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The Immortal Ruins

Author:Tao Hua Tian Shi

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Jiang Shaoliu was just an ordinary man until the world experienced a cataclysmic event that caused animals to mutate and grow 10 times their size. Humans were also affected and gained extraordinary abilities. Inspired by the tales of Xianxia, comes a story that begins with the modern world as we know it and transforms it into an epic adventure with powerful bein...
《The Immortal Ruins》 Text
Chapter 1 The Mountain in the Sky
Chapter 2 A Change from Heaven
Chapter 3 The Silver Waterfall Cave
Chapter 4 Monkey Murals
Chapter 5 Golden Ring of the Hear
Chapter 6 The Battle of the Iron Rod and the Golden Hoop
Chapter 7 The Fight and the Monkey King
Chapter 8 The Black Sword
Chapter 9 The Martial Arts from Heaven
Chapter 10 Gathering at Yungang
Chapter 11 Xiao Bai in Danger
Chapter 12 Overcome With A Fis
Chapter 13 Crossing the City On A Tiger
Chapter 14 The Watchdog of the Hongfa Group
Chapter 15 Gray-Haired Li Bailong
Chapter 16 The Coveted Fis
Chapter 17 Useless Means
Chapter 18 Brother and Sister Separated
Chapter 19 Contribution Points
Chapter 20 The Power of A Fis
Chapter 21“The Vet”
Chapter 22 Killing the Unicorn
Chapter 23 The Three-Life-Ring Pangolin
Chapter 24 Sha Xing
Chapter 25 Condensed Stomach Ring
Chapter 26 The Ambush in the Thick Fores
Chapter 27 Hard to Resist the Rocket Bomb
Chapter 28 The Unfortunate Black Bear
Chapter 29 Clearing the Meridians
Chapter 30 The New World
Chapter 31 Bloodbath
Chapter 32 A Merciful Hear
Chapter 33 Angry Apes at Wolf King Creek
Chapter 34 Ice Lotus, Yin Manshu
Chapter 35 The Strange Fruit on the Peak
Chapter 36 Preparations of the Four Factions
Chapter 37 The Omnipotent Netizens
Chapter 38 A Murderous Rage
Chapter 39 No Sky in Yungang
Chapter 40 Everyone Knew Me
Chapter 41 He Was in the Blood
Chapter 42 The Angry Snail
Chapter 43 The Lion Roars at Valentine Valley
Chapter 44 The Rain on Liang Duan Mountain
Chapter 45 He Can Never Be Defeated
Chapter 46 Gangxing Firepower
Chapter 47 Excessive Passion For A Cold Person
Chapter 48 Nine Powerful Silver Beasts
Chapter 49 Charge on the Second Cliff
Chapter 50 The Crazy Rocke
Chapter 51 The Double-headed Mastiff
Chapter 52 The Lion’s Roar
Chapter 53 Invincible
Chapter 54 Xiao Bai’s Greed
Chapter 55 The Hidden Rare Fruit in the Rock
Chapter 56 A Good Lesson
Chapter 57 The Coming Red Ball
Chapter 58 Devils in Animal Form
Chapter 59 Now We Rely on You
Chapter 60 The Pariah Deserted by Heaven
Chapter 61 Just Run, Xiao Bai
Chapter 62 Two Golden Beasts
Chapter 63 The Golden Smilodon
Chapter 64 Jiang Shaoliu in Danger
Chapter 65 The Invincible Monkey King
Chapter 66 Envious, Jealous, Hateful
Chapter 67 The True and False Jiang Shaoliu
Chapter 68 The Revenge of the Monkey King
Chapter 69 Forcing the Golden Tiger Back
Chapter 70 Breaking the Pool
Chapter 71 The Gold-Ringed Lingbao Frui
Chapter 72 Codename: Flying General
Chapter 73 Li Xiang’s Trick
Chapter 74 Jiang Xiaoyun was Taken Away
Chapter 75 Arrival at the City Center
Chapter 76 The Big Luxury Villa
Chapter 77 The Gift from Yin Manshu
Chapter 78 The Martial Art and The Parting Message
Chapter 79 The Request from Ruo Feng
Chapter 80 The Powerful Stick
Chapter 81 Purchasing the Combat Sui
Chapter 82 It Cost 20 Million
Chapter 83 To Kill the Yungang League
Chapter 84 The Amazing Ape’s Roar
Chapter 85 Entering the Shelter
Chapter 86 I Will Deal with You Hard
Chapter 87 Chi Xiao’s Brother
Chapter 88 Developing the Yungang League
Chapter 89 Panic and Promise
Chapter 90 Great Trees are Good for Nothing but Shade
Chapter 91 Reception Dinner for Friends
Chapter 92 The Illusory Light Sword
Chapter 93 The Defense Position in Yungang
Chapter 94 The Secret of the Sec
Chapter 95 Back to Huaguo Mountain