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Breeding Dragons From Today

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My name is Joelson, and I traversed across the world. I arrived at a continent of sword and magic and became a noble sorcerer. \r\nUnfortunately, my talent in magic was mediocre, and I was vexed. \r\nFortunately, I have a cheating system—a magical ranch that can breed dragons. \r\nIn order to survive, I began to raise dragons. Fire dragon. Earth dragon. Ice dragon. Wind dragon. Chaos dragon. Dark...
《Breeding Dragons From Today》 Text
1 Talent in Magic
2 Dragon God’s Pasture
3 Building the Ranch
4 Tier-Three Giant Dragons
5 Lucca Caravan
6 Bandit Attack
7 The Elf Maiden
8 Arriving in the Capital
9 Superior Magic Talen
10 Successfully enrolled
11 Forbidden Magic
12 Potions and Magic
13 The Genius Joelson
14 Level-Two Magic
15 The Blue-Haired Girl
16 The Record of the Fastest Advancemen
17 The Experiment Began
18 Enhanced Spiritual Medicine
19 Snowflake Chamber of Commerce
20 Follow and Kill
21 Snack Time
22 The Second Dragon Egg
23 Magic Potion Association
24 President and Vice Presiden
25 The Experiment Was a Success
26 Dragon Blood Potion
27 The Test for Geniuses
28 The Battle of Magic
29 Mage Trial Tower
30 First Failure
31 Dragon Shield
32 The Lucca Sisters
33 The Lucca Chamber of Commerce, Which Was About to Close Down
34 The Chant of Ice and Fire
35 Business Genius Joelson
36 Challenging the Mage Tower
37 The First Confrontation
38 The Crowd Watches the Duel
39 Francis, Who Was Shocked
40 Advancing to Tier 4! Clearing the 30th floor!
41 Sweeping Stance
42 You have a dragon?
43 Personal Disciple
44 Shaking the Empire
45 The Way of the Knigh
46 First Victory
47 The Banquet at the Palace
48 The Princess Appeared
49 Rejecting the Princess’s Invitation
50 I Can Teach You
51 Water-Elemental Dragon Eggs
52 The Tree of Spiritual Power
53 Fusion Magic
54 Breaking Through the Fortieth Level
55 The First Seat of the Academy
56 The shocked Harriet Terrence
57 You Will Definitely Surpass Me
58 A Strange Potion
59 The Youngest Chief Student in History
60 The Knights of Dawn Have Arrived
61 Crushing Mages
62 Third-Rank Mage, Fifth-Rank Knigh
63 The Huge Difference in Strength
64 Silver Cross Combat Aura
65 Breaking the Record
66 Joelson has arrived
67 Stronger Than You
68 Don’t Even Think About Admitting Defea
69 Crushing Humiliation
70 He Was Very Strong
71 Joelson Was In Danger
72 A Sixteen-Year-Old Tier-6 Mage
73 Dual-Element Magician
74 The Shocked Capital, The Hereditary Earl
75 The Lovely Stephanie
76 The Two Holy Sees and Ulysses
77 A Charming Evening, A Sweet Kiss
78 Antoine’s Gif
79 Father’s Letter from a Week Ago
80 Bait in a Trap
81 Return to the Baron’s Territory
82 The Seed of Darkness
83 The Dark Church
84 Come Out, Du Lu
85 Spring of Life
86 The Plant-Type Dragon Curtis
87 Exterminating the Adventurers
88 The Impenetrable Knigh
89 Level 9 Knigh
90 The Appearance of Danger-the Giant Electric Python
91 The Mage Who Controlled the Dragon
92 The Moonlight Priest Made His Move
93 The Holy Land of the Elves
94 The Elven Prophe
95 The Inheritance of the Prophe
96 Where is Leas?
97 The Conflict Erupted
98 Dragon Nurturing Mountain
99 Tier 8 Strength!
100 New Dragon Clan, Steel Dragon
101 Air-type Magic, Returning to the Capital
102 Mage Guild
103 Tier 8 Mage, Elemental Law
104 The Grade Competition Began
105 The End of the Lucca Family
