215 Di Taibai“s Shock

Clean up the mortal worlds again?!

Are you guys serious?!

Han Jue cursed in his heart, feeling that these so-called immortals were crazy.

If you want to fight, so be it. But don't keep involving mortals!

However, Crown Prince Tianze was at the mid-stage Grand Unity Golden Immortal Realm. It was a little troublesome. He wondered if he could kill him instantly.

Moreover, this fellow had a powerful background. He was the son of the Demon Emperor. Wasn't he equivalent to Long Hao and Long Shan?

Han Jue was worried.

In the distant void, the Heavenly Puppet opened its eyes and saw a figure staring at the Scarlet Cloud World.

It was Crown Prince Tianze.

Crown Prince Tianze wore black scales, and his long hair fluttered in the wind. On careful look, he was actually a group of venomous snakes with their tongues out. His face was cold and his eyes were dark red. It was obvious that he was a vicious person.

He didn't immediately attack but observed the Scarlet Cloud World.

"This world's providence is rising the fastest in the Heavenly Court, but the mortals in this world are not strong. It's a little strange."

Crown Prince Tianze pondered silently.

At this moment.

The Heavenly Puppet asked, "What do you mean?"

Crown Prince Tianze knew at a glance that he was a puppet. He said calmly, "Come out and fight me."

How arrogant!

Han Jue silently entered the simulation trial and asked the Heavenly Puppet to stall for time.

"Why must you do this? Did our mortal world offend you?" The Heavenly Puppet asked.

Without another word, Crown Prince Tianze raised his hand and struck out with his palm. Boundless Dharmic powers bombarded the Heavenly Puppet.

The Heavenly Puppet instinctively used the Heaven Earth Mystic Yellow World Piercing Sword Finger to block.

This Heavenly Puppet also had the cultivation of the Reincarnation Mystic Immortal Realm. Although it didn't have Han Jue's combat experience, it still relied on its own Dharmic powers to successfully block Crown Prince Tianze's attack.


Crown Prince Tianze's eyes narrowed.

Even the puppet could stop him?

At this moment!

A figure appeared beside Crown Prince Tianze. He glanced over and saw Han Jue.

What a handsome man!

A thought appeared in Crown Prince Tianze's mind.

He immediately raised his palm and struck. His palm transformed into a ferocious beast claw, and wisps of black aura emerged from his palm.


A terrifying roar sounded like thunder.

Han Jue held the Primordial Judgment Sword in his hand and slashed with it. Countless sword shadows erupted like a torrent that drowned the Crown Prince.

In the torrent of sword shadows, the expression of Crown Prince Tianze changed drastically.

"Oh no! How can this fellow's sword Qi be so powerful?"

Crown Prince Tianze screamed in his heart as he immediately moved and jumped out.

As soon as he appeared, he felt a terrifying sword Qi behind him.

He immediately took out an iron halberd and was about to swing it when he was drowned by countless sword shadows.


Crown Prince Tianze was horrified as his body was quickly destroyed.

His essence soul was protected by a mysterious force and did not suffer the destruction of the sword Qi.

Han Jue attacked again. He raised his left hand and used Six Paths Soul Absorption to pull Crown Prince Tianze in front of him.

"Wait! I'm the son of the Demon Court's Demon Emperor. You can't kill me!" Crown Prince Tianze shouted in horror.

[Crown Prince Tianze has developed hatred towards you. Current Hatred Points: 3 stars]

Han Jue frowned. Without another word, he used Three Pure World Cleansing again to kill Crown Prince Tianze's essence soul.

Since they had already become enemies, he had to kill!

If you didn't develop hatred, we could still sit down and chat!

Crown Prince Tianze was dead!

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief and immediately returned to the Connate Cave Abode.

The void returned to silence as the sword Qi dissipated like mist.

After returning to the Connate Cave Abode, Han Jue's heart pounded.

Would the old one come after he killed the young?

Han Jue was already prepared to face an endless wave of enemies.

Two hours.

Four hours.

Ten hours.

Two days passed.

