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The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe

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Updates:Chapter 418: Infinite Tao

The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe is a Chinese fantasy fiction containing themes of cultivation, Sages, Demons, Sorcerers, and Chinese Ancestors. Minghe, reincarnated from an IT nerd in the modern world, sets his mind to change his history and create another legend in Untainted Land. No one knows how many secrets he has or how powerful he is. What will happen i...
《The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe》 Text
Chapter 1: Minghe in Untainted Land
Chapter 2: Minghe's Transformation
Chapter 3: Prediction of the Transforming Exercises
Chapter 4: Conscience in Untainted Land
Chapter 5: Glad to Obtain the Yellow Plum Tree
Chapter 6: Pangu's Cultivation Will
Chapter 7: Attaining Zenith Heaven, and Preaching in Untainted Land
Chapter 8: Rising of the Three Tribes
Chapter 9: Beginning of the Tribulation
Chapter 10: Luo Hou Acts; The Battle of the Three Clans
Chapter 11: Wuji Apricot Flag
Chapter 12: My Fellow Taoist, Please Wait.
Chapter 13: Battle between the Blood God Doppelganger and the Ancestor of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 14: The Blood River Formation Trapping Ancestor of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 15: The Death of Ancestor of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 16: Consequences
Chapter 17: The Defying Spiritual Treasure
Chapter 18: The Exposure of Luohou
Chapter 19: Hong Jun Fights Luohou
Chapter 20: The End of the Cultivation Tribulation
Chapter 21: The Fortune Child Attendant
Chapter 22: Ten Thousand of Years in Untainted Land
Chapter 23: The Birth of the Wu and Demon Tribes
Chapter 24: The Blood Jade Kylin
Chapter 25: Hundreds of Years of Touring
Chapter 26: Falling in Love
Chapter 27: Companionship and Separation
Chapter 28: Taking an Apprentice
Chapter 29: Teaching the Great Way of Tao
Chapter 30: Hongjun Became the Sage
Chapter 31: Scrambling for Seats in the Zixiao Palace
Chapter 32: Preaching
Chapter 33: Getting Treasures in Mount Buzhou
Chapter 34: The Birth of the Heavenly Court
Chapter 35: The Establishment of the Wu and Demon Tribe
Chapter 36: The Second Teaching in Zixiao Palace
Chapter 37: Minghe Kills Two Separations
Chapter 38: The Demon Tribe's Conspiracy
Chapter 39: The Demon Master Kunpeng
Chapter 40: When the Storm Arises
Chapter 41: Minghe Finished his Closed-Door Meditation
Chapter 42: The Third Teaching in Zixiao Palace
Chapter 43: Accepting Disciples
Chapter 44: Gifting Treasures
Chapter 45: Hongjun's Integration with the Way of the Great Way
Chapter 46: Hongyun's Dilemma
Chapter 47: Dead End
Chapter 48: The Lotus Lamp
Chapter 49: The Great Way of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 50: The Choice of Hongyun
Chapter 51: Did Hongyun Die?
Chapter 52: The Appearance of Kunpeng
Chapter 53: The Eruption of the Cultivation Tribulation
Chapter 54: Minghe Took Action
Chapter 55: The Killing Prelude
Chapter 56: Minghe's Dominating Power
Chapter 57: The Massacre
Chapter 58: The First Battle Between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes
Chapter 59: The Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation
Chapter 60: Heaven for Demon Tribe, Earth for Wu Tribe
Chapter 61: Taoist Heaven and Earth's Visit to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple (Part I)
Chapter 62: Taoist Heaven and Earth's Visit to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple (Part II)
Chapter 63: Unlucky Kunpeng
Chapter 64: Reluctant Emperor Jun
Chapter 65: Chapter 43 The Wu Tribe's Plot
Chapter 66: Trade
Chapter 67: Accepting Disciple Kong Xuan
Chapter 68: Forgetting Love
Chapter 69: The Enlightenment of Goddess Nvywa
Chapter 70: Goddess Nvywa the Sage
Chapter 71: Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe (Part 1)
Chapter 72: The Three Ancestors of the Human Clan (Part Ⅱ)
Chapter 73: The Fourth Ancestor of the Human Tribe
Chapter 74: Minghe's Obsession
Chapter 75: The Human Tribe's Spiritual Inheritance
Chapter 76: Relocation (part 1)
Chapter 77: Relocation (part 2)
Chapter 78: The Reaction of All Parties
Chapter 79: The Birth of the Ashura Tribe
Chapter 80: Minghe Became a Sage?
