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The Universe is Innately Just


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The Universe doesn“t care whether a certain thing is right or wrong, rather it exists in a weird state of equilibrium where everything has its polar opposite. From the singularity that birthed the universe to the celestial objects seen throughout its rapid expansion, every single lifeform, every single object, every single particle, is subjected to this principle.

In the 24th o...
《The Universe is Innately Just》 Volume 0
-1 Cultivation Steps
《The Universe is Innately Just》 Volume 1
1 A Weird Encounter
2 Baby Cemetery
3 Everyone can use Hardening
4 Choice
5 Boundless Universe
《The Universe is Innately Just》 Volume 2
6 Spatial Treasure
7 New Dawn
8 Gladiator's Heaven
9 Explosive Entrance
10 Chain Winning
11 "Massin Martial Art" Breakthrough
12 A Blade Resembles Its Owner
13 Sharp Mind, Crystal Clear
14 Sun lit, Moon influenced
15 Foundational Stance, Soft and Hard
16 Deep Chill
17 Cold Blooded Massacre
18 Thunderous Migh
19 Side Effec
20 A Warrior's Res
21 Hyper Perception
22 Rough Path
23 Seclusion
24 Maturing
25 Meridians Refinemen
26 West Highway
27 Factory Sector Part One
28 Factory Sector Part Two
29 Factory Sector Part Three
30 Factory Sector Part Four
31 Factory Sector Part Five
32 War Assist AI Part One
33 War Assist AI Part Two
34 War Assist AI Part Three
35 War Assist AI Part Four
36 War Assist AI Part Five
37 Police Assault Team
38 Starry Sky
39 West Police Station
40 Guessing Game
41 Baby Steps
42 Clashing with a noble Part One
43 Clashing with a noble Part Two
44 Clashing with a noble Part Three
45 Slight Problem
46 Main District's Reality
47 Psychological Outburs
48 A Revenge In White
49 Booming Thunder
50 Reveal
51 Spotligh
52 An Immortal's Descen
53 Youthful Official
54 Migh
55 Nutrient Rich
56 Loud Grumbles
57 Earthlings
58 Big Brother Fell
59 Sharing Meals
60 Crimson Bubble
61 Bloody Rush
62 Elevator's Music
63 A Road To Battle Center
64 Tutorial
65 Another World
66 Fist Figh
67 New Debu
68 Changes
69 Aiming For The Peaks
70 Leading The Way
71 An Eclipsed Sword
72 Ready for the brawl
73 First Match
74 Ghostly Stutter
75 Like an Open Book
76 Virtual Biomes
77 Vicious Brawl
78 Nascent Friendship
79 Five Matches' Reward
80 David Versus Goliath
81 David Versus Goliath Part II
82 David Versus Goliath Part III
83 Pushing Through
84 Respec
85 Life And Death
86 Logging Ou
87 Second Meeting
88 Ancestor
89 Knowing Each Other
90 Surprise
91 Getting Back Home
92 Foundational Training
93 Change In Character
94 Running To Death
95 Resul
96 Reading Time
97 Wind's Hidden Talen
98 Strange Mystery
99 Mystery Solved
100 Building One's Own Energy
101 Building One's Own Energy Part Two
102 Building One's Own Energy Part Three
103 Building One's Own Energy Part Four
104 Building One's Own Energy Part Five
105 From Streams to Rivers
106 From Streams to Rivers Part Two
107 From Streams to Rivers Part Three
108 From Streams to Rivers Part Four
109 From Streams to Rivers Part Five
110 Righteous Jealousy Part One
111 Righteous Jealousy Part Two
112 Righteous Jealousy Part Three
113 Righteous Jealousy Part Four
114 Righteous Jealousy Part Five
115 Mass Advancement Part One
116 Mass Advancement Part Two
117 Mass Advancement Part Three
118 Mass Advancement Part Four
119 Mass Advancement Part Five
120 Tips And Tricks Part One
121 Tips And Tricks Part Two
122 Tips And Tricks Part Three
123 Tips And Tricks Part Four
124 Tips And Tricks Part Five
125 Storming To The Top Part One
126 Storming To The Top Part Two
127 Storming To The Top Part Three
128 Storming To The Top Part Four
129 Storming To The Top Part Five
130 Trial By Fire Part One
131 Trial By Fire Part Two
132 Trial By Fire Part Three
133 Trial By Fire Part Four
134 Trial By Fire Part Five
135 Cold Snap Part One
136 Cold Snap Part Two
137 Cold Snap Part Three
138 Cold Snap Part Four
139 Cold Snap Part Five
140 A Masked Deception Part One
141 A Masked Deception Part Two
142 A Masked Deception Part Three
143 A Masked Deception Part Four
144 A Masked Deception Part Five
145 Bond Breaking Part One
146 Bond Breaking Part Two
147 Bond Breaking Part Three
148 Bond Breaking Part Four
149 Bond Breaking Part Five
150 Aftermath Part One
151 Aftermath Part Two
152 Aftermath Part Three
153 Aftermath Part Four
154 Final Push Part One
155 Final Push Part Two
156 Final Push Part Three
157 Final Push Part Four
158 Final Push Part Five
159 Final Push Part Five
160 Accepting One's Fate Part One
159 Accepting One's Fate Part One
160 Accepting One's Fate Part Two
161 Accepting One's Fate Part Three
162 Accepting One's Fate Part Four
163 Accepting One's Fate Part Five
164 Back to Reality Part One
165 Back To Reality Part Two
166 Back To Reality Part Three
167 Back To Reality Part Four
168 Back To Reality Part Five
169 Invitation Part One
170 Invitation Part Two
171 Invitation Part Three
