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136 Preparations for the Abyssal Plane Expedition! II

The Star Rank Dimensional Rift was left behind without any troubles as Noah truly came and went in one of the headquarters of the Order of the Primal Dimensional Rulers without any trouble!

The being they were all searching for had actually come right under their noses as they still had no idea.

Around this same time, the three Factions of the Sublunary Plane were about to hold a meeting as for the sake of obtaining information and not exposing himself too early, Noah allowed Dimensional Ruler Chamberlayne to attend so he could look at the enemies looking for him directly.

With the ability of Remote Control under ||Mind Dominator||, it would be akin to Noah sitting in this meeting himself as he obtained information about his enemies while they continued to stay in the dark about him!

Like this, the preparation for Noah's next phase of plans were under way as after the clearing of the Star Rank Rift, Annalise and his figure were wrapped up in a spatial light as they returned to the Ethereal Realm, Noah being intent on spending the few days where he waited for STAR Rank Cores to come to him with peace.

He only planned to leave the Ethereal Realm once or twice to spar with the Dimensional Ruler Catherine and search for any possible Fate Spirits that would lead him to an Incandescent Treasure Plane again, this rare creature eluding him the past days no matter how many times he dove into the Rifts and Floors of the features of the Idle Gaming system.

Accomplishing the goal of Catherine was both easy and hard, where with enough of their sparring sessions- she might actually be able to comprehend the abstruse Dao of Destruction as this would mean Noah gaining a big helper in the Empyrean Plane.

Noah left everything up to fate as he enjoyed the first few days of peace in a while, using the time to catch up with Rose on the progress of the Ethereal Realm as well as how the missions of the Dimensional Rulers he subjugated were going.

He was slowly changing the nature of natives being forced to dive into Dimensional Rifts day and night and giving their loot away to Realm Overseers for collection, but the progress was slow as he was doing it within the bounds of not being noticed by the powerful Dimensional Rulers from the three factions!

This was why among the many Star and Realm Clusters that could legitimately be seen under Noah's jurisdiction because he had subjugated their Rulers, the progress of freeing the lives of many was not too fast.

Noah understood this very clearly, and it was why he was moving with at a fast pace to achieve the power of STAR Forging as he obtained even greater power- enough that he would be able to stand on top of all the Dimensional Rulers and openly institute rules that changed the nature of the Sublunary Plane.

Like this, while undertaking small tasks and catching up on the progress of those around him, a day passed.

During this time, Noah stopped himself from even touching the Idle Gaming System interface as he wanted a full day to pass before he collected his abundant loot, his eyes staring into the interface now as he stared only at the Inescapable Light Continental Realm Dimensional Rift!

His eyes were filled with a light of fervor as he clicked to collect the loot resources of this stellar Star Rank Rift.

[+960  Idle Exp] [+212 Light Universal Law Crystals] [+12 Light STAR Rank Equipment] [+50,000 STAR Rank Unit Upgrade Crystals] [+42 STAR Rank Light Tyrant Dragon Unit Shards] [+88 Ultimate Light Potions] [+9 STAR Rank Light Element Skill Books] [+55 STAR Rank Cores]


Noah could only read the prompt silently as he looked and analyzed everything with wonder, the 24 hour loot resource of this single STAR Rank Rift being too beautiful. 

The STAR Rank equipment that would provide a shocking amount of defensive capabilities and support, the STAR Rank Unit Upgrade Crystals that he needed millions of that had now begun to be collected early, the Star Rank Unit Shards that he received 42 of from a single day that actually meant that in another day and a half...he would have 100 to call forth a genuine STAR Rank Unit!

This was the boon from a STAR Rank Rift that Noah wanted!

Even though the forging of Units from World to Star was extremely hard due to the millions of World Rank Upgrade Crystals required, Noah could still obtain Unit Shards from Rifts of this level as when he collected enough...it was just a simple job of summoning them thereafter.

This meant that aside from Noah achieving the STAR Rank himself in another day or so, he would be accompanied by a terrifying Unit of the same rank when they ultimately went towards the Abyssal Plane Expedition.

It also gave way to the reality that if Noah did nothing but sleep and only collect loot for an entire month, he would be able to fill his whole team of 14 Unit Slots full of STAR Rank Rift Bosses at the rate the Unit Shards were currently coming in!

After That...who could stand to oppose him in the Sublunary Plane?


Unseen waves of fate rolled out at the mere thought, Noah smiling calmly as he browsed the Light Element Skill Books and the Ultimate Light Potion that granted one +500% Enhancement of all Light Element Abilities once they took it.

He had many cards up his sleeves as his preparations for his next steps were already done, with all that was left to do being to merely stay Idle!

He just had to idle around and absorb the Star Rank Cores he was collecting, reaching the Star Forging Realm that evaded many with ease as thereafter, he would delve into the dangerous Abyssal Plane and see his fate on obtaining Dao Crystals of unknown Daos and the unique Skill Points he had yet to even look at.

As for his enemies? He would just let them plot as he listened in!


Near the very center of the Sublunary Plane.

The center of the plane was an extremely important and sacred one, with a grand planetary sized architecture known as the Sanctuary existing in this location.

This Sanctuary was designed uniquely as it had the shape of a planetary sized human being standing proudly with their arms outstretched towards the space above where one could find...a golden stairway that seemed endless!

A planetary sized humanoid structure raising their arms towards a golden stairway! This was the Sanctuary, and the stairs it pointed to were known as the Golden Stairway of Ascension that a being had to walk on and reach the end of to step into the Empyrean Plane.

The Golden Stairway of Ascension was one that World Rank Expert dared not to even step on, only those in the STAR Forging Realm having bodies capable of withstanding the spatial turbulence to go from this lower Plane and into the Higher Empyrean Plane!

Noah stared at this grand Stairway of Ascension from the eyes of the Dimensional Ruler Chamberlayne as they were filled with an unknown light, turning from it soon after as he continued towards the head structure of the Sanctuary where the meeting of the three Factions was being held.

There, the auras of multiple Star Rank experts could be felt as when Noah neared the head of the Sanctuary and landed on its golden floor, he could see the faces of the experts clearly.

Their numbers were upwards of 30, each of them having a sagely appearance or grand temperaments as they were either Disciples of powerful Conclaves of the Empyrean Plane or prideful natives of the Sublunary Plane that had risen to these heights themselves!

Many were from the three factions as a few of the powerful existences were lone powerhouses.

The figure of even the disgruntled Catherine could be seen standing near the Dimensional Rulers of the Keepers of Order and Fate as the one at the very forefront nodded towards the Ruler from the Primal Dimensional Rulers who had called this meeting.

Raizel turned towards the figure of Chamberlayne as he seemed to be the last one they were waiting for, his figure rising in front of everyone as he began to speak grandly!

"I called everyone here today because of an unknown enemy that will interfere with all our interests...one that is growing more powerful by the day as we cannot even discern anything about them at this moment."


The voice of Raizel reverberated out as the meeting between the STAR Rank Dimensional Rulers of the Sublunary Plane took place.

While it was ongoing, Noah was using [Remote Control] to observe the many enemies talking about him as he submitted them to memory while listening to the means these beings were planning on using for the future to come!