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The Spider Queen


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In the Year 30XX......

Humans have long been discovering the wonders of the universe and exploring the great galaxies beyond the milky way.

They are not alone.

The universe is primal and untamed with civilisations pitted against one another in battles to decided life and death.

Mankind is one of the weakest races but have discovered cultivation techniques that ...
《The Spider Queen》 Auxiliary Volume
Basic Background Information
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《The Spider Queen》 Text
1 Where am I?
2 The History Of The Earth Federation
3 A sharp tongue with no strength
4 Dad we need to talk....
5 House Peterlor
6 The Crazy Duke
7 Four Great Universities
8 The Mysterious Necklace
9 Spider Whisper Ar
10 Sophie is not having a good time
11 Sophie is not having a good time.... Part 2
12 The wealthy second generation!
13 The princess wearing a veil
14 Magic is a girl's dream!
15 Kissing? I'll melt off someone's face!
16 Beautiful clothes
17 The young miss is wearing a strange outfi
18 First time on a starship
19 Are you afraid of spiders?
20 Underground city
21 How I met your mother
22 How I lost to your mother
23 I will escape by tonight! Author's note: he didn't....
24 The Seventh Princess
25 She would be fighting alone...
26 The Empress's Shame
27 Justice and Honour? We don't do that here
28 Jack does his best to act cool
29 Everyone knows the protagonist is a child of heavens!
30 The Art Of Poison
31 A Shocking Gif
32 Two months of training
33 Atlas University's Offer
34 The Challenge
35 The Past Leona's POV
36 The Duels Begins!
37 The Conclusion
38 The Price Of Transmigration
39 Call me....Sophie
40 Come at me!
41 The Final Duel Of Group Five
42 Reputation? I'm just too sleepy!
43 Just Another Harem Member....
44 Medal Ceremony
45 Invitation
46 Have we met before?
47 The innocent bunny.......is a big wolf!
48 I will never associate with this girl again!
49 Trouble brews in the Federation
50 Breaking into the Qi spirit realm
51 Letting a wolf near his daughter
52 Crafty old fox vs the young wolf
53 Interlude- Princess Thai'lle 's Letter
54 University Specialisations
55 Combat Beasts
56 Sophie's Choice
57 Will you be paying cash or credit?
58 The Journey Begins!
59 This might be the wrong room....
60 Getting to know one another
61 A friendly challenge/ Qiana's sense of trouble
62 Boy Love can tear friendships apart!
63 The power of a mage
64 The most powerful magic spell
65 Glory to the Earth Federation
66 The wolf girl can dance!
67 My niece is cute!
68 A kind lie
69 Arachne Martial Arts
70 The Entrance Exam Begins!
71 Are you freaking insane?!
72 Hunting down her prey
73 The Living Nightmare
74 Treasure Map!
75 Beast Beneath The Moonligh
76 The Dynamic Duo!
77 Tragedy
78 Sophie's New Ability
79 Archangel Raziel
80 Lifelong Sisters
81 House Abazin
82 Sophie And The Spellcasters
83 Losing Control
84 Final Day - Part 1
85 Final Day- Part 2
86 Fresh Mea
87 The Fearsome Tarkkakans
88 The Scent Of An Impure
89 End Of The Entrance Exam
90 University Recruiters
91 You didn’t strike me as a bottom
92 Departures And Goodbyes
93 Dad… I’m Interested In Girls
94 Chess Piece
95 I Bleed The Same Colour As Any Other Man....
96 The Date
97 This Pet Is Just Like Its Master!
98 Unknown Factor
99 The Frostwing Bat Hatches!
100 Dragon's Breath
101 Why is the poison so powerful?
102 I Kept The Family Together
103 Simple Days
104 Graduation Ceremony
