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I“m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Author:Kinoshita Nakui

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UpdateTime:2/16/2022 1:11:46 AM

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The Immortal Dao is ethereal, and Immortals are hard to find.\r\n\r\nLi Nianfan had descended into the cultivation world as a mortal. After learning that he has no hope in cultivation, he only wants to live a peaceful life.\r\n\r\nHowever…\r\n\r\nThe dog he adopts becomes a demon king of a generation when it sees his poems and paintings. It manages to suppress an entire world.\r\n\r\nThe tree he ...
《I“m Actually a Cultivation Bigshot》 Text
1 Parting with the System
2 A Suspected Hidden Exper
3 The Hidden Expert Is Revealed
4 A Monster!
5 An Ordinary Man and His Dog.
6 What A Friendly Immortal Realm!
7 Even The Rubbish Is Precious
8 An Untradeable Feast, Not Even For Elixir!
9 An Ingenious Exper
10 Wanjian Immortal Sect Is In Imminent Danger
11 Sword Demon Is Here!
12 I Am A Demon Sword
13 The Holy Emperor Is Impressed
14 Saving Someone
15 Back To Basics
16 My Most Impressive Discovery
17 Is This Not A Bowl of White Congee?
18 I Can Use This As A Torch
19 The Answer
20 An Idealist Scholar
21 An Old Man Listening To Children’s Stories?
22 A Bigshot’s World Is Indeed Full Of Tests
23 His words!
24 Time To Feast!
25 I Came From The Mortal Realm, Seeking For Longevity.
26 The Pot Contains Insights!
27 I Love Vegetables!
28 Transformation and Lightning
29 Do Not Disturb The Exper
30 Experiencing The Law Of Nature.
31 Scolding The Heaven
32 Another Hin
33 Much Better Than The Lighter!
34 Mr. Li Is Reminding Me
35 A Monster Spirit Ahead
36 Return To your Basic Form
37 This Is Such A Lovely Immortal Realm
38 The Bitterness of Being Single
39 There Is Such An Operation In The World?
40 Why Would There Be A Monster Here
41 The Rare Nine-Tailed Fox
42 A Cup of tea, An Enlightenmen
43 Prodigal Wife!
44 To The West, To Preach
45 A Massive World
46 Why Did The Path To Immortality Break?
47 Sister Has Gone Crazy After Transformation
48 Is He Hinting At Us?
49 Becoming A Pawn In The Chess Game
50 The All-Knowing Mr. Li
51 Mr. Li’s Tricks
52 Mr. Li’s Hints, Nice Jello
53 Ant Discovered the Sky
54 Secrets Everywhere, Treasure Everywhere
55 The Godly Exper
56 Helpful, Kind, Double Sword Duo
57 The Enraged Silver Moon Demon King
58 Do You Understand the Expert's Hints?
59 Everything Went Wrong for the Silver Moon Demon King
60 Destroy Your Own Core
61 What A Luxurious Way To Die
62 A Licking Dog!
63 The Past Is In The Pas
64 Having A Blast!
65 Are You Stupid
66 Ten Years!
67 Undefeatable!
68 Ready For The Table
69 Looking Familiar?
70 Preaching Pearl
71 Television, Another Voice-Controlled Device
72 Ew, How Embarrassing!
73 The Expert Must Be Punishing Me
74 The Peak of Eagle Life After Death
75 Refrigerator, the Expert's Hint!
76 A Penetrating Danger
77 We're in Luck Over an Eagle Soup?
78 Mr. Li Was Truly the Chosen One
79 The Beloved Mr. Li
80 Was It a Coincidence?
81 Chess Fanatic
82 Where Men And Women Work Together
83 A Gif
84 Ignorant Idiot!
85 A Touch From The Immortal!
86 Unimaginable Form Of Existence
87 The Right Way To Use Take-Away Container
88 Forces of the World
89 A Palm Fallen From The Sky
90 Boots Licking Competition!
91 Won by a Nose!
92 The Mystery in Mr. Li's Words
93 Finally My Time to Shine
94 Yeah Righ
95 Who Agrees? Who Opposes?
96 Light Source, Breakthrough!
97 I Am a Lighting Tool
98 Be a Proper Ligh
99 Too Much Pressure That You Have Dementia
100 Shockingly Sat Up at the Brink of Death
101 A Letter From Nanan
102 First Ice Pop Experience
103 A Bite of Ice Pop, A Chance to Baptize
104 A Deeper Meaning
105 So That Was The Expert’s Hint!
106 One Versus Five
107 I’m a Professional
108 I Can Brag About This Forever!
109 What A Big Abalone!
110 Glowing Food
