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Cool CEO and his Model Wife


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For Lee Xinye, life had been always unfair, but it didn’t affect her determination for success.

Being the illegitimate child, society always looked her down, until a man, Mu Lingtian came in her life and change her life from unfair life into a beautiful life.
《Cool CEO and his Model Wife》 Volume 1
1 "Do you know, how much time I have been to waiting for you?"
2 "Of course, she will become my fiancée"
3 "Who wants to married to an illegitimate child?"
4 “Xuiye…It’s been a long time. Good to see to you again”.
5 "The person who saved you last night was Mu Lingtan"
6 "Didn't you use these tricks on my mother 25 years ago, President Wang?"
7 "Then, Ohhh…My God….Lingtan, don't tell me, you like men…Huh?"
8 "Bet?"
9 "Shaan Industries..."
10 "Good. Book a private room in the Hotel Emperor. I want to personally meet Miss Lee"
11 A little boy and a little girl...
12 She is now my friend, so I will take care of her...
13 "It was my first time, that I am very happy to have a meeting with you, President Wang"
14 "President Mo, What are you talking about? There is nothing between me and Xuiye".
15 A Promise...
16 "If I am looking that handsome, why don't you kiss me?"
17 Brother Lingtan, I want stars, but they are far away, how can I get them?
18 Press Conference…
19 Right… If my princess is saying that it will be successful then it will.
20 Insulting her mother...
21 "Did you forget the protocol of Shaan Industries or you dare to offend me?"
22 'Go ahead. I am here to handle all the things'
23 A great Model...
24 Lee Xuiye's life goal...
25 "I am going for a date"
26 Aroma'S...
27 Future Husband...
28 "You are blackmailing me?"
29 "You look beautiful in this dress"
30 "If you didn't stop shouting, I will kiss you right in front of everybody".
31 "So it means you have three days afterwards we will talk about our promise"
32 "You stupid, can't you see a ball?"
33 Even you don't have your mother. Should I stop talking to you as well?"
34 "How's Xuiye now?"
35 Ragging...
36 "So, you are bullying me purposely, don't you?"
37 "What…ragging? How dare they bully my cute Xuiye?"
38 "Master, if you kill him, you will create a problem for Miss Lee as well"
39 "Fine, then let the world know that Xiao Xuiye is an illegitimate child"
40 "Fine. Since you are accepting this allegation, therefore, you are expelled from this school for causing violence in the school".
41 "Go… get our boys, it's time to show our power"
42 "No… wait… we can't show this footage to them".
43 "Xuiye is blessed to have friends like us"
44 "But…Mom, Brother Lingtan seems to be angry on me".
45 "I really disappointed on you….Xuiye…".
46 "Now, can my brainless friend come with me?"
47 Realisation:- Mo Lingtan special place in Lee Xuiye's heart...
48 Mo Lingtan's girlfriend...
49 I also like you, but you never consider my feeling even once.
50 "Why...Brother Lingtan. Aren't I good for you?"
51 “Sorry baby, I am late”.
52 "Baby here is so much crowd. Let's go to a quiet place. I have something important to tell you"
53 "Xuiye, I don't want to hurt your feelings. But...I really don't have feelings for you".
54 Horrible dreams...
55 "Brother Lingtan, I like you, but it didn't mean that you are allowed to hurt my feelings".
56 "Xuiye...Do you still like me?"
57 Fighting...
58 "Enough, I am your brother and you are taking his side"
59 Xuiye, will you be my girlfriend?"
60 "Let's go for a date on this Friday."
61 Lee Chang-You's approval...
62 Fake Princess...
63 Goddness Xia Xiulan...
64 A Person's beauty shows from their heart and not from their face.
65 Are you ready to accept this challenge?
66 Controlling man!...
67 “Then I think we should end our relationship here.”
68 “I hate you, Brother Lingtan.”
69 Grandfather-Grandson Pair
70 Cunning Fox...
71 “I will have you, tonight.”
72 "If you ever talk about having break up. I will punish you badly."
73 Don't expect that I am a good man.
74 "We lost this job."
