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Medical Martial God

Author:Xiao Ming 潇铭

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UpdateTime:3/28/2020 11:35:22 AM

Updates:Chapter 105: Lofty ambitions.

The unparalleled Demon King Ye Xuan, who was able to heal the dead or the living alike and holder of the medicine Holy Scripture, was betrayed and killed by his fellow Demon Kings. But he reincarnated into the body of Ye Xuan, the prodigal son of the Ye family and vowed to himself that he would return to his peak and take back everything that belonged to him!

《Medical Martial God》 Text
Chapter 1: Demon King Ye Xuan!
Chapter 2: Unexpected Incident.
Chapter 3: The Thirteen Needle of Defiance.
Chapter 4: Punishing the evil woman.
Chapter 5: Conspiracy
Chapter 6: Evil Wolf Gang.
Chapter 7: Goddess of the night.
Chapter 8: Trampling!
Chapter 9: Ferocious Lolita.
Chapter 10: The big breasted Loli is calling for help!
Chapter 11: Domineering!
Chapter 12: Gourmet food.
Chapter 13: Intellectual beauty.
Chapter 14: Leading beauty.
Chapter 15:Domineering declaration.
Chapter 16: Working for a beauty.
Chapter 17: Snake Attack!
Chapter 18: A date.
Chapter 19: A storm at the banquet.
Chapter 20: Ye family young master.
Chapter 21: Face slapping at the speed of light.
Chapter 22: Su Xiaomeng is in danger!
Chapter 23: One hundred people!
Chapter 24: Wind’s God Wrath.
Chapter 25: Not my match!
Chapter 26: I’m asking you if you going to apologize or not?
Chapter 26: Who is that pretty boy?
Chapter 28: Goddess of the night Elena.
Chapter 29: Brother Kun!
Chapter 30: Brother Kun part 2.
Chapter 31: Scared Brother Kun.
Chapter 32: A beautiful assassin.
Chapter 33: You can’t do it!
Chapter 34: The beauty is jumping off the building!
Chapter 35: Medical Martial God.
Chapter 36: The beauty had a date!
Chapter 37: The security guard counterattack!
Chapter 38: Western Shura World!
Chapter 39: Knowing smile!
Chapter 40: On your knees!
Chapter 41: Blamed Wrongly.
Chapter 42: Xuan Bro!
Chapter 43: Charnel house!
Chapter 44: War Tigers Gang.
Chapter 45: The mighty Ye Xuan.
Chapter 46: The reason.
Chapter 47: The assassin, Black Dragon!
Chapter 48: Cyan Emperor Edict.
Chapter 49: Song Yuanhang’s provocation!
Chapter 50: Death race.
Chapter 51: If blocked by the Buddha, kill the Buddha! If blocked by the God, kill the God!
Chapter 52: Flat tire crisis!
Chapter 53: Possessed by the Car Racing God.
Chapter 54: Race God, Ye Xuan!
Chapter 55: Xian Tiannan.
Chapter 56: Discreet friend.
Chapter 57: Altercation at the car dealership.
Chapter 58: Don’t act like a snob!
Chapter 59: Rage.
Chapter 60: Crazy Dragon Gang.
Chapter 61: Overwhelm them by force!
Chapter 62: Against Kuang Ba.
Chapter 63: Tyrannical Qing Yu.
Chapter 64: Lord Dragon’s Will.
Chapter 65: Turn around and go home.
Chapter 66: Trouble came up to the door.
Chapter 67: My name is Ye Xuan!
Chapter 68: Brought doom to oneself.
Chapter 69: Couple’s suite.
Chapter 70: The weapons are too much!
Chapter 71: Moving into a new home.
Chapter 72: Hundred faced poisoner.
Chapter 73: Life and death showdown!
Chapter 74: Medical Sage Ye Xuan.
Chapter 75: Medical dispute.
Chapter 76: Medical miracle.
Chapter 77: Human Kindness.
Chapter 78: Eyes in the Dark.
Chapter 79: Extortion.
Chapter 80: Dispute!
Chapter 81: Raging Dragon Blast!
Chapter 82: The miserable Ye Wenfeng.
Chapter 83: Cyan Emperor Pagoda.
Chapter 84: Battle in the Night.
Chapter 85: Sniping in the forest.
Chapter 86: Demon God Shrine.
Chapter 87: Terrorist attack?
Chapter 88: Break into the Ye Family.
Chapter 89: Aunty Yun Yan.
Chapter 90: Ye Xuan running amok.
Chapter 91: Dragon Crushing Power.
Chapter 92: Perilous situation!
Chapter 93: Free to do whatever you want, I’m invincible.
Chapter 94: Western Evil God.
Chapter 95: Evil God’s surrender.
Chapter 96: Becoming famous in Xing Hai!
Chapter 97: Eyes on Ye Xuan.
Chapter 98: Cruel abuse.
Chapter 99: Tortured to death.
Chapter 100: Wrecked.
Chapter 101: Snake beauties.
Chapter 102: Ruthless Beheading.
Chapter 103: Kill into their Branch!
Chapter 104: Watch me as I kill people.
Chapter 105: Lofty ambitions.