Chapter 81: Red Lotus Taoist's Rectification
Chapter 82: Fantastic Ideas by Taoist of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 83: The Birth of the Mazingers
Chapter 84: The Death of the Mazingers
Chapter 85: The Enlightenment
Chapter 86: The Supreme Treasure of the Human Tribe
Chapter 87: The Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe
Chapter 88: Millennium Development
Chapter 89: The Rectification of Ming He
Chapter 90: Lao Zi Visited Human Clan
Chapter 91: Response
Chapter 92: Lao Zi Becoming a Sage
Chapter 93: Five Sages a Day
Chapter 94: Influence
Chapter 95: The Changes in the Human Tribe
Chapter 96: Houtu Became a Sage
Chapter 97: Heaven and Earth Taoist Builds the Nether World
Chapter 98: Post-Establishment of the Nether World
Chapter 99: The Three Pristine Ones Accepting Disciples
Chapter 100: Division of the Three Pristine Ones
Chapter 101: The Demon Tribe's Discussion
Chapter 102: Goddess Nvywa's Matchmaking
Chapter 103: The Completion of the Marriage of Heaven
Chapter 104: The Birth of the Golden Crow
Chapter 105: Kuafu Dies and Houyi Shoots the Suns
Chapter 106: Musen's Plea
Chapter 107: Veridical Martial Origin Formation
Chapter 108: The Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe
Chapter 109: The Martial Artists Lend a Hand
Chapter 110: Zhenyuanzi Makes His Move
Chapter 111: Chapter 89 Hostility between the Human Tribe and the Demon Tribe
Chapter 112: The Self-Reliant Human Tribe
Chapter 113: The Power of Real Martial Arts
Chapter 114: The End of the Cultivation Tribulation (No.3)
Chapter 115: Post-Calamity (No.4)
Chapter 116: The New Ancestor of Sorcery
Chapter 117: Houtu's Concern
Chapter 118: The Confession to the Human Tribe
Chapter 119: Woes of the Demon Tribe
Chapter 120: Kunpeng's Scheme
Chapter 121: The Demon Tribe Begins to Act
Chapter 122: The Fall of Mount Buzhou
Chapter 123: Mending the Sky
Chapter 124: Black Tortoise of the South Sea
Chapter 125: Minghe's Third Disciple
Chapter 126: Three Disciples of Minghe
Chapter 127: The Decisive Battle between the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe
Chapter 128: The End of the War between Sorcerer and Demon tribes
Chapter 129: The Wu and Demon Tribes' Final Destinations
Chapter 130: Everyone Was Scrambling for Treasures
Chapter 131: Hongjun's Unusual Action
Chapter 132: The Reestablishment of the Heavenly Court
Chapter 133: Tne New Era
Chapter 134: The Plan of the Human Tribe
Chapter 135: Zhenyuanzi's Construction of the Residence
Chapter 136: Everyone's Reaction (The fourth update)
Chapter 137: Conflict (Part Five)
Chapter 138: Confronting the Honoured Lord of the Origin
Chapter 139: An Anticlimactic Fight
Chapter 140: The Misgivings of the Three Pure Oness
Chapter 141: The Growth of Guang Chengzi
Chapter 142: The Adventures in the Starry Sky
Chapter 143: Cosmic Stars Formation
Chapter 144: Goddess Nvywa's Thoughts
Chapter 145: The Advancement of The World?
