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Within a quiet pavilion on top of a lonely mountain peak, Xuan Hao slowly opened his eyes with a bewildered look on his face, he had transmigrated into a cultivation world as an elder of the Flying Sword Sect.\nHe was even an expert at the Nascent Soul Realm, who had the power to easily destory an entire city with a wave of his hand.\nMost importantly, he had a system that allowed him to grow str...
《Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough》 Auxiliary Volume
Profession Ranks/ Cultivation Mantras spoiler
《Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough》 The First Disciple
1 Xuan Hao
2 Qing Yi
3 Qing Family
4 Examination Starts!
5 Finding a Future Disciple
6 Dwindling Hope of the Qing Family
7 Start of the Second Tes
8 The Demon Beast Fores
9 Rankings for the Second Tes
10 New Disciples of the Flying Sword Sec
11 First Disciple
12 True Sword Inten
13 End of the Day
14 Qing Yi Finds a Friend
15 Autumn Wind Sword
16 Pagoda of Enlightenmen
17 Finding a Cultivation Mantra for Qing Yi
18 Zhi Ruo
19 Tea Brewing Contes
20 The Raging Flame Sec
21 Sneaking by the Raging Flame Sect Outpos
22 Flame Mountain City
23 Explorer Union
24 Gui Hu and Chen Yang
25 The Infernal Heart Grass
26 The Untold Swords Mantra
27 Elder from the Raging Flame Sec
28 Leaving the Raging Flame Sects Territory
29 Returning to the Flying Sword Sec
30 Qing Yi and Zhi Ruo Meets
31 Bright Sun Divine Physique, Small Sun
32 Morning~
33 Unkown Threat and Training Qing Yi
34 Azure Sky Kingdom
35 Newcomer Tournamen
36 The Start of the Tournament! Wen Lu vs ???
37 Hit Him Where it Hurts!
38 The Shameless One, Future Troubles of Wang Hu
39 Breaking Through in the Middle of Fighting!
40 The Finals
41 Trouble Brewing
42 Qing Yi Reaches the Foundation Establishment Realm
43 Quest Rewards and Formations
44 The Flying Sword Sects Stable
45 Beast Tamers
46 Shadow Hawks Barrel Roll Mid-Air
47 Red Dust Desert and Bandits
48 Bandits Regre
49 Hidden Danger 1
50 Hidden Danger 2
51 Father-Daughter Reunion
52 Bai Hua
53 New System Feature
54 Bai Fei vs Qing Chenyi
55 Flying Through the Sky~
56 Troublesome Disciple
57 Black Robed Man's Identity
58 Leaving Bright Sun City
《Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough》 The Second Disciple
59 Spirit Valley
60 Herb Gathering~
61 Chu Yang
62 Catching a New Disciple in The Wild
63 Return to the Flying Sword Sec
64 Plotting the Downfall of the Beast Tamers
65 Redistributing the Resources of the Beast Tamers
66 Death of the Shadow Hawk~
67 Chu Yang Wakes Up
68 Why did Chu Yang suddenly turn into a Bootlicker?
69 Alchemy
70 The Most Lucrative Profession on the Continen
71 The Enthusiastic Senior Brother
72 Senior Brother Yu~
73 Chu Yang's Decision
74 Difference Between Real Alchemists and Fake Alchemists!
75 Trying to Act Like a Mysterious Bigsho
76 Nascent Soul Realm Stage 6 and Death by Bosom!
77 Chu Yang Going to Search for Qing Yi
78 Chu Yang's Encounter~
79 Chu Yang is still Trying to Escape and Unrest at the Border
80 The Heavenly Sky Kingdom and Four Great Sects
81 The Path Towards Improving One's Sense of Direction
82 Qing Yi's Scheme for Chu Yang's Future
83 Imparting a Cultivation Mantra and a Movement Technique
84 Heavenly Sky Kingdom Refuses to Help
85 The Plague Spreads in the Heavenly Sky Kingdom
86 The New System... "Feature"...
87 Church of The Plague God
88 The Abandoned Village
89 The Group of Refugees
90 Lord Kubera's Notebook
91 Ambushed!
92 The Elders of the Black Rose Sec
93 Sitting on the Hilltop
94 Chu Yang's Future Profession is...
