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1 : Damsel in Distress is a Liar

Amidst the field of beautiful flowers stood a stunning woman in a bright crimson palace dress with phoenix hair arrangement. Her posture was straight and proud without any hint of decrepitude as she leisurely observe the entertaining show unfolding.

"Empress, should we go over?"

The maid with slanted eyes inquired in a low voice, peeking at the expression of the mistress of the harem. Her heart returns back into her chest at the absent of anger from the Empress's face.

"Not yet~Ben gong wants to see in what way will the Emperor handle the little damsel first."

[A/N: Ben Gong: self-addressed use by the female member of the royal family.]

The woman drawls, still gazing at the scene where the little consort was found, almost drown in the lotus pond at the same time that the Emperor happened to pass by. Such a good timing, Is it purely coincidence? Interesting...

When she decided to take a short stroll inside the imperial garden today. She did not expect for such a beautiful staged play to occur. However, now that it emerged, she oughta amuse herself with it.

"With this kind of dirt cheap scheme, she dares to used it in front of the Emperor. How unbecoming of a noble consort?"

The little maid couldn't help but snarled from the distance at the pale face consort who was rescued by the emperor's personal eunuch. Shameless, this woman is too shameless.

Hearing this, the red dress woman laughed, but didn't comment. In this harem, which women could refuse the urge to gain the Emperor's attention. Naturally, they were all greedy. However, their techniques did not live up to their greed. A pity, really.

"That woman is still a titled noble consort. So watch your words and don't get niangniang in trouble just because of your reckless words."

[A/N: Niang-niang: Her ladyship the Empress or imperial concubine.]

The older maid known as Lan Hua pins the younger one with a hard glare, succeed in shutting her up. She knew that the Ju Hua was just beings protective of their mistress. Because she too, feeling the same. However, there were ways to express their loyalty other than this.

Ju Hua lowers her head in shame. "Sorry, sister Lan. There won't be next time." She managed to pout when the older maid huffed in response.

Seeing the two maids interaction, the woman in red fought back an amused smile. Sparing a final glance at them as the corner of her lip jerkes up. "Alright, alright you two. If you want to quarrel, do it when we return back to our place. Anywhere but here."

""This slave understands.""

The Empress just smiles: "En, let's advance closer and take a look."


Consort Lin was aware that at this exact time the Hongwu Emperor will be passing through the imperial garden. As a result, she has come to term to act out a play where she slipped into the lotus pond and was coincidentally saved by the Emperor. She had thought this out carefully and was very happy that it did work out as planned.

"Emperor~" The noble consort weakly kneels on the ground as soon as she gets out of the water. By this time, her short white dresses was drenched and her lovable face was white as a sheet, invoking pity from the onlookers.

"What were you doing inside the lotus pond?"

Long Ming narrowed his eyes at the kneeling consort, not a trace of emotion could be seen in his pair of grey orbs. Originally, he was on his way to the Kui Yuan palace where the Empress resided. The man just wanted to have a nice lunch with his wife, but was surprised when he saw a white shadow in the pond.

Lin Mo Yao wore a pitiful expression, staring up expectantly at the handsome vestige of the Emperor. "Chenqie was clumsy and slipped into the pond. Please Emperor don't be discontent with me."

[A/N: ChenQie: This subject-wife. Used by the empress or high ranking concubine when they talk in front of the king.]

The eunuch that had just assisted the consort out of the pond hung his head low. Inwardly, he scorned the woman for not being tactful enough and got ahead of herself. Who didn't know that at this time the Emperor will always go over to the Empress's place? Just this poor quality trick, even a lowest palace maid could come up with a better one.

Long Ming frowned at the little consort, feeling annoyed by the woman poor acting. He was about to wandered off when a wet yet tempting body promptly pressed against him. A nauseating smell of perfume assaulted his nostril, causing him to halted into a stop.

On the outside, he still had his usual cold and indifferent face. Inside, however, he tried not to vomit. Following that irritation smell, Long Ming had discovered the abashed face of the Guifei. If it was three years ago, he might has some feeling for her. But nowadays, he found the women in the palace to be a source of unending irritation, with the exception of his wife, the Renxia Empress.

"What do you think you're doing?"

Lin Mo Yao was startled by the king's hostile tone. She feels that something is not right with his response. Shouldn't he hug her back?

Whereas, the eunuch's heart skipped a beat. He did not foreseen that the woman has such an audacity to pound the Emperor like that. However, he was quick-wit enough to immediately pushed the consort away.

Lin Mo Yao felt wrong. How dare that lowly eunuch separated her and the Emperor? Moreover, why did his majesty looked at her with such a coldness and disdain? Did he forget about old memory they had together before he become the king? She was always his favorite, so why did he not dote on her anymore?

"My my, such a wonderful weather. Did Lin Guifei went for a swim just now?"

Surprisingly, the first to react was none other than the Hongwu Emperor. His heart made a hundred and eighty degrees flipped, the second he recognized the owner of that silky voice. Subconsciously, he distanced himself from the fallen beauty on the ground, turning around to face the woman in red. Only to find that her eyes weren't on him, but someone else.