106 First Destroy the Shadow Gang, Then Kill Antoine
107 It's a Giant Dragon
108 Saint-level Master of the Dark Church
109 Beating up a Saint-Level Powerhouse
110 You Deserve To Die
111 Add the Title of Marquis
112 Catherine’s Gift, the Legend of the Mage Tower
113 Breaking into the Mage Tower Again. Everyone Was Looking Forward to I
114 After the 90th Floor, He Could Not Believe I
115 Mage Tower Clearance! The Path of the Saint-Level
116 The Trial of the Electric Dragon Race Begins
117 The Forest of Magical Beasts, the Holy Son of the Radiant Church
118 Ulysses, the Trial of the Human Head
119 The Wager, Ninth-Tier Fire Elemental Crystal Core
120 Summon the Giant Wolf Fenrir
121 The Missing Jawbone, Peak-Tier 9
122 The Rescue of Allies
123 Baits and Hunters, the Church of Light and Darkness
124 Hawthorne’s Arrival. Saint-Tier Daemons!
125 Saint-Level Battle, the Arrival of Joelson
126 The Fall of the Saint-Level
127 Hunting Down the Trial-Takers of the Dark Church
128 Surprise. The Two Empires Had Survived
129 The Two Holy See Were Completely Defeated
130 A Shocking Victory
131 The battle between the Two Holy See, the Gray-Black Ball
132 Two-Element Dragons. Plane Invasion
133 The Central Continent. I’ll Go with You
134 The Captain of the Ship, Lucas
135 Sleeping Fish Oil, Attack
136 Respectively, Left the Place Quietly
137 Fusion of Attributes, Dragon-like Regenerative Abilities
138 The Terrifying Scene, the Path of the Water Element Saint-Level
139 The Monster of the Sea
140 Beating up the Sea Monster, Shocking the Crew
141 Kill the Monster of the Sea
142 A New Fusion Spell, Arrived at the Central Continen
143 Gecca Tavern, the Red-Haired Old Man
144 Magic Map, Land of Heritage
145 Certified Strength, E-class Mercenary
146 Join the Mercenary Group, Dark Elves
147 Dizzy the Barbarian Warrior
148 Everyone’s Doubts. Du Lu Had Advanced to the Saint-Level!
149 30,000 Combat Power, Ancient Ruins
150 Entering the Ancient Ruins, One Must Go to the Land of Heritage Three Times in One’s Life
151 Chapter 151, star pillar, desert lizard
152 Air-Type Fire-Type Fusion Magic, Akenshi
153 Chapter 153, the prophecy of the Akenshi Grand Elder
154 The Undead Attacked and Stabbed the Traitor to Death
155 Undead Bone Dragon
156 Return of Du Lu!
157 Crushing and Slapping to Death
158 Young Girl’s Sacrifice, Little Undead Dragon
159 Hades, The Underworld
160 Undead Swamp
161 Consciousness Descends into the Underworld
162 Contract, Dark Knigh
163 The Undead Dragon and the Dark Knigh
164 The Second Saint-Level Dragon Charged into the Ancient Ruins
165 Thor’s Hammer, the Work of a Master
166 Master-Level Blacksmith, Low Forging Fees
167 It Was Comparable to an Epic Material
168 Four Streaks of Legendary Ligh
169 Meteor Stone, Dragon Breath Flame
170 The Light of Epic! The Birth of the Master Craftsman
171 Meteor Sword, Where Is the Master Blacksmith?
172 The Master Craftsman Was Actually a Human? They Arrived at the Eternal City
173 Silver Hand, Little Thief
174 Royal Guards. Who Are You Challenging?
175 The Heart of an Angel. I Want I
176 Issued a Challenge to Everyone
177 Happened to Come at the Same Time, Saving Them a Lot of Trouble
178 Three Elements Fusion Spell, Transparent Flame
179 Crushing Everyone. Was Johnson Defeated?
180 A Mage or a Knight?
181 Remember My Name, the Boiling Eternal City
182 Light Dragon Egg Fragment, Four Elements Fusion Magic
183 Judgement Order of the Ligh
