Demon Mountain
160 Great Ashura Avatar, The Emperor Technique Activates Once Again
161 The Demonic Heart Is Gone, Killing The One Who Got Away
162 Demon Disintegration, Killing Chakra King, This Is What You Deserved
163 Li Xingchen Gets Walked-In, Refining A Ninth Grade Honorable Supreme Pill
164 You Are Threatening Me, First Usage Of The Soul Retriever
165 Untold Secrets Of The Sage War, Did You Think I Would Save You For Next Year? No, You Die Here!
166 At Least Ninety Percent Confidence, Vibrant Rejuvenation Pill, Spring Slumber Pill
167 Thundersoother Rod, An Attempt To Thwart Honorable Xuan Qi
168 Honorable Teacher, You Have Quite A Few Enemies, Heavenly Tribulation Begins
169 The Elites Have Arrived One After Another, I Am Number One, You Dare To Have An Issue With That?
170 The Greatness of The Soul Retriever, You All Shall Remain Here
171 The Punishing Heart Sword, The Death Of Ling Huhong, Our Good Luck
172 Honorable Xuan Qi's Successful Ascension, The Sword Gauntlet's Quota
173 Jade Watersword Sect, Linghu's Young Emperor, I Look Forward To Meeting Him
174 Two Choices, Linghu Teng, The Solitary Young Emperor
175 Shattered In A Single Strike, The Four Seasons Sword Formation, Lu Yan's Thoughts
176 A Slap On Lu Yan, The Return To Black Heaven Sect, You’ve Already Said It All
177 Sighing All Day, The Hidden Sword Canyon, Crossing Swords Through Time
178 Murong Xuan’s Strange Behavior, The Sword In Lan Yu’s Arms
179 Two-Thirds Sword Qi Killing An Honorable, The Sword Gauntlet Opens
180 Buzzing And Humming Like A Fly How Annoying, Chu Kuangren Is Kinder
181 Invisible Barrier, Faceless Swordsman, Corridor Murals
182 Break Through The Limit, Insane Forty-Eighth Floor
183 Disappointing, Climbing To The Top Of The Sword Gauntlet, Creating History
184 Mindful Emperor, An Earth-Shattering Secret, Heavenly Emperor You Have Got To Be Kidding Me
185 Slaying The Dragon, Seeking Revenge on Chu Kuangren, You Are Too Weak
186 Sword Runes, Will You Strike Or Will You Fall?
187 In The Unknown Lands, It's Every Man For Himself, Honorable Teacher
188 The Godly Phoenix Egg Hatches, The Beasts Come To Attack
189 The Sword Qi Clones, The Godly Phoenix's Birth, A Scene That's A Grand Sight To Behold
190 Withered Cloud Sage, The Sacred Palace Of Death Again, The Four Seasons Sword Formation
191 Killing A Boundary Sage With The Four Seasons Sword Formation, Can I Ride On Your Back?
192 Honorable Xuan Qi’s Speech, Grand Entrance With The Godly Phoenix
193 My Vow To The Heavens And Earth, Sun And Moon Witnessed By All Beings, Be It Immortals, Demons, Gods And So Forth
194 Ruler Matrimonial, Supreme Elder, Second Rank In The Hundred Sword Spectrum, Murong Feng
195 I’d Prefer To Not Swing My Sword, So That’s How It Feels Like To Be Knocked Aside By A Divine Beas
196 Naming The Divine Beast, Continuously Self-Creating Sage Techniques
197 Twelve Sage Techniques, Too Battering For Us, Our Daoist Core Nearly Crumpled
198 Placing The Sword Gauntlet, Murong Xuan's Fury, Chu Kuangren's Ambition
199 The School Of White Lotus Calls For Help, Chu Kuangren's Warning, The Chaos In Full Moon Kingdom
200 Purging The Demonic Qi, The Mysterious Black-Robed Man, Soul-Devouring Dagger
201 People From The Underworld Palace Again, The Three-Headed Hound Becomes A Tool Dog
202 Assisting The Enemy? You Want Us All To Die Together? No Chance
203 Slaying The Demonic Beast, Spring Breeze Healing Technique, Supreme Honorable Foundation Level
204 Murong Xuan’s Call For Help, Onwards To The Murong Clan, The Illusive Mirage
205 Murong Xuan’s Helplessness, The Coffin That Fell During The Prayer Ceremony
206 Your Ancestors Shall Die A Graveless Death, Bring It On Then, Let’s Go To War!
207 The Murong Clan’s Sage Appears, Fighting The Sage Solo, Can You Even Kill Me?
208 The Two Sages Appear, The Highest Form Of The Four Seasons Sword Formation
209 Sword Qi Clones Against The Whole Murong Family, Want To Negotiate? Too Bad
210 Sage Killer Chu Kuangren, The Murong Clan’s Second Forefather Gives In, Anyone Else?
211 Black Heaven's Second Forefather Arrives, Slaying Two Sages, It Is Enough
212 A Person Truly Becomes A Cripple When He Loses All Hope, All Of You Will Have To Pay The Price
213 Vitality Pill Tome, Ghost Street, Blackstain Plume Ringleader's Fear
214 Wreaking Havoc At Ghost Street, Annihilating The Blackstain Plumes, Shaking The Entire World
215 Everyone's Reaction, Outrageous Lucky Halo, Done Inventing I
216 Iron Alchemy Pill Scroll, Fairfrost Sage, Where To Find Such An Alchemis
217 Master Lee’s Discontentment, Danger Looms Above Gujiang's Head
218 The Grandmaster’s Inheritance, The Pill Refinement Journal, The Rude Master Lee
219 He’s Just Too Handsome, The Seven Colored Nebula Flower, Master Lee’s Plan
220 The Graygrill Sage’s Attack, One Of That Lunatic’s People
221 The Ninth-Level Sage Grade Supreme Pill, Who Did This To You
222 Three Reasons, Cut Off A Limb Then, What’s The Point Of Having That Figh
223 Fairfrost Sage Joins The Black Heaven Sect, Unconditional Suppor
224 It’s Nothing, No Way, I Have A Cold?
225 The Gravity Training Grounds, Coming Out With Hands On The Wall, One Year
226 Prepared To Go Catch Some Waves, Let Him Go Out There And Stir Up Some Trouble
227 Chu Kuangren Descends Into The World Once Again, Shocking The World
228 Ancient Battlefield, Meeting Qian Gufui Again, A Little Brother Of His Little Brother
229 Assisting From The Dark, Tathagata Rebirth Mantra, The Buddhist Emperor Technique
230 Exploring The Ancient Battlefield, The White-Robed General, One Of The Seven Great Mysterious Manifestations
231 The Inner Zone, High-Level Tormented Soul, Acting So Dramatically
232 The Yun Xiao Troop, The Rumored Lou Kingdom’s Treasure
233 Into the Ancient City, Looting The Treasures, A Boundary Emperor Weapon
234 The Lou Kingdom’s Past, A Million Tormented Souls, Shang Han And Others Enter The Ancient City
235 Not A Single Soulstone To Be Found, The Reckless Shang Han
236 The Tormented Army Is Unleashed, It’s Apocalyptic, The White-Robed General
237 Shattered With One Palm, What Happened Here, I’ve Completely Forgotten
238 The Horizon Wing Sect Cultivators Do Not Fear Death, Monk Disciple Wu Ye
239 Disrupting The Battle Formation With A Single Sword Qi, I Can Be Sure Who It Is
240 Died For Nothing, Chu Kuangren Is Here, Destroying Tens of Thousands of Tormented Souls In A Single Slash
241 The Tathagata Rebirth Mantra
242 Provide Guidance, Six Words, He’s Undoubtedly Our Sect Leader
243 Continue Making Things Up, The Monk Disciple Formally Takes A Teacher, Entering The Ancient Battlefield Once More
244 Stealing The Sage’s Bones, Entering the Core Area, The Infallible Tormented Physique
245 Finding The Innate Ferocious Qi, Never Before Seen Threa
246 The Giant Tormented Sage Ruler, The White-Robed General Took Action, The Innate Ferocious Crystal
247 Hordes Of Tormented Souls, He Sat Down Instead, Fighting The Tormented Souls With Sword Qi Clones
248 The General And The Princess, You Help Me Find Someone, I’ll Help You Kill Someone
249 Sixty Percent Progress, Onwards To Thunder Temple, The Sect Leader’s Grand Perk
250 I Am The Buddha, What A Master Indeed, Enlightened In A Single Sentence
251 Into The Scripture Library, Chief Of The Dhamma Institute Sha Xin, Go Drag Him Ou
252 Forming The Transcendent Coalescence Daoist Physique, Sha Xin’s Confusion
253 Sha Xin Descends Into Madness, Kill A Sinner To Protect Him, For The Riddance Of Evil Is Not Slaughter
254 Shang Han Challenges Princess Linglong, You're Less Than A Glow-Worm
255 Princess Linglong Is Relentless, Touch Her And I'll Bury Your Entire Clan With You
256 How Is Killing A Mere Trash Like You Enough, Let Them Wait Respectfully For My Arrival
257 The Shang Clan Discusses Countermeasures, Chu Kuangren Has Arrived
258 Just Kill Yourself As Atonement, I Was Too Naive
259 Might Of The Infallible Tormented Physique, Great Battle Against The Six-Step Sage
260 Defeating The Shang Clan’s Sage, Are You Doing It Yourself Or Shall I Do It For You Instead
261 A Clue On The White-Robed General's Descendant, All Hail The Sect Leader
262 Nimbus City's Shang Branch Clan, No Way, I've Only Just Arrived And You're Already Doing This
263 The Descendants Of The White-Robed General, It Really Is Him
264 The Bai Family Young Emperor Bai Xueyun, Do Not Have Any Wishful Thinking
265 Deep Freeze Physique, The Fifth Bai Forefather Comes To Find Fault, My Name Is Chu
266 Are You Willing To Lead The Shang Clan, The Bai Family Young Emperor’s Fear
267 Marrow Cleansing Pool, Shang Qingxue Wants To Join The Black Heaven Sect, The Royal Azure Dynasty Ruler’s Ascension
268 Linglong Shall Be Crowned As Queen, Sky-Pride Championship of Four Domains
269 Back To The Sect, Sect Leaders Are Not Allowed To Participate, Lil Red’s Ascension
270 The Special Training Begins, How Disappointing, Marrow Cleansing Pool
271 Aren’t You Underestimating Us Too Much, Battle Of The Daoists Against the Sword Qi Clone
272 Our Sect Leader Must Be A Devil In Disguise, High-Level Spirit Grain
273 Breakfast, Eight Celestial Demonic Chords, Fellow Daoists’ Improvemen
274 I Won’t Give Up, As Long As They Are Alive, They Will Train Until Their Deaths
275 Master Knows How To Play Music, The First Song Of The Eight Celestial Demonic Chords, Boundless Overworld
276 Heading To White Tiger Domain, Never Seen A Place Like This, Why Don't We Mental Spar
277 The First City, Only One Can Lead The Sky-Prides, Kuangren Of The Black Heaven It Shall Be!
278 The Participant Name List, Two Ladies In A Musical Duel, Fire Spirit Crystal
279 Are You Selling This Bird Or Not, How Could There Be Such A Guqin Music Daoist Rhyme In This World
280 Two Ladies Competing For A Guy, Was That Really The Godly Phoenix?
281 The Orthodoxies Made Their Entrances, The Thirteen Prefects Of The First City
282 Four Groups, First Round, There’s Also Me, Nangong Huang
283 Outer Disciple Lil Bing Puts On A Performance, The Power Of A Sage’s Rune
284 Only You Deserve To Be My Equal, Do You Not Have An Ounce of Self-Decency?
285 What Did You Call Me, Looked Down Upon, Lan Yu Volunteers
286 This Is A Round Where Luck Matters, All One Hundred Of Them Belongs To Me
287 Lan Yu’s Strength, One Versus A Hundred, Total Victory
288 We’ll Definitely Win, Huge Points Gap, Nine Deaths Blazing Blood Ar
289 I’ve Been Waiting For This Fight For A Long Time, Murong Xuan Faces Off Against Linghu Teng
290 Unstoppable Black Heaven Sect, The Ongoing Third Round
291 Nangong Huang defeats Lei Mingtian, Murong Xuan battles Li Yin
292 Why Don't We Have A Bet, Madness, Outrageous Betting Sum
293 Murong Xuan Wins, Please Hand Over Your Stakes, We're Rich
294 Four And A Half Billion, Honoring A Bet Is Natural Principle
295 Overwhelming Points Advantage, Booking The Entire Four Seas Inn, How Heartless Are You
296 Final Round Of The Group Match, Blood Moon Ancient Alleys, Five Representatives
297 The Other Sage Orthodoxies Collusion Against The Black Heaven Sect, Wait, Not Again?
298 The Gruesome Battles Of Each Member, Jin Feiyan and Jun Yi Meets A Dead End?
299 Two Against Eight, Turning The Situation Around, Everchanging Fiery Water Sword Formation
300 So What If You Joined Forces? Nothing Can Stop The Black Heaven Sec
301 How Much Did You Win This Time, The Semifinals, Getting Rid Of The Point System
302 Medicinal Pills And Elixirs Banned, Nangong Huang Defeats Chang Yuan, Lan Yu Versus Chang Tian
303 Nailed To The Wall, The Strongest Young Emperor Is Nothing But A Joke
304 The Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang And The Third Prefect, The Finals Begin, The Thousand Terrain Secret Realm
305 Jun Yi Versus Jing Nian, Echo Ore Vein, Don’t Make Me Rip Apart The First City
306 Dark Swamp, How Convenient, Lan Yu Battles Chang Ao
307 Lan Yu Breaks Through, The Final Battle, Chu Kuangren Is Not His Usual Self
308 The Black Heaven Sect Has Won, All Of You Can Head Back First, The Real Show Has Just Begun
309 Issue A Public Apology, Or I Will Tear Down The First City
310 Striking Down Two Islands In Succession, Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang Intervenes
311 Battling Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang, The Third Prefect, The Other Sages Joined In
312 Six Sages Join The Battle, Chu Kuangren Is Excited
313 Full Combat Power, The Sages Fear, The Worst Atrocity
314 The Sages Reveal Their Trump Cards, Allow Me To Play You A Song
315 The Terror Of Eight Celestial Demonic Chords, The First Prefect Appears
316 Fighting A Great Sage With The Eight Celestial Demonic Chords, Unending Voracious Vigor, Devastating Cyclone Barrage
317 Nine Deaths Blazing Blood Art, Synchronous Overworld Anarchy, I Won’t Mess With This Crazy Bastard Even If It Kills Me
