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Sweet Doting Husband: Sorry, my Wife is a little Crazy


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No one knows who is she, how does she look and where does she live but they only know that she is the apple of the Rao family, born with beauty and a great mind.
After suffering from a cruel incident when she was five, she was chased by nightmares every night and then was forced to leave her country to protect herself. After staying abroad for twelve long years, she finally decided to return ...
《Sweet Doting Husband: Sorry, my Wife is a little Crazy》 Text
1 Ms. Sia Rao...the plane is ready to board!!
2 The Rao family!!
3 To marry you off with old lady Mo's grandson...
4 This guy is Hot and...very dangerous!!
5 The Emperors high..!!
6 He 'was' my boyfriend!!
7 Ahh...that was soo Satisfying!!
8 Curious about her!!!
9 Eager to run to your mommy to complain??
10 Pitiful Lu Jin!!
11 If you dont have spare pants, we will lend you spare skirt!!
12 She's cute!!
13 Great Sister Sia!!
14 Do you have Sia's number? I guess she like's chocolate milkshake!!
15 He went crazy and molested the four guys?
16 If I call An Ran ugly then what are you? Great Grandfather of ugliness?
17 Third bro...did you just smile??
18 If you don't mind can we join you??
19 I hit him because he looked Ugly!!
20 Sia the Bully!!
21 May be he is overwhelmed by my charms!!
22 Reasonable to friends and Unreasonable to strangers!!
23 Until there is Sia next to them, no one can bully them!!
24 You must wearing a pungent perfume that attracts all kinds of flies!!
25 Oh...It's the plastic face!!
26 Turn around, she will say that on your butt!!
27 Xiao Li in trouble!!
28 Make sure protect that thing!!
29 I treat him well because he's handsome!!
30 Are you an idiot? Who else can it be other than my girlfriend An Ran
31 Sorry I can't call you beautiful Woman!!
32 when did the school recruit such an unattractive teacher??
