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Julian Weber is an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a graduate of Westpoint Military Academy with a degree in civil engineering. As U.S. involvement in Afghanistan comes to an end, Lt. Julian Weber finds himself involved in a terrorist attack by the Taliban, which claims his life. However, he quickly finds out that death is not always final as he is reincarnated into the body of a ...
《Tyranny of Steel》 Auxiliary Volume
Discord Information
《Tyranny of Steel》 Volume 1: The Path to Power
1 Transmigrating to Another World
2 Life as a Baron's Heir
3 Introducing New Technology
4 A New Day
5 a Prosperous Friendship is Born
6 A Seemingly Civil Discussion
7 A Passion for Engineering
8 Four-Field System
9 a Fair Day's Wage for a Fair Day's Work.
10 A Verbal Thrashing
11 An Unwanted Betrothal
12 Production Complete
13 The Count's Daughter Arrives
14 A Fine Evening
15 Unimaginable Wealth
16 Harsh Mistress
17 Immoral Temptation
18 Reversal of Fortune
19 Your Wish is my Command
20 Raising an Army
21 Forming a Battalion
22 A Diamond in the Rough
23 A New Plot is Hatched
24 It is Not a Hunt if You are Properly Sober
25 Returning Home
26 The Count's Daughter Returns
27 Visiting the Mines
28 Cave In
29 The Age of Knights has Already Passed
30 Symphony of War
31 The Aftermath
32 Recovery
33 Tea Time
34 There is Something Else...
35 A Night to Remember
36 A Difficult Negotiation
37 We Will See About Tha
38 A Formal Declaration
39 Religious Ambitions
40 Caught in the Ac
41 Linde's Revelation
42 Death of a Marshal
43 Expanding Influence
44 Checking in on Things
45 Lambert's Birthday I
46 Lambert's Birthday II
47 Lambert's Birthday III
48 Gathering Evidence I
49 Gathering Evidence II
50 Gathering Evidence III
51 Gathering Evidence IV
52 No Father Should Have to Execute his Own Child
53 Bring the Boy to me
54 You are no Son of Mine!
55 A Solemn Vow
56 An Entertaining Lecture
57 You will tell him that, yes?
58 A Stern Warning
59 Render unto Caesar
60 Combating Misinformation
61 Papal Response
62 A not so Civil Discussion
63 Joining the Teutonic Order
64 Supplying the Militia
65 Monogamy is for Suckers
66 Finding a Replacemen
67 Border Conflic
68 Escalation of Force
69 Declaration of War
70 Mustering the Army
71 Cavalry Charge
72 Overwhelming Victory
73 Establishing a Siege Camp
74 Throw them to the Wolves!
75 Suing for Peace
76 Endorsement of Thef
77 A Fitting Name
78 Lambert's Decision
79 Infrastructure Initiative
80 Revelation of Corruption
81 Gaining the Count's Suppor
82 Recruitment Drive
83 A Father's Grief
84 Discussing Defense
85 Have you no Shame?
86 Formation of a Wicked Alliance
87 Counter Conspiracy
88 Military Reforms
89 Becoming an Arms Dealer
90 Ludolf's Reformation
91 Council of Constance I
92 Council of Constance II
93 Formal Abdication
94 Legal Reforms
95 Alchemists Arrive in Kufstein
96 Adela's Birthday I
97 Adela's Birthday II
98 Adela's Birthday III
99 Adela's Birthday IV
100 A Passionate Speech
101 Victory in the Eas
102 Plans for the Future
103 God With Us!
104 Call to Arms!
105 A Broken Betrothal
106 An act of Provocation
107 Victory in Bavaria
108 Marching to War
109 The War for Austria Begins
110 Enemy Ambush
111 Memorial Service
112 Agents in the Shadows
113 Siege of Schwaz
114 Absconding into the Nigh
115 Bringing Down the Castle Walls
116 Marching to Innsbruck
117 Siege of Vienna
118 Taking the City!
119 Negotiating Surrender
120 Bloodbath at Innsbruck I