95 A Shady Stall Owner and a Shady Buyer
96 Lu Wen Runs Away
97 Returning to the Pavilion...
98 Danger Approaching
99 Future Alchemy Competition
100 Fur Ball Demon Beast Appears!
101 Little White Rabbit and Deadly Spiritual Flames
102 Dark Red Whirlpool
103 Sword Shadow!
104 The Notebook of Lord Kubera
105 Future Plans!
106 War Begins
107 Framing the Demonic Sect...
108 The Plot Against Chu Yang
109 Now, what direction was it...?
110 Heavy Spear
111 Demonic Cultivator Skinling's Great Escape!
112 Xuan Hao's Scheme?
113 The Entrance to The Black Rose Sec
114 Only one Nascent Soul Realm Expert...?
115 Sect Master of the Black Rose Sec
116 Xuan Hao Attacks!
117 Rain Sword Ar
118 Return to the Flying Sword Sec
119 Messenger of the Azure Sky Kingdom
120 Growing Threat of the Unknown Alchemist!
121 Feng Chen Enters Secluded Cultivation
122 Chu Yang Wakes Up
123 Elderly Artisan Alchemist of the Sky Empire
124 Wan Qiu's Improvement and Chu Yang's Recovery
125 Black Rose
126 Master and Disciple Trip Outside
127 Star Peak Town
128 Map of the Shattered Star Peaks
129 Unlucky Inner Elder...
130 Summit of the Ninth Star Peak
131 Towards the Third Star Peak
132 Third Star Peak Summi
133 Wasteful Elder from the Seven Fates Sec
134 Enlightenmen
135 Breakthrough! To the Nascent Soul Realm?
136 Cloud Tribulation
137 Distress Message from the Inner Elders!
138 Zu Fei Destroys her own Pavilion...
139 Elder Song
140 Sealing Zu Fei
141 Reaching the Border
142 Brewing Storm
143 Alliance?
144 Zu Fei's Pas
145 Oversized Cat Statue
146 The use of Moon Silver
147 The Double D
148 Smash and Grab
149 Medicine Delivered!
150 Cure for the Plague?
151 Sparkling Blue Water! The Perfect Cure!
152 Azure Sky Kingdom, Attack!
153 Mysterious person from the Azure Sky Kingdom~
154 Wang Hu and Wang Lan Arrive!
155 Fifth and Seventh Flower Appear!
156 Nascent Soul! Attack!
157 Heavenly Sky Kingdom Retreats!
158 Ascendant Frost Hall
159 Raging Flame Sect's Scheme to Avoid Conflict~
160 Stalemate...
161 The Splendor of The Great Plague God
162 Secret Realm?
163 The Secret Realm Opens
164 Entering the Secret Realm
165 The Giant Pagoda
166 Supreme Flower Breaking Mantra
167 Sky Empire Arrives!
168 Formation Pillar
169 Chi Hu's Breakthrough!
170 The Temple Hidden in the Ancient Fores
171 Underground Hall
172 Interspatial Ring and Surprise from the System
173 First Encounter with Treasure Hunter
174 Hammer Treasure Hunter
175 Potion + Potion = Boom!
176 Escape of the Treasure Hunter, Cave Edition
177 Cave Wolves
178 Wolves vs Barrier
179 Interrogating the Alchemist Treasure Hunter
180 Seal of The Secret Realm's Demon Beasts
181 Treasure Hunter's Life Story...?
182 Flying up into the Sky Above~
183 Stone Monument, Enlightenment!
184 Towards the border of the Nascent Soul Realm Area!
185 Pseudo Sword Domain Showing it's Might!
186 Chi Hu and the Treasure Hunter leaves the Secret Realm
187 Underground Palace
188 Wooden Box and Demon Ape~
189 Demon Ape vs Xuan Hao!
190 Heading back towards the Secret Realm Entrance~
191 Sky Empire Blocks the Entrance of the Secret Realm
192 Fire Blood Gang and Flowing Cloud Sec
193 All Out Attack! Kill the Bandit Leader!
194 Xuan Hao Appears!
195 Demonic Cultivator Attack~
196 Demonic Artifac
197 Azure Sky Kingdom Finds out about the Secret Realm~
198 Side Quest Complete, Artisan Alchemist?
199 Sweet Cloud Pill
200 Suspicious Tree, Attack!
201 Underground Formation Pillars~
202 Hidden Scroll
203 Sky Empire and Onyx Empire
204 To the Edge of the Secret Realm!
205 Giant Underground Lizard
206 Pure Qi Fish
207 Entering The Main Palace
208 Hidden Reward From...
209 The Secret Realm is Collapsing!