33 Moonlight Club...
34 Want to teach them a lesson??
35 If you dare, try catching this elder sister!!
36 Teaching the fat pigs a good lesson!!
37 Are they also like....Me?
38 If anyone dares to mess with me then I'll return ten times of it!!!
39 You'll know that soon!!
40 An Ran is in trouble!!
41 I wish I could kill you for being this stupid!!!!
42 Crazy about video games!
43 Want to do something fun?
44 Your ability to turn white into black is really awesome!!
45 Noticed a peeping tom!!
46 You love An Ran right?
47 I'll see who dares to stop you!!
48 Hasn't been a month and you have already forgotten me?
49 I want to go with you!!
50 Want to have Jaguar as a pet!!
51 You can call me brother Mo!!
52 How is seventh brother??
53 As a friend, I must do whatever I can to help you out!!!
54 You all will have die...haha!!
55 How long do you plan to act??
56 Mr. Ye! or should I call you..assistant Chang!!
57 Poor Guy, may god bless him!!
58 If possible, please forgive me!!
59 How long has it been since I had a candy?
60 Whatever decision you will make, I will give my full support!!
61 We are getting engaged!!
62 Why are you both sleeping on the couch!!
63 Why are you blushing when we have already done the deed?
64 Did I frighten them so much? Why are these two reacting like this?
65 Am I scary?
66 Why do I feel that the roles have changed?
67 Why don't you gift him an....Underwear?
68 Shameless Su Yan: how big was it?
69 Pitiful Xiao Li: Can I say no? I really want to say no!
70 You finally decided to come clean?
71 If I'm not wrong you didn't bring us just to have fun!
72 But before that...let me fill my stomach!!
73 Real fun lies in spending someone else's hard earned money!!
74 Is there anything more important than food??
75 Second boss has ran away!!
76 Ms. Senorita from 9th street!!
77 Then you have only one choice....race with me!!
78 Does she think she can beat Young master Gu?
79 No one's allowed to touch them other than my hubby!!!
80 My mother said not to let my mood affect my stomach!!
81 Even if you don't trust him trust his face!!
82 I wouldn't be surprised even if she bought a brick or a gun!!
83 Do you want me to prove you that I'm a girl?
84 The more I see you, the more interesting you are!!
85 Kick their a**** until it turned into steamed buns!!
86 Did you guys swap your soul?
87 Is he your step brother??
88 Do you think I'm so Despicable?
89 Annoying Mu Jun, stubborn Sia!!
90 Is it Sister Sia's boyfriend?
91 Restless Mu Jun!!!
92 Ms. Ying hasn't learnt her lesson yet?
93 Don't tell me you are a dog with a keen sense of smell!!
94 Are you happy to see me in a bad mood!!
95 Dare to touch my friends? then I'll your hands!!
96 Only my future husband has the Privilege to dance with me!!
97 It was I who let them Kidnap us!!
98 Major reason, I bullied her so!!
99 Father's greatest wealth!!
100 Love you father-in-law!!
101 I hate that guy!!
102 Do you want to know?
103 Did you find who was behind the kidnapping?
104 Don’t tell me the same incident is going to repeat again??
105 What's going on here??
106 Uhm-that was because of my.......??
107 Why didn't you do anything to her?????
108 Did you notice that??
109 Couples fight!!
110 Please take care of me!!
111 Can you show me around the school now...Little friend?
112 Keep you away from Mu Jun!!!
113 I Hate him!!
114 Junior troublemaker!!
115 Can you hear me out first?
116 Does your heart flutter!!
117 Were you scared?
118 It is too easy to trick Mu Jun!!
119 Too bad, men cannot hatch eggs..>!!
120 Who will Marry third brother?
121 He is My Boyfriend!!
122 Is this his first time falling in love?
123 Are you sure you were working on math, not chemistry?
124 You four, get a room!!
125 How long has it been since we met Such troublemakers??
126 Xiao Li forgetting about books is equal to you going on a hunger strike!!
127 Are you scared of frogs?
128 Are you both in a relationship?
129 What if I end up kissing Sia?
130 Are you flirting with me??
131 John Loves Sia!!
132 Third brother is in Love with...Sister Sia?
133 I'm F*cking Straight!!
134 Are you sure you are helping him instead of Digging my Grave??
135 Will Soon...belong to someone else!!!
136 What are you doing here?
137 No wonder you are good at making enemies!!
138 Greataunt has arrived!!
139 No...You are the first man!!
140 Sharing secret with lover!!
141 Help An Ran dress up....Gorgeously!!
142 Won't speak Dirty....but will do Dirty!!
143 I wouldn't be such a Di**head!!
144 Sia looks....Cute?
145 He likes gentle people...not Idiots!!
146 Not everyone is an idiot!!
147 Su Yan is missing!!
148 Cold blooded killer...Prince!!
149 Calm down....I'm here!!
150 She will forever be my wife!!
151 When did you start feeling shy?
152 Don't worry! she isn't violated!!
153 Am I her boyfriends or are you?
154 Do you Want to be my Woman?
155 Never thought you could be such a good mother!!
156 You're not the only Idiot I have ever seen!!
157 Don't touch me...I'm dirty!!
158 What do you think of me?
159 Perfect Dense Couple!!
160 A wife's warmth can only be felt on the bed!!
161 Did my brother confess?
162 Did I do something wrong? Why are they all bullying me?
163 You are in Love with Sia!!
164 There you go...You are in love!!
165 He isn't a lustful brat!!
166 It was me who took his Virginity!!
167 Going on a trip!!
168 Ahhhhh!!!
169 Why is your shirt wet?
170 Why aren't you doing anything?
171 Give me nine hundred million and I will keep my mouth shut!!
172 Aren't you sharing a room with John?
173 Visiting Tibetian temple!!
174 Are you calling us dirty?
175 The bad**** Xiao Li!!
176 Does she also know...about my feelings?
177 Mu Jun is Jealous?
178 Poor John !!!
179 I think it was the third brother who beat us up?
180 fff
181 Unnamed
180 Blackmailing John!!
181 Lost his Viginity on his eighteenth birthday!!
182 I Had crush on a guy! But he stole my doll!!
183 Assassination! Will Sia reveal her identity?
184 My dream is ruined!!
185 Plan to hide my feelings!!