318 The Sky Emperor Palace and First City Publicly Apologized, That Madman Has Finally Lef
319 I’ll Be Out In A Minute, The Sky Emperor Palace’s Forbidden Scroll
320 The Unnamed Island In The Middle Of The Sea, One Of The Nine Great Emperor Techniques, Heart Piercing Finger
321 Killing Heavenly Emperor Sage Zhang, Extremely Unreasonable, Returning Home
322 Onwards To The Unnamed Island, Hold Up, There’s Still People Who Don’t Know About Me
323 Bountiful Treasures On The Unnamed Island, Looks Like I Can’t Stand Aside And Do Nothing Any Longer
324 The Ravenblade Sage And Immemorial Sage’s Bad Blood, Tortured To Death
325 The Emperor-Grade Treasure Appears, Who Has The Guts To Force Us To Leave
326 One Hundred Meters of Emperor’s Aura, Leaving Everyone In The Dus
327 Entering The Cottage, A White-haired Man And A Woman’s Head
328 The Boundary Emperor’s Journal And The Headless Woman’s Existence
329 Battling Eversodden Sage, The Great Formless Dao, Grand Melodic Void
330 The Scaled Tribe’s Young Master Bei Mingsan, Are We Going To Fight Or No
331 Defeating The Scaled Tribe’s Young Master, Grabbing The Trident Halberd, She’s Here
332 The Terrifying Headless Lady, The Scaled King’s Anger
333 Too Early For Retirement, Ascending Into A Supreme Honorable
334 Raging Gods Fist, Water Evasion Pearl, Internal Sparring
335 A Spy From The Underworld Palace, Let The Spy Switch Side
336 The Scaled Tribe Invasion, The Phoenix Rider Amongst The Sea Of Clouds, You Are Not In The Position To Bargain
337 Venturing Deep Sea, You Are The Ones Who Have Gone Too Far, Pinning The Scaled King Onto The Pillar
338 Battle Against The Scaled Tribe, The Scaled King Befogs His People's Minds
339 The Scaled Tribe Sages Arrive, Killing Ten Thousand People For Every Live Los
340 The Portal To The Bottomless Chasm, The Scaled Tribe's Fourth Ruling King Bei Mingxiu
341 Battling A Seventh-Step Great Sage, The Powerful Immortal Body
342 Bei Mingxiu Imprisons Chu Kuangren, The Reappearance Of The Headless Lady
343 A Depiction Of The Scaled Emperor, Fusing Three Weapons To Form An Emperor Weapon
344 The Changing Landscape, The Empyrean Walkers Have Appeared
345 The Glory-Seeking Empyrean Walkers, One Challenger After Another
346 A Duel Between Two Great Empyrean Walkers, The Descendant Self Sword Emerges From The Sky Emperor Palace
347 Dominating Empyrean Walkers With Just A Sword, Refining An Emperor Weapon
348 An Earnest Suggestion, Told You Guys To Fight Me Together
349 Battling The Four Great Empyrean Walkers, Bested At Their Respective Fortes
350 The Unfathomable Chu Kuangren, Princess Linglong Will Soon Be Enthroned
351 Yes, Your Majesty, Chu Kuangren Does Not Hold Back
352 Linglong Is Crowned, Gu Changge Steals The Nine-Headed Snakelet Pearl Away, Craggy Ocean Tower
353 To The Nine Head Clan, Resurrecting The Nine-Headed Snakele
354 The Nine-Headed Snakelet Resurrected, Craggy Ocean Curse, Li Ze Tamed The Nine-Headed Snakele
355 The Nine-Headed Snakelet Devours The Nine Head Clan, Take Both Your Lives Instead
356 Destroy Him, Thousands Of Sword Qi Clones Against The Nine-Headed Snakele
357 Craggy Ocean Bestial Soul, Kun Whale, My Sage Spirit Is About To Leave Me Again
358 Slaying Li Ze, Bestial Soul Essence, The Craggy Ocean Tower's Reaction
359 Visiting The School Of White Lotus, Chu Kuangren's Sculpture, A New Religion
360 Universal Cauldron Physique, Everyone's Here For Dead Bodies, Acheron Manor's Empyrean Walker
361 Yuan Wudao Concedes. I Did It, Do You Have Any Objections?
362 Astonishing Sea Of Clouds Formation, The Underworld Palace’s Movement, Attacking The Winged Human Tribe
363 Humanity Is Scary, Demonic Blood Taints The Copper Door, Demonic Hoarder Forefather
364 The Treasures Of Demonic Hoarder Forefather, Hellfire, Demonic Pus
365 Peculiar Demonic Pus, Power Of The Universal Cauldron Physique, Absorbing The Demonic Pus
366 Yuan Wudao Escapes, Heavenly Jade Amulet, A Brighter Future At The Black Heaven Sec
367 Business Talk, Meeting The Divine Predictor Again, Burning Books And Hiding Emperors
368 Empyrean Walkers Showed Up In Succession, Who Else But Me
369 Jin Bujue From The Golden Family Sect, Trying To Beat Everyone Alone
370 Do It Together, Not Embarrassing, A Victory By Whatever Means Is Still A Victory
371 Surrounded By The Empyrean Walkers, I Was Just Getting Started
372 Defeating Nine Empyrean Walkers, The Appearance Of The Heavenly Golden Imperial Physique
373 Act Of Theft From The Heavens, Crushing The Imperial Physique, Xiao Lintian Fails Miserably
374 Killing Great Sage Zhang Guang’s Clone, Never Been Threatened
375 The Bottomless Chasm Is Ruined, Onto The Ethereal Rapture, Do They Dare
376 Teeth Of A Storm, On Thin Ice, Chu Kuangren Visits Ethereal Rapture
377 Ethereal Rapture Makes Things Difficult, That Doesn't Sound Bad At All
378 Picking Minerals, Master Daoist Yun Tao's Extreme Heartache
379 Come Again Next Time, I'll Devour His Life No Matter Wha
380 Cloudflow Ores Ransacked, Heading To The Outer Seas, The Sacrificial Ceremony
381 Striking A Palm On Ravengale Island, How Should This Matter Be Settled
382 Extremely Unreasonable, The Thirty-Six Oceanic Islands’ Sacrificial Offerings, Three Thousand Young Boys And Girls
383 The Sacrificial Ceremony Starts, The Serpent Deity’s Brutality, Chu Kuangren’s Arrival
384 Battling The Serpent Deity, Reviving After Being Blown Up, Winged Serpent Ancient Wild Beas
385 The Serpent Deity’s Great Hidden Treasure Stash, Sealed Within The Depths Of The Sea
386 Power of the Sea King’s Halberd, Control The Ocean, Skin You Alive
387 I Can Hardly Tolerate This World, I For Sure Can’t Tolerate You, Slaying The Serpent Deity
388 All Of You, End Yourselves, Even Their Sages Wanted Them Dead
389 The Thirty-Six Island Chieftains End Themselves, So This Is How A Sage Behaves
390 Setting Up A Mega Formation, Elystial Emperor Scripture, The Qian Emperor Palace Appears
391 Sages Off Limits, The Emperor’s Opportunity Of Fortune Is Reserved For The New Generation Sky-Prides
392 The Sages Combine Forces, Stopping Chu Kuangren From Entering The Imperial Palace
393 The Power Of Rune Dao, Entering The Imperial Palace, Teaming Up Against The Strong
394 Cut To The Chase, Not Battling, What Nonsense Are You Talking
395 A Drop Of Emperor's Blood, The Real Qian Imperial Palace, The True Opportunities Of Fortune
396 I Have One of Those As Well, Yuan Wudao’s Blood Dragon Claw
397 Killing Yuan Wudao, I Have An Idea, Not Letting You Guys Enter
398 Dare To Punish Me? That’s Right, It’s Just Me
399 The Outer World’s Nine Heavens, The Qian Emperor’s Trial, That’s It?
400 The Emperor’s Inheritance, Something Big In The Future, The Sages’ Decision
401 Palm of Sorrow, Refining An Emperor Weapon, The Mysterious Being Of The Vitality Quarter
402 Refining Pills, Discover Your Own Path of Dao, Don’t Let Master Down
403 A Conference, Sage Ruler Zhang Guang’s Analysis, Surround The Black Heaven Sec
404 Complete Appearances Of The Unknown Lands, Against The World
405 Conjurer’s Talent, Die Together Or Leave
406 The Disciples Who Did Not Wish To Leave, The One Who Did Not Disappoint As Both A Ruler And Wife
407 The Arrival Of Reinforcements, The Untroubled Chu Kuangren
408 The Million Cultivators Army, A Sage Ruler’s Reverence
409 The Million-Strong Great Army Arrives, Nonsense, The Poise Of One Person
410 The Beginning Of The Great War, The Sages Combine To Break The Sword Formation
411 Aren’t You Guys Coming In, The Astonishing Cloud of Seas Formation’s Strangeness
412 Purplevoid Enters The Formation, A Dragon Amidst The Sea Of Clouds, Weird Rolling Clouds, Impossible To Defend
413 An Earth-shattering Roar, Chu Kuangren’s Offer, Peak Audacity
414 The Great Million-Strong Cultivator Army Enters The Formation, It Is Not Set In Stone
415 The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord Steps In, The Mountain River Scroll, The Phoenix’s Cry
416 Power Of The Dragon And Phoenix, You Want To Fight With Water? Here You Go
417 Finally Reached The Black Heaven Sect’s Entrance, I Think It’s Possible
418 Guqin Music And Sword Qi, The Heavenly Golden Unifying Qi Formation, The Craggy Ocean Tower Lord Joins The Battle
419 The Power Of A Sage Ruler’s Body, The Four Great Wild Beasts, The Emperor Weapon
420 The Six Great Sage Rulers Joined Forces, The Power Of The Two Emperor Weapons, Everyone’s Weakness
421 Battling Six Sage Rulers, Death Qi Pool, Heavenly Golden Tablets, Destroy Formation
422 The Boundary Emperors Appear, Chu Kuangren Cannot Be Killed, One-Half For Each Of Us
423 My Trump Card Lies In The Sky, Nine Colored Heavenly Tribulation, A Hundred Thousand Cultivators Grand Heavenly Tribulation Party