111 Anything for the Exper
112 Mistake in the Expert's Scheme?
113 Predestined Fate With the Buddha
114 Azure Demon Lockdown Grand Ceremony
115 Realer Than Real
116 The Ordinary Way is Superior!
117 Let’s Party, Bros!
118 This is a Pear?
119 Hopefully We’re Lucky
120 Zither Music, Meteor Showers
121 Intriguing
122 No Money
123 The Popular Journey to the Wes
124 What Do You Mean?
125 A Shocking Statemen
126 He Is Not An Ordinary Man!
127 What a Terrifyingly Huge Chess Game
128 A Pot of Tea Eggs
129 So Delicious…I’m Crying!
130 The Scene is Stunning!
131 Mr. Li, Am I Pretty?
132 The Power of a Cultivator?
133 Blocking the Way, How Reckless!
134 Danger in the Immortal Realm!
135 Can You Kill Him?
136 Ungrateful Brats
137 Shall Not Insult the Saint!
138 A Sudden Change, Midnight Ambush!
139 It Is… Going Down
140 Reappearance of the Kraken
141 Is it Too Late
142 Miss Him Miss Him Miss Him!
143 Bite the Bulle
144 What a Cultured Immortal Realm!
145 Compressor
146 I Promised You The World
147 Dude, You Admire Us?
148 A Punch Could Explode The World
149 Fanta! I’m Flying!
150 Is This The Bigshot’s World?
151 Oh, Superb!
152 The Night Before the Extermination of Northland’s Liu Family
153 The Biggest Battle in the Immortal Realm
154 You Can Flex, But Please No Personal Attacks!
155 Immortals!
156 A Hole In the Sky!
157 Immortal… in the Immortal Realm!
158 The Expert is Terrifying!
159 Complimentary Kiss-Up
160 Just Simply Paint I
161 Three-legged Golden Crow, the Secret of Ancient Times
162 Everything As It Was
163 The Ordinary Men No Longer Have Desires?
164 Surrounded by Bigshots
165 Destruction and Rebirth
166 Yao Mengji’s Last Words
167 The Expert Is So Nice to Me
168 No More Regrets In Life
169 Yao Mengji, Attacked.
170 Sacrificing for Science
171 This Kite Is Cursed
172 Let Me Show You What’s Up
173 Complications in Simplicity
174 Can't Take It Anymore, Hurry up and Summon Me Again
175 I Really Have to Go
176 Bet on the Exper
177 Lake Drifting on a Raft, Straight Girl
178 Immortal Relics
179 A Bad Move
180 Ge… Genie?
181 Luck!
182 Obviously Cheating
183 Bringing Home a Free Immortal
184 Golden Bee. Honey Is Good.
185 Lin Mufeng’s Realization.
186 The Reason Why The Road Is Broken
187 Showing Off Our Ancestors.
188 Oh No! Your Bird Is In Trouble!
189 Here Is Scary. I Want To Go Home.
190 Why Cultivate? Just Be A Bootlicker!
191 Did He Come to the Immortal Realm to Play?
192 Grandpa Did It for Your Sake
193 My Cultivation… Is a Mistake?
194 Welcome Newbie
195 Bros, Let’s Chat in the Toile
196 Her Charm… Awesome
197 Kingdom
198 The Talented Mr. Li, Another One Who Wanted to Be His Studen
199 The Exhausted Yao Mengji
200 The Linxian Palace Immortal
201 My Ancestor Is A Thief
202 Is That How You Steal From Your Descendants?
203 The Thoughtful Qin Manyun.
204 Are You Still Looking For Longevity?
205 You Still Have A Lot To Learn
206 The Ordinary People Must Make Some Changes.
207 Leading an Era, Enlightening the Ordinary!
208 Man Can Conquer Nature
209 The Birth of a Human Sovereign
210 Don’t Worry, I’m Good At This.
211 Something Big Happened!
212 You Are Insulting My Intelligence
213 Was My Sect Going to Be Destroyed by a Painting?
214 Cruel Flames
215 Lovey-Dovey and Personal Attacks
216 The Expert Wants to Ride Me?
217 How Nice Would It Be if Things Were How It Originally Was
218 Ruthless, He Was Ruthless
219 What Did You Understand?
220 Group Immortalize
221 Over Limi
222 You Just Can’t Wait To Ride Me?
223 Too Caught Up In Pretending
224 Why Didn’t You Inform Me?
225 Have I Gone Back To The Ancient Times?
226 Scary Small Mouth
227 Living a Riskier Life
228 The Four-Part Architecture is Growing!
229 Issues Involving Life And Death
230 The Arrival of Lord Demon God
231 Rare Sight of the Clear Moon Lake, War Begins
232 Mr. Li’s Answer, Too Deep
233 Dark Forces
234 Scoot Over, Bubble Bath Together
235 ‘Bootlicker’s Guide to the Immortal Realm’