184 Strength and Talent Were the Greatest Fairness
185 The Legendary Four Geniuses Entered the Land of Heritage
186 Top Three Geniuses
187 Descended from the Light of the Morning Star
188 The New Stars
189 The Broken Magic Inheritance
190 Reinforce Frank
191 The Stars That Rose Once Again Suppressed the Three Great Geniuses
192 Counting the Merit Points, Shocked Everyone
193 80,000 Merit Points, Ascended to Saint-Tiera
194 The Terrifying Scene of Johnson Advancing to Saint-Level
195 99 Laws of Power, a Talent That Made People Despair
196 Fusion of Laws, Dragon Rider!
197 The Counterattack Horn That Sounded Ten Years in Advance
198 230,000 Achievement Points
199 The Trial Ends. Summon the Dark Magic Dragon
200 The Power of God, Chesterton
201 The Sun-Level Genius Who Surpassed the Bright Moon
202 The Crowd Was so Shocked That They Could Not Even Take a Single Blow
203 Beating up Chesterton and Tearing off His Arm
204 The Eye of the Abyss
205 The Secrets of the Planar Wars, the Glory of the Violets
206 The Second Flower of the Immortal Kingdom, the Red Rose
207 Star Runes, a Shortcut to Rapid Advancemen
208 The Aborigines of the Land of Runes
209 The Dead Golden-Red Rune
210 Franklin Returns and Challenges!
211 You’re Still a Long Way Off
212 The Violet Blade was Broken
213 Holy Inquisition, Crushing
214 He Still Had a Dragon
215 The Enemy of Light, the Black Dragon, Kokonoro
216 Peak Saint-Level, Stanley
217 The Mountain of Life, a Shortcut to the Fusion of Laws
218 The Mountain of Life, a Shortcut to the Fusion of Laws
219 As if a God Had Descended
220 Rune Warrior, Meteor City
221 I Want All of Them
222 Sweeping the Rune Shop
223 A Conspiracy from the Castellan’s Mansion
224 Golden Rune Warrior? Kill him with one palm!
225 The Mysterious Parchment Map
226 The Powerful Golden Rune That He Had Never Seen before, Du Lu’s Advancement!
227 Platinum Dragon Whelp, Terrifying Platinum Power
228 Stanley, Die! Kokonoro, defeated!
229 Is This the Back Garden of the Dragon God? !
230 Dragon Blood Secret Technique and Dragon Blood Clan
231 The Black Dragon’s Heart, the Half-Dragon Connie
232 Two Dragon Blood Secret Art Buffs
233 Saint Realm, the Stairway of the Gods
234 The Mysterious Young Mage Who Had Stepped Onto the Stairway of the Gods
235 Entering the 40th Level! Who is He?
236 Surpassing the Two Great Geniuses of the Saint Realm!
237 The Four Great Thrones of the Saint Realm
238 The Reincarnation of the Archangel, the Great Battle of the Holy Zither
239 The Holy Zither is defeated; The Spatial Throne
240 Space Magic; Archer
241 The Forbidden Name
242 No One Can Kill You With Me Here
243 The Appearance of the Ancient Ruins
244 The First Under the Thrones
245 Divinity in the Small World
246 The Daemon Undead Tide
247 How Many More Dragons are There!
248 Devouring the Law Crystal
249 Your End is Here
250 There Might Still Be Gods in This World!
251 Divine Domain-Level Magical Creature Lava Tyran
252 Platinum Sword Slashes the Lava Tyran
253 The God of the Divine Kingdom of the Ruins Awakens
254 Power of the Archangel; A Strange Ocean
255 Terrifying Divine-Level; Escape!
256 Final Trump Card; The Dark Magic Dragon
257 I Am Willing to Sacrifice Half of My Life
258 Unconscious Holy Zither. Lingering in Dreams
259 Two Divine Sparks!
260 Metal Puppet Army
261 Stealing Divine Sparks
262 Dark Demon Dragon Appeared
263 The Third Path; Law of Destruction
264 Five Years passed. The Continent Underwent Drastic Change. The Demonic Disaster Reappeared
