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Transmigration of the Famous Cyber Star


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Updates:Chapter 263: Unhealthy Ca

Liu Man transmigrated from thousands of years ago to the modern world. Before she transmigrated, she was completely broke. After she transmigrated, she was still worried about her wealth. And so, for her to survive, she decided to start earning money by becoming a cyber star: trading and selling products, recording daily activities with her kittens, and showing off bits of her skills. One day she...
《Transmigration of the Famous Cyber Star》 Text
Chapter 1: A Blink In Two Thousand Years
Chapter 2: A Treasured Daughter
Chapter 3: Her God
Chapter 4: Knowing Tang Tu
Chapter 5: Negotiation of The Compensation
Chapter 6: A Huge Debt Pushing Her Down
Chapter 7: Live-streaming Shoe Selling
Chapter 8: Practicing Piano At The Piano Room
Chapter 9: Continuing Live-streaming
Chapter 10: Stable Triangle Relationship
Chapter 11: Pet Clinic
Chapter 12: Fake Cat food
Chapter 13: Buying Cat Food Again
Chapter 14: The End of the Year Exam
Chapter 15: Passing The Exam
Chapter 16: Fancy Cat Food
Chapter 17: Live-streaming Chinese Calligraphy
Chapter 18: Film Casting
Chapter 19: Just a Friend
Chapter 20: Having Dinner Together
Chapter 21: Chinese Customs
Chapter 22: Putting On The Hanfu Again
Chapter 23: After Dinner
Chapter 24: A Short Video
Chapter 25: Audition Photo
Chapter 26: Contacting The Dealer Company
Chapter 27: Treat To Dinner
Chapter 28: Midnight Snacks
Chapter 29: Mutually Follow Each Other On Weibo
Chapter 30: Second Time Negotiating
Chapter 31: Exposing The Deception
Chapter 32: Where To Buy Cat Food
Chapter 33: To Become A Legalized Dealer
Chapter 34: A Successful Refund
Chapter 35: She Began Her Rise To Fame
Chapter 36: I’m A Ve
Chapter 37: Live-streaming Calligraphy Once Again
Chapter 38: An Expensive Gif
Chapter 39: Request For Cooperation
Chapter 40: New And Old Fans
Chapter 41: Notice For The Audition
Chapter 42: Auditioning For The Film
Chapter 43: The Sound of the Wind
Chapter 44: The Rival Show
Chapter 45: Fostering Dayligh
Chapter 46: Private Meal
Chapter 47: Warning Tang Tu
Chapter 48: Live-streaming at the Pedestrian Mall
Chapter 49: Accompanying Coco’s Performance
Chapter 50: The Opening Ceremony
Chapter 51: Follow
Chapter 52: Liu Man’s First Scene
Chapter 53: Special Treatmen
Chapter 54: A Cute Photo of Dayligh
Chapter 55: Rehearsing the Piano Scene
Chapter 56: Filming the Piano Scene
Chapter 57: The Standoff
Chapter 58: Unsatisfied about the interactions
Chapter 59: The Breakup
Chapter 60: I’m a Vet’s Wei Bo
Chapter 61: Showing Off Liu Man’s Calligraphy Works
Chapter 62: Live-streaming Playing on the Piano
Chapter 63: Playing ‘The Untrammeled Traveler’ on Piano
Chapter 64: Looking For His Music Sheets
Chapter 65: The Ending Song
Chapter 66: Buying the Copyrights
Chapter 67: Liu Man’s Third Scene
Chapter 68: The Worst Male Lead
Chapter 69: They Are All Villains
Chapter 70: A Trap
Chapter 71: Complaining on Wei Bo
Chapter 72: Her Only Mental Suppor
Chapter 73: New Year’s Eve
Chapter 74: The Cast’s Dinner Party
Chapter 75: Toasting Each Other
Chapter 76: A Cruel World
Chapter 77: An Unexpected Way Ou
Chapter 78: To Give up Seats
Chapter 79: Just a Ve
Chapter 80: A Rendezvous
Chapter 81: The Vet is Old
Chapter 82: The Red Packets on Wei Bo
Chapter 83: Spending the Night Together
Chapter 84: Man Man and Zhan
Chapter 85: The Fourth Scene
Chapter 86: Finishing All Her Scenes
Chapter 87: A 200-RMB Tip
Chapter 88: Yu Zhan’s Apartmen
Chapter 89: Live-streaming at His Place
Chapter 90: The Vet’s Voice
Chapter 91: To Spend Another Night Together
Chapter 92: Making the Professor Dislike Her
Chapter 93: Discussing the Dealing Rights Again
Chapter 94: Going to Hong Kong
Chapter 95: Business Negotiation
Chapter 96: Another Friend
Chapter 97: New Year Li Shi Feng
Chapter 98: New Semester
Chapter 99: Benefiting From Her Fame
Chapter 100: Starting to Sell Cat Food
Chapter 101: Renting a Storage Space
Chapter 102: Hiring Her Mother
Chapter 103: Boss Yu
Chapter 104: Meeting a Netizen
Chapter 105: Picture Show Off
Chapter 106: Meeting the Calligraphis
Chapter 107: Becoming an Apprentice
Chapter 108: Seeing an Old Friend Again
Chapter 109: Happy Guo Guo
Chapter 110: Uncivilized
Chapter 111: Shooting the Short Video
Chapter 112: Popular on Tik Tok
Chapter 113: Chamber Music Ensemble
Chapter 114: The Guzhen Major
Chapter 115: Signing Up on Tik Tok
Chapter 116: Selecting a Piece
Chapter 117: Getting to Know Her Family
