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Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Author:Don“t Enter The Jianghu

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The dimensional rifts link the earth to the Xingwu continent. This is the dawn of the martial arts era!\r\nI will be useless if I don“t practice martial arts? Don“t worry, I have a system that allows me to pick up attributes. When other people drop attributes during their training, I can pick them up secretly.\r\nHuh? Did you just say that beating up people will make them drop attributes too? In ...
《Complete Martial Arts Attributes》 Text
1 This World Isn't Right!
2 The Principles Of Peaceful Coexistence With The Otherworld
3 Starting My Bugged Life Now!
4 I’d Rather Die Than Practice The Ninth Set of Radio Exercises
5 I, Wang Teng, Am Very Hardworking!
6 I'm Not Incompeten
7 Collect The Wool...
8 Wild Rose Pub
9 When Was It Your Turn To Lecture My Friends?
10 The Gaze Of Love From A Father
11 Walk The Fatty~
12 Crazy About Duels
13 Advanced Stage Martial Disciple
14 In The Past, You Placed The Prettiest Lady In School Beside Me Side
15 Did I Do Something Wrong?
16 Tricks! These Are All Tricks!
17 Don't Leave After School Ends
18 Weak! Too Weak!
19 Gunsho
20 So, I Can Only Kill Them!
21 Pentakill~
22 I Just Want To Stay Alive
23 Mountain Villa Gathering
24 Zhou Baiyun!
25 Hunting Ground
26 Gun Skill
27 The Loud Sound Under The Night Sky
28 Martial Warriors Massacre
29 One-star Soldier Level Martial Warrior
30 After A Great Harvest, How Can You Forget To Destroy...
31 Narrow-minded Picture
32 Counting His Gains
33 Taobao Custom Made
34 Attack Of A Gigantic Bird
35 That Person Is A Martial Warrior!
36 I Have Stopped Being A Boss For Many Years!
37 Felt As Though He Lost A Few Hundred Million
38 Increase Enrolment For Martial Arts Examination
39 The Martial Arts Path Is Not Easy To Walk
40 Spiritual Sigh
41 Presence Enlightenmen
42 This... Drama King!
43 Earth Element Talent Has Gone Live
44 Cut It Into Half
45 A Man Who Possessed 18 Relocated Houses
46 The Benefit Of Crossing Your Legs And Cultivating—Leg Numb!
47 Practice Taichi? The Good For Health Kind~
48 A Data Repor
49 Hurry Up And Become A Certified Martial Warrior
50 Congratulations To My Country!
51 The Interest Of The Two Bosses
52 I Just Came To Get Rid Of A Few Flies
53 Don't Talk Nonsense When You Planned To Run Away
54 Family Background
55 Demon Lotus Poison Body
56 Am I Walking In The Wrong Direction
57 Round Face Fat Chicken, Mission Guarantee!
58 There's One Person Who's Has God-like Gun Skills
59 A Mental Disorder Patient Dropping Spirit Attribute. What Kind Of Setting Is This?
60 God Says...
61 Gun Kungfu!
62 Untitled
63 The University Entrance Exam Is Coming
64 Shock...
65 Heading To The Martial Arts Exam
66 A Wolf Among A Pack Of Huskies
67 What Are You Looking At?
68 A Potential General-stage Talen
69 I'll Walk Towards You On My Knees And Shoot The Ground With My Head!
70 Principal, Do You Have Any Sacred Kungfu To Teach Me?
71 You’re The Boss, You Can Do What You Want!
72 Come And Sing, No Need To Feel Shy!
73 Star Bone!
74 Island Exam Venue
75 Withdraw And Start!
76 Hunt For High-Level Mutated Beasts