105 University Awaits!
106 Do you need your beauty sleep son?
107 The First Challenge
108 I want to be friends with her!
109 Cleo Misses A Great Opportunity
110 Checkmate
111 Professor Macabre
112 Astrid Learns A Lesson In Humility
113 The History Of Mech Controllers
114 Poison Session- First Assignmen
115 Elimination
116 The Rumor
117 The Imperial Army Offers Freedom
118 The Mysterious Door
119 Terrifying And Super Attractive
120 "Sophie Wake Up!"
121 Cleo Uses The Power Of Intimidation
122 Conflict!
123 The Hunters Become The Hunted
124 No Emotion
125 Going To The Store To Get Milk
126 University Life Awaits!
127 The Sanctuary
128 Hmph! You are far too young!
129 A Delicious Meal
130 Black Rose Hunter Guild
131 I Love You R-18
132 The Ends Justify The Means
133 Playing With Fire
134 Project Rhat’ets
135 Why are you ignoring me?!
136 John Archibald Willis Henderson Goodman The Third
137 This Girl Is Scary!
138 Did you miss me?
139 The Spaceship Is Trying Her Best!
140 Astrid's Mage Class
141 Moon's Short Lived Rebellion
142 Luna And Blackie
143 Professor Ward
144 Blood Bond
145 Are You An Angel Sent From God?
146 Honour Among Thieves
147 The Mysterious Q
148 Synthetic Flesh
149 That Man May Not Be A Doctor.....
150 Unknown Drug
151 Slave Marke
152 The Delightful Children From Down The Lane
153 Treasure Hunting!
154 Slave Marke
155 "Sit Down Clown"
156 The First Pillar
157 Side Story- The Nephilim Church Bible
158 Another Batch
159 Ruin And Destruction
160 Mission Accomplished?
161 Cleo Is Given A Nasty Shock
162 Hunter
163 The Princess And The Monster
164 Welcome Home My Child
165 There Is No Choice
166 Are You People Deaf?!
167 Time For The Truth
168 No Regrets
169 An Insectoid?
170 Kohli The Real Protagonist!
171 Beach Date
172 The Tragedy Of A Slave
173 The Price Of Kindness
174 Planet Xicoras
175 Selfishness And Guil
176 Prey R-18
177 I See You....
178 Containment Breach
179 Subject 002
180 Studying?
181 Number One Of The Assassin Class
182 Astrid Falls Asleep
183 Midterm Meeting
184 The Horror
185 Sophie Has A Bug Problem
186 Dinnertime!
187 Crunch! It's Finger-licking Good!
188 Astrid The Mage
189 Fearsome Beast!
190 None Shall Survive
191 Breakthrough!
192 The Saintess Is Not Virtuous!
193 The Monster Lurking In The Deep
194 The Daily Life Of An Office Employee
195 The Huntress
196 Potential Seedling
197 The Grand Tutor's Meeting
198 Mine R- 18
199 Poison Cultivator Midterm
200 High Expectations
201 Time To Panic
202 Healthy Eating?
203 You Will Become King
204 Moon Receives A Devastating Blow
205 Are You Ready Moon?
206 The Nutty Professor
207 Maze Runner
208 The Test Begins
209 The Son And The Daughter
210 Love And Pampering
211 The Blood Bond Snaps!
212 Time For Plan B
213 The Bitter Old Man
214 The Sufferings Of A Frostwing Ba
215 Relaxing Afternoon
216 The Cold Hard Grip Of Capitalism
217 Side Story- Black Lotus
218 This Chess Piece Has To Be Removed
219 Blessing Or A Curse
220 Dressed To Kill
221 The Blossoming Rose
222 A Message From An Old Friend
223 Natural Born Queen
224 Preparation For The Banque
225 The Predator Lurks
226 The Most Beautiful Girl
227 Showtime
228 White Lotus vs The Huntress
229 The Huntress vs White Lotus
230 Encounter And Conflic
231 The Predator Shows Her Fangs
232 The Emperor Strikes Back!
233 That Was A Punishment?
234 The Beginning Of The End....
235 The Emperor's Final Performance
236 No One Was Laughing Now
237 A Fine Addition To My Collection
238 Exposed
239 Freedom!
240 The Long And Dangerous Road Home
