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The Tale of the Ghost Eyes


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A Taoist master must visit a village to fight off the hauntings and killings that have taken hold of the village. The powerful master learns of a young boy that has gained the ability to see ghosts and takes his role in the young boy’s destiny. Join the adventure of the Taoist master and the boy with the ghost eyes. 灵目鬼话
《The Tale of the Ghost Eyes》 Text
Chapter 1 The Mother of the Dummy Was Dead
Chapter 2 Did the Corpse Stand
Chapter 3 Dead in the Grave
Chapter 4 Frightened to Fall Ill
Chapter 5 So Crowded! So Crowded!
Chapter 6 The Appearing
Chapter 7 On the Verge of Death
Chapter 8 Let the Ghosts Go
Chapter 9 The Reasons
Chapter 10 Lao Beizi
Chapter 11 Mysterious Male Ghos
Chapter 12 No Points Destined to be a Taois
Chapter 13 The Mysterious Behavior of Master Liu
Chapter 14 Something Gone Wrong Again
Chapter 15 Ghost Seized Soul
Chapter 16 The Little Heart of a Hero
Chapter 17 Calling for and Sending Away Ghosts
Chapter 18 The Identity of the Third Ghos
Chapter 19 The Envious Ghosts 1
Chapter 20 The Envious Ghosts 2
Chapter 21 The Envious Ghosts 3
Chapter 22 The Envious Ghosts 4
Chapter 23 Sending Away Xiao Chun's Mother
Chapter 24 The Deserted Village
Chapter 25 A New Story about the Ghosts
Chapter 26 Who’s Seen My Head
Chapter 27 The Body Behind the Lunatic
Chapter 28 Here comes Master Liu
Chapter 29 Ghost Covered Eyes
Chapter 30 Keeping the Ghosts out 1
Chapter 31 Keeping the Ghosts out 2
Chapter 32 Keeping the Ghosts out 3
Chapter 33 Keeping the Ghosts out 4
Chapter 34 The Red Line 1
Chapter 35 The Red Line 2
Chapter 36 Soul Suppressing Thunder
Chapter 37 Don't Avoid the Opportunity 1
Chapter 38 Don't Avoid the Opportunity 2
Chapter 39 Yellow Birds
Chapter 40 Frightening Phantom
Chapter 41 The Milky Snakeskin 1
Chapter 42 Milky Snakeskin 2
Chapter 43 Schoolhouse in the Hell 1
Chapter 44 Schoolhouse in the Hell 2
Chapter 45 A Cloth Doll
Chapter 46 A Couple of Treasures
Chapter 47 The Black Snake Spiri
Chapter 48 Going under the Tomb
Chapter 49 Nonliving
Chapter 50 Footprints Made by Leather Shoes
Chapter 51 The New Discovery
Chapter 52 The Tombs of the Living 1
Chapter 53 The Tombs of the Living 2
Chapter 54 The Tombs of the Living 3
Chapter 55 The Secret of the Flying Zombie 1
Chapter 56 The Secret of the Flying Zombie 2
Chapter 57 The Secret of the Flying Zombie 3
Chapter 58 Forever Friends
Chapter 59 Master Liu's News
Chapter 60 There is Something Else
Chapter 61 It's Time to Leave Now
Chapter 62 My Old Bro
Chapter 63 The Cries of Baby in the Wild
Chapter 64 A Wayward Baby Ghos
Chapter 65 An Old Crow Eating a Corpse
Chapter 66 The Unrotten Baby Corpse 1
Chapter 67 The Unrotten Baby Corpse 2
Chapter 68 An Enchanted Woman 1
Chapter 69 An Enchanted Woman 2
Chapter 70 Hearing Baby's Cries Again
Chapter 71 Master Huang Performed Religious Rites
Chapter 72 Master Huang is a Liar
Chapter 73 A Mistake
Chapter 74 Inviting a God and Setting an Altar
Chapter 75 The Savior is coming
Chapter 76 The Magical Ability of the Master Ge
Chapter 77 The Mood of Speaking to the Ghosts
Chapter 78 Master Liu’s Warning
Chapter 79 Making Paper Amulets 1
Chapter 80 Making Paper Amulets 2
Chapter 81 The Cold Winter
Chapter 82 The Man Buried in the Snow
Chapter 83 The Frozen Ghost Appears
Chapter 84 The Frequent Ghost Events
Chapter 85 Mr. Lef
Chapter 86 Calling on Souls
Chapter 87 Mr. Left Asked for Paper Amulets
Chapter 88 The Ghost Knocked on the Back Side of Head
Chapter 89 The Dark Daytime 1
Chapter 90 The Dark Daytime 2
Chapter 91 The Dark Daytime 3
Chapter 92 The Dark Daytime 4
Chapter 93 The Dark Daytime 5
Chapter 94 The Dark Daytime 6
Chapter 95 The Dark Daytime 7
Chapter 96 The Dark Daytime 8
Chapter 97 The Dark Daytime 9
Chapter 98 The Dark Daytime 10
Chapter 99 The Frozen Ghos
Chapter 100 The Wonders of the Three Rainbows
Chapter 101 The Peach Blossom Mirror and Sister Wen
Chapter 102 The Old Man Sitting on the Tomb
Chapter 103 The Strange Shadow in the Mirror
Chapter 104 Many Omens of disaster
Chapter 105 Visiting a Master
Chapter 106 The Secret of the Mirror Image 1
Chapter 107 The Secret of the Mirror Image 2
Chapter 108 The Secret of the Mirror Image 3
Chapter 109 Xiao Yi's Wishes
Chapter 110 Visiting the Natural Parents of Xiao Yi
Chapter 111 The Haunted Room of the Zhengs
Chapter 112 A Wet Baby
Chapter 113 All Men Are Born Good
Chapter 114 Sending away Xiao Yi
Chapter 115 The Weird Dormitory
Chapter 116 Is there a Ghos
Chapter 117 The Red Hair Elastic 1
Chapter 118 The Red Hair Elastic 2
Chapter 119 The Red Hair Elastic 3
Chapter 120 The Red Hair Elastic 4
Chapter 121 The Red Hair Elastic 5
Chapter 122 The Red Hair Elastic 6
Chapter 123 The Red Hair Elastic 7
Chapter 124 The Weird Lavatory
Chapter 125 The Ghost's Dorm
Chapter 126 weighting the Advantages and Disadvantages
Chapter 127 Accepting a Mission at a Critical Momen
Chapter 128 Soul Suppressing Religious Rites 1
Chapter 129 Soul Suppressing Religious Rites 2
Chapter 130 The Sky Master Nangong
Chapter 131 The Sky Thunder Religious Rites
Chapter 132 Entering the Haunted House
Chapter 133 The Sky Master VS The Green Ghost 1
Chapter 134 The Sky Master VS The Green Ghost 2
Chapter 135 The Hidden Danger