210 Ancient Realm City
211 General Liu and Zhang, Towards the Storage Room!
212 Soul Enhancing Flower
213 Battle for the Soul Enhancing Flowers!
214 Collapse of the Secret Realm!
215 Second Blue Feather
《Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough》 The Third Disciple
216 The Young Blacksmith
217 Helping the Young Boy and Escaping?
218 Escaping From the Serpent Demon Beas
219 Recruiting The Boy for the Sec
220 Naming the Young Boy
221 Spring Flower Sect Arrives!
222 Blue Crystals
223 Xuefeng and Elder Meng vs Saber Lord!
224 Source Crystal and Snake~
225 Stealing the Source Crystal
226 Xuan Hao vs Guardian of the Source Crystal!
227 Feng Chen's Breakthrough!
228 Alchemy Hall's Plan to Increase their Numbers!
229 Hidden Danger Approaching the Heavenly Sky Kingdom and Seven Fates Sec
230 Returning to the Flying Sword Sec
231 Entering Closed Door Meditation
232 Breakthrough! Reaching the Peak of the Nascent Soul Realm!
233 Bai Ning Meeting Qing Yi and Chu Yang
234 Blacksmithing Hall
235 Lizard Demon Beast's Sudden Increase in Strength!
236 Talking about Elder Xuan and Angry Senior Sister
237 Leaving Closed Door Meditation
238 Reuniting with Chi Hu
239 Talk with Shu Yao
240 Peng Yun Entering the Alchemy Hall
241 Peng Yun Meeting the Core Elders of the Alchemy Hall
242 Reuniting with Qing Yi and Chu Yang
243 Unrest in The Azure Sky Kingdom
244 Third Disciple, Bai Ning!
245 Sudden Crisis
246 Breakthrough! Reaching the Domain Lord Realm!
247 Feng Chen's Shock!
248 Future Merger Between the Flying Sword Sect and the Spring Flower Sec
249 Hidden Observation Pos
250 Back at the Flying Sword Sec
251 Teaching Bai Ning
252 Devil Immortal Jade Entering the Dantian!
253 Lu Wen, Talent Increase!
254 Elder Song Seeking Help!
255 Excited Wang Hu and Elder Song
256 Doubt of an Old Elder
257 Cloud Tribulation Descends!
258 Elder Song Reaches the Nascent Soul Realm!
259 Delivering the News to Feng Chen...
260 Creating an Interspatial Ring!
261 Secret Observers Leaving
262 Showing up late...
263 Waiting for Elder Xuan~
264 Towards the Raging Flame Sect!
265 Arriving at the Raging Flame Sect...
266 Vice Sect Master of the Raging Flame Sect and his Disciple~
267 Attack the Raging Flame Sect!
268 Feng Chen vs Grand Elder!
269 Terrifying Inferno of the Grand Elder!
270 End of the Raging Flame Sect!
271 Decaying Palace
272 Black Miasma and Divine Runes
273 The Raging Flame Sect's Treasury
274 Heading back to the Flying Sword Sec
275 Ancestor of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom
276 Stalemate between the two Kingdoms
277 First Time in the Mission Hall
278 Mission Hall
279 Finding a Suitable Mission
280 Searching the Burning Mountain Range
281 Ancient Maze
282 Bullying an Oversized Rat and Stealing its Spring Water
283 Leaving the Ancient Maze
284 Finding the Sect Master of the Raging Flame Sec
285 Dong He vs Feng Chen
286 Eruption! Escape of Feng Chen and Zu Fei
287 Arriving at the Territory of the River Sec
288 Qing Yi's First...
289 Qing Yi Wakes up
290 Guide From the River Sec
291 Hidden Danger behind the Bandit Group
292 Veposs Flowers and Red Flower Ridge
293 Attack the Bandits!
294 Bandit Leader vs Chu Yang!
295 Qing Yi's Change
296 System back in action!
297 Learning about other Continents
298 End of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom Approaching!
299 Shu Yao's Suspicion
300 Reappearance of the Flower Breaking Mantra!
301 Su Wuhan, King of the Azure Sky Kingdom!
302 End of the Heavenly Sky Kingdom!
《Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough》 Planning for the Future and The Iron Sky Kingdom