236 This Student… Is Mine
237 I Have to Bury Myself on a Good Land
238 The Three Levels of Swordsmanship, Astonishing Words
239 Betting Everything in One Strike
240 The Oblivious Azure Ville
241 Ancestor Dragon’s Quote
242 It’s Time To Show You How Powerful Your Grandpa Is.
243 Sorry, I’m A Spy.
244 For the Sake of All Beings
245 Mr. Li, the Teacher For All
246 What To Do?
247 Luck Treasure. Safer to Stay Hidden.
248 I’m A Chess Piece of the Expert!
249 Can My Father Be Saved?
250 Dragin, Poor You!
251 Maybe This Was Fatherly Love
252 Seafood Set Meal
253 Every Lick Was Power
254 Ask for the Truth, Predestined Fate With the Buddha
255 So Stingy
256 Buddhism, It Was Not A Big Deal
257 Shameful Skill, I Am Not A Good Fox
258 Tell You A Huge Secre
259 The Super Busy Yao Mengji
260 I Feel Like Someone Is Against Me
261 This Immortal Realm Seems Rather…Unimpressive!
262 You All Did This To Me, And Claim To Be Nice To Me?
263 Trash Talk Did Not Help
264 My Goddess Image of Ten Thousand Years Is Ruined
265 I Think You’re Insulting Me
266 Guests Have Seated. Start the Show.
267 The Expert Is Making a Point!
268 Oh No! Big Deal!
269 Siege. Signs of a Breakthrough!
270 A Test. Xuanyin Immortal Water
271 Mountain Streams, Echoing Music
272 So the Expert Is Going Against Fate
273 The Milk-Drinking Maniac, Liuyun Lord Immortal
274 Mutual Surprise Gift With Daji
275 No Manners, Be Gone!
276 Ordinary Homestay Robo
277 Limited Growth Serum
278 I Am Not Worthy as Dir
279 Desperate Helpless Liuyun Lord Immortal
280 Was This the Generosity of the Expert?
281 Only the Expert Could Defeat the Exper
282 Honor the Expert’s Teachings
283 The Baldies Are Powerful, It’s An Emergency
284 Expert’s Tes
285 We Understand
286 Investitures of the Gods, The Expert Is Deep
287 Something Happened to Luo Shiyu?
288 Get Him Out of Here, Bury Him
289 Reappeared Styx, Opened Door of the Underworld
290 Old Locust Tree Demon, My Contentmen
291 Top Immortal Cultivators Conference
292 Five Decays, Spy In Action.
293 You’re Using This To…Bribe Me?
294 Helping The Expert To Set A Small Goal
295 The Misled Yuecha
296 No.1 Demon Wife
297 My Bull Demon Is Bullish!
298 Dazzled By Beauty
299 The Expert’s Sense of Ritual
300 How Exciting
301 Ghost Door…Is Open!
302 Ride Me
303 The Underground Appeared, The Ghosts Appeared.
304 Perhaps This Is the Amusement of A Bigshot.
305 Are You All Humans?
306 Queue for Reincarnation.
307 The Underworld Is So Stingy!
308 Coming Back With A Huge Surprise
309 Written By A Saint!
310 Black Market. Show Me.
311 The Taste of Happiness at the Expert’s Place
312 My Eyes Learned It But My Hands Don'
313 Unwelcomed Guests
314 Where Is the Sect Master, Why Is the Sect Master Gone
315 No Way, I Have to Cultivate
316 Nameless Village
317 Encounter, Brothel Female Ghosts
318 Awesome to Be Cultured
319 Compare the Abilities of Our Bosses
320 Ghost Town Near Us
321 I Think I Ate Sh*
322 What Kind of Immortal Realm Did I Transmigrated To
323 Is My Golden Touch Activated?
324 Newfound Entertainment, It’s Nice
325 Tears From Heartache, Death Note
326 Whatever, Add-on Meal
327 Deluxe Merit Saint, Super Scary
328 Peace Guy, Pillars to the Sky
329 Reappearance of the Death Note
330 Can You Allow Me to Call Your Name
331 Benefits of Befriending the Onis.
332 Heavenly Temple. Daluo.
333 Better Than Newlyweds
334 The Seal Melted. New Era.
335 I’m Worse Than A Snowman
336 Wool. Payne Who Likes Chives.
337 Fallen Immortal Town. City God Temple.
338 One Hundred Thousand Fireworks Returned Here.
339 You’ve Changed. You’ve All Changed!
340 Demons of Great Vitality.
341 Follow the Expert Will Truly Benefit a Lifetime
342 I Am Sorry, I Did Not Know My Meat Is so Tasty
343 What a Bunch of Hard-Working People
344 Cultivator, Do You Want Chives
345 Nice Management, a Different City
346 Smells Like a Bootlicker
347 The Sir Is Going to Bless the People Again
348 Shallow, We Were Too Shallow
349 The Talented Buddha
350 Temptation Training, Red Clothes
351 Unique Lotus Leaf. The Doctrine.
352 Test, Plan, and Big Matter.
353 You Must Be Burn