424 Terrifying Power of the Heavenly Tribulation, Converting The Tribulation Lightning Energy
425 The Boundary Emperors Blocked The Tribulation Lightning, Giant Colorful Lightning Serpents
426 All Sage Rulers Have Fallen, The Boundary Emperors Were Heavily Wounded
427 The Final Tribulation Lightning, Forcibly Breaking Through Cultivation Realms, Shocking The Three Realms
428 Heavenly Punishment Seal, The End Of An Era
429 Gaining Insight From The Heavenly Punishment Seal, Rewards From The Battle
430 Missing A Madman, The Arrival Of Nine Heavens Sky-Prides
431 Dao Enlightening Tea Bush, Spiritual Thoughts Restored, Honorable Xuan Qi Becomes A Sage
432 Gu Linglong’s Cooking, Chu Kuangren Goes Into Closed-Door Meditation, Waiting For Someone
433 The Two Sky-Prides’ Dissatisfaction, Sneaking Into The Black Heaven Sec
434 The Descendant Self Guards Its Master, Taking People’s Stuff Without Permission, Very Rude
435 Although I Still Have The Heavenly Punishment Seal, I Can Still Reign Undefeated In This World
436 Ransom, Developing The Mind Power, Leaving The Black Heaven Sec
437 A Familiar Name, Rise To The Top Of Soaring Dragon Leaderboard
438 Revolution, The Royal Azure Dynasty’s Current Situation
439 Ten Thousand Cautious Guards, Can You Run From My Five Fingers Mountain?
440 End The War, Visited By The Acheron Manor and Craggy Ocean Tower
441 The Powerful Runic Energy, You Can Stop Guessing Now, Preparing To Exact Revenge
442 Another Meeting, Spatial Conveyor Skill, Searching For The Emperor’s Opportunity Of Fortune
443 A Great Show, Greenmist Fairy’s Hatred Toward Chu Kuangren
444 Killing Gui Wuchou And Blood Spirit Child, Greenmist Fairy Begs For Mercy
445 Bounty Reward, Visiting Divine Predictor Pavillion, An Important Guest Has Arrived
446 Meeting The Divine Predictor Once Again, Stop Overestimating Yourselves
447 A Small Gift, Chu Kuangren’s Declaration Of War
448 Xiao Lintian’s Challenge, Lan Yu Fights The Heavenly Golden Imperial Physique
449 Oh, You’re Looking For Me? Chu Kuangren Approaches Amidst The Snow
450 Learn To Fear The Might Of Nature, Ice Shards All Over The Ground
451 A Sky Full Of Runic Sword, My Name’s Chu Kuangren, I’m Here To Kill All Of You!
452 What Is The World Capable Of, A Single Person, Dominating The World
453 Wouldn’t Mind Worshipping You As My Forefather, Wild Bestial Soul Scarlet Panther
454 Destroying Craggy Ocean Tower, Five More To Go, A Chest of Soul Orbs
455 Seven Colored Heavenly Tribulation, Xiao Jingchen Becomes A Sage, The Sky-Prides Reaction
456 White-Robed General's Disappearance, Returning To The Ancient Battlefield's Core Area
457 Killing Blood Fury Sage Ruler, Might As Well Take I
458 Saving White-Robed General, Daoist Sha's Extreme Rage
459 Rescindment Rune, Besieged By Tormented Souls, A Daoist Of An Ancient Orthodoxy
460 The Cold-Blooded Daoist Sha, He Is Not The Only One
461 The Sky-prides Become Sages In Succession, Xiao Jingchen’s Challenge
462 Slandering Chu Kuangren, Daoist Sha Breaks Into The Formation, Nothing To Do With Them Anymore
463 Daoist Sha Fights Murong Xuan And Nangong Huang, The Purple Haze That Shrouds The Horizon
464 Crazy Strengthening, Maximum Limit Of A Sage, Heavenly Sage
465 Take My Palm Attack, Destroying The Ancient Battlefield, Who Can Possibly Survive That?
466 Heavenly Punishment Daoist Rhymes, The White-Robed General Awakens, The Power Of The Spatial Conveyor Skill
467 The Five Orthodoxies Panics, The Seniors
468 Nether Abyss Valley, Boundary Emperor Wuyue, Wuyue Meets Chu Kuangren
469 It’s Sunrise, No One Can Escape, Flipping Plaques
470 One Palm, One Fist, One Finger, One Sword, Destroying Four Great Orthodoxies
471 Unique Stone Tablet, I’ll Be Back In A Moment, Killing You In Three Moves
472 Sentencing Punishments On Behalf Of The Heavens, Head Over To Slay You, Best In The World
473 Secrets Of The Acheron Stele, Shang Qingxue Has Gone Missing
474 Shang Qingxue’s Whereabouts, Look How Terrified You Made Them
475 Where Is She? Demanding For Compensation After Killing People
476 Volcano Nourished By Leylines, The Sky-Prides’ Grab For Treasures
477 Don’t Drag Us With You If You’re Seeking Death, The Godly Phoenix’s Opportunity of Fortune
478 The Godly Phoenix Lil Red’s Ascension, I Still Can Do I
479 The Godly Phoenix Undergoes Nirvana, Suppressing The Boundary Emperor Bai Liyin
480 Nirvana Process Complete, The Hiding Place Of Boundary Emperors
481 Do You Think I Can Be Pushed Around? Battling The Nether Abyss Valley Lord
482 The Nether Abyss Valley Lord Flees Frantically, How Quickly He Changed
483 Chu Kuangren’s Dao, Victorious Over The World, Undefeated By Every Cultivator
484 Hu Meiren’s Seduction, Why Did He Deserve To Be Excellen
485 The Elders Go Into Closed-Door Meditation, Elder Ruyan Is Worried
486 Chu Kuangren’s Little Scheme, The Changes In Purgatory Fores
487 The Great Acheron Formation Breaks, Catastrophe On Firmament Star
488 Exchange Between Emperors, Demonic Beings Breaking Seals In Succession, Chaos On Firmament Star
489 Chu Kuangren Joins In, Ashura Tribe Fights Till Their Last Breath
490 Battle Of The Boundary Emperors, The Demon Emperor Himself Arrives, Nonsense!
491 Chu Kuangren’s Arrival, Still The Greatest Obstacle
492 Three Emperor Weapons, Suppressing Demon Emperor Pride
493 Clones Of The Seven Great Demonic Emperors, Chu Kuangren Has Fallen?
494 Borrowing All The World’s Swords To Fight The Demon Emperors, Suppressing The Demonic Realm With The Sealing Sword Formation
495 Crisis Averted, There’s A Few People Who Wanted To Thank You Too
496 The Emperors Pay Their Respects, The Road To Emperor’s Realm Is Opening, Soaring Reputation In The Nine Heavens
497 One Year, The Emperor Road Opens, Misty Ocean
498 Entering Emperor Road, Wu Clan’s Power, Divine Emerald Lamp
499 Who Just Tosses An Emperor Weapon Around? Saving The Wu Clan
500 Sword Daoist, Damaged Emperor Weapon, The Nine Heavens Orthodoxies’ Strategy
501 The Sword Tribe’s People Arrives, Seven-Colored Swordsmen, It’s With Me
502 Another Exquisite Nine Orifices Sword Heart, Just A Game
503 Soul-Vanquishing Slave Seal, A Call From Shang Qingxue
504 Heavenly Pool Mountain, Heavenly Pool Energy, What A Scary Guy
505 Shang Qingxue’s Condition, Tearing Open The Enchanted Boundary With Both Hands
506 A Little Kitty, The Sky-prides Appear
507 I’m Curious To See Who Dares To Harm One Of My Black Heaven Sect Disciples, That Person Is Here
508 You’re Too Noisy For A Little Kitty, One-Shotting A Boundary Emperor, Retrea
509 Killing The Sky-Prides In Succession, The Past Ancient Orthodoxies Compromise, Whoever Passes This Line Shall Die
510 The Masters Of The Four Orthodoxies, Can Still Reign Supreme
511 Overpowering A Boundary Emperor With Ease, Crawl For Me
512 Taming An Emperor Weapon, Consecutively Defeating Boundary Emperors
513 The Sima Clan’s Strategy, The Sword Tribe’s Shadow Swordsmen
514 Seven Chord City, Swordsman San, Here To Kill You
515 Mountainous Overgrowth, Reappearance Of The Emperor-grade Lightning Rune
516 Killing Swordsman San, The War Has Begun Long Ago
517 Seven Chord City's Forces, Guqin Festival, Meeting Feng Yaorao Again
518 Way To Go Murong Xuan, Public Display Of Affection
519 Pretty Good I Guess, Aren't You Too Puny
520 Murong Xuan's Encounters, The Infinity Guqin Banquet Begins
521 The Emperor Weapon Springtime Lightning, The Guqin Demon And Art Ghoul, No One Formidable In Guqin Throughout This Generation