265 Assassinate Silver Throne Archer
266 Golden Lion’s Near Death. Scheme of the Demi-Demons
267 Vanquishing the Demonic Disaster with a Wave of the Hand
268 From Today Onwards, I Shall Be the Platinum Throne
269 He Had So Many Dragons
270 Promise of the Silver Dragon King
271 Platinum Epic. The Legend of Joelson Edward
272 Arrival of the Fire Dragon God
273 Nine Saint-Level Dragons. Dragon Nursery?
274 Respectful Holy Church of Ligh
275 The Important Figure Was Actually Him?
276 The Situation Was Dire When the Two Empires Join Forces
277 It’s a Pity That I Can’t Let Any of You Off
278 This Was the Giant Dragon of Joelson!
279 Just How Strong Was Joelson?
280 Charge Towards the Dark Church
281 The Southern Region Was Ruled by Alco
282 Unexpected Surprise
283 Heading to the Elven Fores
284 The Elves No Longer Need Prophets. The Throne Will Protect You
285 The Terrifying Power of the Dark Demon Dragon
286 How Dare You Block Me When My Consciousness Descends!
287 Evil God Spider Queen Stasi
288 The Wedding of the Platinum Throne
289 Gifts From All Sides
290 The Child Bearing the Glory
291 The Top-Tier Dragon Pool Lucky Draw. The Dragon of Fate!
292 The Great Prophecy and the Great Curse
293 Entering the Land of Runes, a Sea of Runes
294 Diamond-Class Rune Warrior
295 The Only God in the Land of Runes!
296 Recover the Land of Runes and Focus on Cultivation
297 Funina. Heading to the Central Continen
298 Besieged
299 Buy Your Right Hand
300 The Master Craftsman From More Than Ten Years Ago Was His Majesty the Throne!
301 I Will Protect My Father
302 The Higher Planes
303 The Power to Kill a God
304 The 90th Level. A Terrifying Result!
305 Ascending the Stairway of the Gods!
306 The Spear of Annihilation, Demigod Artifac
307 The Might of a Spear Crushing the Throne
308 Undead Divine Spark in Hand!
309 In the Blink of an Eye, Ten Years Later
310 Farewell and Heading to a Higher Domain!
311 The Attack of Misfortune. The Attack of a God
312 Landed in the Hunting Grounds
313 This is the Land of Slaughter!
314 Fighting For the Fruits of Slaughter!
315 The Day of Selection Had Arrived
316 The City Without a Master. A Way to Avoid the Selection Process
317 The Trap That Attracted Everyone
318 God-Slaying in the Divine Realm. Was This True?
319 Self-Detonation of a Divine Spark
320 Divine Spark Fruit Tree
321 Large-Scale Slaughter. The Strongest Person Had Appeared
322 The Plan of the Stronges
323 We Are the Watchers
324 Counter-Killing the Overseer. The Giant Dragon Was in Danger?
325 Dragons of the Divine Realm Against Demigods
326 The Three Dragons Were Defeated and the Ancient Dragons Appeared
327 Fusing With the Ancient Dragon Soul!
328 The Terrifying Ancient Giant Dragons
329 The Tear in the Void That Led to the Land of Runes
330 The Dragon of Life, A Miraculous Power
331 The Respect of the Dragons. The Ancient Dragon God!
332 The Position of the Main God. The Plane Behind the Spatial Rif
333 The Trial Plane
334 The Church of Light Which Had Fallen Into Despair
335 The Mountain-Like Giant Dragon
336 I’ve Been Away For Twenty Years?
337 Divine Kingdom of Slaughter. Second Angel
338 The Trembling of Fate
339 Adrian’s Plot. The Trial Begins
340 The Mountain of Hurricanes
341 The Arcane Wind
342 Holy Zither Is in Danger?
343 Six Arcane Truths. They Didn’t Even Have the Right to Attack
344 Was in Danger
345 The Despairing Holy Zither and Saint Miti