77 Your Father Is Ultimately Your Father!
78 Wang Teng, I Suggest You Leave Some Room For Yourself!
79 Volcano Eruption?
80 Volcano Salamander
81 Star Core!
82 Snatch!
83 The Prettier The Lady, The More Dangerous She Was!
84 Examination Ended
85 Are Y'all Getting Arrogant Or Am I Too Weak To Hold A Blade?
86 Ug~ Ly~ Ugly!
87 Something Happened
88 Rise In Revol
89 Martial Warriors Are Superior!
90 The Boss's Privacy
91 I Don't Mind... Falling To Hell!
92 Dad, Mom Is Asking You To Go Home For Dinner!
93 I'm Gifted!
94 Caught And Cut Into Pieces For Research
95 Pfft, Shameless!
96 Dark Ice Stone
97 Was The Game Not Fun Anymore, Or Was The Alcohol Not Nice?
98 Life Isn't Just About Resigning To Circumstance Now...
99 The Offer From The Top Three Martial Arts Academies
100 SSS Grade Proposal By Jixin Martial House
101 I'm Really Ugly!
102 Do You Want My Treasure?
103 Spiritual Power?
104 Riding On The Sword
105 Five Top Universities
106 Many Years Later...
107 Enrollment And Meeting
108 Tiger Warrior Team
109 Buy, Buy, Buy!
110 Shooting Star Spiral
111 Moving Mountain Blade Skill
112 Entering Xingwu Continent And Space Talen
113 I Saw A Back View!
114 Dark Mist Fores
115 Sneak Attack
116 Steps Of Gale
117 Heart of Martial Arts
118 Single-horn Denglong!
119 Explosion!
120 Do You Want To Experience My Hammer Fist Of Love?
121 Power Of the Shooting Star Spiral
122 What A Good Person
123 I'm A Professional!
124 They Actually Have A Small Secret!
125 Why Are You Slandering Me!
126 Smithery
127 Let's Create A Brick!
128 The Frog In The Well
129 Xu Hui
130 Who On Earth Are You?
131 A Good Person Will Be Safe All His Life
132 Singles Like you...
133 Accident At The Auction
134 Untitled
135 Good Old Wang Who Couldn't Bear To Kill A Chicken
136 The Motive Of Zhenli Clan
137 The Bubbles Of A 7-star Martial Warrior
138 Three Years After Three Years
139 Crazy About Making Pig Heads
140 It's Against The Law To Tease Ladies!
141 Die A Worthy Death!
142 Don't Go Out When It's Dark
143 Dark Apparition
144 Ghost Face
145 Assimilation
146 Reporting
147 Secre
148 Sale!
149 Flames
150 Chopped Off Your Arm
151 Your Mom Is Forever Your Mom
152 Everyone Has It Tough, You Can Only Save Yourself
153 Jealousy Caused Me To Fall Apar
154 Doudou's Tears
155 I'm No Longer The Child You Loved The Mos
156 Natural Boasting Was The Most Lethal
157 A Happy Banque
158 A Clock As A Presen
159 The Wang Teng From The Wang Family
160 Old Grandpa Wang's Eye-Opening Pas
161 The Day He Leaves Donghai Will Be The Day He Die!
162 Stop And Kill
163 Entering University
164 I Seem To Smell Wealth
165 No One Can Escape!
166 Pressure!
167 Confer A Title?
168 I'm Not Convinced
169 Brother Teng, Nice To Meet You! Brother Teng, You're Amazing!
170 Five Faculties
171 Anyone That Plays Tricks Has A Dirty Hear
172 Life Is Like A Drama, You Need To Rely On Your Acting Skill
173 I'm Truly As Smart As A Demon...
174 Bestow Him With The Title Of A Dignified-Looking Person
175 Ah... Youth!
176 I Almost Lost Again
177 F**k, I’m Not Eating Anymore...
178 Wang Teng F**king Won Again!
179 Finish The Year Twos?
180 Battle Of Winning And Losing And Life And Death!
181 I Accidentally Break Through Too
182 Sword Presence!