121 Bloodbath at Innsbruck II
122 Defense of Kufstein
123 Refugee Crisis
124 Northern Surrender
125 Adela's Plea
126 Preparing for an Invasion
127 An Awkward Family Reunion
128 Blood in the Snow
129 Establishing Camp at Sterzing
130 Right of Conques
131 Trapped within Vienna
132 The Count's Heir Submits
133 Storming the Gap
134 Victory in Meran
135 Successful Operation and a New Invasion
136 You Really Know how to Force my Hand
137 Invasion of Tren
138 Are There any Questions?
139 Lothar's Defea
140 A Hero's Welcome
141 Lothar's Demise
142 Consolidation of Power
143 It is Only Natural for Siblings to Share
144 Construction of Monuments
145 God Wills It!
146 Grand Ambitions
147 Contact with the Byzantines
148 Entertaining the Byzantines I
149 Entertaining the Byzantines II
150 Marvels of Industry I
151 Marvels of Industry II
152 Show Him No Mercy!
153 Ambushing the Teutonic Order
154 My Dear Brother
155 Cut Off His Head!
156 Recovery
157 Storm in the Eas
158 If You Want Peace, Prepare For War
159 Council of Kufstein
160 Proclamation of the Reformation
161 The Council of Cordoba I
162 Council of Cordoba II
163 Catfigh
164 Death of a Duke
165 Preparing for an Enemy Invasion
166 The Way is Blocked
167 Henrietta's Concerns
168 Constructing the Grand Cathedral
169 Catfight II
170 The Progress of Civlization
171 We Could Just Surrender...
172 Fields of Steiermark
173 War Council I
174 War Council II
175 A Normal Day for the Count of Tyrol
176 Selling Armor to the Byzantines
177 School Days
178 Escaping from Vienna
179 The Fall of Vienna
180 Visiting Graz I
181 Visiting Graz II
182 Taking Advantage of a Crisis
183 You are the perfect wife, did you know that?
184 I shot myself in the foot there, didn't I?
185 Sweet Dreams!
186 An Important Announcement During a Lovely Dinner
187 Returning to Kufstein
188 Settling In
189 Bombard
190 Dreadfully Hungover
191 Conrad's Arrival
192 Conrad's Ambitions
193 You Will Be Home Before the Leaves Fall From the Trees
194 Lightning War
195 The Hunter has Become the Hunted
196 Battle in Kärnten
197 Crushing an Insurgency
198 An Unexpected Welcome
199 Victory in Kärnten
200 Assassinating an Enemy General
201 Causing Trouble
202 Troubles at the Byzantine Cour
203 East-West Relations
204 The Fields of Vienna
205 The Bavarians Surrender
206 Dinner With the Strategos of Ionia
207 An Unexpected Invention
208 Meeting With Ludolf
209 Testing the Arkebuse
210 Introducing New Military Innovations
211 Designing the Linde-Class Ship of the Line
212 Meeting with the Shipbuilder
213 Trapped in a Cage
214 Establishing the Navy
215 Conrad's Misdeeds
216 A Lover's Fury
217 Preparation is the Key to Survival
218 Surprise Visi
219 Quelling a Rebellion Before it Begins
220 The Brigand Ac
221 Setting a Trap
222 Running Away from Home
223 Crushing the Rebellion
224 Honoria's Journey Part I
225 Balancing the Budge
226 Honoria's Journey Part II
227 Introducing Women's Undergarments
228 Developing the Hand Cannon
229 Advancements in Medicine
230 Selecting a Deputy Director
231 Honoria's Journey Part III
232 Blessed With an Exceptional Child
233 The Hussite Representatives Arrive
234 Negotiations With the Hussites
235 The Search for the Missing Princess
236 Honoria's Journey Part IV
237 Revising Ship Designs
238 Honoria's Journey Part V
239 Lambert's Official Death I
240 Lambert's Official Death II
241 Salt and Glass
242 The Princess Arrives I
243 The Princess Arrives II
244 The Princess Arrives III
245 Getting Down to Business
246 Glory to the Empire