186 Four great Gods!!
187 The angry devil!!
188 Guess my School days will no longer be peaceful!!
189 Teacher...Are you a Ghost??
190 Stop following me and....Stop annoying me!!
191 Outrageous Yun Lou Feng
192 The Deans looking for you!!
193 Stay away from that girl!!
194 Found herself a boyfriend!!
195 Xiao Li's outburst!!
196 You scared me!!
197 Mu Jun: I plan to Woe her!!!
198 Get used to it!!
199 unedited
200 unedited
201 unedited
199 Warning: Appearance will be revealed!!
200 Beautiful girls everywhere, oh how I wish I could be there!!
201 Warning: Disguise revealed!! Should We wake him up?
202 Mommy John give me Yakult!!
203 Ain't I your boyfriend??
204 Buy a gift!!
205 Will you be my Date??
206 Is the answer satisfying enough?
207 Shocking the crowd by pampering his girl!!
208 Why the hell are you here???
209 You are single so am I, so why not just be my boyfriend?
210 Unedited!!
211 Rather hang myself!!
212 Looks like I don't have to go there anymore!!
213 vvvv
213 His cabbage was about to be picked by a pig!!
214 KKK
214 From now on....you are mine!!
215 unedited
216 unedited
217 untitled
215 Don't beg me When her Inner demon surfaces!!!
216 Drunk Sia: I-I will poke you!!
217 Handsome guys are meant to be eaten...hiccup!!
218 I won't leave unless I'm done eating you!!
219 Will Mu Jun finally have his First kiss???
220 Maybe...we will have another couple in the group soon!!
221 Roa family's dislike towards certain bastard!!
222 Shein on a Mission!!
223 Me might need your help!!
224 Time for some hunting!!
225 Shit...We Were Tricked!!
226 ffff
227 Untitled
228 Untitled!!
229 Unedited
226 Boss said...to Kill you!!
227 Cheif Elder, the women and the children are here!!
228 Malicious Aunty Bo!!
229 XV...Why did you kill her?
230 Painful memories: Help Me!!
231 Sleep? Can I?
232 I'm afraid...Sia is back to her previous self!!!
233 Can Mu Jun really bring our lively Sia back???
234 If you dare to bad mouth, my family...You are dead!!
235 Can I...Hug You??
236 I want to go to the beach!!
237 Say, when did you fall into the gutter??
238 Who dared to cause trouble in my school?
239 She is mine. If you dared to touch her, You are Dead!!
240 Did I forget something??
242 You want play? Then lets play!!
243 So Shameful! So Embarrassing!!
244 Mission to Steal a Baby!!
245 An Unexpected Twist in the plan!!
246 That's it?
247 Is Sia Violent??
248 Should We stay or Go??
249 Can we just dumb the two of them into one tent??
250 No One is allowed to Leave!!
251 Baby Sia is Drunk!!
252 He is Handsome...a handsome pony!!
253 Sleepless Night!!
254 Hong Xinyi!!
255 Untitled!!
256 Untitled!!
257 Untitled!!
258 Untitled!!
259 Untitled!!!
260 Was I just invited for a Date?
261 Mr. Mu, are you flirting with me??
262 Will Mu Jun finally confess?
263 Don't tell me the proposal really flopped?
264 Untitled!!
265 Brother Cheng, let's duel!!
266 King of Vinegar forcefully kissed Sia!!!
267 What should I do? : Marry Me!!
268 She is insane! She has gone crazy!!
269 A huge misunderstanding!!
270 Untitled!!
271 Untitled!!
272 Untitled
273 A Gift that cannot be Bought with money?
274 Mu Jun's birthday!!
275 Where is Sister Sia??
276 Two minutes left find out ____?
277 Happy Birthday my son!!
278 Will You Be my Boyfriend?
279 Finally Engaged! Yippeee!!
280 Can I kiss you??
281 My Goodnight kiss!!
282 Untitled
282 Give birth to Cubs!!
283 Baby, wake up!!
284 Won't mind letting him give birth!!
285 untitled
286 Untitled!!
287 Untitled
288 Untitled
289 Untitled
290 Untitled!!
291 Untitled!!
292 Untitled!
293 Untitled!!
294 untitled!!!
295 Untitled!!
296 untitled!!
297 Untitled!!
298 untitled!!
299 Not to owe you but I ought to!!
300 Why don't you help me?
301 We will not allow her to get hurt again, Never ever!!
302 Pitiful Yang Jie, Unlucky John!!
303 Date on a tree Branch!!
304 Find you very Unpleasant!!
305 Not Allowed To Drink!!
306 I miss Granny!!
307 She has suffered more than you think!!
308 Sia was pushed into the water!!
309 Anyone who dares to mess with Sia only deserve death
310 Zhen Wei on fire- 1
311 Zhen Wei on fire-II
312 Like what you see??
313 Stop him? Or Present myself?
314 Hard and Warm!!
315 Stomach churning scene!!
316 Won't let you suffer!!
317 Dare to have thoughts on my Man??
318 Shy baby!!
319 Back to City!!
320 Mu Jun: A Big wild Bug!!
321 Bae, want to have some fun?
322 Ghost in the female dormitory!!!
323 Scaring Meena!!
324 To Make Money!!
325 Young Master Rao is here!!
326 We miss you!!
327 Snatch the chocolate in special Way!!
328 Did my granddaughter-in-law just save me?
329 Meeting his Granddaughter-in-law!
330 I Proposed Her!!
331 First Date!!
331 Want to step on your Tail!!
332 Oh God, how did I end up with such a lazy bug?
333 Their First Date!
334 Appreciating your beauty on my bed!!
335 Suggestive film
336 We never let go of our prey!!
337 You asked for it so don't you dare regret it later!!
338 What a blissful moment!!
339 Tonight will be your End!!
340 Assasination!!
341 Smear her reputation before you kill her!!
342 The person behind your kidnapping!!
343 It's not her!!
344 Stay away from her! She Is mine!
345 It's dangerous...for both him and me!!
346 Did I just send mt sister to wolf's den!!
347 Find Young Miss Rao!!
348 I will make you loose your reputation!!
349 First Kiss on the stage!!
350 This song is dedicated for...!
351 This is bad...!!
352 A Fire broke out! Sia is Still inside!!!
353 She is not breathing!!
354 It's Sia's parents!!
355 Wake Up soon Baby! My heart can't tolerate to wait for long!!
356 Don't let her escape!!
357 Who dares to touch my girl!!
358 Unknown!!
359 Unknown
360 Unknown!!!
361 How dare you touch My woman!!
362 Punish you hard!!
363 Unknown!!
364 The girl second brother was looking for is....??
365 When Shall we start the **** making process??
366 Sunny for sunshine!!
367 Shen Yi is in trouble!!
368 Bonus chapter
369 I Love You...Shen Yi!!
370 Congrats to the new couple!!
371 Drunk John in trouble!!
372 Long time no see....little girl!!