303 Spending the rest of the Day Reading Peacefully~
304 Xuan Hao's First Visit to the Alchemy Hall
305 First Potion and Alchemy Elders Outside
306 Chaos Breaks Ou
307 Quest Progress Limit!
308 Formation Hall
309 Sect Ques
310 Feng Chen and Zu Fei's Return
311 Bright Red and Unlucky Border Guards...
312 Unexpected Danger
313 A Way Out!
314 Escape from the Red Fruit!
315 Fang Yu's Difficulty...
316 Fluffy Cloud Café
317 Anxious Fang Yu
318 Arriving at Dawn
319 Fire Burning Formation
320 Source of Fang Yu's Problem
321 Qi Sapping Worm
322 Will it Explode?
323 The Formation Hall's Entrance Test!
324 Qi Gathering Formation
325 Third Stage of the Domain Lord Realm!
326 Future Sect Location!
327 Finding an Old Friend of Chi Hu
328 Helping Chi Hu's Old Friend
329 Zhu Lian
330 Second Star Peak...
331 Fourth Stage of the Domain Lord Realm!
332 New Domain...?
333 Main Peak of the Shattered Star Peaks
334 Blue Deer
335 Unkown Struggles of a Young Master
336 Young Master Chu Yang!
337 Following the Blue Deer
338 Finding a Way Out!
339 Sleeping Demon Beas
340 Third Blue Feather
341 Xuan Hao vs Winged Lion Demon Beast!
342 Fate of the Winged Lion Demon Beast!
343 Pure Heart Island
344 Never Pretend to be a Young Master!
345 Searching for Pure Heart Spirit Grass
346 Huang Yongyu's Escape...
347 Young Master of the Ghost Howl Sect!
348 Winged Lion Demon Beast's Special Ability
349 Sect Mission Complete! Pure Heart Spiritual Grass Found!
350 Demon Beasts of the Pure Heart Lake
351 Leaving Pure Heart Island!
352 Elder Song's Plan for the other Elders...
353 Sect Master of the Ghost Howl Sect!
354 Fate of the Ghost Howl Sect's Sect Master!
355 Back to the Pure Heart Island!
356 Huang Yongyu's Suffering...
357 Huang Yongyu's Escape... Again!
358 The Centre of the Pure Heart Lake
359 Four Paths
360 Mysterious Place Beyond the Mist~
361 Sneak Attack!
362 Pure Heart Spiritual Water
363 Leaving the Pure Heart Lake
364 Feng Chen's Reques
365 New Sect Quest and Bai Ning
366 Causing Chaos with a few words
367 Outer Sec
368 Curious Disciples and Elders~
369 Qing Chenyi
370 End of the First Lecture
371 Neighbouring Kingdoms
372 Elder Song begins Stabilizing the Territory of the Flying Sword Sec
373 Reward for Completing the Sect Quest...
374 Winged Lion's new life~!
375 Blood Punisher, Creator of the Heaven Splitting Sword Art!
376 Fire Explosion Potion!
377 Bai Ning's Growth
378 Weird Young Girl
379 Spiritual Herb Magnet?
380 Meeting Elder Gong Bo and Preparing to Leave
381 State of Mind
382 Departure
383 Iron Sky Kingdom
384 Talking with Chi Hu
385 Rebellion in the Azure Sky Kingdom
386 Entering the Iron Sky Kingdom!
387 First Town
388 Scaring Everyone~
389 Entering the Capital
390 Iron Sky Marke
391 Manor
392 Eastern Part of the Capital
393 Storage Box!
394 Thieves!
395 Creepy Cave
396 A lot of Tentacles