522 Guqin Demon Snatches The Emperor Weapon By Force, Thousand Guqin Welcoming Him, Sorry For Being Late
523 The Overworld String, Guqin Demon And Art Ghoul’s Combination Technique, Guqin, Come
524 The Eight Celestial Demonic Chords Reappears, Killing Guqin Demon And Art Ghoul
525 Swordsman Yan’s Scheme, Sect Leader, I’m Definitely Going To Become An Emperor
526 Jian Changfeng’s Challenge, The Mega Formation That Engulfed A City
527 Blood Rage Mega Formation, Hundred Kilometers Rage Qi Cloud, Buddhist Light Purifies The Vengeful Souls
528 Rage Qi Absorption, The Daemonic Swordsman Yan
529 Swordsman Mei’s Operation, Two Strains Of Sword Qi
530 Killing Swordsman Yan, Implanting A Slave Seal, Purifying Blaze City
531 I Don't Lack Soul Emblems, Swordsman Mei Who Would Rather Die Than Surrender
532 The Domineering Slave Seal, Swordsman Mei Submits Herself To Rule
533 Swordsman Mei Returns To The Sword Tribe, Sword Daoist's Means
534 Murong Xuan's Opportunity Of Fortune, Murong Xuan Battles Xiao Jingchen
535 Breaking The Heavenly Imperial Physique With A Single Sword Technique, The Outlawed Sky-Pride Bai Hongyu
536 Why Don’t You Have A Taste Of My Attack As Well, The Enchanted Forest Realm Opens
537 The Primitive Elite Swordgrass, Three Sky-Prides, The Sword Daois
538 The Sword Daoist Overpowers A Top-Notch Sky-Pride, Suppressing The Sword Daois
539 Taking Down The Sword Daoist In A Single Sword Technique, To Set The Line For A Big Catch
540 The Empyrean Frost Python, The Strange Female Cultivator, Chu Kuangren To The Rescue
541 Slaying The Empyrean Frost Python, Unruffled Emotions, Leng Ningyu’s Reaction
542 White Spiritual Divine Fruit, The Sword Daoist’s Despair
543 What A Pitiful Daoist, A Spiritual Qi Leyline
544 The Outlawed Sky-prides Appear, Splitting The Spiritual Qi Leyline
545 Occupying The Entire Leyline Alone, Come At Me Together
546 Overpowering A Wild Beast With Raw Strength, Which Dao Does He Specialize In
547 Flanked By Outlawed Sky-Prides, Why Don't You Step Aside
548 Is That All You Are Capable Of? Chu Kuangren's Disappointmen
549 Another Three Arrives, Leng Ningyu’s Odd Expression
550 Wood Elemental Leyline Essence, Combining Forces Again
551 Zi Wuji’s Spatial Cessation Rune, Time To Get A Little Serious
552 Wonderful Indeed, Battle Of Runes, A Master In All
553 Purple Runic Demon Eyes, Runic Enigma, Are You Fast Enough To All Of Them?
554 Leng Ningyu’s Invitation, We’re Going To Be Rich
555 Everyone Has Started To Act, Leaving The Enchanted Forest Realm
556 The Sevens of Draconic Mountain, Ignorant Fool, The Sword Tribe’s Ambush
557 Arrival Of All Parties, I’m The Greatest Powerhouse
558 Surrounding Chu Kuangren, The Eight Celestial Demonic Chords Versus The Cultivators
559 Battle of Emperor Weapons, The Transcendental Sword Ray
560 Forbidden Barren Wasteland, Physician’s Inheritance, Wielding The Power of Life and Death
561 Coquettish Girl, Seven Emotions Sect, Maiden Sage Seal
562 Visiting Seven Emotions Sect, The Nuisance of Chi Yue
563 Lady Leng Yue, To Forgo Something That Was Never Experienced
564 Warning? Careful With Your Words, Master Daoist Li's Blackmail
565 I Can Cure This Flame Poison, Arrogance, The Truth Behind The Unruffled Emotions Dao
566 Curing the Poison, Exchanging Emperor Techniques, Buy One Free One
567 I Can’t Do It, Refining the Wood Elemental Leyline Essence, Entering the Boundary Emperor Realm
568 The White Divine Spirit Fruit, The Forbidden Barren Wasteland, To Each Of Their Own
569 Creating the Invincible Techniques, Esoteric Techniques, Qin Tianchen
570 Closed-door Meditation Complete, Jian Changfeng’s Cover Blown, I’m Sent By Master Too
571 Sword Emblem of Four Mystical Elements, The Sword Emperor’s Resting Place, Jian Changfeng — The Garage Kit Figure
572 The Sword Emperor’s Inheritance, Chu Kuangren’s Arrival
573 Fighting Swordsman Gu, Master Is Everything To Me
574 The Sword Emperor’s Dao, You’re No Sword Emperor, I’ll Take I
575 The Sword Daoist Escapes, The Divine Sword Of Four Mystical Elements
576 Leng Ningyu and Chi Yue in Danger, Li Celong's Scheme
577 Li Celong Gets Emotional, Almost Losing His Mind
578 Princess Chi Lian Forced to Retreat, Glory Stolen From a Meticulous Plan
579 Li Celong Almost Blew Up, Another Game to Play
580 Starting to Feel a Little Love, Your Mission is Here
581 Swordsman Mei’s Mission, the Crimson Miasma Lotus Flame, All You Need to Do Is to Kill Him
582 He’s Still My Honorable Teacher After All, I Don’t Want It Anymore
583 Li Celong’s Obsession, Refining the Crimson Miasma Lotus Flame
584 A Streak of Emperor Qi, the Ancient Lavish Cave, the Sky-Prides’ Movemen
585 The Sword Daoist’s Fury, the Holy Light Religion’s Maiden Sage
586 Nangong Huang Appears, We Don’t Welcome The Black Heaven Sec
587 Three Person Versus Bai Hongyu, The Sword Daoist Attacks
588 Lan Yu Battles The Sword Daoist, Don’t Get Too Cocky Now
589 The Outlawed Sky-Prides’ Intimidation, You’ve Grown Some Guts
590 One Move To Defeat Bai Hongyu and Wang Quan, It’s All Just A Game
591 You Have Three Moves to Entertain Me, Bored of This
592 The Ancient Lavish Cave Eruptions, I Am Claiming Everything
593 Heavenly Imperial Physique Xiao Jingchen Returns From Closed-Door Meditation, How Many Outlawed Sky-Prides Will Fall
594 Slaying Touheng, Dark Bachelor Sage Falls, Battle of the Avatars
595 Slaying Xiao Jingchen, Divine Pardon Order, The Opportunities of Fortune at Ancient Lavish Cave Concludes
596 Swordsman Mei in Danger, Transferring Jian Changfeng’s Soul
597 Sweeping Every Treasure Blatantly, a Rag-tag Bunch
598 A Deal With the Dark Shadow Religion, Getting Rid of You Will Be the First Thing I Do
599 The Ancient Daoist Lake, the Sky-Prides’ Preparation, and the Primeval Daoist Gem
600 What Harm Could Runes, Formations, and Yingyang Lightning Energy Do To Me
601 A Thousand Against One, The Power of Emperor Qi
602 Qin Tianchen Appears, Heavenly God’s Gauntlet, Emperor’s Weapon Powered by Emperor Qi
603 Is Chu Kuangren Defeated? The Power of Invincible Techniques
604 Leaving The Forbidden Area, The Sovereigns Prepare to Appear, Another Closed-Door Meditation
605 Seven Strands of Emperor Qi, Visit To The Holy Light Religion, The Mysterious Chu Kuangren
606 Transcendent Prize, Tome of Physiques, Soul Origin
607 Holy Ancestral Land, Whitelock Holy Sovereign, Holy Light Religion's Scheme
608 Reversing the Flame Ritual, Chu Kuangren Appears, The Man Himself Arrives
609 Avatar Versus The Sovereigns, Holy Light's Chief Sovereign Awakens
610 Chief Sovereign, Another One Arrives, Eight Celestial Demonic Chords Plays Again
611 The God of Light Appears, God or No God, No One Will Be Able to Save You All Today
612 Ancestral Land Foundation, We’ve Got to Go, They Did Not Want Something Like This to Happen
613 The Tempest Sword Sovereign, Li Celong’s Scheme, the Sealed Toxin Sovereign
614 The Tempest Sword Sovereign Seeks Out the Holy Light’s Chief Sovereign, Nine Strands of Emperor Qi, Everchanging Nine Dragon Rune