354 If You Don’t Live, How Would You Know?
355 A Gift. Shock!
356 Greed and Steal.
357 Death Is Not Scary. We Have Friends In The Underworld.
358 This Vegetable...Is Poisonous!
359 I Have No Fear!
360 Deluxe Merit Like An Ocean. Making Way.
361 I Haven’t Showed Up Yet, and I’m About to Die
362 If You Don’t Leave, Don’t Blame Me for Lying Down
363 Bodhi Understandings, Acheron and Naihe Bridge
364 Odd Situation, Fix the Underworld
365 I Think This Could Be a Bonus
366 Theoretically There Is a Pass, Trick for Food
367 Splitting the Realms, Conspiracy
368 Heaven Is Failing and the Source of Catastrophe
369 Sea Eyes, Where Is the Promising Tsunami?
370 Dragons… Shall Not Be Slaves
371 Li Nianfan’s Plan. Someone Was Here!
372 Are You A Pig? Do You Believe This?
373 Ziye’s Conquering Ac
374 Three Thousand Years of Paths.
375 Your Opportunity Has Arrived.
376 You Know Nothing About Power.
377 No Need To Explain. We Trust You.
378 Feeling the Joy of Living Again
379 A Godly Figure Like Pangu
380 New Year Is Coming. Celebration.
381 Certified Farmer Li Nianfan
382 Plucking the Stars From the Sky
383 Sorry, We Can’t Go Along With This Performance of Yours
384 The Expert's Hint, Missed Opportunity
385 Real Spy Operation, Star
386 Nice, What a Nice Idea
387 Preach, Household Tale
388 End-of-the-Year Event Discussion, Borrow Us Your Spear
389 Maybe You Misunderstood Performances
390 The Situation, The Current Villains
391 This Is Concrete Evidence. The Heavenly Palace Really Exists!
392 The Heavenly Spirits, Irritating Mosquitos
393 All I Did Was To be Obsequious To Someone Else At The Right Timing
394 Palace Of The Deluxe Merit Saint You Are Still The One Good At Getting On Others Good Terms
395 I Am Such a Shameless Deluxe Merit Sain
396 I Am Useful After All
397 I Have Never Been This Rich While Hugging You Guys
398 Dingshen Armor, Most Suitable Choice
399 Sea Problem, Bluff
400 The Self-Compliment of Emperor Hao Tian
401 Relationship Trouble, What Is Going on With the Realm
402 Heavenly Palace Army, Reckless Jade Emperor
403 Battle of the Western Sea, Fight for Being the Lord Dog
404 Western Sea Bait, The Plan of Group Destruction
405 A Guangling Song, Extreme Purple Lightning Bol
406 We Are the Strongest Allies
407 Weapon Level Up +1, Tear Trickster Li Nianfan
408 Goddess Chang'e With Weak Alcohol Tolerance
409 Plague God, Stubborn Shy Small Mimosa
410 His Awesomeness Is Right There, It Is Your Fault for Not Realizing I
411 Perfectionist Deified Dog
412 Xiao Chengfeng Boasting
413 A Personalized Entrance Effec
414 I’m Just An Ordinary Dog. Understand?
415 Stopped By To Do Some Hunting
416 Plague Versus Divine Farmer
417 What A Pity Without Chicken Pox
418 Frog In The Well
419 We Accidentally Bumped Into The Exper
420 The Philosophical Plague God Lu Yue
421 Mountain Is Not A Mountain; Water Is Not Water
422 A New Record Since Prehistoric Times
423 I Panicked. I Shouldn’t Have Told Them.
424 The Grace of Preaching. The Plan of Lord Kunpeng
425 Sit Back And Watch; Pocket All Gains
426 What Happened? Everything Didn’t Go As Planned
427 I Won't Allow You To Harm My Sister
428 The Expert’s Qi. The Tip of the Iceberg
429 In A Fish In The Northern Ocean
430 Li Nianfan, The One Who Doesn’t Know
431 Kun Is Big, One Pot Cannot Contain I
432 Power of Dao, Get In This Pot Now
433 So We Are Carriers for the Exper
434 A Sentence From the Expert, Gift From God
435 Best Feast of All Times
436 Canary With a Dream, The Kunpeng Feas
437 Eat Up Drink Up, Continue the Performances
438 Generosity of the Expert, Beyond the Sky
439 The End of the Feast, Old and Weak Taibai Jinxing
440 I Accidentally Stabbed You
441 Scared and Whiny Blackie
442 Our World Is the Expert's Bootlicker
443 The Destructive Plan
444 Blood Battle of the Sea, God Jiro
445 Things Truly Worked In Mysterious Ways
446 Kill You Myself, The Ambitions of the Styx
447 The Expert Starts to Freestyle
448 Wisdom Like the Sea, Showoff Blackie
449 Another Upgrade in the Four-Part Architecture, Expert's Humor
450 'Classic of Mountains and Seas', 'The Taste Of Creatures' Meat'
