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Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story

Author:Demonic Fire

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The person that Pei Zhen hates most in his life is the perfect Fu Sichen. Alas, life is full of surprises and unpredictability. One fine day, an accident turns Pei Zhen into Fu Sichen“s pet cat! As Fu Sichen“s pet cat, he makes a shocking discovery about his sworn enemy - a deep dark secret that the perfect Fu Sichen has kept hidden for years. Trapped in his cat body, Pei Zhen moves from one adve...
《Comrade: Almost a Cat-astrophic Love Story》 Text
1 One Day, I’ll Have You Bow Down to Me and Call Me Daddy
2 He... He... He Had Turned Into a Cat!
3 Let Go of Me! You *sshole!
4 Pei Zhen is Dead
5 If You Meow for Me, I'll Give You Some Food
6 Damn, I Really Am Good-Looking
7 He Felt Completely Exhausted
8 He Missed Wearing Pants
9 Big Brother, I Like You the Mos
10 He's Had His Heart Broken
11 Do You Even Have a Conscience?
12 Acting Spoiled— What a Cute Boy
13 This Is Nothing— He Even Pees Standing Up
14 A Person Like Me Doesn’t Deserve to Live or Breathe!
15 Unfilial Son, Is This How You Treat Your Daddy!
16 Find Me a Shaman
17 Hurry Up And Fight For My Custody!
18 He’s Yours! Pei Zhen is Yours!
19 Stay Away From My Cat From Now On
20 I Need to Bathe Him Again
21 Are You Saving Yourself For a Female Cat?
22 He Wants to Have Me Neutered!
23 He Really Likes Me
24 This Is My Cat. Not Only Is He Very Well Behaved, but He's Also Very Close to Me.
25 It's a Little Pink Dress. You Can Be a Little Tease If You Put It On...
26 Do You Really Think That I Can Fraternize With the Enemy?!
27 The Extremely Handsome Little Fairy Girl
28 Why Is He Looking at Me Like That?! He's Still Looking at Me!
29 Fu Sichen Really, Really Loved Pei Zhen
30 Come Here, Pei Pei
31 Are You Keeping a Cat to Scratch Other People?
32 You Got Dirty Again; You'll Need to Take Another Bath.
33 This Rat Is Fake. Don't Be Afraid?
34 Best Actor Fu’s Cat Was Amazing
35 He Had a Pennant In His Hands
36 Miracle Healer
37 He Lightly Pulled Apart the Cat's Hind Legs
38 Share Your Joy With Us! Show Us Best Actor Fu's Body!
39 Donating Pet Clothes
40 Pei Pei is My Pei Pei
41 I'm Going to Wake Up Your Daddy Pei!
42 Sit Down, and Don’t Touch the Ca
43 So What If You’re Rich?!
44 You Secretly Lost Your Virginity!
45 One Testicle per Fish
46 Fish Only Had a Seven Second Memory
47 This Cat Was a Vixen
48 This Cat... Has Become Immortal!
49 There's Something Wrong With This Ca
50 Come Pick Me Up! I Want to Elope With You!
51 I Hate Him and I Don't Know Who He Is! Save Me First!
52 I Like Spoiling Him. Do You Have a Problem With That?
53 How Dare He!
54 The Persian Cat Doesn't Belong to You. He Belongs to Mother Nature.
55 Come On! Let's See Who Can Hurt The Other More!