615 Researching Supreme Daoist Physiques, the Almighty Avatar, the Seven Emotions Sect in Danger
616 The Sovereigns Gather at the Seven Emotion Sects, The Toxin Sovereign’s Arrival
617 Leng Ningyu’s Inching Towards Death, Clutched By A Hand
618 Chu Kuangren Appears, Watch How I Kill Everyone
619 Strongest Entities of the Emperor Road, The Power of Nine Strains of Emperor Qi
620 An Emperor Weapon for Everyone, Sovereigns, Let’s Have a Blas
621 Slaying Sovereigns in Succession, Runic Enigma Divine Entrapment Rune
622 Two Great Deities Show Themselves, You Are Not Worthy to Take My Life
623 Nine Emperor Dragon Energy, Chu Kuangren Has Become Invincible
624 Affirming Dao Through Strength, I Like to Challenge the Impossible
625 Locking Sight on the Ancestral Land, A Trip To Sword Tribe, Pay For What You've Done
626 Master Tribe Leader, I’d Suggest You Choose Your Words Carefully, I’m Taking Your Ancestral Land Foundation
627 Thousand Sword Essence, Eight Wind Sixfold Annihilation Sword Formation, the Emperor’s Remnant Spiri
628 Killing the Remnant Spirit, Destroying More Ancestral Lands, as if I’ll Believe That Crap
629 The Slumbering Emperor Coffin, Wherever the Coffin Shall Pass, There Shall Be Nothing but Death
630 The Archaic Ancient Orthodoxies Turning a Blind Eye, the Slumbering Emperor Coffin’s Motive
631 The Headless Empress Reappears, Chaotic Qi
632 Twenty-Four Strands of Emperor Qi, What’s Inside
633 How Durable Are You, Pursuing The Slumbering Emperor Coffin
634 Core Area of the Forbidden Barren Wasteland, Have You Asked For My Permission?
635 Attempting To Refine The Slumbering Emperor Coffin, The Two Most Dangerous Entities
636 The Sky-Prides Regain Their Confidences, Various Great Orthodoxies Rejoice
637 The Unruffled Emotion Cultivator Gets Moved, The Situation Inside The Coffin, Bodhi Lotus Sutra
638 Twelfth-level Bodhi Lotus Sutra, the Chaos Physique Inside the Slumbering Emperor Coffin
639 Chaos Daoist Celestial, The Underworld God's Willpower Thought Form, You are Quite The Nuisance
640 Strange Tales From Immemorial Past, The Great Panhuman Revolt, Times Have Changed
641 Obtaining the Chaos Physique, Gate of the Underworld, Fight, Fight, Figh
642 Affirming His Dao Through Strength, Reactions From All Sides, the Emperor Mountain Appears
643 The Black Heaven Sect's Daoists Reunited, Do You Truly Believe That?
644 The Different Qualities of Emperor’s Dao, Human King Cang, the Sky-Prides Reach the Peak One After Another
645 Murong Xuan Reaches the Emperor's Throne, Qin Tianchen's Wild Ambition
646 Sacrificing A Lifetime’s Worth Of Cultivation, Prominent-grade Emperor’s Core
647 Sealing The Land of Black Soils, Aura of The Nine Emperors, All Hail The Great Emperors
648 Battle Of The Emperors, Yo, Looks Like A Party Is Going On
649 Chu Kuangren Is Mine To Defeat, That’ll Teach You Not To Be Pretentious
650 Let Your Day Of Ascensions Mark Your Death Day, Live In My Shadow
651 Two Veteran Emperors, One Month Later, See You At Great Frost Dragon Mountain
652 Returning to the Black Heaven Sect, True Lovers Were Together, The Homecoming
653 Calm Down Lil Red, A Message from Gu Linglong
654 The New Emperor's Grand Wedding, Guests from Various Places, Sword Tribe's Jian Feng
655 Murong Xuan's Wedding, Battling Jian Feng in the Void
656 The Descendant Self Sword Becomes an Emperor Weapon, Meeting the Headless Empress Again, Seems Like She Can Put It Back