183 Who's Threatening Who?
184 Gains And Disposal
185 Many Many Attributes
186 Should I Play Hard To Ge
187 Naughty Teng, Let's Go
188 Receiving School Missions
189 Extremely Sly
190 Picking The Illusion Grass...
191 What Did You Say Just Now?
192 Attack!
193 Is He Dead?
194 A Lady With A Bad Temper
195 Capturing A
196 This Little Thing Looks Really Exquisite!
197 Sneaking Into Rune Lesson
198 A Dish That Lights Up!
199 My Stupid Disciple
200 Challenging Top 100
201 Battle For Cultivation
202 Let Me Make Some Plans
203 Nickname Monster
204 The Direction Of Development Of The Wang Family
205 There's A Little Crow Called Little White
206 Spiritual Pet Contrac
207 The Changes In The System And Gun Battle
208 Shameless Is My Name
209 Red Leaves Dwarf Tribe
210 Baffling Hatred
211 The Talent Technique Of The Gale Mantis King: Wave Invisibility
212 A Dragon Doesn't Live With A Snake
213 Picking Up The Smithery Skills Of The Dwarf Race
214 Attacking The Black Wind Bandits At Nigh
215 A Final Desperate Figh
216 Your Team Has Been Enlisted
217 Revealing His Identity
218 The Dark Apparition Appeared Again
219 Gaining Dark Force Again
220 Real-Jealous.JPG
221 A Huge Bat!
222 The 'Berserk' Battle Technique Of The Giant Apparition
223 Sigh, Hardworking People Won't Rest For Even A Second
224 Trap!
225 Huge Loot!
226 F**k That Wang Teng! F**k The Tiger Warrior Team!
227 Guards, Take Them Down
228 Prison Break?
229 The Elder In Cell 99
230 The Application Of Spiritual Power
231 The Chief Commander Of Crimson Tiger Troop
232 Force Wings, The Attack Of A 5-star Soldier Level Martial Warrior!
233 Escape
234 Dominance Blade Li Hei!
235 Interrogation!
236 I Will Get Justice For You!
237 Crazy Woman!
238 Daylight Robbery!
239 Sweet-talk And Counting His Gains
240 The Yao Family Wants To Reconcile
241 My Son Has The Potential To Become A General!
242 Is My Love Going To End Before It Starts?
243 Little Brother Is So Handsome. He Can Be Forgiven For What He Said
244 Who Wasn't A Genius
245 Chen Yang's Face Turned Green
246 Diligence Makes One Outstanding. Classmates, Work Hard~
247 I Score 100 Because The Script Only Has 100 Points
248 Hundred-Forged Black Iron
249 Virtual Combat Chamber
250 The Fear Of Being Controlled By Death
251 Death
252 Dan Taixuan Lef
253 Force Chef Masters Achievement Unlocked
254 A Mythic Leading A Warrior
255 Team
256 I'm China's Best Team Leader!
257 Protectiveness
258 The Cute And Mesmerizing Little Oriole...
259 Arasseo?
260 Die From Anger
261 Young Miss Long, Do You Have To Bow To Me?
262 You're Nothing!
263 I Want To Be A Good Person, But The System Doesn't Allow Me To
264 Open The Door, Community Welfare~
265 It's A Lycan!
266 Special Battle Technique: Dark Wind Bullet!
267 What A Pity! How Unfortunate! Sigh!
268 Chen Yang Became Arrogant Again... He Got Depressed Again!
269 Out Of The Ivory Tower
270 Departure And Travel
271 Force Floating Airship Attack
272 Ghost Fire Talen
273 Intermediate Stage Rune Master
274 Young Man, Be My Disciple
275 Treatment Of A Runemaster
276 Pass The Intermediate Stage Runemaster Exam
277 Divine Spirit Master
278 Two Foodies
279 I Have A Bad Temper!
280 You Want To Ruin My Reputation!
281 Your Request Is Too Much.