Chapter 146: The Dilemma of the Red Lotus Taoist
Chapter 147: Haotian's Ambition
Chapter 148: The Dragon Tribe's Obedience to the Heavenly Court
Chapter 149: Untainted Land Shocked
Chapter 150: The Mosquito Taoist Is Born
Chapter 151: Conflicts between the Human Tribe and Dragon Tribe
Chapter 152: The Charge against the Dragon Tribe
Chapter 153: The Dragon Beheading that Shocked the Untainted Land
Chapter 154: The Feast of Peaches
Chapter 155: The Great Gathering of the Immortals
Chapter 156: The Great Gathering of the Immortals Continues
Chapter 157: Dragon Tribe's Unwillingness
Chapter 158: The End of the Feast of Peaches
Chapter 159: Heaven and Earth Taoist'sActualization
Chapter 160: The Mystery of the Chaos
Chapter 161: Second Visit to Zixiao Palace
Chapter 162: An Unforeseen Event
Chapter 163: The Mentor of Human Sovereigns
Chapter 164: The Incarnation of Fu Xi
Chapter 165: Liu Er Joined the Human Tribe
Chapter 166: Water Kylin
Chapter 167: Liu Er's Recruiting a Disciple
Chapter 168: Fuxi's Deduction of the Eight Trigrams
Chapter 169: The Heaven and Earth Taoist's Visit to the Northern Underworld
Chapter 170: Kong Xuan's Taking Lieshan as Disciple
Chapter 171: The God Farmer's Planting the Five Grains
Chapter 172: Abdication and Accidents
Chapter 173: God Farmer's Taste of Some Herbs
Chapter 174: Hong Yun's Trace
Chapter 175: Jingbae's Disappearance
Chapter 176: Wu Zhiqi's Appearance
Chapter 177: The Birth of Xuanyuan
Chapter 178: Chi You's Rebirth
Chapter 179: Houtu's Scheme
Chapter 180: The God Farmer's Abdicating the Throne
Chapter 181: The Onset of the Wa
Chapter 182: The Clan of Enlightenment's Leaving the Mountain
Chapter 183: The Defeat of Xuanyuan
Chapter 184: Haotian's Action
Chapter 185: Xuanyin Formation, Broken!
Chapter 186: Character Creation by Cangjie
Chapter 187: The Will of the Human Tribe
Chapter 188: Houtu's Killing Intention
Chapter 189: Houtu's Retreat
Chapter 190: Minghe's Outburst
Chapter 191: Xuanyuan's Ruling the World
Chapter 192: Jingbae Being Bored With the Cultivation
Chapter 193: Jingbae's Going to the Human Tribe
Chapter 194: The Actualization of Xuanyuan
Chapter 195: Five Emperors Ruling the World (I)
Chapter 196: Five Emperors Ruling the World (Ⅱ)
Chapter 197: The Five Emperors Ruling the World (Ⅲ)
Chapter 198: Plans after a Disaster
Chapter 199: Taking Drastic Measures to Deal with Dragon Tribe
Chapter 200: Letting Go
Chapter 201: Martial Arts of Origin
Chapter 202: A New Situation
Chapter 203: Kunpeng Returns
Chapter 204: The Menace Intent of Goddess Nvywa
Chapter 205: Arrangement
Chapter 206: Minghe Leaving for the Chaos
Chapter 207: Yaoji Descending to the Human World
Chapter 208: The Hapless Yang Tianyou
Chapter 209: Failure of the Plan
Chapter 210: Yaoji Returns to the Human World
Chapter 211: Liu Er's Helplessness
Chapter 212: Thousand Years of Leisure
Chapter 213: Minghe's Return
Chapter 214: Adventure in the Chaos
Chapter 215: Body Tempering in the Chaos
Chapter 216: The Critical Strike
Chapter 217: The Arrival
Chapter 218: Sneaking into the World
Chapter 219: Entering the City
Chapter 220: The Treasures World
Chapter 221: Lord of Numerous Treasures
Chapter 222: Return
Chapter 223: The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 224: The Preparations
Chapter 225: Marriage Proposal
Chapter 226: Reactions
Chapter 227: Divine Punishment Descend