247 Saying Good-bye
248 Dreams of the Future
249 A Jealous Lover
250 More Constitutional Reforms
251 Adela's Concerns
252 Berengar and Honoria
253 Berengar and Honoria II
254 Appeasing Two Women I
255 Appeasing Two Women II
256 Honoria's Reques
257 Legal Reforms II
258 Venetian Response
259 Fourteenth Birthday I
260 Fourteenth Birthday II
261 The War in Bohemia Begins
262 Battle at the Eastern Border
263 Requesting Artillery
264 The Holy Maiden of France
265 The Holy Roman Emperor Joins the Fray
266 A Year Goes By
267 Honoria's Diary
268 Honoria's Confession
269 Plans for Independence
270 Preparing for a Journey
271 Arriving in Granada
272 Negotiations with the Sultan of Granada
273 Conspiring Against the Sultan
274 Assembling a Crew I
275 Conspiring against the Conspirators
276 Purging the Opposition
277 You are Right, it is Not Meant to Be
278 The King's Sorrows
279 Alliance of Gibraltar
280 God's Gift to the World
281 War of Attrition
282 Reuniting with an Old Friend
283 Fertility Incentives
284 Appointing the Grand Admiral
285 Advancing into Southern Egyp
286 Anti-Piracy Operations
287 Troubles at the Vatican
288 Reforming the Granadan Army
289 Formation of the Iberian Union
290 Preparing to Visit the Kalmar Union
291 Arriving in the Kalmar Union
292 Fishing and Diplomacy
293 I Can Die Happy Now
294 Assembling a Crew II
295 Marching on Cairo
296 Invasion of Murcia
297 Minting New Currency
298 Operation Thunder
299 Declaration of Independence
300 Thousands of Feet March to the Bea
301 Pre-emptive Strike
302 Daily life in Austria
303 Forward March!
304 Gaining a Foothold in the Swiss Confederation
305 A New Era of Naval Warfare
306 Cat Fight III
307 Excessive Plunder
308 The Holy Roman Empire Responds
309 For King and Fatherland!
310 Selling Stolen Goods
311 The Italians Strike Back
312 Fall of Zurich
313 Keelhauled
314 Formation of the National Militia
315 The Princess of Granada
316 Battle of the Andalusian Plains
317 Arming Brigands
318 East-West Schism
319 Dietger's Intentions
320 Cultural Reforms
321 Austrian Ghosts
322 Battle of the Adriatic
323 Advancements in Munitions Technology
324 Surrounded by the Enemy I
325 Surrounded by the Enemy II
326 Near Effortless Victory
327 One Last Act of Desperation
328 Developing the Needle Rifle
329 The Swiss Confederation Surrenders
330 Returning to Service
331 Cat Fight IV Part I
332 Cat Fight IV Part II
333 Are you interested now?
334 Papal Woes
335 Ghost Town
336 Siege of Florence Part I
337 Siege of Florence Part II
338 The Holy Roman Empire Surrenders
《Tyranny of Steel》 Volume 2: Age of Industry
339 Reunited at Las
340 Coronation of a King Part I
341 Coronation of a King Part II
342 Aggressive Negotiations with the Byzantine Emperor
343 Discussing Military Intervention in Granada
344 Industry and Conspiracy
345 Declaration of a Crusade
346 Double Proposal
347 An Awkward Family Dinner
348 Industrial Innovations
349 Redesigning the Fashion of Austria
350 The Royal Wedding Part I
351 The Royal Wedding Part II
352 The Royal Wedding Part III
353 Discussing Plans for the Future
354 Demonstrating the Rifled Breach Loader
355 Doomed to Obsolescence
356 Hussite Victory
357 Military Parade
358 Preparing for Intervention in Bohemia
359 The Man with Two Crowns
360 An Audience with the King
361 Good Riddance
362 An Awkward Return
363 Getting Involved in the Hundred Years' War
364 Hatching a Devilish Plo
365 Legalizing Polygamy
366 Every Man's Dream
367 The Morning After
368 Pistols and Pianos