Seeing that he didn't receive any hatred notifications, Han Jue was puzzled.

Could it be that this Crown Prince Tianze was not highly regarded by the Demon Emperor?

He was the Crown Prince!


The introduction was about the son of a Demon Emperor, not the Demon Court's Crown Prince.

If he was really the Demon Court's Crown Prince, why would the Demon Emperor send him to the enemy's lair?

The more Han Jue thought about it, the more he felt that it was so.

Time passed.

After Crown Prince Tianze died, the Scarlet Cloud World was not attacked again.

Ten years later.

Han Jue was cursing the enemies when Di Taibai suddenly contacted him through the Heavenly Dao Token.

Han Jue multitasked and contacted him with his divine sense.

"Recently, the Heavenly Court was attacked by the Demon Court. Many mortal worlds were devastated. Did anything happen to you?" Di Taibai asked.

Han Jue replied, "I met a Grand Unity Golden Immortal."

Di Taibai immediately became nervous and asked, "How's the situation? Has he already left?"

"He's dead."


Di Taibai was shocked.

Han Jue could already kill Golden Immortals?

Wasn't that even more ridiculous than the reincarnated Immortal Emperor of the Divine Palace?

Han Jue was only a thousand years old!

Although the person from the Divine Palace could kill a Golden Immortal when he was a True Immortal, he was far older.

Di Taibai was shocked.

He suddenly realized that he and His Majesty might have underestimated Han Jue.

Di Taibai asked anxiously, "Who came looking for trouble?"

Han Jue didn't hide anything. He also needed the Heavenly Court to help him.

"Son of the Demon Emperor… Crown Prince Tianze… Since you knew his identity, you still dared to kill him?" Di Taibai asked with a strange tone.

Han Jue asked, "I have the backing of the Heavenly Court. Could it be that the Heavenly Court is afraid of the Demon Court? Impossible! Our Heavenly Court is the number one in the myriad worlds!"

Di Taibai was silent.

He couldn't refute that.

"Don't tell anyone about this. I'll tell the Heavenly Emperor first. Don't worry, the Heavenly Court will always be your most reliable background!" Di Taibai cut off the connection after saying this.

Han Jue didn't mind and continued cursing the enemy while reading his emails.

Several months later, Han Jue began to create his clone.

This Reincarnation Avatar was going to be used to guard the Sword Dao River.

Three years later, Han Jue finally created a clone that looked exactly like himself.

Dao Comprehension Sword was dumbfounded.

Han Jue took out a mask and let the Reincarnation Avatar wear it.

"From now on, you're Liu Bei."

Han Jue smiled and waved his hand to send the Reincarnation Avatar into the Sword Dao River.

The Reincarnation Avatar's cultivation level was about the same as his, but it didn't inherit his cultivation technique memories.

Although Han Jue could send his divine sense into the Reincarnation Avatar and control its body, he was also afraid of potential issues. Therefore, he couldn't let the Reincarnation Avatar be the exact same as him.

Dao Comprehension Sword asked curiously, "Master, Liu Bei is your…"

Han Jue replied, "It's just a clone. Didn't you go to the Sword Dao River before? He will guard it in the future."

Dao Comprehension Sword's talent in the Sword Dao was also very strong. She had gone to the Sword Dao River before.

"Where's that senior?" Dao Comprehension Sword asked curiously.

Han Jue said, "He left because he had something to do."

Dao Comprehension Sword clicked her tongue in wonder. "Master, how did you manage to get this position?"

"With your talent, you won't understand!"

Han Jue rolled his eyes at her and went to the Nine Heavens Galaxy Water.

He discovered that Li Yao didn't try to find the Scarlet Cloud World. Instead, she hid in a valley and cultivated.

She was quite cautious and knew how to hide elsewhere.

She was probably afraid that Han Jue was tricking her.

"Master, something happened to Murong Qi!"

Tu Ling'er's voice came from outside the cave abode, her tone urgent.

Han Jue immediately walked out of the cave abode.

Murong Qi twitched under the Fusang Tree.. His face was sinister and his body twitched violently. No one dared to approach him.