397 Tentacle Cocoon's Special Ability!
398 Scaring the Thieves~
399 Caught red-handed
400 Sneaking In~
401 Breaking in Through the Front Door
402 Stealing Documents
403 Back to the Manor
404 Start of Alchemy Practice and Nervous Yi Min
405 Cloud Cover Potion
406 Poisonous Herbs
407 Qing Yi's Cloud Cover Potion and Winged Lion
408 Domain Lord Shu Yao
409 Core Region of the Ewaria Continen
410 Future Sect Location Decided!
411 Day of the Alchemy Competition!
412 People from the Core Region of the Sky Empire!
413 Entering the Competition Ground
414 Alchemy Competition, Begin!
415 Trouble Brewing~
416 Brawl for the last few Spiritual Herbs!
417 Yi Min
418 End of the First Stage...
419 Old Artisan Alchemist's Inspection, Failure and Success
420 The True Master...? And a short break
421 Start of the Second Stage
422 Chase!
423 Mystic Realm
424 Qing Yi's Gamble~
425 Enemies of Yi Min Arrive...
426 General Guan
427 Qing Yi becomes an Expert Alchemist!
428 End of the Second Stage
429 Skin Strengthening Potion...?
430 Skin Strengthening Potion's... Side Effects...
431 Searching for The Demonic Cultivator
432 Third Transformation Realm Demonic Cultivator
433 Beginning of Chaos!
434 Reaching the Surface!
435 Start of the Third Stage and General Guan's Fight...
436 Help Arrives!
437 Third Stage of the Alchemy Competition!
438 Alchemy Trial
439 First Test of the Alchemy Trial
440 Zi Hui's Plan...
441 Running Away...
442 The Terror of a Master Blacksmith!
443 Yi Min's Arrival, End of the Demonic Rat!
444 Birth of a Mental Demon
445 Second Test of the Alchemy Trial
446 Drifting Cloud Steps
447 A Dark Horse Appears!
448 End of Second Tes
449 Coral Jellyfish and Endless Sea of Mist...
450 Maze of Challenges
451 Last Challenge
452 End of the Third Test!
453 Only one person left in the Alchemy Trial!
454 Nameless Alchemy Technique
455 Qing Yi's Rank is...
456 Fang Shi Taking in Two Disciples?
457 Qing Yi's Master Appears!
458 Alchemy Challenge! Fang Shi vs Xuan Hao!
459 Return of the 'Missing' Elder...
460 Elder Tian's ill-fated Encounter...
461 Female Demonic Cultivator~
462 Meeting with Yi Min... Again!
463 Factions of the Sky Empire
464 General Guan's Backer and the Frost Devil Sec
465 Encountering Li Yao
466 Fang Shi!?
467 Not Allowing Fang Shi to Show Off~
468 Thousand-Mile Talisman~
469 Extorting Fang Shi~
《Cultivating Disciples to Breakthrough》 Rise of The Flying Sword Sect
470 Hollow Mountain
471 Blood Pond
472 Dangerous Breakthrough!
473 Finally... Main Quest Completed!
474 Sixth Stage of the Domain Lord Realm!
475 Unkown Change
476 Seventh Stage of the Domain Lord Realm and Return of the Blue Feather~
477 Escaping the Mystic Realm
478 Cloud Sky Kingdom
479 The Sect That Rules Over the Swamp...
480 A Burning Sensation
481 Feather Imprint! Absorb!
482 Returning to the Sec