172 Invitation Part Four
173 Invitation Part Five
174 Paying Respect Part One
175 Paying Respect Part Two
176 Paying Respect Part Three
177 Paying Respect Part Four
178 Paying Respect Part Five
179 Strange Aftertaste Part One
180 Strange Aftertaste Part Two
181 Strange Aftertaste Part Three
182 Strong Aftertaste Part Four
183 Strange Aftertaste Part Five
184 Through Blood And Bonds Part One
185 Through Blood And Bonds Part Two
186 Through Blood And Bonds Part Three
187 Through Blood And Bonds Part Four
188 Through Blood And Bonds Part Five
189 Unexpected Turnaround Part One
190 Unexpected Turnaround Part Two
191 Unexpected Turnaround Part Three
192 Unexpected Turnaround Part Four
193 Unexpected Turnaround Part Five
194 Gathering Of Strength Part One
195 Gathering Of Strength Part Two
196 Gathering Of Strength Part Three
197 Gathering Of Strength Part Four
198 Gathering Of Strength Part Five
199 Clock Ticking Part One
200 Clock Ticking Part Two
201 Clock Ticking Part Three
202 Clock Ticking Part Four
203 Clock Ticking Part Five
204 One's Origin Part One
205 One's Origins Part Two
206 One's Origins Part Three
207 One's Origins Part Four
208 One's Origins Part Five
209 Memory Of The Slums Part One
210 Memory Of The Slums Part Two
211 Memory Of The Slums Part Three
212 Memory Of The Slums Part Four
213 Memory Of The Slums Part Five
214 Last Line Part One
215 Last Line Part Two
216 Last Line Part Three
217 Last Line Part Four
218 Last Line Part Five
219 Dawn Approaches Part One
220 Dawn Approaches Part Two
221 Dawn Approaches Part Three
222 Dawn Approaches Part Four
223 Dawn Approaches Part Five
224 Nascent Grudges Part One
225 Nascent Grudges Part Two
226 Nascent Grudges Part Three
227 Nascent Grudges Part Four
228 Nascent Grudges Part Five
229 Shining Persona Part One
230 Shining Persona Part Two
231 Shining Persona Part Three
232 Shining Persona Part Four
233 Shining Persona Part Five
234 Ominous Charms Part One
235 Ominous Charms Part Two
236 Ominous Charms Part Three
237 Ominous Charms Part Four
238 Ominous Charms Part Five
239 Ominous Charms Part Six
240 World's End Rapsody Part One
241 World's End Rapsody Part Two
242 World's End Rapsody Part Three
243 World's End Rapsody Part Four
244 World's End Rapsody Part Five
245 Battles Tendencies Part One
246 Battle Tendencies Part Two
247 Battle Tendencies Part Three
248 Battle Tendencies Part Four
249 Battle Tendencies Part Five
250 Cardinal Ghost Part One
251 Cardinal Ghost Part Two
252 Cardinal Ghost Part Three
253 Cardinal Ghost Part Four
254 Cardinal Ghost Part Five
255 Crusade Under The Stary Sky Part One
256 Crusade Under The Stary Sky Part Two
257 Crusade Under The Stary Sky Part Three
258 Crusade Under The Stary Sky Part Four
259 Crusade Under The Stary Sky Part Five
260 An Unbreakable Spirit Part One
261 An Unbreakable Spirit Part Two
262 An Unbreakable Spirit Part Three
263 An Unbreakable Spirit Part Four
264 An Unbreakable Spirit Part Five
265 Shining Gale Part One
266 Shining Gale Part Two
267 Shining Gale Part Three
268 Shining Gale Part Four
269 Shining Gale Part Five
270 Earth's Expanse Part One
271 Earth's Expanse Part Two
272 Earth's Expanse Part Three
273 Earth's Expanse Part Four
274 Earth's Expanse Part Five
275 Doom's Soft Sphere Part One
276 Doom's Soft Sphere Part Two
277 Doom's Soft Sphere Part Three
278 Doom's Soft Sphere Part Four
279 Doom's Soft Sphere Part Five
280 Blessed Being Part One
281 Blessed Being Part Two
282 Blessed Being Part Three
283 Blessed Being Part Four
284 Blessed Being Part Five
285 Paradigm Shift Part One
286 Paradigm Shift Part Two
287 Paradigm Shift Part Three
288 Paradigm Shift Part Four
289 Paradigm Shift Part Five
290 Bestial Strafe Part One
291 Bestial Strafe Part Two
292 Bestial Strafe Part Three
293 Bestial Strafe Part Four
294 Bestial Strafe Part Five
295 Reversal. Life or Death Part One
296 Reversal. Life or Death Part Two
297 Reversal. Life or Death Part Three
298 Reversal. Life Or Death Part Four
299 Reversal. Life Or Death Part Five
300 Blooming Sapling Part One
301 Blooming Sapling Part Two
302 Blooming Sapling Part Three
303 Blooming Sapling Part Four
304 Blooming Sapling Part Five
305 Calamitous Decision Part One
306 Calamitous Decision Part Two
307 Calamitous Decision Part Three
308 Calamitous Decision Part Four
309 Calamitous Disaster Part Five
310 A Familiar Renewal Part One
311 A Familiar Renewal Part Two
312 A Familiar Renewal Part Three
313 A Familiar Renewal Part Four
314 A Familiar Renewal Part Five
315 City Under The City Part One
316 City Under The City Part Two
317 City Under The City Part Three
318 City Under The City Part Four
319 City Under The City Part Five
320 Unfurling Past Part One
321 Unfurling Past Part Two
322 Unfurling Past Part Three
323 Unfurling Past Part Four
324 Unfurling Past Part Five
325 Past Principles Part One
326 Past Principles Part Two
327 Past Principles Part Three
328 Past Principles Part Four