451 Super Jealous, Expert's Cookbook
452 Natural Beast, Qiongqi. Massacre In West Mountain.
453 Killing Path. Kill Everything and Everyone!
454 Plums Are Ready, Time To Part.
455 Urgent: Learn and Share!
456 Caught You!
457 I Can’t Afford To Miss This Battle!
458 Bloody Sea Dried Out. Immortal Qi Revived.
459 Quote From The Television. Invincible Path.
460 A Replenishing Soup. An Uninvited Gues
461 Sister Nuwa, I Don’t Need These.
462 Oh No, Nanan Carried Goddess Nuwa Back Home
463 Goddess Nuwa: I Was the Fool the Whole Time
464 The Impressive Li Nianfan
465 The Excited Heavenly Palace, Peacock Saintess
466 No Way, I Have Competition for Laying Eggs
467 Sh*t Luck Was the Best Luck
468 Bigshot. Please Stop Playing With Us
469 No Righteousness or Evil in the Chaos, Manage the Order of the Realms Again
470 A Spontaneous Trip
471 Go to Gaojia Village Together
472 Can’t Live Past Three Days.
473 Onis Passing By. Ye Huaian Shocked.
474 Self-Obsessed Ye Huaian
475 Intervening. Distinguishing Bulls.
476 It’s Like Hitting A Jackpot To Stay Around Lord Sain
477 So Much Love From The Exper
478 So, Those Are Black And White Impermanence
479 Mighty Golden Cudgel—Show Thyself!
480 Never Forgetting That Shocking Day
481 A Hint From The Expert—My Duty
482 Fight For the Exper
483 A Visitor. Ali the Crystal Dragon
484 Breaking Bottleneck From a Burp.
485 Is She Insulting Our Friendship
486 Daughter’s Kingdom Is In Danger
487 So Seductive. Can You Blame Me?
488 It Seems Like You’re Not As Knowledgeable.
489 A Harmless and Friendly Bigsho
490 Li Nianfan Straight To The Point.
491 How Was This Casual
492 The Unlucky Goddess Nuwa
493 The Bloody Commotion Caused by Two Fish
494 Blackie’s Birthday, Are We Worthy Enough
495 You Bullies. Bad Dog
496 Who Gave You the Right to Kill on My Turf
497 Tell Me Honestly, Am I Able to Make It Out Alive?
498 Thanks for the Reward, Lord Saint!
499 Not Enough. Oh, They Were 'Roommates'
500 Get Your Most Powerful Cultivator
501 I, Blackie, Will Make You Pay
502 There Are Penalties and Punishment for Making Mistakes
503 How Bored Do You Have to Be to Do Tha
504 Why Are You Glistening? Blackie Wants to Slice the Land
505 Fill In the Painting, Generous Lord Dog
506 Blackie's Surprise. The Ministry
507 Wedding Ring. Ultimate Chaos Treasure
508 Can I Handle That as an Ordinary Man?
509 Worldwide Celebration. Forbidden Spell
510 Try to Survive. The Hope in Despair
511 Is This the Miracle They Spoke Of?
512 A Godly Book At The Bottom Of The Pile. Learn From Pictures.
513 A Worldly Celebration.
514 Wedding Night. This World Will Be Over.
515 Using the Candlelight to Destroy A Star!
516 Capture the Prisoner, I’m Feeling Weak
517 Ying Yang Gives Birth To Everything
518 Blackie Is Bald, Warrior Xiao Bai Is Fighting For Their Rights
519 Dishes Are Life! Waste? Doesn’t Exist!
520 A World War, A Changing World
521 Now That I’m Back, We Will Prosper
522 Merely Don’t Want To Work Hard Anymore
523 The Expert’s Joy—An Era of Gaming
524 Two Faces And A Cracked Demon God
525 Hongjun’s Name Change. Powerful Cultivators From Everywhere
526 A Horrifyingly Thick Bolt of Lightning
527 The Lucky Li Nianfan. Ruthless Hongjun
528 Wisdom Evolution. Honeymoon Plan
529 Some People Are Still at the Starting Line, but I Had Reached the Finishing Line
530 Am I the Prettiest Lady in the Village
531 Be Brave to Be Yourself, Ruhua
532 Do You Know How Hard Money Has to Work?
533 Empath Sect. The Water of the Suffering Sea’s Blessing
534 Life Is So Boring and Dull
535 A Talented Demon King
536 Definitely A True Love. Chaotic Situation
537 Money Eyed Girl Qin Chuyue
538 Is The Expert About To Move Personally?
539 A Life and Death Challenge for the Demon Lord
540 Ye Shuanghan, Killing the Wife to Prove the Dao
541 Qin Chuyue Regains Her Memories, Noble
542 Is That What You Call Poor Hospitality?
543 Emotionless Ye Shuanghan
544 Is There Something Wrong With My Absorption Stance?
545 The Second Visit From The Empath Sec
546 A Tailor-Made Treasure