369 Further Educational Reforms
370 Triple Pregnancy
371 Negotiations with the Byzantine Emperor
372 Dinner with the Byzantine Emperor
373 The Second Royal Wedding
374 Just Another Day in Paradise
375 Fall of the Teutonic State
376 Plans for the Future of France
377 Establishing the Bohemian Royal Army
378 You Reap What You Sow, Big Brother
379 A Lesson in Obedience
380 Arriving in Constantinople
381 Reflecting on the Pas
382 Retaking Cordoba
383 The Byzantine Royal Wedding
384 A Byzantine Breakfas
385 An Unexpected Meeting
386 Preparing for War against the Eastern Coalition
387 Halting the Iberian Advance
388 Locomotives and Weapons
389 Designing the Electric Telegraph
390 Stick Grenades and Gatling Guns
391 High Times
392 Naval Innovations
393 Improvements in Food Production and Preservation
394 Shipping Off to Granada
395 Preparing for the Constitutional Convention
396 Austrians Arrive in Granada
397 Assassinating an Eastern Warlord
398 Establishing Special Operations
399 Rifles, Pirates, and Theatre
400 Annihilating the Aragonese Army
401 Saving Agent Jürgen
402 The Bohemian Army Arrives
403 Constitutional Convention Part I
404 Constitutional Convention Part II
405 In the Name of God
406 State Funeral
407 Negotiating Byzantine Intervention into Reconquista
408 A Particularly Difficult Farewell
409 A Tempting Offer Part I
410 A Tempting Offer Part II
411 Angels are Falling!
412 Family Problems
413 Senseless Slaughter
414 Conference of the German Dukes
415 Sacking of Toledo Part I
416 Sacking of Toledo Part II
417 Clandestine Operations in the Kingdom of France
418 Cat Fight V
419 Last Man Standing Part I
420 Last Man Standing Part II
421 A Day in the Life of Linde
422 A Day in the Life of Adela
423 The Cowardly King of Aragon
424 Naval Warfare off the Coast of Portugal
425 The Triple Alliance
426 Conspiracies within the Byzantine Cour
427 Portugal's Last Ditch Effor
428 Grand Opening of the Railway
429 Peace Accords in Aquitaine
430 Just Following Orders
431 A Day in the Life of the Austrian Army
432 Return to Granada
433 A Tacit Understanding Between Two Kings
434 Fire and Maneuver
435 Climbing the Noble Hierarchy
436 Beachside Relations
437 Granadan Wedding
438 Preparing for the Invasion of Portugal
439 A Dying Empire
440 The Horseman of War
441 French Ambitions
442 Sacking of Lisbon
443 Tied up like a Common Hog
444 Portugal Surrenders
445 Hungover Politics
446 A Long Awaited Reunion
447 Breakfast in the Royal Palace of Austria
448 Status Repor
449 The French Prince Arrives
450 The Devil on your Shoulder
451 Papal Woes II
452 Demonstration of the 1422 Lightweight Mortar
453 Dinner with the French Prince
454 Sweet Dreams, My Precious Little Princess
455 The Wicked Princess of France
456 Construction of the Suez Canal
457 Family Reunion Part I
458 Family Reunion Part II
459 Family Reunion Part III
460 Preparing for a Critical Voyage
461 Formation of the Kingdom of Spain
462 An Unexpected Visit by the Austrian King
463 Preparing for War with the Eastern Coalition
464 Casting Off
465 On the March yet Again
466 First Contact Part I
467 First Contact Part II
468 First Contact Part III
469 Preparing for the Coming Storm
470 One Sided Massacre
471 Securing the Teutonic State
472 Diplomacy at its Fines
473 Attack on the Conspirators
474 Arriving in the Mohawk Village
475 Wrath of the Golden-Haired Gods
476 Finding a Scapegoa
477 All is Fair in Love and War
478 A New Labor Force
479 New Arrivals
480 Surgical Strike
481 Improvements to the Settlemen