Chapter 228: Undergoing Tribulation I
Chapter 229: Passing Tribulation II
Chapter 230: Passing Tribulation Ⅲ
Chapter 231: Passing Tribulation Ⅳ
Chapter 232: Passing Tribulation(V)
Chapter 233: Passing Tribulation VI
Chapter 234: Passing Tribulation VII
Chapter 235: Passing Tribulation VIII
Chapter 236: Passing Tribulation (Ⅸ)
Chapter 237: The Ending of the Tribulation
Chapter 238: Slaughtering a Sage
Chapter 239: The End
Chapter 240: Suspicions
Chapter 241: The Plan
Chapter 242: Liu Er's Wedding
Chapter 243: Yang Jian Saves his Mother
Chapter 244: Haotian's Anger
Chapter 245: The Beginning of the God Deification Ceremony
Chapter 246: Signing on the Investiture of the Gods
Chapter 247: Minghe Guides His Disciples
Chapter 248: Discussion of the God Deification Ceremony
Chapter 249: Minghe's Tour
Chapter 250: Jiang Ziya
Chapter 251: To Formally Acknowledge a Master
Chapter 252: Ling Zhuzi Descended to the World
Chapter 253: Birth of Nezha
Chapter 254: Immortal Tai Yi
Chapter 255: Nezha's Apprenticeship
Chapter 256: Meeting King Zhou
Chapter 257: The Setup
Chapter 258: Nezha and Yaksha
Chapter 259: The Original Sin, Greed
Chapter 260: The First Person on Investiture of the Gods
Chapter 261: Ao Guang's Vengeance
Chapter 262: Nezha's Perseverance
Chapter 263: Liu Er's Presence
Chapter 264: Conspiracy? So What?
Chapter 265: Liu Er versus Winged Rain-dragon
Chapter 266: Settlement
Chapter 267: King Zhou Praying for Goddess Nvywa
Chapter 268: Goddess Nvywa Summoning the Evil Spirits
Chapter 269: Su Hu Opposing to Shang
Chapter 270: A Substitution for Daji
Chapter 271: The Imminent Warfare
Chapter 272: Leaving the Mountain
Chapter 273: Two Prime Ministers, Different Destinies
Chapter 274: Ziya Went to Gongbao for Shelter
Chapter 275: Shen Gongbao's Suspicion
Chapter 276: Recommendation
Chapter 277: Three Pure Ones?
Chapter 278: Seven-year Period
Chapter 279: Bo Yikao Saving His Father
Chapter 280: The Appearance of Daji
Chapter 281: Two Dragons Appear
Chapter 282: The God Deification Ceremony Begins
Chapter 283: Ji Chang Claims to be a King
Chapter 284: Soldiers were Stopped at Golden Chicken Mountain
Chapter 285: The Coming War
Chapter 286: Meeting
Chapter 287: Deal
Chapter 288: War Starting
Chapter 289: The Solo Fight against Immortals (I)
Chapter 290: The Solo Fight against Immortals (II)
Chapter 291: The Wrath of the Sages
Chapter 292: The Advent of the Sages
Chapter 293: The Next Battle
Chapter 294: Laozi's Scheme
Chapter 295: Minghe's Wish
Chapter 296: Liu Er Comprehended His Obsession
Chapter 297: Black Tortoise's Going Fighting
Chapter 298: Eliminating Karmic Obstacles
Chapter 299: Black Tortoise Fighting With Xuandu
Chapter 300: One Vs. Four
Chapter 301: Liu Er's Arriving
Chapter 302: The Unexpected Concession of Liu Er
Chapter 303: Yang Chan and Nezha
Chapter 304: To the Imminent Point
Chapter 305: Liu Er vs. Taoist Bodhi
Chapter 306: The Bodhi Formation
Chapter 307: The Separation
Chapter 308: Influence
Chapter 309: Buddha and Devil
Chapter 310: The Winding Yellow River Formation
Chapter 311: The Tough Tongtian
Chapter 312: Four Sages Gather
Chapter 313: Breaking Up
Chapter 314: An Aura Changed into Three Pure Ones
Chapter 315: The Final Battle in Tongguan
Chapter 316: The Counterblow from Nonentities
Chapter 317: The Appearance of Way of Demon
Chapter 318: Tragic Wu Tian