547 Please Don’t Be Angry, Master. The Times Have Changed.
548 That Good-For-Nothing Tian Yu
549 Bring Me To My Love’s Side
550 Tian Yu Split Apar
551 The First Experience of Using The Double Flying Stone. Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover
552 Level Up The Settings For The Satisfaction of Having Legendary Powers
553 The Underlying Meaning Behind The Superficial Question
554 Gift From God Randomly Dropped From The Sky
555 It Is Our Righteous Duty to Get Rid of Evil Forces
556 Demon City. State Your Name, Incomer
557 Flying Duck Demon King's Thirteenth Marriage Proposal
558 Stunning Little Fox. The Familiar Look
559 The Enviously Drooling Cultivator Mosquito
560 The Correct Way to Eat Roast Duck
561 Simps Are So Crazy
562 I Am Unimaginably Powerful
563 The Dumbfounded Ghastly Ghost King
564 Ghastly Ghost King: My Life Is So Hard
565 Witchcraft, Please Unfreeze Me
566 A Surprise For Blackie
567 Li Nian Fan’s Special Attack — Causing Blindness and Vertigo
568 Karma Is A B*tch
569 The Legendary Beast Sect, The Ministry’s Ambition
570 What Is Good, What is Evil
571 Winning The Lottery Without Having To Buy The Winning Ticke
572 A Very Narrow Perspective
573 The Big Battle of Taotie
574 The Old Green Man, A Lonely Self-Harming Person
575 Hating Someone Is Being Cruel To Yourself
576 My Master Never Miscalculates
577 Paradise, The End Of Dao
578 The Key To Closing The Gap In Skill
579 The Winds And Clouds Of The Hometown
580 For Discussing Dao, There’s Someone Else From The Heavenly Palace
581 String Master: I Feel Insulted
582 So Even The String Master Can Lose
583 How Do I Repay You, Exper
584 Cultivator Junjun Stretching His Wings
585 The Forbidden Area, The Eldritchs
586 The Wonderful Part of Working Out, Shi Tuyu’s Scheme
587 Blackie's Leather Shorts, I Won't Allow I
588 Young Sect Master Hand Over, Be
589 Calligraphy Cultivation, Smart Blackie
590 The Grand Entrance of the Ministry, Who Will Laugh in the End
591 Sit On a Realm Cultivator to Death
592 The Generous Legendary Beast Sect, the Secret Border
593 The Arrival of the Secret Border, Intelligent Blackie
594 Blessings and Opportunities Await Us
595 Epitome of the Word Stable, Golden Holy Water
596 The Evil Lord Dog, Dao Heart Shattered Into A Million Pieces
597 The Evil Chef, Too Terrifying To Speak Of
598 The Lord of All Souls, Come Find Me!
599 Lord Dog’s Fury, It Must Be Nice To Be You
600 The Super Clever Blackie, Left Messenger Left Without A Choice
601 The Ministry’s True Purpose, The Eight Great Tribes
602 Our Dependable Ancestor
603 Beautiful Wine in Luminous Glass
604 Gifting of a Sword, Pledging My Life As A Sign of Loyalty
605 A Hidden Boundary, Chasing Corpses
606 Copper Coffin, Wisdom Realm Elite’s Corpse
607 Senior Old Dragon, We Misunderstood you
608 Blackie: Old Dragon, Don’t Insult My Intelligence
609 Neighbours Fight, Third Party Takes Advantage
610 The Ministry And The Zombie World Tear Each Other Apart, Elite Reveals Himself
611 Attention, The Expert Wants To Eat With Everyone
612 At Dawn Like Black Threads, By Evening Becoming Snow
613 Chaos Storm, Secret Weapon Of The Eldritchs
614 The Sneaky Old Dragon That Has Everything
615 Sword Pointed at the Heavenly Realm, Woken Up by Eldritch’s Blood
616 The Minister: I’ve Been Defiled?
617 The Annihilation of the Ministry, An Eternal Situation
618 Palm Sword Cliff, Jiang Lu’s Dilemma
619 Leaving the Mountain with a Sword, The Mysterious Legend in the Area of the Gods
620 Eighth Sword Intern, Sword Sharpener
621 The Sky was Colored Red by the Sword Interns’ Blood
622 Rainbow Butterfly Clan, Legend of the Memorial Spiri
623 I’m Not Scared, The Expert Has My Back
624 These Are the Motivational Quotes I Ate, I Am the Master of My Own Fate
625 Nine Reincarnations Realm Cultivator, Pop Out Seeds With Your Life
626 Leave the Mountain to Cause Havoc
627 Ninth Generation, the Scheme of the Sword Master
628 Garlic Detox, Ginseng Wine
629 Nine Generations of Sword Masters
630 One Sword to Kill the Elite
