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2 : Henpecked Emperor

Lin Guifei hadn't anticipated the thought that she would encounter the Renxia Empress at the same time as the Hongwu Emperor. Her mind was momentarily blank as the gust of red silk flashed from the corner of her eye. The noble consort didn't even have the courage to lift her head up. She could only gave a deep bow like the rest of servant as the woman slowly approach them.

"Rise, Guifei. There is no need for such a formality between us sister. Ben gong was merely curious about the commotion and come over to see."

The enchanted woman ignored the son of heaven, telling all the kneeling servants to stand up.

Chen Daiyu smile had become blinding as she looked at the pale face beauty in the revealing white dress, showing off her plump breasts. "Ju Hua, help Lin Guifei up. The ground is too cold and the wind is too chilly. It is not good for Guifei's delicate body."

Gazing at the unreadable expression on the Empress's face, Lin Guifei started to regret her action. Where did her courage to scheme even came from? At this time, Lin Mo Yao could feel her intestine turned green from both regret and fear. "Empress, nu was just-"

[A/N: Nu: I, your servant. (different from I, your slave)]

"Younger sister need not explain oneself. Ben gong understands that younger sister urge to swim was strong. There is no shame in it at all."

Lin Mo Yao perceived that Chen Daiyu mocked her for failing to seduce the king. Anger rises in her heart but she didn't dare to let her dissatisfaction show. Not after the horror she had suffered for the past three years by that woman's hands.

"Niangniang is right. Nu was too impulsive, hope that Empress won't laugh at nu."

Lin Mo Yao knew that she could only play along. She slipped on an embarrass face and smile shyly.

Chen Daiyus' brows moved at the shamelessness that the little consort had exhibited. Well then, since you don't value your own dignity, then there is no need for ben gong to leave you any face either. Her face was morphed into a concern expression, gesturing for Lin Mo Yao's maid servants to step forward.

"You, help your mistress back to her palace. Look at her wet clothes. Aiya, aiya quickly go and change before she catch a cold."

Listening to the exchanged between the Empress and the noble consort, Long Ming felt wrong. And knowing that the Empress is blatantly ignoring him did not make it any better.

Before he could speak, he was cut off when the guifei gave her thank and quickly retreated with her maids. Is he invisible or something? Because no one seems to pay him any heed, the emperor at that.

"Emperor. When did you get here?" Chen Daiyu pretended to be surprise, staring at the upright form of the man with twinkling eyes. "Oh, were you here to swim with younger sister as well. A pity, she is already gone."

"No, zhen were actually going to Empress's place." Long Ming explained but his attempt was met with an amused smile from his wife.

[A/N: Zhen: self-addressed used by the emperor meaning we.]

"Your majesty have no need to lie to me. Chenqie won't get jealous just because your majesty accompany other sisters."

Chen Daiyu covered her giggle behind the silk handkerchief, fully aware that the Emperor's face has becomes black as the bottom of the pot. Teasing this seemingly unfeeling yet gullible man had already became a highlight of her day.

"Chenqie understands that your majesty wish to have lunch with sister Yao. As such, chenqie won't intrude. Instead, I will go to eat with Empress mother at the Cui Yuan palace."

Not waiting for his reply, Chen Daiyu took her entourage heading straight for the Cui Yuan palace where the Empress Dowager Qu stayed. She was laughing in her heart but her eyes were cold. It seems consort Lin need another lesson.

Seeing the retreating back of the Renxia Empress. Long Ming's expression froze. A beat later, he snapped his head side way, pointing his finger coldly at his personal eunuch. The previous ruthlessness was restored.

"Su Kang, pass on zhen's order. Lin Guifei's conduct is without virtue and unceasingly stirred up troubles everywhere she went. Her punishment is to write the woman four virtues hundred times and her salary will be cut in half. She will be confined in her quarter for the next three months. On top of that, her rank will be reduced to a Fei."

Su Kang hastily bowed to indicate that he acknowledged the king's decree. He sighed inside his heart. This Lin guifei-no fei is really stupid. And the Emperor, the eunuch sighed again. His majesty always loses his cool whenever he faced the empress.

Long Ming frustratedly rubs his face. Does that mean the Empress won't have lunch with him anymore. He blames that Lin Fei for being such a bothersome, making the empress misunderstood the situation.

Great, now his wife is angry. Maybe he should just chase that Lin Mo Yao out of the palace. Will that appease his darling wife's anger? Probably not...

The king's entourage moves toward the Kui Yuan palace. Even though the Renxia empress won't be there, the king decided to just wait for her to come back. No biggie. Yeah, he just has to...wait. Darn, it was all that stupid fei's fault.

Long Ming did not realize how whipped he is acting right now. More or less, he himself was not aware of how hard he had fallen for the Empress ever since that time three years ago.