482 Massacre at Krakow
483 Peacekeeping Operations
484 Locating the Granite Quarry
485 There Must be War!
486 Founding of New Vienna
487 Little Rabbi
488 Inner Workings of the French Cour
489 Things are about to get Interesting
490 Absolute Authority
491 Until His Last Dying Breath
492 English Ambitions
493 Rule Germania!
494 Entering the Fold
495 Berengar von Kufstein Must Die!
496 Formation of the South German Confederation
497 The Anangpur Delegates Arrive Part I
498 The Anangpur Delegates Arrive Part II
499 A Bit of Spor
500 A Brief Journey to Innsbruck
501 A Necessary Demonstration
502 Marching on Warsaw
503 A Long Forgotten Prophecy
504 Retaliation Via Proxy
505 A Near Death Experience
506 Retirement Ceremony
507 Raising a Prince Properly
508 Exploring Unknown Regions
509 Creation of Synthetic Fibres
510 Mountain Warfare Part I
511 Mountian Warfare Part II
512 Iberian Arms Race
513 A Proper Wife Part I
514 A Proper Wife Part II
515 Sensual Bath Part I
516 Sensual Bath Part II
517 Returning from an Ardous Voyage Part I
518 Returning from an Ardous Voyage Part II
519 Tea Ceremony
520 A Dreaded Peace
521 A Botched Assassination Attemp
522 A Long Forgotten Family Secre
523 Intense Interrogation
524 Declaring Martial Law
525 Identifying the Enemy Within
526 Bloody Monday
527 A Public Display of Authority
528 The Princess Awakens from her Slumber
529 An Unexpected Ultimatum
530 A Villanous Bastard's Dillema
531 Reforming the Royal Guard
532 Berengar You Sly Bastard!
533 Tractors, Potatoes, and Revenge
534 A Crisis of Faith
535 Mock Battle Part I
536 Mock Battle Part II
537 Mountain Insurgency
538 A Necessary Evil
539 An Awkward Confession
540 Physical Therapy
541 Aiding the German Rebels
542 Recruiting the Nobles of Luxembourg
543 The Shot Heard Around the World
544 Papal Suppor
545 A Madman's Massacre
546 The Calm Before the Storm
547 Landing in South Vinland
548 Stumbling Upon an Important Discovery
549 Preparing to Invade the North
550 Discovery of a Major Resource Deposi
551 The North Bleeds!
552 Unfair Treaties
553 The Schleswig-Holstein Question
554 Troubles in the Heart of the Byzantine Empire
555 Preventing Scorched Earth Tactics
556 One Day Soon you will be a King
557 Discovering a Monumental Secre
558 A Quest for Gold
559 Prussian Authority
560 Ending a Rebellion
561 An Important Pursui
562 Capturing Luxembourg
563 Fall of Luxembourg
564 A Colony Built Upon Slavery
565 Declaration of an Empire
566 Annexing Schleswig-Holstein
《Tyranny of Steel》 Volume 3: Rise of an Empire
567 Establishment of New Swabia
568 A Long Absent Friend Returns
568 Establishment of New Swabia
569 A Long Absent Friend Returns
570 the von Kufstein Dynasty United Against the World
571 I am your God
572 Formation of an International Defensive Pac
573 Family Issues
574 Settling Their Differences
575 Cruel and Unusual Punishment Part I
576 Cruel and Unusual Punishment Part II
577 Border Construction
578 A Brush with the Supernatural
579 Delving into Ancient Records
580 Designing Ice Factories and Revolving Cannons
581 The Iberian Conflict Revisited
582 Bestowing the Spymaster with the Greatest Honor
583 An Enjoyable Meal with the Family
584 Plotting Revenge
585 An Unholy Act in the House of God
586 Returning to Constantinople
587 An Unexpected Reunion
588 A Living Hell
589 Poisoning a Prince
590 Avenging Arethas
591 A New Member of the Alliance
592 History Will Remember Me as a True Man of Culture
593 A Proper Reunion
594 Introducing the Radiotelegraph
