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6 : Inviting Goodwill or Disdain

At the present time, there are only four imperial children who made it passed the infancy. Two princesses and two princes. The eldest being her highness the first princess, Long Rui Li. The fourteen years old princess was born from the imperial noble consort Wei. She was said to be really pretty and quite talented in both calligraphy and academic skills.

Wei Ting Er promptly kneels with her head touching the ground begging for mercy from the Renxia Empress. "Niangniang, please forgive the eldest princess for her childish behavior. She was young and not as bright as the second princess, please overlook her impudent."

The Huang-GuiFei has some smart, blaming all the wrong doing on to the fact that the princess was young and dumb. While praising the empress's daughter as superior in brain department.

"There is no need for such a display, Elder sister. Just remember to never let this happen a second time. I as your Empress has no issue with a bit slip up like this. However, if the words get out. People will scorned ben gong for not discipline the imperial daughter well."

Wei Ting Er naturally understands the implication behind the Empress's word. Although, she did carry the eldest princess for nine months,  even enduring the excruciated pain during childbirth. However, it was a far cry from a title of a mother.

At the end of the day, the real mother that all the imperial children will recognized is the Empress and no one else. The huang guifei gave a full kowtow, expressing her thanks at the amount of generosity and kindness that the empress has shown. Wei Ting Er climbed onto the stone bench with a heavy heart, reminding herself to talk to her daughter when she goes back to her palace.

The three people continued to chat about trivial things in the palace. But, no one dare to mention about consort Lin's accident from this morning. They weren't stupid enough to provoke the wrath of her highness the Empress.

"I have almost forgetten. Please do come by ben gong's palace this evening. Ben gong has planned a family dinner where you two along with the rest of the royal children are invited."

Lan Hua held out the invitation for the two consorts. Both Wei Ting Er and Sima Yu Nian beamed at the fact that the Empress is thinking highly of them, allowing their presences at the dinner where other consorts will not received the same treatment as them. Their heart leaped with joy at the thought, profusely thanking the red dress woman.

At the same time, He Hua who was originally standing guard outside the pavilion, strutted in with red face. "What is it with you?" Ju Hua asks her colleague after the woman bowed to the three mistresses inside the pavilion. "Nothing much aside from the fact that the esteem Lin Guifei or should I say Linfei was found unconscious."

Apparently, Lin Mo Yao played the suicide card after she was dismissed by Chen Daiyu from the imperial garden. The messenger eunuch clearly stated that the Emperor scolded Linfei as soon as the Empress left the imperial garden. He even punished her to confinement and cutting her salary. Lin Mo Yao could be considered abandon by the Emperor.

For the past three years, the Emperor had stay in the Kui Yuan palace every night. His majesty lets no one else other than the Empress to attend him. It was clear as the day that the Emperor's heart had already settled for the Empress. That's why, it was really laughable for a mere consort to tried and challenged the Empress for the emperor's favor.

The two high rank consorts suddenly felt cold once the maid finished retelling the story. They shrunk back into their seat, fearing that a slight movement would attracted the Empress's attention. Inwardly, they criticized Lin Mo Yao. Was this Linfei crazy, tired of living and seeking out death? What is wrong with this woman's brain?

Whereas, Chen Daiyu found herself in a rare state of pitying the little consort. Did she intend to invite favor or disdain from the Emperor? For something like this to happen, Chen Daiyu was momentarily speechless. The lacked of brain cells must be the price that Lin Mo Yao had to pay for her beauty. Sighed, what a shame for such a beautiful girl to has such a small brain.

"How is mei mei faring so far?" Her alluring red lips were stretched into a thin line, but her eyes flashed with mockery.

"Nubi heard that she was timely rescued by her attendant. Right about now, she was put to sleep by the imperial physician." He Hua struggles to contain her anger and said with her head hang low.

[A/N: Nubi: this female slave]

Chen Daiyu had stood up and smothering her dress causing the two huang guifei to jumped up as well. "Well then, send someone to deliver some nutrition soup to Linfei. Tell her that ben gong hopes that she will recover fast." Her face still held a smile but her eyes were filled with indifferent even some lingering disgust.

She had once lived a life full of hardship and sweat. And yet, she never complained only strived to live on. Before, she never know what it felt like to love and care about someone else other than herself. Because, those who bore such a burdening feeling would never survive a second in her world. That's why, she looked down on Lin Mo Yao for chasing after a man who has no interest in her. And in the process putting her family at a disadvantage point as well.

"Nubi will remember." He Hua bows, returning to her original position. On the inside, she cursed that Linfei for brewing such a trouble. But, nonetheless. She let it go recalling how nonchalant her mistress was about the whole thing.