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My Rebellious Vicious Concubine


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Updates:Chapter 49: Unworthy to Detoxify

When a genius poisoner and a vicious concubine meet, when chemicals will they have? It is said the Prince Regent dotes on his concubine. As long as she wants something, he will get it for her no matter what! It is also said the Prince Regent hates the concubine. On their wedding day, he directly throws the concubine out of the mansion! Since Nagong Ning marries into the Prince Regent Mansion, all...
《My Rebellious Vicious Concubine》 Text
Chapter 1: Murder: Pushed into the Toxic Abyss
Chapter 2: Handsome Young Man with Long Legs
Chapter 3: A Treasured Object? It Is a Trouble-maker for Its Owner!
Chapter 4: To Save Her Own Life, She Has to Rely On Her Own
Chapter 5: Kill Her!
Chapter 6: Transfer Poison
Chapter 7: Damn It! Two Forced Kisses!
Chapter 8: Dead? No, She Is Doing Self-detoxification
Chapter 9: The Crown Prince Is Coming
Chapter 10: Her Presence Is Embarrassing the Lord
Chapter 11: Get Somebody Killed with Somebody Else’s Knife
Chapter 12: The Villain Sues His Victim before He Himself Is Prosecuted
Chapter 13: The Guard Plops Down When She Counts the Number of Three
Chapter 14: The Beating of the Xuanwu Drum Means Something Serious Happens
Chapter 15: She Is a Kind of Girl Who Is Always Inarticulate and Stupid in Though
Chapter 16: They Are Just Adulterer and Doxy! Damn Them!
Chapter 17: The Engagement Is Terminated and She to Be Flogged 50 Strokes
Chapter 18: A Gorgeous and Elegant Beauty
Chapter 19: An Imperial Edict Arrives
Chapter 20: They Couldn’t Be More Perfectly Matched?
Chapter 21: Marriage Bestowed by the Emperor Shocks All as if ThunderRoars over Their Heads
Chapter 22: A Proud Loner Keeps Others Away
Chapter 23: So Bold, to Search for His Secret!
Chapter 24: A Wild Cat in a Rabbit's Clothing!
Chapter 25: He Has Never Felt So Conflicted
Chapter 26: Detoxify Her Toxin! Hurry up!
Chapter 27: You Two Go On and I’ll Disappear!
Chapter 28: A Fool or A Cover-up?
Chapter 29: Take the First Step
Chapter 30: How Magnificent the Shennong Hall Is
Chapter 31: A Toxic Man
Chapter 32: Being Hijacked?
Chapter 33: Who Hates Her So Much as to Force Her Swallow the Philter?
Chapter 34: She Swallows the Poison Herself, Highly Toxic
Chapter 35: It Is the Only Way!
Chapter 36: The More Painful, the Better!
Chapter 37: Bloody Eyes, Seductively Charming
Chapter 38: She Turns Over and Rides on Top
Chapter 39: Get Up and Get Out!
Chapter 40: Her Vicious Uncle Is Coming
Chapter 41: Call Me Aunt Now
Chapter 42: I Am a Face-judger
Chapter 43: Short of Money, One Hundred Thousand Taels of Gold
Chapter 44: The An Hall with Many Mechanisms
Chapter 45: To Find the Nangong Token……
Chapter 46: Secret Guard, I am yours
Chapter 47: Destroyed, Nowhere To Star
Chapter 48: White-Eyed Wolf, Enough
Chapter 49: Unworthy to Detoxify