346 You Have a Giant Dragon?
347 The Fusion of the Soul and the Body
348 You Owe Us a Wedding!
349 Fenrir the Great Dragon of Slaughter
350 God of Ligh
351 How Are You Still Alive?
352 He’s the Watcher?
353 The Day of Selection Had Arrived
354 Escape From the Land of Slaughter With Everyone?
355 The Ancient Dragon of Slaughter
356 The Meeting of the Watchers
357 The Watcher Made His Move. The News Was True!
358 Your Opponent Is Not Me
359 Metamorphosis! Ancient Slaughter Dragon!
360 Supreme Academy
361 Arcane Magic
362 The Arrival of the Savior
363 Alexander’s Supreme Academy
364 The Divine Kingdom of Slaughter
365 Secrets of the Ancient Era
366 Comprehension of the Arcane Mysteries. Arcane Fireball Technique?
367 Are You People From the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter?
368 Arcane Meteor Shower. Instant Kill!
369 Terrifying Power. Fused Arcane Mysteries!
370 Entering the Plane of Slaughter
371 The Legend of the Tomb of the Sovereign. The Key to the Inheritance
372 I Have a Key!
373 The Opportunity to Cast a Forbidden Spell
374 The Legacy of the Sovereign Has Begun!
375 The Right to Enter the Tomb of the Sovereign
376 The Ripper
377 The Edge of Orencia, Clemente
378 Let's Begin?
379 I Admit Defeat!
380 Defeat With One Strike. No One Challenges!
381 I Want to Continue My Challenge
382 Another Move? Another Victory!
383 Fanaticism! The Pinnacle of Duels!
384 Perhaps He Could Really Win?
385 This Was Not Even His Full Strength
386 Ancient Race. Demon Bloodline
387 Die in Battle at the Same Time?
388 The Final Victor
389 The Invitation of Emperor Congrave
390 The Space of the Ranch is Shattered!
391 Arcane Forbidden Spell Successful! Terrifying Power!
392 You Have Two Ancient Bloodlines?
393 God’s Association
394 Heading to the Tomb of the Sovereign
395 The Secrets of the Sovereign’s Tomb Had Been Lost to the Divine Kingdom
396 The Tomb of the Sovereign Was Opened
397 Entering the Tomb of the Sovereign. Arcane Creature
398 Light Screen Ranking. Pentagram Symbol
399 Encountering the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter
400 The Hunt Had Begun
401 Wilfrid. Bartholomew
402 The Murderer Was the Dragon Rider?
403 Hunt and Rescue
404 The Number One Genius of Quince
405 An Even More Dangerous Enemy!
406 Bartholomew Arrives
407 Terrifying Physical Strength
408 Demon Form. Reversal of the Situation!
409 Everyone Who Had Fallen Into Despair
410 Joelson’s Arrival
411 The Terrifying Scene. The Arcane Earth’s Grasp
412 Your God Will Also Die!
413 The Legend of Wilfrid
414 The Gathering of 20,000 Demigods!
415 The Captive Camp
416 The Two of Them Mee
417 Besieging Joelson
418 He Had Four Dragons!
419 Ancient Titan Race
420 Important Information
421 The Emblem of the Supreme Academy
422 The Second Key
423 Gladstone
424 Ten-Thousand Metal Sculptures
425 The Entire Litlan Empire Was Destroyed
426 Opponents from the Supreme Academy
427 Valentine Made His Move
428 Ten Layers of Barriers. Teasing
429 Tie
430 A Shocking and Terrifying Scene!
431 Arcane Magic. Death Alchemy!
432 Arcane Forbidden Spell vs Arcane Magic!
433 Myth Destroyed
434 Assassination!
435 Escape
436 The Final Trial
437 Another “Joelson”
438 Destined to Fail
439 Demon Joelson
440 Defeat by Force
441 The Heart of an Ancient Demon
442 The Revival of the God of Slaughter?
443 The Strange Spirit Tree
444 Switching Between Offense and Defense
445 Signing the Master-Servant Contrac
