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My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms

Author:Lángyān Smoking Wolf 狼烟

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UpdateTime:12/19/2019 11:28:50 PM

Updates:Chapter 134, We can wait for this

Leo, a common middle school student, was accidentally invited to a Wechat group full of legendary immortals, such as the Monkey King, ErLang Sheng, the Dragon King of the East. Since that day, his life completely changed. With the mystical items receive from his WeChat group,

《My Amazing WeChat is Connected to the Three Realms》 Text
Chapter 1, Could this Group of Jokers Actually be Gods?
Chapter 2, Moon Palace Fairy’s Song
Chapter 3, Lord Lao Zi’s Red Packe
Chapter 4, Devoted to Art?
Chapter 5, The Fake Boyfriend
Chapter 6, I Accidentally became the King of Songs
Chapter 7, Liu Xin Yue’s Matter of the Hear
Chapter 8, Resurrection Pill
Chapter 9, Meets the Nemesis
Chapter 10, The Monkey King Returns
Chapter 11, Hundred Noble Ladies at Nigh
Chapter 12, this painting, I want i
Chapter 13, Golden Flower Boy
Chapter 14, Dogs look low
Chapter 15, is better for the teacher
Chapter 16, Mysterious Old Man
Chapter 17, Goes Home
Chapter 18, The face of a shrew
Chapter 19, Yourthing has been committed
Chapter 20, Believe it or not, kill you
Chapter 21, Can you talk well?
Chapter 22, Lin Hai’s Commitmen
Chapter 23, Can go sideways
Chapter 24, is a man. You come
Chapter 25, Golden Needle Crossing the Soul
Chapter 26, Mysterious Ancient Paintings
Chapter 27, The Threat of Scar Face
Chapter 28, is very deep. How deep is it?
Chapter 29, Two Living Treasures
Chapter 30, is too bullying
Chapter 31, Conspiracy
Chapter 32, The Feeling of Kissing
Chapter 33, Sky Eyes Upgrade
Chapter 34, Finding a Place
Chapter 35, If you don’t do it, you won’t die
Chapter 36, Bad luck reminder of God of Wealth
Chapter 37, is a ghos
Chapter 38, is being ruined
Chapter 39, Pocket Edition Peach Sword
Chapter 40, I am more than my sister
Chapter 41, Cheers for Friendship
Chapter 42, Passion in the car
Chapter 43, Female Ghost Han Xiuer
Chapter 44, Your house, haunted!
Chapter 45, The bones under the garden
Chapter 46, seems to be playing big
Chapter 47, The coming of the world to cook wine to be returned
Chapter 48, Xiao Jia, something happened
Chapter 49, Chien Tu Bao
Chapter 50, Female ghost butt can not touch
Chapter 51, Monkey Wine
Chapter 52, The Dignity Being Challenged
Chapter 53, Don’t Dirty the Soil of China
Chapter 54, The police uncle is good
Chapter 55, Conques
Chapter 56, Meet Little Devil Again
Chapter 57, is vulnerable
Chapter 58, Just call me Xiaomeng
Chapter 59, Half-way Interception
Chapter 60, Bonesetting is a technical activity
Chapter 61, Buying Houses
Chapter 62, The Upper Limit of Heaven’s Friends
Chapter 63, Red Belly Pouch
Chapter 64, Large Teddy
Chapter 65, A ghost lives next door to you
Chapter 66, Discriminated against by dogs
Chapter 67, The dog belongs to you
Chapter 68, Shady Ah Hua
Chapter 69, Grandma kills you
Chapter 70, Hits the edge
Chapter 71, Three-boundary passage
Chapter 72, Weird Mortuary
Chapter 73, Touches the day
Chapter 74, Resurrection from Death
Chapter 75, Mysterious Shadows
Chapter 76, Places with Shortage of Entertainmen
Chapter 77, Strange Disappearance
Chapter 78, Moon Lake Holy Land
Chapter 79, Six finger Qin devil
Chapter 80, Gambling
Chapter 81, Endgame
Chapter 82, The scholar is a rogue
Chapter 83, Guess the Stone
Chapter 84, Brother does not engage in foundation
Chapter 85, Don’t talk, kiss me
Chapter 86, Ancestors, don’t leave
Chapter 87, Who pays for my car?
Chapter 88, Captivity in the stree
Chapter 89, Desperation
Chapter 90, Human Hell
Chapter 91, Abnormal masochism
Chapter 92, Three hundred and one births
Chapter 93, Threats to Death
Chapter 94, It’s cool to fight more people
Chapter 95, Immortals can’t escape
Chapter 96, Visceral Blood Pool
Chapter 97, Blood Demon
Chapter 98, Thunderbol
Chapter 99, Is loaded with force and it is forced to be thundered
Chapter 100, The Ghost Difference
Chapter 101, School flowers
Chapter 102, Red Green Yellow
Chapter 103, Leave some for me
Chapter 104
Chapter 105, Ten Outstanding Youth
Chapter 106, Partners
Chapter 107, Shut your mouth
Chapter 108, Until you take i
Chapter 109, Fighting with Laozi
Chapter 110, it’s not too much to watch
Chapter 111, All the way
Chapter 112, Holds up a day
Chapter 113, Are You Familiar With Me?
Chapter 114, This compensation is reasonable
Chapter 115, Hiding from Lin
Chapter 116, Moving
Chapter 117, Don’t give it to her
Chapter 118, News from Grandpa
Chapter 119, We can’t make i
Chapter 120, How can you be satisfied?
Chapter 121, Peach Blossom robbery
Chapter 122, Shameless, I Like I
Chapter 123, Meimei Moisturizing Mask
Chapter 124, Splashing your face with bath water
Chapter 125, Three days
Chapter 126, Play together
Chapter 127, Tyrant Brother
Chapter 128, It’s a disease. It needs treatment!
Chapter 129, White impermanence catches ghosts
Chapter 130, Taoist pries
Chapter 131, Find a pigsty to live in
Chapter 132, Catch a hooligan
Chapter 133, Cos
Chapter 134, We can wait for this