483 Chubby lion~
484 Feng Chen's Breakthrough!
485 Talk with Feng Chen
486 Annoying Young Disciple
487 Song Jia
488 Forging a Defensive Artifac
489 Sacrificial Defensive Artifac
490 Training with Bai Ning!
491 Rebellion
492 Changes to The Small Town at the Shattered Star Peaks
493 Work! Feather Imprint!
494 Meridians Change
495 Mountains of the Shattered Star Peaks
496 Unkown Race
497 Discovered!
498 Half Spirit Race
499 Ancient Record Hall
500 Ancient Scrolls
501 Blue- Phoenix Feather!?
502 Information about the Soul Ascension Realm!
503 Fate of the 'other' races
504 Underground Cave Network and...
505 Primeval Jungle
506 Spiders?
507 Desperate Escape
508 Return of the Worm
509 Primeval Fire Ants vs Emerald Demon Spiders!
510 Back Again...
511 Eerie Underground Jungle
512 Flying~
513 Easy Escape
514 Ancient Teleportation Formation!
515 Chu Yang's Journey... On the Right Path...
516 Finely Decorated Dinner Plate!
517 Fancy Dinner Plate's one use Ability~
518 Chen Yang and Gui Hu
519 Youngest Disciple talks too much...
520 Fog Stalker and Lava Eaters~
521 Young Priest and Su Wuhan's Worries
522 Broke
523 Mysterious Young Master~
524 Becoming a Beggar~
525 Archbishop Soft Breeze and Su Wuhan
526 Hidden Beneath the Azure Sky Kingdom
527 Escort Mission
528 Entering the Mountain Range~
529 Trap! Massive Formation!
530 Su Wuhan's Betrayal!
531 Chaotic Battle!
532 Chaotic Battlefield
533 Massive Spirit Stone
534 Ancient Scroll and Excited Bandits~
535 Bandit Betrayal!
536 Master Pu's Sacrifice...
537 End of the Battle
538 Beast Tamers New Way to Waste Spirit Stones...
539 News Reaches the Cardinal
540 Qing Yi Reaches the Core Formation Realm!
541 New Sect Quests!
542 Zhu Lian in Danger?
543 Disappearance of Archbishop Soft Breeze and the Holy Artifact!
544 Unlucky Zhu Lian
545 The Mysterious Crack in the Ground~
546 Time Reduced!
547 Befriending Demonic Cultivators
548 Centipedes~
549 Rescue...?
550 Seals Inside the Abyss
551 Rabbit Thief!
552 The Higher Level of the Drifting Cloud Steps
553 Frost Devil Sec
554 Location of the Transcendent Grade Spiritual Herb
555 The Young Master... Is young...
555 The Young Master
556 Explorer Union... Gambling Den?
557 Origin of the Gambling Den~!
558 Ancient Ruins Upstream
559 Demonic Cultivators... Are Scary...
560 Guardian Demon Beas
561 Robbing the Rabbit Demon Beast~
562 Chased across the Frozen Wasteland!
563 Throw the Frost Devil Sect into the Fire and Run Away~
564 The Chase Continues...
565 Crossing the Border
566 Back to the Iron Sky Kingdom
567 Yi Min's Arrival!
568 Trickery~
569 Yi Min's Formation!
570 Death of the Rabbit Demon Beast and the Sect Master of the Frost Devil Sec
570 The Strength of Yi Min's Formation!
571 Head of the Hollow Thunder Family
572 Returning to the Sec
573 Reaching the Outer Walls of the Ancient City Ruins