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8 : Prince Xian of the First Rank

The suffocating atmosphere inside the Kui Yuan palace was broken as the porcelain tea cup was smashed onto the ground. The crisp sound of shattering cup frightening all the servants into kneeling with their head touching the ground.

The Hongwu Emperor's face was frightfully calm. On the inside, however, he was roaring with anger. That's scoundrel, how dare he disregard zhen's direct summon? Did he think that he no longer need to follow the rules now that he moved into his own wangfu? Clearly, that smelly brat needed to be taught a lesson. Thinking to this point, his stormy grey eyes land on the trembling figure of the elderly eunuch who served by his bratty brother's side.

"What else did your master instruct you to say?" Since that dissolute brat dared to send his personal servant into the palace, then he must have also prepped him on what to say.

Sweat dotted his forehead, but Lou Kai didn't even dare to wipe it off. Invincible tears and snots flowed out endlessly at the fixed stare from the Hongwu Emperor. Aiya, aiya second Wang Ye, Why did you leave this old bag of bone to face his majesty alone? Even more, Are you trying to get this slave killed when you ordered this slave to repeat those words you had said?

[A/N: Wang Ye: Royal Prince.]

Thinking back to last night, his highness Xian Wang did leave a message. It went like this: "If that nosy old man asked where benwang went just say that benwang is going to deal with those annoying pests at the border. Whether he bought what you're selling or not, it's wholeheartedly depend on your skill."

Lou Kai gulped, if he treasured his master and his own life. Then he definitely can't divulge the improper speech that his highness had sprouted. "Replying your majesty, Prince Xian commanded nucai to pass on a message stating that he will be stationed at the border with the Moyu army for the next three months. The prince knows that the rised of the rebel army had caused your majesty's headache. That's why his highness Xian wang took it upon himself and personally go over to the border to handle this mess."

Hearing this, the palace maids and other servants inside the hall were moved by Xian wangye act of trying to lessen the emperor's burden. Although he was called a cold blooded prince. Prince Xian was caring and considerating toward his imperial brother and the country. In their heart, Xian wang of the first rank had transformed from a heartless bloke into a good brother and loyal subject.

Meanwhile, the old eunuch knew that his pretty words could at most fooled these simple minded servants. But Lou Kai was certain that it did not have the same effect on the monarch. After all, his majesty understood wangye's character even better than wangye did himself.

And as expected, the Hongwu emperor's face slightly changed upon hearing this. What's horse dung is this? Clearly, that damn brat was only using excuses to avoid today's family dinner. And judging by his swift retreat, that brat had known beforehand that zhen was planning to decreed him a wangfei.

[A/N: Wang Fei: Prince's First Wife]

Although these two royal brothers had always been at each other throat. The fact that the Hongwu Emperor and the second prince Long Sang Mo actually care about each other a lot still stand. However, their huge ego prevent them from admitting this out loud which in turned, led to this type of petty fight.

Long Ming's brows creased. "Is he still inside the Xian Wangfu?" As long as that rascal had yet to leave the Chang An capital city, then his planned still haven't failed. There's still hope. However, the next thing that came out of Lou Kai's mouth completely crushed all hope Long Ming had.

"His highness Xian Wang had already taken off on the horse's back before the sun could even rise." Lou Kai reluctantly replied, fully aware that his response was not what his majesty the king wanted to hear.

"That's stinking brat." Long Ming gnashed his teeth, reaching out to grasp another teacup. However, before he could fling it_

Su Kang who had stood quietly at the side hurriedly interject: "Emperor, Empress niangniang is coming."

As soon as Long Ming registered what was said, he sprang onto his feet. The previous oppressive aura disappeared without a trace as he expectantly gazes toward the entrance of the Kui Yuan palace.

A beat later, the Hongwu Emperor's face softened at the sight of the woman in the crimson palace dress. The tender smile on his face came so naturally that it was difficult to connect him to the man with cold face and chilling gaze a moment ago. Watching the woman bend her waist in greeting. Long Ming couldn't resist going forward to help her up-their two hands naturally coming together and he whispered.

"Empress, you're here..."