56 Taking Advantage of My Feelings for You
57 It Suited His Taste
58 Are You That Unwilling to Sleep on the Bed?
59 Why Did It Seem a Little Gay in Retrospect?
60 God-given Talen
61 Were You Sullied by Best Actor Fu?
62 Then Why Would Fu Sichen Save My Notes?
63 Is It Possible for a Man to Become a Cat?
64 He Can Only Be Mine
65 I Want You to Hug Pei Pei Like a Mother Hen Would Hug Her Chicks!
66 I’m Okay With Bestiality Now
67 Cats Were Cats, How Could They Have Been Human Beings?
68 Not Suitable For Kids
69 Are You Waiting For My Sweetheart To Die From The Pain?
70 Pei Zhen Wanted to Gnaw Him to Death
71 Don’t You Get Jealous of Your Daddy
72 He Only Has a Dad
73 Me Kissing Your Daddy Is Most Reasonable
74 No Need to Envy, Everyone Will Have His Share
75 Big Brother, You’re Amazing.
76 An Amazing Dog and Cat Figh
77 My Name Is Red Scarf
78 Yes, Big Brother. I Will Do as You Say, Big Brother!
79 First, Find the Cat a Dad
80 Too Dashing Looking
81 He Liked This Cat Too Much!
82 Best Actor Fu, Did You Pat a Dog Last Night?
83 Can You Hold a Grand Procession to Wed Me
84 Fate Is Thin, Not Mating, Thanks
85 Catching Demons and Performing Rites All-in-One Package
86 Hubby, He Has Been Bullying Me Again!
87 Hubby Is a Term for One Person's Use Only
88 Not Being Human Is Chillingly Lonely
89 My Precious One, Are You in Love with Me Ye
90 Why Was Fu Sichen Keeping This!
91 Entering the Eternal Abyss of the Gay Universe
92 So You Are the Legendary 'Schwarzcatger'
93 The Hired Cat Turned out to Be a Dumb One
94 Relive the Glory of That Day at the Hospital
95 To Live More Comfortably, One Has to Give and Take
96 I Only Want Pei Pei, I'm Very Loyal
97 The Gentle and Kind Pei Zhen
98 Fu Sichen! You're Being Poisoned!
99 Don't Worry, They Will like My Wife
100 Huh. Women. All Pigs' Trotters
101 Best Actor Fu's Debut Screen Kiss
102 Pet Manager
103 Blossoming of a Young Hear
104 What the Hell, He Wasn't Even Fu Sichen's Partner!
105 Arranged in the Shape of the Letters ‘PZ’
106 He Is My Sweethear
107 Get Out of the Way, I’m Taking My Cat to Be Spayed
108 Pardon Me for Being a Beast Then
109 I Treated My Childhood Buddy as the Enemy
110 Do Not Embrace the Cat, Do Not Kiss, and Do Not Pa
111 Play More Gay-Themed Movies
112 How Can This Cat Be So Alpha
113 It Was Already Day Three of Being Away from Pei Zhen
114 Apologies, Pei Pei Is Ignoran
115 The Stinker Obviously Had Ulterior Motives!
116 What About Caring for This Higher Being Before You?
117 It Signifies That Our Love Is More Solid Than Gold
118 Fu Sichen Is Miles Ahead of Them!
119 All These Years I’ve Loved Only One Person
120 Actually, I'd Like to See Him Get the Best Actor Award
121 Hubby, Hubby, Muacks
122 Have No Fear, I've Got Your Back
123 Like He Was Charging Towards His True Love
124 'Mad Liker' Fu Sichen Was Active Again!