595 The German Emperor's Greatest Secret is Revealed
596 It's About Time!
597 Honeymoon Part I
598 A Clever Little Scamp
599 Honeymoon Part II
600 Successful Deterrance
601 Underappreciated and Overworked
602 One Hell of a Last Nigh
603 Narrowly Avoiding a World War
604 A Feigned Retrea
605 A Military Exercise in the Kingdom of Lombardy
606 Defining a Legacy
607 Less than Peaceful Negotiations Part I
608 Laying Siege to the City of Madrid
609 Less than Peaceful Negotiations Part II
610 Establishing the Free State of Jerusalem
611 Returning Home to a Nice Family Meal
612 Wolves and Liverwurs
613 A Papal Dillemma
614 The Quest for Gold Begins
615 Honoria Learns the Truth
616 An Unexpected Encounter on the Mediterrannean
617 Landing on the Coast of Mesoamerica
618 The Great Pursui
619 Working Together to Survive
620 The Search for the Missing Emperor/Exploring the Ancient City
620 The Search for the Missing Emperor
621 An Interesting Conversation with a Long Forgotten Diety Part I
622 An Interesting Conversation with a Long Forgotten Diety Part II
623 A Solemn Farewell
624 The Crusaders Arrive in the Holy Land
625 A Wife's Grief
626 An Empire's Progress
627 Incorporating Recently Conquered Ground
628 Mysterious Disappearances
629 Am I not Merciful?
630 A Ruthless Display of Force
631 An Unwanted Mercy
632 Peace and Prosperity in New Vienna
633 Battle of the Three Armies Part I
634 German Expansion
635 Battle of the Three Armies Part II
636 Troubles in the Eas
637 The War for Tomatoes Begins
638 Shattered Bonds
639 Subjugating an Empire
640 Another Awkward Return Home
641 Linde Learns the Truth
642 Hans Learns the Truth
643 Reminiscing of the Pas
644 Acre Has Fallen
645 The German Cadet Corps
646 Family Outting
647 Chacolate and Saltpeter
648 Expansion of German Culture
649 The Royal Wedding of Prussia
650 Uncovering an Ancient Prophecy
651 A New Power Rises in the Eas
652 Just an Average Day at the French Border
653 Wait for Tomorrow
654 The Gunther Merchant Company
655 Open Rebellion
656 Chocolate Agreements
657 Meeting with the Grand Duke of Moscow
658 Little Monster
659 It's About Sending a Message
660 Rus' Response
661 The Gunther Merchant Company Part Two
662 Killing a Traitor
663 Time Flies By
664 A New Generation of Army Equipmen
665 Family Drama Part One
666 Family Drama Part Two
667 Next-Generation Naval Vessels
668 Rise of an Empress
669 Imperial Ambitions
670 A Difficult Life Outside the Empire
671 The Triumphant General Returns Home
672 A Night Ou
673 Death of an Emperor
674 All Hell Breaks Loose
675 Defense of the Gibraltar Strai
676 Long Live the Sultan
677 Long May He Reign
678 Yes Ma'am!
679 Overcoming Grief
680 Resorting to Underhanded Tactics
681 An Unexpected Attack
682 Political Purges in Iberia
683 Fleeing the Empire
684 An Average Day While the Kasier is Away
685 Capturing the Enemy's Family
686 Returning From Iberia
687 Adela's Personal Reques
688 Inventing the Shotgun
689 A Prince's Schemes
690 Ending the Mōri Rebellion
691 Digging your own Grave
692 A Plea for Leniency
693 The Itami Clan
694 Renewed Hostilities in the Holy Land
695 It is About Retribution
696 Itami Riyo's Internal Strife
697 Taking Ownership
698 You are not a Woman I Love
699 Arrival of the Indian Exiles Part I
700 Arrival of the Indian Exiles Part II
701 The Fall of Jerusalem
702 Treating the Poisoned Princess
703 End of an Era
704 Afternoon Tea
705 Tour of the Capital Part I
706 Tour of the Capital Part II
707 Tour of the Capital Part III
708 The Price of Prosperity