657 Meeting the Group of Emperors, a Cataclysmic Event That’s Been Going on for the Past Twelve Eras
658 Behind the Scene in the Firmament Star, the Disappointing Emperors
659 Bei Ming Xuanse Looking for Trouble, I Demand Compensation, Youth and Vigor
660 Three Hundred Prefectures, a Hundred-Thousand-Kilometer Radius, the Godly Phoenix Affirms Her Dao
661 Treasures Everywhere, the Sycamore Divine Fruit, Have You Lost Your Mind
662 One Against Two, the Power of the Almighty Avatar
663 Killing Great Emperor Xiong Huang, Studying the Godly Phoenix Physique
664 The Ashura Tribe Has Fallen, the Demonic Realm Breaks Through Its Seal Once Again
665 The Seven Demon Emperors Appear Once Again, Demon Realm Domain, It’s You
666 Sending You All Down to Pay for Your Sins, Suppression from the Demonic Realm Domain
667 Heavenly Punishment Daoist pattern, a Restrictive Effect on the Gods
668 Celestial Demonic Chords, Godly Phoenix Versus Demonic Dragon, Power of Seven Sins
669 Battling Seven Sins, Forcing Demonic Qi into the Body, Perfected Emperor
670 Slaughtering Demon Emperors, Hunting Them Down into the Demonic Realm, Human Catastrophe
671 Time to Clean Up the Mess, Do You Have Anything to Say About It?
672 The Heavenly Imperials Have No Power to Deal With This Person, Greetings Heavenly Tormentor
673 The Last Scroll, Zhan Hongying Joins the Black Heaven Sec
674 God Worshipping Cult, Godly Secret Realms, Cultivating an Immortal Technique
675 Just Mastered an Immortal Technique, That’s All, Something Happening Beneath the Ocean
676 Bei Ming Xuanse's Decision, One of the Godly Secret Realms
677 Looting the Divine Palace, Heavenly Imperial's Mini-Universe Energy
678 Breaking the Gods Seals, The Heavenly Tormentors’ Action, An Eventful Period
679 Rank Nine Initial Emperor, A Visit from the Heavenly Tormentor, Chu Kuangren's Identity
680 Divine Power Upgrade, God Worshipping Cult's Actions, A Tense Situation
681 Prepare to Deal With the Religious Orthodoxies, Where Is Your God Now?
682 Every Being But Me Are False Gods, the One True God
683 Omniscient Spirit, Can’t Even Answer My Questions? Nice to Meet You Lil Ai
684 Killing the Three Godly Apparitions, All the False Gods Shall Perish
685 If the People Needed Something to Believe In, Then I Shall Be the One They Put Their Faith In
686 Power of Faith, Thunder God Cult, Bring Out The God Flesh
687 Do They Deserve Your Prayers? The Thunder God Cult’s Godly Secret Realm
688 Await Their Returns, A Lesser God’s Divine Fragmen
689 Refining The Divine Fragment, Possession Ritual, Five Ways Divine Shadow Army
690 Are You All That Eager To Die? Descending In Nether Abyss Valley
691 Trial of the Gods, Five Ways Divine Shadow Army Versus the God Worshipping Cult Cultivators
692 Five Ways Divine Shadow Army, Bunch of False Gods
693 The Underworld God Arrives, A Way to Utilize the Power of Faith
694 A Rematch with the Underworld God, Overpowering the Underworld God, The Gate of the Underworld Reappears
695 Killing the Underworld God, Crippling the Divine Maiden, I am the One True God
696 Modifying the Faith Refining Cleanse, the Power of Faith, Ascending to the Heavenly Imperial Realm
697 Chosen to Live as a Mongrel Instead, the Arrival of the Two Gods
698 Facing the Venerable Gods Once More, Power of My Miniverse
699 Killing the Gods in One Blow, Preparations Before Going to the Extraterritorial Battlefield
700 Nine Heavens Central City, Emperor Jin Xuan, Telepor
701 Stronghold Seventeen, Views In The Extraterritorial Region, The Barracks Gate
702 Registration, He’s A Hotshot, Three Types Of Armies
703 Heavenly Imperial Ghostblade, A Jade Pendant, Reminiscing The Pas
704 Refining The World Fruit, The Commodore Junior Of The Command Headquarters
705 Shang Honghua, Trial, One Technique To Stupefy Everyone
706 Battling Shang Honghua, Have I Not Given Enough Handicap?
707 Shang Honghua’s Expedition, Asteroid Belt Seven, Bunch of Superficial Fools
708 The Fourth Transcendent Prize, Timespace Treasure, Legend of the Human King
709 First Encounter with the Blood Tribe, First Attempt at Freezing Time
710 You Killed Yourself, Combat Merit, Battle Leaderboard
711 Asteroid Seven, Chaos Emblem, The Redshirt Army’s Broken Hearts
712 Superb-tier Chaos Emblem, A Commander’s Mistake
713 Overpowering a Miniverse With Another, Mercenaries From the Sword Tribe
714 Unfairly Judging Someone With Sinister Thoughts, Jian Que’s Betrayal
715 Attack of the Two Heavenly Imperials, Wait Here
716 A Secret, Universe Secret Realm, The Soul-Vanquishing Slave Seal Reappears
717 Jian Wuque, Simple, To Kill
718 Battle Against Jian Wuque, You Can’t Stop This Blade
719 The Blood Tribe Battalion Arrives, The Blood Prince
720 Pink Secret Realm, Exotic Crystal Flower, Plan B
721 The Enraged Bai Juexin, an Overpowering Spatial Technique
722 The Weird Mountain Wall, Refining the Realm Origin
723 The Firmament Star’s Cultivators Arrive, the Heavenly Imperial Ghostblade Battles Bai Juexin
724 Daoist Celestial’s Blood Essence, Danger, No One Can Save All of You Now
725 Battling Bai Juexin, Mastery of the Miniverse
726 Bai Juexin’s Hysteria, Another Time Lock
727 Complete Refinement Of The Realm Origin, Stellar Undying Body
728 Novice Stage Stellar Undying Physique, Staring At A Star
729 Jian Wuque Comes To Challenge, Return To Stronghold Seventeen
730 Jian Wuque’s Wait, I’ve Come To Regret My Decision
731 I’ll Give You Three Moves, Chu Kuangren’s Fingertips Miniverse
732 Shatter the Emperor Weapon, A Million Combat Merits, Messenger of the Daoist Celestials
733 The Central Heaven Daoist Ground, the Other Heavenly Imperials, a Daoist Celestial Appears
734 Prominent-grade Esoteric Art, Gaining Insights Into The Daoist Patterns Of Central Heaven Daoist Ground
735 The Daoist Celestials Gather, Do I Have The Right To Vote Too?
736 The First Empress of Ages, Heavenly Tormentor Emerges, Heavenly Dao Energy
737 The Daoist Celestials who Reincarnated into the Formation Core, Luo Shui Seeks Revenge
738 Hang the Heavenly Imperials, Change of Stronghold Leadership
739 Blood Firmament War, Starting Things Off with a Welcoming Gif
740 The War Begins, First Blood, Overwhelming Victory
741 Battle Casualties, the Blood Kings’ Meeting, the Daoist Weapon, Isolation Sealing Insignia
742 The Boundary Daoist Celestials Die One After Another, Killing Bai Shi With Three Punches
743 Helping Stronghold Thirty-Eight, In Your Dreams
744 Turning the Tide, Gaining Fame, Ruler of the Battlefield
745 Rank First on the Battle Leaderboard, One Billion and Three Hundred Million Combat Merits, the Blood Tribe’s Resource Transportation Route
746 The Ardent King’s Fury, Shang Honghua Is In Danger, Reinforcemen
747 Rage Qi Crystal, The Redshirt Army’s Despair, Having Lots Of Fun, Aren’t You?
748 Sword Qi Torture, I’d Love To See How You Plan To Kill Me
749 The Daoist Celestials Have Come, All-Out War, Chu Kuangren Fights King Bai
750 Fifth State of The Immortal Body, King Bai’s Cluelessness
751 Overwhelming King Bai, the Reappearance of Immortal Techniques, Immortal Civilizations
752 Killing King Bai, Is There Anyone Else Stronger Than Him?
753 The Blood Tribe Is Not Destroyed Yet, I Can’t Slack Off, an Angry Chu Kuangren
754 Purple Primal Core Metal, Origin of the Phantasmal Seven Emotions Tune, Mental Sparring Match With a Daoist Celestial