Chapter 118: He Could Not Help Her
Chapter 119: A Stray Ca
Chapter 120: Adopting Moonligh
Chapter 121: Unfollowing Her
Chapter 122: Her Testimony
Chapter 123: Reversing Their Views
Chapter 124: Taking Advantage of the Popularity
Chapter 125: Bad Reputation
Chapter 126: Verifying
Chapter 127: Their First Rehearsal
Chapter 128: Completely Over
Chapter 129: Picking Her Up
Chapter 130: Staying at His House
Chapter 131: Close to the Teacher
Chapter 132: Popular on the Interne
Chapter 133: Coming to Support Her
Chapter 134: Broken Strings
Chapter 135: Seeing a Guqin Again
Chapter 136: Playing the Guqin
Chapter 137: Without Yijia
Chapter 138: Sudden Confession
Chapter 139: Breaking News
Chapter 140: Unexpected
Chapter 141: Everyone Knows
Chapter 142: Quitting
Chapter 143: Buying the Guqin
Chapter 144: Leaving
Chapter 145: Her Boyfriend
Chapter 146: The Performance Begins
Chapter 147: Stunning Everyone
Chapter 148: Injuring Her Fingers
Chapter 149: I Like You Too
Chapter 150: She’s a Real Deal
Chapter 151: Shen Mozhen’s Pos
Chapter 152: The Director’s Pos
Chapter 153: Face-Slaps from Witnesses
Chapter 154: Her Mother Acting Strange
Chapter 155: She’s a Princess
Chapter 156: Two Daughters
Chapter 157: Princess Man
Chapter 158: I Have a Boyfriend
Chapter 159: Fans Supporting Her
Chapter 160: Surveillance Footage
Chapter 161: Getting Arrested
Chapter 162: Trembling
Chapter 163: The Tardy Apology
Chapter 164: Calligraphy Exhibition
Chapter 165: Bai Fu Mei
Chapter 166: New Member
Chapter 167: Bumping into Wen Fangfei
Chapter 168: Invitation
Chapter 169: Wearing Hanfu Again
Chapter 170: The Truth
Chapter 171: A Turning Poin
Chapter 172: Sis Peach
Chapter 173: A Gathering
Chapter 174: He’s the Ve
Chapter 175: Trusty and Reliable
Chapter 176: Make-up Artis
Chapter 177: Weibo Photo
Chapter 178: Quitting the Team
Chapter 179: Unexpected Call
Chapter 180: Owing a Favor
Chapter 181: Expensive Attorney Fee
Chapter 182: Requesting Her to Become a Gues
Chapter 183: Graduation Concer
Chapter 184: Tiring Performance
Chapter 185: Mountain Stream
Chapter 186: Giving Flower to Her Bosom Friend
Chapter 187: Sympathy
Chapter 188: Giving Her Roses
Chapter 189: Low Presence
Chapter 190: Corresponding Posts
Chapter 191: Both Knowing the Truth
Chapter 192: Tang Tu’s Concer
Chapter 193: Live-Streaming Confession
Chapter 194: The Third Gues
Chapter 195: The Fourth Gues
Chapter 196: Her Boyfriend Is a Ve
Chapter 197: Singing the Theme Song
Chapter 198: Final Exams
Chapter 199: Getting Expelled
Chapter 200: A Big Background
Chapter 201: Finding the One In Charge
Chapter 202: Meeting Zhu Xiyang
Chapter 203: Exposing On the Live-Stream
Chapter 204: A Passionate Audience
Chapter 205: An Infuriated Yu Zhan
Chapter 206: Going On the Headlines
Chapter 207: Shaking the Entire Interne
Chapter 208: Getting Fired
Chapter 209: Another Chance
Chapter 210: Begging For a Transfer
Chapter 211: Safe and Sound
Chapter 212: Ups and Downs
Chapter 213: Last Apprentice
Chapter 214: Behind-the-Scenes Pusher
Chapter 215: Visiting
Chapter 216: Confirming Her Major
Chapter 217: Seeing her Father
Chapter 218: Moving Ou
Chapter 219: Renting and Moving
Chapter 220: A Violent Argumen
Chapter 221: Housewarming
Chapter 222: Gathering in One Place
Chapter 223: The Sisters
Chapter 224: Types of People
Chapter 225: Deciding to Collaborate
Chapter 226: Learning English
Chapter 227: The Recording Studio
Chapter 228: Learning How to Sing
Chapter 229: It’s Not Easy to Be Rich
Chapter 230: The Dog Is the Main Character
Chapter 231: A Disabled Dog
Chapter 232: Produce Conflic
Chapter 233: Regaining Confidence
Chapter 234: Everyone Is Talented
Chapter 235: A New World
Chapter 236: Renting a Warehouse
Chapter 237: The Conflict Leveling Up
Chapter 238: Selling
Chapter 239: Penalty
Chapter 240: Releasing the Documentaries
Chapter 241: Vet Yu
Chapter 242: A Warmhearted Man
Chapter 243: Five-star Rating
Chapter 244: Successful Resul
Chapter 245: Live-Streaming While Being Viral
Chapter 246: Exposed
Chapter 246: Exposed
Chapter 246: Exposed
Chapter 246: Exposed
Chapter 246: Exposed
Chapter 247: Your Jacket Fell
Chapter 248: Employed and Resigned
Chapter 249: Full Suppor
Chapter 250: Passing the First Evaluation
Chapter 251: Wealthy Miss
Chapter 252: Rosy Cheeks Compliments the Beauty
Chapter 253: Jasmine
Chapter 254: Rabble
Chapter 255: Perfect Brother
Chapter 256: Exclusive Video
Chapter 257: Huge Increase in Popularity
Chapter 258: Popular Hanfu
Chapter 259: Asking Her
Chapter 260: Business Cooperation
Chapter 261: Professional Designer
Chapter 262: Hanfu Exhibition
Chapter 263: Unhealthy Ca