282 Yongye Mountain Ridge And The Cultivation Of The Divine Spirit Master
283 Was This The Trouble Of Having A Disciple Who's Too Outstanding?
284 Soft Muddy Baby Killer
285 Morph Talent=Men In Women's Clothing!
286 Dead... Yao Wang And Duan De!
287 Finish This Bottle Of Chilli And You're Still My Smart And Cute Junior Sister
288 Cockscomb Jade Scale Python
289 News Of Poison Scripture
290 Excuse Me, Sorry To Disturb
291 Purple Core Bone Revitalizing Pill!
292 Kill Decisively
293 You Will Only Drag Me Down!
294 Unknown Spiritual Herb?
295 Unexpected Gain
296 Li Rongxue's Reques
297 A Sorrowful Past!
298 Yang City Academy
299 Come Together
300 Her Besties Could Finally Be Put To Use
301 The Talents On The Gifted Ranking
302 Mood Damage Compensation Is A Few Thousand Energy Stones~
303 A Huge Leap In Ability
304 Lord Yang Residence Banque
305 Lord Yang's Intention
306 Something Is Wrong!
307 He's The Culpri
308 You Deserve To Die!
309 The Existence You Mustn't See
310 Eight Arms Devil General!
311 Flaming Wings, Annihilating The Enemy In The Air!
312 The Killing Intent Of A Nobody Towards A Giant That Could Hold The Sky
313 Probing Death In The Eye!
314 Bullshit, I Only Killed One!
315 Yao Hongshou Must Die! Invincible Sword Presence!
316 I'll Take It From Here!
317 This Man Is Frightening. He Must Be Killed!
318 So Anxious That They Wanted To Pee
319 The Eight Universe Ablaze Dragon Array
320 The Fear Of Being Dominated By Flames!
321 Se~ductive!
322 Titan Arm
323 Eight Level Devil Scripture
324 A Full Harvest But It Hadn't Ended...
325 Mother Earth Is Buying Time For Her Poor Kids
326 Xiao Nanfeng Picked Up A Huge Rock...
327 Are You Really My Master?
328 Respect General-Stage Warriors, Revere Them...
329 Divine Weapon Mo Que
330 Honorary Baron
331 Return And The Year-End Exam
332 Participants' Lis
333 Attention Of All Parties
334 You Owe Me Again
335 Up South
336 Dragon's Den
337 An Elder And A Cute Newbie
338 Don't Lie To Your Fellow Countryman
339 Eve
340 The Start Of The National Number One Martial Arts Competition!
341 A Gathering Of Talents
342 Hearing About Sects For The First Time
343 Reappearance Of The Brick
344 This Isn't A Bad Sense Of Humor!
345 Leiting Physique
346 Splat!
347 Play To The Gallery, A Clown!
348 This Fellow Is Infuriating!
349 Zhao Yuanwu Has Turned Crazy From All The Practices!
350 The Brick Maniac, The Invincible Presence!
351 This Is Definitely A Brutal Man!
352 Defeated But Still Standing
353 They Chose Him So They Must Guide Him To The End!
354 Senior, I Will Be Gentle!
355 Normally, I'll Take Care Of Ladies
356 What Monster Is This?
357 What The F**k, This Fellow Snatched The Weapon Of The Eight Arms Devil General?
358 I've Disliked You For Some Time!
359 Model Youth!
360 Top 16!
361 Knows How To Play The Game
362 Duel In The Sky
363 Ice Element... Double Element Martial Warrior!
364 Who Could Resist This Glory!
365 Mysterious Elder
366 Wang Teng Versus Ji Xiuming
367 The Sword From The Sky!
368 A Physical Duel
369 The Nine Strikes Of Leiting
370 The Sky Is Changing!
371 The First In His Generation!
372 May Martial Arts Flourish!
373 Review Of The Competition, Return To Donghai
374 You Look Like A Devil!