125 It Might as Well Be with Someone Good-Looking
126 Requires the Lover's Blood
127 Pei Pei Would Eventually Be His
128 Pei Zhen... My Future Boyfriend
129 The Romantic Sort of Like
130 I'll Go and See Pei Zhen Too
131 I Only Want Him to Be Well
132 Felt His Soul Suspended in the Air
133 He... He... He Had Become a Human Again!
134 May We Know the Relationship Between You and Best Actor Fu?
135 Fu Sichen, Best Actor Fu
136 Will Not Be Touched by Anyone Else
137 So Who Would Be on Top and Who Would Be Underneath?
138 Empty Words, Obviously You Like Me
139 Feel Like Having Sweets, and Even More Like Having Meat!
140 Reminded Him Again of Princess Hug!
141 Two Men, Isn't It Provocative?
142 And Now I'm Not Even Allowed to Have a Reaction?
143 One Would Be Influenced by Whom One Hung out with, Gay People Inclusive
144 I Managed It While Thinking of You
145 In Praise of the Virtues of Socialism
146 Come Stay with Me
147 His Heart Warmed
148 I Wanted to See You
149 Pei Zhen, Do You Think So Lowly of Me?
150 Pei Zhen Definitely Likes Me
151 You Are Going Through a Breakup, Not a Love Confession
152 Xiao Nian, Are You Trying to Murder Your Fathers?
153 Imagine I'm the Person You Love...
154 I Don't Like Men, I Only Like You
155 I'll Wait for You
156 May I Kiss You?
157 Completely Melting and Merging in the Hea
158 I Wish I Could Tell the World You're Mine
159 Daddy Pei, I Was Talking About This Ab
160 A Stunner Like Himself Could Not Possibly Be the Bottom Party
161 Embarrassment, Because He Was the One Being Embraced
162 Kiss My One-And-Only Precious Darling
163 You Are Now a Man with a Boyfriend
164 More Kissing and Things Will Get out of Control
165 You Can Be in Charge of Warming the Bed
166 The Sweet Taste of Being in Love
167 That's Right, I'd Like to Eat You
168 Pei Pei, I Like You More Every Day
169 Relax, Don't Worry
170 Pei Zhen... Is It Okay?
171 Late Night Date
172 Love-struck, You Won't Understand
173 Waking up to My Own Good Looks Every Morning
174 Sincerely Requesting Pei Zhen's Morning Photo
175 I'll Reserve the Whole Seafood Restaurant Just for You
176 Yes, I'm Willing to Be the Bottom Party
177 My Little Diao Diao
178 He Wanted to Top Me, Good My Ass
179 Fu Sichen, the Bitch!
180 Mum, Fu Sichen Is Sleeping with Me Tonight?!
181 That's What a Real Man's Like in the Morning
182 Boyfriend, Do You Want to Come Out?
183 Big Brother Sichen, I Miss You Too
184 I'll Happily Go to Ends of the Earth for You
185 It's Unlikely That I Can Be the Top Party
186 Good Boy, Let Big Brother Give You a Hug
187 What Grievances Do You Have That You Would Hurt My Daddy Pei!
188 Can I Have Those Bracelets?
189 There's Only Hatred Between Them; No Love
190 The Sort of Exercise That Propagates the Human Race
191 I Like You
192 Would I Have Been Able to Hook You If I Were Straight?
193 It Seems That Being Together Isn't Easy
194 This Is for Nourishing the Body
195 You Are Quick, a Man Quick in Every Way
196 Alcohol Gives Courage and Makes One Lose Control!
197 Pei Pei, You Should Turn 18 Tonigh
198 I Won’t Let You Be Hurt Again!
199 Darling, I Will Be Very Gentle
200 Your Technique Is Poor as Hell
201 How Can You Keep Your Boyfriend Under Wraps?
202 Cold On the Surface; Scorching Hot in Private
203 Pei Zhen Will Not Say No
204 Three Hundred Million for Dowry?
205 Damn, He Had Been Topped Already!
206 Pei Pei, Can You Not Leave the Circle?
207 Did the Terms of Breaching of Contract Include Coming out of the Closet?
208 I'm Sorry! I'm the Dog!
209 Man and Man, Hand-in-Hand
210 I'm Going over to Be His Savior
211 Why Are You in Such a Pathetic Plight?
212 Pei Pei, Slow Down, Slow Down a Little...
213 A Hot and Passionate Rendezvous in the Office?
214 I think I Love You Too...
215 With Gentleness, Loving Kindness, and Also a Little Fanaticism
216 With My Mouth
217 I Was a Freaking Cat at That Time!
218 I'm the One Taking Care of You
219 Our Sichen Is Definitely the Bottom Party!
220 The World's Cutest Mini Top Party!
221 The Power of Love Was Grea
222 Missing the Cat and Dog Couple!
223 How About I Give You a Kiss
224 I'm Just a Bottom Party!
225 You're Bold to Be Messing Around With My Lover
226 I Can Take Care of You
227 Daddy Had Been Too Lazy to Move
228 How Did His Boyfriend Turn Out So Cute!
229 Just You Wait Till Big Boss Fu Shows His Raw Instincts
230 Pei Pei, You're Your Big Brother's Favorite Finale
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233 Additional Chapter 3