631 Words From the Expert, Huge Stir in the Area of the Gods
632 The Gifts From the Expert Must Be Extraordinary
633 Be Mentally Prepared for the Battle Conference, Free Big Lord Demon
634 Big Lord Demon: Don’t Force Me, Don’t Blame Me
635 Eldritchs: Our Luck Tonight Isn’t Bad
636 You’re All Too Noisy
637 Eat, Drink And Sleep, And Become Undefeatable
638 The Fist Of Wisdom, I Can Teach You
639 Ancient Battlefield, Can’t Erase The Fighting Spiri
640 The Heavenly Dragon Race, The Adaptive Old Dragon
641 Sudden Betrayal, Clearing The Family Register
642 Fight And Suppress
643 Continuation Of The Ancient War
644 The One Who’s Poor Is Me
645 A Shocking Plot Twist, Resurrecting People From the River of Time
646 Eating Cured Meat With Tears in Eyes
647 Just How Many Terrifying Creatures Does the Expert Keep?
648 The Power of the New Leather Short Pants
649 What Is Wisdom? Preach!
650 Winning With the Dao of Sycophancy, Luotian Dynasty’s Ambition
651 Wisdom Level Seal
652 Dragon Blood Wine, Keeping Fishes in the Backyard
653 In a Weird SpacePreserving One’s Integrity in Old Age
654 Evil Blackie, A Cyclops Called Yanmo
655 Freedom, At Last, Turn of Events
656 Entering the River of Time, A Mysterious Phantom
657 The Elite’s Arrival, The Expert Went Fishing
658 Born to Fight, Chaos Seventh Dimension
659 Wisdom Elite, One Fish Two Dishes
660 Guhe, Extermination Demon Sword
661 Unexpected Changes, The Divine Zombie Draws Sword
662 The Eternal Palm Star Pavilion
663 The Demon Sword’s Arrival in the Area of the Gods, The Power to Exterminate All Worlds
664 Spring Cleaning, The Ultimate Existence in the All of the Dimensions
665 The Eldritch’s Atrocious Ambition, Wisdom Dictator
666 Suppressing the Demon Sword, The Eve of the War
667 The Heavenly Palace’s New Night Scenery, Xing Ya’s Ultimate Enemy
668 Guhe Crossing the Dimension
669 Fight to the Death, Plunder and Slaughter Seven Styles
670 Guhe: Where’s My Sword?
671 Cross-border Transcendence, The Passage Between Dimensions
672 Portal to Another Dimension, Little Fox’s Determination
673 Little Fox’s Transformation, Shocking Change
674 Preparing a Feast, The Arrival of the Beings from the Fourth Dimension
675 The Battle for Game Mea
676 The Seventh Dimension that all Demons Feared
677 Body Strengthening Venison, A Bizarre Sensing
678 The Laments of Tongtong
679 A Gift from the Expert, When You've Reached Rock Bottom the Only Way is Up
680 A Mysterious Stamp, Behold It Is Xing Ya in His Immeasurable Wisdom
681 Cultivator Tongtong: Every Day Will Have its Day
682 Murong Clan: One Backup After Another
683 Lord Dog’s Human Pet, The Origin of the Third Dimension
684 The Most Despairing Thing in the World
685 The Expert’s Favorite, Tong Tian’s Epiphany
686 The Heaven Mystery Pavilion’s Plan, Origins Devouring Bug
687 Bathing Water for the Five Girls
688 The Heaven Mystery Pavilion's New Plan, A Dangerous Situation
689 Soul Peek, Yang Jian’s Cursed Contamination
690 A Sending Off Befitting Yang Jian
691 Witnessing The Miracle
692 Gu Yuan: Am I a Joke to You?
693 Everybody’s Scheming, Peeking into the Soul of Gu Yuan
694 The Omniscient Black Guardian
695 Cross-dimension Battle, Clash of the Wisdom Elites
696 The Trump Card, Saving Gu Yuan
697 Black Guardian Broke Down
698 It Will Be All Over Soon
699 Li Nianfan's Gift of Apology, The Discussion in the Fourth Dimension
700 The Heaven Mystery Pavilion is Scheming Again, A Crisis in the Backyard
701 Treating the Game Meat Well, Fallen Angel
702 Alina was Saved by …?
703 The Heaven Mystery Pavilion Strikes Again
704 Successfully Stealing The Origins
705 The Annihilation of Lord Angel’s Worldview
706 Yun Qianshan: It Hurts Me to See You Like This
707 Turmoil in the Fifth Dimension, Drawing out the Origins
708 Abandoned by the Gods and Elites
709 Mosha Gone Bald
710 Third Step Wisdom Elite!
711 Battle Spirit Guardians, Tribute to the Fifth Dimension
712 The Blood-stained Stele, Metamorphosis of the Backyard
713 Osmanthus Cake, Guhui: I’ll Handle it Personally