75 I am regretting to have a daughter like you....
76 I know you have a girlfriend, you don't have to show off...
77 Accident...
78 "MOM, I...Love...Him...I don't...want to lose him."
79 Audition...
80 The patient has gone to the coma...
81 "Go and fetch Miss Lee here. Make sure Xuiye doesn't know anything about our meeting."
82 "Fine. I will help her to enter into Sky Imperial."
83 Blackmail to Old Fox.
84 Chang, you are going to meet your enemy, NOT your friend.
85 “Then, let’s reverse it. Sky Imperial will pay 50 million dollars for abandoning Lee Xuiye and Lee Xuiye won’t pay anything for the breach of contract.”
86 Xuiye, If you really love me, then go and take revenge for me. Otherwise, don't show me your face ever.
87 “Little Fighter, are you ready for this fight?”.
88 Wrestling Match.
89 Extra Gif
90 Troublesome Girl
91 Reserved himself for Lee Xuiye...
92 Big Mistake.
93 I am a handsome man as always, not like you. An Ugly Girl.
94 Dilemma.
95 Mo Lingtan's sacrifices.
96 "If you are jealous to see us, just say so. You don’t need to discourage us."
97 Photo Shoot.
98 Torture Lee Xuiye.
99 Thirsty of Power and Money...
100 Meeting with Mo Family...
101 His Xuiye became smart...No...No… Very smart!
102 'Xuiye, this time you can't escape from me.'
103 Most competent assistant of this country!
104 As his girlfriend, as his lover, as his wife…
105 Your Jiejie Yeyi
106 Stupid Lee Xuiye!
107 My Man...
108 Real owner of Dream Star Studio...
109 My beloved fiancee.
110 A Chance.
111 Little Lee Xuiye or little Mo Lingtan.
112 Attending my guest!
113 I am a woman of my word.
114 A special gift.
115 Sexual Video.
116 Congratulations. You have won this game.
117 Wasn’t Lee Xuiye being so cruel?
118 Household Husband!
119 Unexpected turn of events!
120 Man of her Dreams!
121 God didn't accept her prayer today!!!
122 Dream Girl of all Boys!!!
123 Justice!!!
124 Dignity.
125 Sudden attack!!!
126 Unintentionally or Intentionally
127 Justice for him.
128 Not acting as per script!
129 Wish to not meet him ever again!!!
130 Complained like a Spoiled Child.
131 Incapable artist.
132 Crazy Brother Lingtan!
133 My little naughty-stupid girl!
134 Weird Behaviour!
135 The word 'Perhaps'
136 Went to lash out her anger!
137 Mo meant Mo Family meant Shaan Industries!
138 Two Words!
139 "Tang. Hu. will. you. be. my. boyfriend?
140 Taking Advantage of him!
141 Congratulations! You have seduced me!
142 Horny Girl!
143 Found a girl better than Mo Xingjuan!
144 Mo Xingjuan Hu Darling and Tang Hu's Juan!
145 “Leave yourself otherwise I don’t mind throwing you out. Want to try?”