755 A Civilization’s Future, the Blood Abyss Threa
756 The Daoist Celestials Go To War, Will Firmament Star Be Defeated?
757 The Heavenly Tormentors Join The Battle, Billions Of Swords, Defending Against Twelve Blood Kings
758 Dark Blood Energy, I Can Do It Too, The Aid Of The Divine Absolute Sword
759 Blood Origin Star, Light Orb, Battling Seventeen Daoist Celestials
760 Using Every Technique, The Last Trick, Destroying Blood God Mountain
761 Information from Blood Origin Star, Transcendental Daoist Celestial's Grievance
762 The New Sword Without an Owner, River of Time, The Rise of Humans
763 Gazing at the Immortal, I am Human King Cang
764 Interconnecting Mind Power and Emperor Qi, I Am Such a Genius
765 Childhood Playmate Greenie, Absolute Freeze Technique, Preparing to Leave
766 Killing a Mind Power Grandmaster in One Move, It’s a Pity That You Disrespected the Gods
767 Slaying a God, the Soul Fruit, the Only Thing He Can Do
768 Creating the Yin and Yang Ring, the Flame Bulwark Tribe, up to the Same Old Tricks Again
769 The Wild Beasts Attack the Flame Bulwark Tribe, Kittens and Puppies, Now Stay Down
770 Gods Appear, Stepping on the Gods
771 Yan Wu’s Invitation, An Immortal Is Teaching?
772 The Gods’ Response, Saint, Cultivation Revolution
773 Embarrassed, The Panhuman Revolt Tower’s Consensus
774 Nine-Cycle Trinity Soul Refinement, Saint, I Want To Learn Weaponsmithing
775 Star Destruction Tribe, The Messenger’s Disbelief
776 The Gods’ Intent, Destroying Flame Bulwark Tribe
777 The Best Way To Eradicate Fear, The Phantasmal Seven Emotion Tune’s Uses
778 Star Destruction Tribe Invades, Just a Small Matter
779 It's Embarassing to Fall, Surging Murderous Qi, The Army Falls Silen
780 Zhan Xing's Morale Crumbles, Saint Cang, You're Too Aggressive
781 Battling a Venerable God, Single Thought Series, He’s Strong Enough to Fight the King of Gods?
782 A Few Familiar Faces, Eight Venerable Gods
783 Overpowering Eight Venerable Gods, Hope for Humanity to Flourish
784 Twenty Venerable Gods, Which One of Us Is Destined to Prevail, Venerable Spacetime God
785 Refining the Underworld God’s Divine Fragment, Everyone Seeking to Form an Alliance
786 An Encounter With An Immortal, That Person Shall Be You
787 The Ceremony At Emperor Mountain, The Heavenly Dao Bestows The Human King Seal
788 The Human Race’s Development, A Ravaging Blizzard, A Signal Of Invitation
789 Descending Upon The Godly Mountain, Another Battle With The Venerable Gods
790 Spacetime Cage, Your Spacetime Dao Is Too Weak
791 Slaying The Venerable Spacetime God, Negotiate Terms After Wiping Out Half The Gods
792 The King Of Gods Awakens, Both Opponents’ Limits
793 After Gaining A Hundred Thousand Years, A Cloak Torn
794 Re-entering The River of Time, Witnessing The Historical Development of The Firmament Star
795 Locking The Time, The Physical Body Is At Planet Bei
796 Interstellar Object, What Do You Think You’re Doing With My Body
797 Fighting the Draconic Beast With Bare Hands, Do You Think I’d Be So Shameless To Do Everything as You Say?
798 Killing the Grand Holy Dragon Forefather, Heavenly Dao Source, a Soul Uniting With Its Body
799 Gaining Allegiance From Planet Bei’s Civilization, I’ll Leave It in Your Good Hands
800 The Heavenly Golden Daoist Celestial’s Proposal, in Your F*cking Dreams
801 The Demon God Breaks Free, the Gods Begin to Carry Out Their Plans
802 Meeting Luo Shui Once Again, Returning to the Firmament Star, Feeding the Heavenly Dao
803 A Reunion With The Human King, The Gods Surrounded The Black Heaven Sec
804 Negotiation With The Gods, Only Deaths Await Thee
805 The Heavenly Tormentor Forced His Cultivation, I’m Standing No Matter Wha
806 Old Friend, It’s Been A While, Let This Trial Be Filled With Glory
807 He’s The King?! Welcome Back, Sect Leader
808 The Godly Mountain's Seal Breaks, Underworld God Tries to Kill Chaos Daoist Celestial
809 Crushing Underworld God, Saving Chaos Daoist Celestial, Prominent-Grade Powers
810 Reincarnation of the King, Hmm, That is Quite a Good Excuse
811 The Glorious Achievements of the Human King, The Human-God Treaty, What If It Includes Me
812 Shame On Us, King, Shattering Heavenly Golden Daoist Celestial's Dream
813 Single Thought Series, Absolute Silence, Planetary Destruction
814 Open Your Eyes and Take a Closer Look, I Still Have This Prominent-Grade Emperor Qi
815 The Strongest Person Throughout the Ages, No One Can Stop Him Now
816 The King of Gods Absorbs the Godly Mountain Source, Things Are Finally Getting Interesting
817 Solo Universal Conquest, Killing the King of Gods, Slaying Heavenly Golden
818 The Daoist Celestials Awake From Their Slumber, Beating Some Manners Into the Innate Ferocious Daoist Celestial
819 Elder Ruyan’s Ideas, You Flatter Me Too Much
820 Refining the Divine Fragment, Late-Stage Minor Daoist Celestial, Advanced Warship Blueprints
821 Changes In Firmament Star, Warship, The Immortal Progenies Are Coming
822 Firmament Star Takes The Offensive, The Daoist Celestials’ Powers
823 The Sword Daoist Celestial Fights Planet Zi’s Sky-Pride, The Sword Daoist Celestial Is Defeated
824 The Warship Has Come To Aid, Gaps Between Civilization, Is That So?
825 One Sword To Ruin The Fleets, One Fist To Destroy The Sword Qi
826 Killing Li Feng, Are You Stupid or What, Overpowering the Immortal Progeny
827 Clash of Immortal Techniques, Heaven Devouring Techniques
828 Shang Honghua Meets Her Idol, the Blood God Awakens
829 Dynasty Title — Chanqio, Regnal Title — Soane, Empire Capital - Black Heaven City
830 The Blood God Attacks, Empire in Danger?
831 The Power Of The Timespace Treasure, Feeding The Heavenly Dao Again, Heavenly Daoist Celestial Combat Uni
832 Leaving Firmament Star, What Gives Them Courage
833 An Overview Of The Violet Gold Galaxy, Barter
834 Dusty Sky Pseudo Immortal, White-Jaded Dragons Gate, The Immortal Progenies Have Arrived
835 Saw Something It Should Not, Shattering The Dragon Pillar, Stele Forest Formation
836 Break Through Levels, Ten Thousand Sword Formation, How Dare You Underestimate Me?
837 You’re Too Hot-Headed, It’s Time To Break The Formation
838 Do You Guys Agree? Let’s Join Forces, Perhaps There’s A Chance To Hurt Me
839 One Against All The Immortal Progenies, He Has The Poise of An Immortal!
840 The Immortal Technique Versus Immortal Technique, The Daoist Weapon Recognises Its Master, May I Know Your Name
841 Befriending a Pseudo Immortal, I Know a Little, You Deserve I
842 Tales of the Immortal World, Ancient Legacy Planet, Marvel of the Dusty Sky Jade Order
843 Puny but Ignorant, Looking for Fun, Treasures Emerge
844 The Four Blooded Guardians, The Third Seat, the Blackwind Ape Immortal Progeny’s Dissatisfaction
845 No Matter When, No Matter Where, Defeating the Immortal Progenies With the Single Thought Series
846 Killing the Blackwind Ape Immortal Progeny, Defeating the Four Blooded Guardians With a Single Move
847 The Violet Blood Pseudo Immortal, the Final Trial, the Astral Illusory Realm