446 There Are Still Living Ancient Dragons?
447 The Forgotten Name
448 The Reincarnation Space
449 Inheriting the Lost Divine Kingdom
450 He Came from the Supreme Academy
451 Shocking Everyone
452 Who Killed Wilfrid?
453 A Genius from the Lower Planes?
454 Tell Me, Where Is He?
455 A New Ranch
456 Rewarded 100,000,000 Experience Points
457 Advancing to the Peak of the Demigod Level
458 Above a Sovereign
459 Thoughts of the Giant Dragon Army
460 The Change in the Space of the Ranch
461 Godfrey’s Plan
462 The Fall of the Myth?
463 Self-Detonation of a Divine Spark
464 The Figure in the Ancient Records
465 Inheritance? Trap!
466 Servant of the Sovereign God?
467 The Divine Kingdom of Slaughter Cowered
468 The Final Farewell
469 The Pursuit of the Divine Kingdom of Slaughter. Joelson’s Plan
470 The Tear in Space. Who’s Here?
471 Hades’ Return. Death Dragon?
472 Heading to the Underworld
473 Descent to the Underworld. Undead Army
474 The Arrival of the Dragons
475 Army of Dragons. Death Spirit King!
476 The King of the Two-Headed Ogres
477 The Alliance Has Been Formed!
478 That Thing. The Plan of the Death Spirit King
479 On the Eve of War
480 The Great War Had Begun
481 An Intense Battle. The Sun Rose
482 The Giant Skeleton. Death Spirit King Appears
483 Skeletons Destroyed. Death Spirit King Captured Alive. News of the Death Artifact!
484 The Skeleton Archmage Returns
485 The Trail Was Cut Off. Royal Skeleton Family
486 Headed for the Imperial City. Skeleton Archmage’s Ambition
487 Emissary of the Royal Skeleton Family
488 The Pursuit of the Skeleton Clan. The Traitorous Royal Envoy!
489 The Death of the Skeleton Archmage. The Ambitious Envoy of the Royal Family
490 Intense Duels Without Using Both Hands!
491 Unnecessary Humility and a Terrifying Duel!
492 Taboo of the Law of Light. Absolute Speed of Light!
493 Joelson was attacked?
494 The Suspicious Skeleton King. The Death of Johann!
495 Resurrection from the Dead? It Doesn’t Exist!
496 The Terrifying Contract and the Information of the Royal City!
497 It’s Just a Contract. It Can’t Stop Me, Godfrey!
498 A Wondrous Formation. However, Wasn’t It a Little Too Small?
499 The Effect of the Formation. The Angry Royal Envoy!
500 An Angry Royal Envoy Will Also Be Defeated!
501 Under the Terrifying Impact. The Underworld is About to Be Destroyed!
502 The Awakened Nether King and the Terrifying Nether King’s Personal Guards!
503 The Dignity of the Nether King’s Personal Guards. The Two Parties Who Had No Choice but to Stop!
504 The Despicable Royal Envoy and the Terrifying Nether King Guards!
505 The Fear of the Skeleton King. The Legend of the Underworld!
506 Death of the Royal Envoy. Meeting of Ten Thousand Kings!
507 Mystical Realm? Target Lorna!
508 Recovering Consciousness of Johann. Key Information of the Deathgod Artifact?
509 The Confused Skeleton. The Relieved Johann!
510 The News of the Skeleton Archmage. A Fruitless Return?
511 The Existence of the Mystical Realm. All of This Information Pointed to...
512 A Free and Inclusive City
513 Target the Wailing Abyss! Let’s Go!
514 Johann’s Will. A Bottle That Can Hold A Soul!
515 The Legend of the Necromancer Is Actually So Terrifying?
516 The Hope of Resurrection. A Magical Artifact That Can Store Souls!
517 Johann, Who Had Been Put Into the Bottle, and The People Who Set Off!
518 Sudden Abnormal Situation. Danger?
519 Johann’s Emergency Rescue. Revenge After Death of the Royal Envoy!