146 Three Men!
147 Life-threatening confession
148 Litte Kitten before a Wolf!
149 Kidnapping!
150 Now, he was really starting to regret it!
151 Future Madam Tang!
152 Little Talk!
153 Other Option!
154 Welcome to our family!
155 Indirect Force
156 Born to be a winner!
157 Lee Xuiye and Mo Lingtan’s Cold War.
158 Engagement!
159 Zhuo Ziyao be the partner of Mo Lingtan!
160 Criticism and Praises!
161 The Third party in Mo Lingtan and Zhuo Ziyao’s love story.
162 His stupid Xuiye turned into a scheming one!
163 Ring Exchanged!
164 Nervousness!
165 Ready!
166 Give and Take!
167 Slow and steady!
168 Teach Her!
169 Darling Xuiye and Baby Lingtan!
170 Damn Manager!
171 Worldly announced girlfriend!
172 Good News and Bad News!
173 Monkey of south branch!
174 Hmph, Appreciation? My Foot!
175 Cancel the break!
176 Awesome gift!
177 Preparation!
178 Worried-Excited-Worried!
179 Surprise 1
180 Surprise 2
181 Surprise 3
182 Surprise 4
183 Surprise 5
184 More lucky!
185 Pamper!
186 Weird style of walking!
187 Why does it sound like a bet?
188 Doubt!
189 Wang Yeyi's Dream!
190 Gu Minlan!
191 Fight between Manager & Artist!
192 Sore to the Eye Part-1
193 Sore to the Eye Part-2
194 Let's cheer up to be a pain in the ass!
195 Something was wrong! Part-1
196 Something was wrong! Part-2
197 First Night Part-1
198 First Night Part-2
199 Two Reputable People!
200 Certain Someone!
201 It was me!
202 Confessed!
203 Prove?
204 Engagement Cancel Part-1
205 Engagement Cancel Part-2
206 Engagement Cancel Part-3
207 Trick her!
208 Dream or reality??!!
209 Broke into her house!
210 End up calling herself stupid!
211 Increase the brand value of her name!
212 Somebody, please help me!
213 Our Home! Part-1
214 Our Home Part-2
215 ...That thing.