848 Facing the Four Great Immortal Progenies, Heavenly Mystical Triad Sword Ar
849 The Violet Blood Pseudo Immortal’s True Motive, the Soul Refining Altar
850 Who Told You There’s Only One of Me? The Three Powerful Souls Start to Attack
851 The Fifth Cycle Soul Refinement, Going Back Empty-Handed
852 Attack the Great Daoist Celestial with A Sword Technique, Turn All of You to Ashes Until I Die
853 Godly Moon Daoist Celestial, Tang Haitang, Unawakened Immortal Physique
854 Strongest Minor Daoist Celestial, There Is No Limit In Dao And Techniques
855 The Trade Fair, Three Thousand Firms, Auction
856 Auction Bidding, Three Billion and Two Hundred Million Spiritual Marrows, Played Like a Fool From the Very Star
857 A Useless Piece of Rock? Open Your Eyes Wide and Watch, the Purple Source Metal
858 The Moon Wheel Banquet, Lady Leng of the Lunar Palace Sect, Planet Zi’s Fourth Sea
859 You’re Chu Kuangren, That Works Too? When Is the Moon Round and Brigh
860 Endless Moonlight, the Moonlight Essence, Wang Hang’s Doubts
861 Killing Wang Hang, Killing the Wang Clan’s Great Daoist Celestials, You’re the Only One Lef
862 Master in Swordsmanship and Poetry, the Sword Poem Immortal, Just A Little
863 Immortal Physique Awakened, Moon Frost Immortal Physique, Challenge of the Second Sea
864 Refining the Moonlight Essence, Source Realm, Moon Source
865 Out From Closed-Door Meditation, Lazy To Deal With Him, Guqin Music And Sword Dance
866 Zi Tianhen Came To Provoke, What a Closed-off Worldview, Where’s Your Heavenly Migh
867 Wrote A Poem And Raised His Sword, An Astonishing Sword Attack, Killing Another Planet Zi Sea
868 Awaken God Wine, Aroma for a Hundred Kilometers, Even A Heavenly Daoist Celestial Is Drunk
869 Holy Violet Temple Lord’s Decision, Firmament Star’s Perils
870 Attack from Planet Zi's Gold Guardian, Heavenly Daoist Celestial Combat Unit Steps In
871 Planet Zi’s Army Attacks, Wang Clan Great Forefather's Plan
872 Battle of Pseudo Immortals, Arrival of Powerful Cultivators From All Corners of the Galaxy, Returning the Favor
873 Battle of Heavenly Daoist Celestials, the Might of the First Sea
874 He’s Actually Sleeping, Creating Immortal Techniques, Two in One Go
875 Dressing Neatly, Tying the Descendant Self Sword to His Waist, Killing His Foes With Every Step, Armies of Thousands Are Nothing to Him
876 The First Seat’s Brutal Takedown, Unleashing an Immortal Technique With an Immortal Physique
877 The Everchanging Nine Dragon Rune and Heavenly Dao Energy, Slaying the Heavenly Daoist Celestial
878 Clone of the Holy Violet Temple Lord, Declaration of War Against Planet Zi
879 A Heavenly Daoist Celestial’s Self-Destruction, the Great Battle Ends
880 Hunted, Leaving The Ancient Godly Moon Kingdom, You’ll Have To Work Hard
881 Dao Proclamation Seal, Thoughts, Heavenly Devouring Daoist Ar
882 Rumors Of The Planet Devourer, Heavenly Sword Sect Disciple Who Were Being Hunted
883 These People Are Under My Protection, Immortal Tendon
884 Black Blood Tower’s Young Master Refines The Immortal Tendon, Arriving At Black Blood Tower
885 Phoenix’s Flames Might, Obtaining The Immortal Tendon, Killing Black Blood Tower’s Young Master
886 The Black Blood Tower’s List of Assassination Targets, a Planted Fuse
887 Planet Sirius, Li Xueying, the Li Clan’s Archery Technique
888 A Deal With Li Xueying, the Countdown to the Black Blood Tower’s Destruction
889 Fighting Poison With Poison, That’s Nothing but a Third Rate Phony
890 The Fellow Li Clan Members, Attack of the Purple-Masked Assassins, the Great Bow Appears
891 Using an Immortal Tendon as a Bowstring, Chu Kuangren’s Four Mystical Art Solar Sho
892 Killing the Three Purple-Masked Assassins, the Li Clan Forefather’s Place of Slumber
893 Awakening of the Li Clan Forefather, No Way Back
894 It’s Normal for an Archer to Excel in Melee Combat, The Vision of Carnage
895 I’m Awaiting Your Attack, Devouring Heavenly Dao
896 Heavenly Punishment Eye, That’s All The Sky Can Take
897 Does Anyone Else Have An Opinion? Heading to Chaotic Starfield
898 Chu Kuangren’s Demonic Blockade, Stepping Into An Extreme Domain
899 Chaotic Starfield’s Three Bandit Kings, Defeating Them With A Punch
900 All of You Have No Option, Defeating The Berserk Sand Bandit King
901 Taking Control Over the Berserk Sand Bandits, Next Target, the Flame Demon Bandits
902 The Flame Demon Bandits Submit, What if I’m Included Then
903 I’m Afraid… Not, Defeating the Heavenly Gale Bandit King and Black Blood Tower Master in One Go
904 Unifying the Chaotic Starfield, Devouring a Category Nine Plane
905 The Chaotic Starfield Army Marches Forth, Destination — Planet Zi, Shocking the Entire Galaxy
906 Slashing The Stronghold, Worn-out Planet Zi
907 Operation Start, Alone? Widen Your Eyes and Look
908 Beginning of the War, He Has Improved So Much
909 Breaking Tri-mordial Mystic Formation. Killing Four Heavenly Daoist Celestials
910 Bow and Arrow? Let's Play. Killing Dark Arrow Daoist Celestial
911 Planet Zi’s Powerful Backing, Three Pseudo Immortals
912 I’ve Fallen Into Disadvantage, My Strength Isn’t As Powerful As Yours? Six Sources Emerged
913 You All Think This Is The Limit? Devouring Heavenly Dao Again
914 The End of Planet Zi’s Civilization, Planet Jin Ruler Appears
915 Deficient Immortal Pill, Absorbing Wisdom of Civilization, Gaining Insights From Immortal Techniques
916 Becoming a Heavenly Daoist Celestial, Sending Over the Library, Devouring Planet Zi
917 The Fragmented Immortal World Appears, the Immortal Ascension Path, Setting an Example for the Future Generation
918 The Fox-Eared Girl, Beasthunter Planet, I’ll Give You Two Choices
919 The Beast Subduing Ring, I Submit, What Did He Take In This Time
920 Meeting the Violet Gold Immortal Progenies on the Immortal Ascension Path, I’m Only Having It as a Pet for Fun
921 Force Buy and Sale, Scram, Leave the Yin and Yang Ring
922 Immortal Ascension Path's Dragon and Phoenix Blessing, Entering The Immortal World
923 Foreigner, Native, Old Sparrow City
924 Entry Fee, Malicious Intent Towards the Outside, Call the City Lord
925 Bai Clan Forefather’s Arrival, A Strange Old Man
926 Bai Clan Forefather’s Abacus, Refining Immortal Crystal
927 A Sword Crown of The Past, An Alcoholic Today, Heading To Heavenly Blaze Forest Realm
928 Holy Divine Fire Cult’s Divine Bachelor, Entering The Forest Realm, Moonlight Fox’s Ability
929 Am I Your Father? Heavenly Blaze Treasury, Violet Heaven Radiant Flame
930 All of You Should Attack Me Together, Defeating Hundreds Of Immortal Progenies With A Single Move
931 The Phoenix Flame’s Power, the Ancient Sparrow City’s Young Lord Had It Coming
932 Killing the Ancient Sparrow City’s Young Lord, Do I Look Like a Mass-Murderer to You?
933 The Dumbfounded Bai clan Forefather, What the Hell Has He Done Inside There?
934 The Flames of a Phoenix, the Freezing Qi of an Immortal Physique, Defeating the Elites From the Holy Divine Fire Cul