Chapter 319: The War of Immortals
Chapter 320: The breaking Untainted Land
Chapter 321: Liu Er's Passing Tribulation
Chapter 322: Minghe's Action
Chapter 323: A Sumptuous Feast
Chapter 324: The Appearance of Hongjun
Chapter 325: A Striking Change
Chapter 326: The Changes in Untainted Land
Chapter 327: The Hall of Pangu
Chapter 328: A Drastic Measure
Chapter 329: God Deification Ceremony
Chapter 330: From Taoism to Buddhism
Chapter 331: Dipamkara's Choice
Chapter 332: Minghe's Arrangement
Chapter 333: Another Tragedy
Chapter 334: Leave
Chapter 335: Rising Through the Ranks
Chapter 336: Practicing
Chapter 337: Hongjun
Chapter 338: Different Purposes
Chapter 339: The Secret Place
Chapter 340: The Hunting Journey
Chapter 341: The Mantis Stalks the Cicada
Chapter 342: The Siskin following behind
Chapter 343: The Divine Laws of Fire
Chapter 344: Three Removed, Two Maintained
Chapter 345: World of Five Elements
Chapter 346: The Exploration
Chapter 347: The Secret of Zixiao Palace
Chapter 348: Revisit
Chapter 349: The Cave
Chapter 350: The Way of Heaven Warning Sign
Chapter 351: The Arrival of 'God of Plague'
Chapter 352: Sacrificing the Five Elements
Chapter 353: Jun Tian's Apprehension
Chapter 354: Banned the Five Elements
Chapter 355: The Destruction of the Five Elements
Chapter 356: The Flourishing Untainted Land
Chapter 357: The Advent of the Great Way
Chapter 358: The Battlefield of Gods and Demons
Chapter 359: Meeting and Parting
Chapter 360: New World
Chapter 361: Foothold
Chapter 362: Departure
Chapter 363: Discovery
Chapter 364: What used to be have changed
Chapter 365: The Secret
Chapter 366: Hunter or Prey?
Chapter 367: Treasures
Chapter 368: Supreme Treasures Supporting Heaven and Earth
Chapter 369: Breakthrough
Chapter 370: Strange Thoughts
Chapter 371: Discovery
Chapter 372: Fist-to-fist
Chapter 373: The Reappearance of the Holy Thunder
Chapter 374: Settlement
Chapter 375: Bodily Breakthrough
Chapter 376: Newly Arrived
Chapter 377: Yun Ling Academy
Chapter 378: Entering Yun Ling Academy
Chapter 379: Minghe's Plans
Chapter 380: Shock
Chapter 381: Choice
Chapter 382: Transformation
Chapter 383: Minghe's "Insanity"
Chapter 384: Breakthrough of the Fate Realm
Chapter 385: Accident
Chapter 386: The Eighth Floor of the Library
Chapter 387: The Elders House
Chapter 388: The Mystery Territory of Earth
Chapter 389: Plot
Chapter 390: Transaction
Chapter 391: Both Sides Clear
Chapter 392: The Opening of the Mystery Territory
Chapter 393: Inheritance of Weapons and Arrays
Chapter 394: The Closing of the Mystery Territory
Chapter 395: The Treasures
Chapter 396: The Envoys
Chapter 397: First Visit to Central Region
Chapter 398: Breakthrough
Chapter 399: Starry Sky Region
Chapter 400: Hunting
Chapter 401: Refinement of Formation
Chapter 402: The Birth of A Valuable Treasure
Chapter 403: Meeting Hongjun Again
Chapter 404: The Dogfight Began
Chapter 405: The Battle Continues
Chapter 406: The Battle Escalates
Chapter 407: Picking Fruit
Chapter 408: The State of Mind Warning
Chapter 409: Minghe's Action
Chapter 410: Hongjun's Action
Chapter 411: Minghe Reappears
Chapter 412: The Final Battle
Chapter 413: The Twelve Earthly Branches
Chapter 414: A Striking Change
Chapter 415: Taking Stock of the Spoils
Chapter 416: Out of Closed Door Meditation
Chapter 417: Planning
Chapter 418: Infinite Tao