《Cool CEO and his Model Wife》 Text
216 Ideal life!
217 Meet again!
218 Fight between Lee Xuiye and Mo Lingtan Part-1
219 Fight between Lee Xuiye and Mo Lingtan Part-2
220 Fight between Lee Xuiye and Mo Lingtan Part-3
221 Truth Reveal Part-1
222 Truth Reveal Part-2
223 Truth Reveal Part-3
224 Break Up Part-1
225 Break up Part-2
226 Break Up Part-3
227 Break Up Part-4
228 Deal from Mo Yinan's death Part-1
229 Deal from Mo Yinan's death Part-2
230 Deal from Mo Yinan's death Part-3
231 Apart!
232 The real truth! Part-1
233 The real truth! Part-2
234 The real truth! Part-3
235 The real truth! Part-4
236 The real truth! Part-5
237 Punishment!
238 Agree to marry!
239 Getting Marry Part-1
240 Getting Marry Part-2
241 Getting Marry Part-3
242 Wedding Night Part-1
243 Wedding Night Part-2
244 Wedding Night Part-3
245 Wedding Night Part-4
246 Wedding Night Part-5
247 Wedding Night Part-6
248 Poor Beast!
249 Gone for Honey!
250 Crazy!
251 Stingy!
252 Co-owner!
253 Beg to her knees!
254 Fantasy!
255 Take a lead!
256 Useless Wife!
257 Next Target!
258 Let's suffer for one night Part-1
259 Let's suffer for one night Part-2
260 Broken Shoe
261 Shareholders' Meeting Part-1
262 Shareholders' Meeting Part-2
263 Mo Lingtan, King of hell!
264 Planning something big!
265 Remove Chairman!
266 Father? What a Joke!
267 Forget to have a son!
268 Cheap Trick!
269 Taking revenge
270 Take what's yours!
271 Kill her!
272 Sell share
273 New donor
274 Deal!
275 Fall down into the ditch! Part-1
276 Fall down into the ditch! Part-2
277 Can't become pregnant Part-1
278 Can't become pregnant Part-2
279 Expose past Crimes Part-1
280 Expose past Crimes Part-2
281 Great! You deserve it! Part-1
282 “Great! You deserve it!” Part-2
283 Heartless Husband!
284 Deal with you!
285 Don't trust him!
286 Meeting Part-1
287 Meeting Part-2
288 Zhou Ziyao is dead Part-1
289 Zhou Ziyao is dead Part-2
290 Zhou Family Finished!
291 Zhou Family Finished! Part-2
292 Resign!
293 Take Revenge From His Father!
294 Matter of trust!
295 Daughter of Wang Hui!
296 I suffered a lot, Brother Lingtan Part-1
297 I suffered a lot, Brother Lingtan Part-2
298 Rules!
299 Let the world know we are together now! Part-1
300 Let the world know we are together now! Part-2
301 Further course of action.
302 302
303 303
302 Threat! Part-1
303 Threat! Part-2
304 Wei, Let's get marry! Part-1
305 Wei, Let's Get Married! Part-2
306 Lost Position Part-1
307 Lost Position Part-2
308 Lost Position Part-3
309 Lost Position Part-4
310 Lost Position Part-5
311 Celebrate Part-1
312 Celebrate Part-2
313 Celebrate Part-3
314 Murderer behind Xia Xiulan's behind! Part-1
315 Murderer behind Xia Xiulan's death! Part-2
316 Murderer behind Xia Xiulan's death! Part-3
317 Minimum Chance Part-1
318 Minimum Chance Part-2
319 Minimum Chance Part-3
320 Trump Card.
321 Reveal the name Part-1
322 Reveal the name Part-2
323 Repetitive Defeat!
324 Wrongly accused Part-1
325 Wrongly accused Part-2
326 Wrongly accused Part-3
327 Wrongly accused Part-4
328 Wrongly Accused Part-5
329 He will be our son! Part-1
330 He will be our son! Part-2
331 Xia Xiulan's Story Part-1
332 Xia Xiulan's Story Part-2
333 Xia Xiulan's Story Part-3
334 Feeling pity!
335 Only for Mo Lingtan!
336 Try To Make Up! Part-1
337 Try to Make up Part-2
338 Try To Make Up! Part-3
339 Have other plan Part-1
340 Have Other Plan Part-2
341 Strict Father!
342 Disowned Her! Part-1
343 Disowned Her! Part-2
344 Our Deal!
345 Too Late!
346 New Baby! Part-1
346 New Member Is Arriving! Part-1
347 New member Is Arriving! Part-2
348 New member Is Arriving! Part-3
349 Unexpected Pregnancy! Part-1
350 Unexpected Pregnancy Part-2
351 Run Away with me! Part-1
352 Run Away with me! Part-2
353 Run Away with me! Part-3
354 Dilemma!
355 Fail as Mother!
356 Justice Part-1
357 Justice Part-2
358 Justice Part-3
359 Justice Part-4
360 Justice Part-5
361 Justice Part-6
362 Justice Part-7
363 Rebellious Wife!
364 Battle
365 A letter Part-1
366 A Letter Part-2
367 A Plan Part-1
368 A Plan Part-2
369 'Time heals everything.'
370 Hmph! Spoiler of the joy.
371 Give a Chance Part-1
372 Give a Chance Part-2
373 Photoshoot Part-1
374 Photoshoot Part-2
375 Photoshoot Part-3
376 Photoshoot Part-4
377 377-New Year Part-1
378 378- New Year Part-2
379 New Year Part-3
380 Title is a spoiler!
381 Who would you choose?
382 Sleep on couch! Part-1
383 Sleep on the couch! Part-2
384 Live a useful life!
385 Pity to have such a father!
386 Danger! Part-1
387 Danger! Part-2
388 Danger! Part-3
389 Danger! Part-4
390 Danger! Part-5
391 Danger Part-6
392 Turn of events!
393 Nightmare!
394 Scared
395 Let's drop a bomb!
396 Let's pack the bags!
397 Bachelorette party Part-1
398 Bachelorette party Part-2
399 Bachelorette party Part-3
400 Bachelorette party Part-4
401 Bachelorette party Part-5
402 Bachelorette party Part-6
403 Bachelorette party Part-7
404 Trick him Part-1
405 Trick him Part-2
406 Strip Show Part-1
407 Strip Show Part-2
408 Being tortured instead!
409 The Wedding Part-LingYe
410 The Wedding Part-Groom
411 The Wedding Part-Bride
412 The Wedding Part- Vows 1
413 The Wedding Part- Vows 2
414 The Wedding Part- Till the death apart us 3
415 The Wedding Part- Let's have some fun!
416 The Wedding Part- Let's have some fun! 2
417 The Wedding Part- The Wedding Night 1
418 The Wedding- Part-The Wedding Night 2
419 The Baby Part-1
420 The Baby Part-2 -The Last Chapter.