714 Guhui: I Need More
715 Scheming and Variables
716 The Situation is Bad, Apocalypse Sky Dragon
717 Lord Demon’s Escape,I’m Going to Explode
718 Painting of a Wonderful World
719 The Destruction of the Soul
720 Open-air Buffet, Portal to the Third Dimension
721 The First Batch of People in the Third Dimension, Reuniting with the Ancestors
722 The Eldritch Clan’s Plan, Entering the Third Dimension
723 Why Be So Irascible When We’re Living in Such a Wonderful World?
724 The Invincible Willow Tree, Do Not Defy 'Heaven'
725 The Wonderful World Purified the Unknown
726 The Old Nurturing the New
727 The Heaven-Defying People and the Seven Battle Spirit Guardians
728 A New Round Of Fertilizer Gold Battle
729 The Insecticide, Trouble Knocking on Lord Angel’s Door
730 The Quest for the Antidote, A Struggle of Life and Death
731 Little Fox: Do You Understand the Rules of the Game Now?
732 A Few Screws Loose
733 Old Pavilion Master: My Defense has been Broken
734 Chaos is Approaching, Lost Memories
735 Wiping Out Their Memories, The Snow Globe
736 The Safest Dimension of All
737 Shi Turiming’s Pride and Joy
738 Don’t Mess with the Local Powerhouses
739 We Were Just Doing Morning Exercise
740 The Elite King’s New Job
741 The Eldritchs’ Impending Attack
742 Left Messenger: I’m On Your Side. Let Me Lead The Way
743 There Is Nothing Normal In The Mountain
744 We Want to be a Gong-Farmer Too!
745 The Sunberry Demons, Origins Frui
746 Chopping Wood is What I Do Bes
747 In the Name of the Seventh Dimension
748 Protecting the Environment is Everyone’s Job
749 The Sound of the Beating War Drum
750 The Ultimate Spell that Everyone Knows
751 Catastrophe is Coming
752 The Legend is Back
753 The Song of Reincarnation
754 On the Pursuit of the Eldritchs
755 Too Much Shi
756 A Shocking Set-up
757 Saved by the Exper
758 Going Home
759 I Challenge You to a Battle
760 Paving the Road for the Seven Dimensions
761 The Young Master of the Su Family
762 Visiting the Exper
763 I Am Now a Gong Farmer
764 After Laughter Came the Tears
765 The Cruelty Of Human Nature
766 For the Good of the Family
767 Milk Cow: Destroy Your Own Spiritual Cultivation
768 Scheming To Enter Origins Ponds of Holy Dimension
769 The Battle Spirit in the Origins Pond of Holy Dimension
770 Extreme Contras
771 The Nature of the World
772 The Blood-Filled Frui
773 The Black-armored Men’s Attack Plan
774 An Illusion
775 The Three Families Joined Forces
776 The Heaven Plundering Alliance
777 Take Back Your Words
778 Chase After Them, Brave Cow!
779 The Wisdom Dictator Made a Move
780 Going Back for Reinforcements
781 Bigger Fish to Fry
782 A Battle Skill That Surpasses All Origins Skills
783 Torture and Interrogation
784 Weak and Easy to Take Down You Say
785 Suppressing with Pure Power
786 Being Used as a Whetstone
787 You’re Up, Blackie!
788 Garbage Ultimate Treasures
789 The Whereabouts of the Five Battle Spirit Guardians
790 The Plan
791 Join Us and We’ll Protect You
792 A Treasure Not Even the Heaven Plundering Alliance Can Ge
793 The Domineering Power of the Heavenless Devil Palace
794 One After Another
795 Taking the Heavenless Devil Palace’s Spo
796 The Succubus
797 A Weapon Fit for the Gods
798 Make a Bet with Your Life
799 Little Fox: My Game Is More Fun
800 Xiao Chengfeng: I Never Knew I Was So Awesome
801 The Same Answer, But Different Treatmen
802 The Rigged Game, Secretly Working Together
803 Master Fire: Victory Shall be Mine
804 Toy Man: See, Everybody? I’m the Epitome of Fairness
805 The Chess Pieces Are Like Stars Blanketing the Sky
806 I Have a Stele
807 The Arrival of a Real Wisdom Dictator
808 Wisdom Dictator vs Wisdom Dictator
809 Someone Actually Came Back Alive?
810 Through the Hands of Others
811 Complete Wisdom, An Upgrade to the Blood
812 The Left Messenger Leading the Charge
813 He Has Come to be Game Meat!
814 The Epic Battle between The Ancient Forbidden Area and the Origins Realm
815 The Forbidden Space Bead, An Unfavorable Situation
816 The Funeral Song