241 The Broken Man Who Kept Searching
242 Have You Stolen My Daughter's Innocence?!
243 Sophie Contemplates Her Life
244 The Long Journey Home Begins
245 Sophie's Misfortune Continues.....
246 The Children In The Mountain
247 Order of the Fallen
248 Spare Change …. Spare Change Ma'am
249 An Important Decision Is Made
250 Sophie Gives In
251 The Grand Finale
252 The Poor Agents Who Just Want To Do Their Job
253 Natural Killer
254 Please Don't Sue Us...
255 The Journey Is Far From Over
256 Lily's Hidden Power Is Revealed....
257 Malice Hidden Deep Within
258 The Three Rules
259 Dancing Like A Puppet On Strings
260 A Deal With The Devil
261 A Messy Situation
262 Trouble On King's Island
263 Fight To The Death
264 The First Offering
265 All The Money In The World Is Useless To A Dead Man
266 The Sun's Glory
267 A New Beginning
268 Life Has Not Been Easy For Sophie
269 What is Justice?
270 An Involuntary Assignmen
271 The Abyss Beckons
272 Broken But Not Shattered
273 A Shining Knight Will Save The Day
274 Knights Must Be Free Of Mortal Chains
275 I Wish You Good Fortune On Your Hun
276 Sacrifices Must Be Made
277 Different Ways To Deal With Loss
278 A Secret Is Discovered
279 A Trap Or An Opportunity
280 New And Old Hatreds
281 A Family Man
282 The First Clue....
283 The Mysterious Sinkhole
284 The Book Of Ka'lreia
285 Opportunity Hidden In Danger
286 The Reunion Of Lovers
287 The End.
288 The Perfect Lover R-18
289 Do You Need Some Help?
290 The Second Stage Begins
291 The Chosen One To Save Us All!
292 Immortality Is A Curse...
293 Farewell Brave Hero!
294 Khul! You Son Of A B...
295 This Alien Is A Bit... Strange...
296 Sophie Discovers A New Religion
297 Sophie's Greatest Technique
298 A Glorious Death? F**** That!
299 Your Strength Is Nothing
300 Why Are You Running?!
301 The Final Plan
302 An Important Choice
303 Ascension To Godhood?
304 Challenge And Desire
305 One Last Story To Tell....
306 The Foolish Mortal And A God
307 A Generous Gif
308 The Determination To Never Give Up
309 We Need To Leave Tonigh
310 The Great Heis
311 It Was Time To Leave
312 A Solemn Promise
313 The Urge To Kill
314 Enjoy These Memories....
315 A Distress Signal?
316 Power And Strength
317 Worthy Prey
318 The Hunt Is Not Over
319 Hunter And Her Prey
320 No Mercy
321 Can You Eat A Lily?
322 The Second Hunter
323 Puppet Dancing On Strings
324 Only One Predator May Survive...
325 Shame And Guil
326 Rescue Mission
327 A Well Deserved Nap
328 The Next Steps To Take
329 Side Story- Pulling A Few Strings
330 The Calm Before The Storm
331 I Don't Blame Them
332 Psychological Warfare
333 Fractured And Broken
334 The Monster Returns
335 The Fun Begins!
336 Dark Desires And An Unlikely Gamble
337 Skeletal Crew
338 Twisted Into A Dark Obsession
339 The Most Dangerous Hun
340 The Key To Victory
341 Avatar Of The Sun God
342 The Plan Fails
343 Glorious Purpose
344 Heart of Fire
345 A Slim Chance To Survive
346 Vision Of The Future
347 The Key To Victory
348 Captain Dawn's Counterattack
349 The Final Charge
350 The Grand Duel Ends
351 Peaceful Night Sleep
352 The Survivors Play One Last Game
353 Thinking About The Future
354 A Certain Job
355 First Encounter With The Unovan Military
356 Death Sentence
357 Change Of Plans
358 The Battle For Planet Xercpolisis
359 The Unovan Military's Betrayal
360 The Message That Brought Hope
361 Gavashan's Curse
362 An Interesting Offer
363 Katarina Receives A New Mission
364 A Bunch Of Idiots
365 First Contact With The Imperial Army
366 Is This Some Kind Of Trap?