520 Revenge from the Resurrected Dead. Resentment from the Royal Envoy!
521 The Defeated Royal Envoy. The Victorious Johann!
522 Descendants of the Nether King. Which One? No Idea At All!
523 Wailing Abyss. Lonely Ferryman!
524 The True Truth of Gravity. The Key to Breaking the Game!
525 Joelson’s Way of Breaking the Game!
526 Lorna. The Way to Enter the City of Freedom!
527 Lorna’s Other Conditions. The Conditions That Must Be Fulfilled!
528 At the Bottom of the Wailing Abyss is...
529 The Natural Moat of the Underworld, Wailing Abyss!
530 The Whereabouts of the Death Artifact. The Story of Pluto!
531 The True Whereabouts of the Death Artifact. The Destruction Artifact with the Aura of Death!
532 The Truth of the Broken Death Artifact. Let’s Go and Find the Resplendent Gemstone!
533 Set out. Beneath the Wailing Abyss Lies...
534 Wailing Abyss, March. The Time of the Snowstorm!
535 Racing Against Time. About the Terror of the Wailing Abyss?
536 Dangerous Rock Climbing. Snow and Wind!
537 Once Again Encountering Danger. A Desperate Situation Over 90-Degrees!
538 A Test of Willpower. A Battle at the Bottom of a 100,000 Foot Cliff!
539 Before the Dawn of Victory, Is There Turbulence?
540 A Sudden Accident. The Disappearance of Joelson!
541 Coma. The Mysterious Girl in the Snow
542 There’s Another World Under the Wailing Abyss. The Yeti Kingdom!
543 Game. Wolf Pack Crisis!
544 The Encirclement of the Wolf Pack Has Been Completed. Is the Situation a Dead End?
545 The Way to Break Out of the Situation. The Primal Fear of the Beast!
546 I Promise You. In the Name of God!
547 The Hope of Survival. The Furious Wolf King!
548 Above The Wailing Abyss. Hades’s Worry!
549 The Magical Beast Wolf King that Caught Up. In Danger Once Again!
550 The Battle of the Wolf King. The Battle of Survival. The Battle of Desire!
551 The Attack of the Magic Beast Wolf King. Elena Was Caught in a Fierce Battle?
552 Entanglement. A Stalemate with the Magic Beast Wolf King!
553 Noble Consciousness. The Final Battle Between the Wolf and the Human!
554 The Awareness of the Magic Beast Wolf King and Its Desperate Resistance!
555 The Magical Beast Wolf King’s Final Counterattack. The End of the Battle of Trapped Beasts?
556 The Last Struggle in the Heart of the Magical Beast Wolf King. The Vigilant Joelson!
557 The Vast Underground City! The Ancient Underground Civilization!
558 I Almost Remembered Wrongly. The Two of You Actually Had a Total of 2000 Snow Crystal Coins!
559 Just a Glance. Is the Power Really That Great?
560 Elena, Who Doesn’t Know the Power of Love
561 If You Hadn’t Met with Danger, Would You Have Kissed Me?
562 What the Hell Is Wrong with Me!
563 Take the Medicine. It’s Time to Restore Your Legs!
564 The Lower Half of His Body Has Been Repaired. He Can Finally Stand Up!
565 She was Cheated of 5,000 Snow Crystal Coins. This Girl is a Rich Girl!
566 The Auction of the Kardas Family, News of the Resplendent Gemstones
567 The Street of Criminals
568 The Targeted Joelson. The Dragon Scale That Shocked the Mustache!
569 A Shocking Pawnbroker. And Joelson Actually Agreed!
570 Uninvited Guests
571 The New Card of the Bank?
572 This Kid Is Definitely Not an Ordinary Person!
573 Tell Me Your Name!
574 You Have the Purple-Gold Card. I Have No Right to Check Your Balance!
575 Mr. Joelson, Did You Really Go Commit a Robbery?
576 The Uninvited Guest of the Auction House!
577 The Conflict Between the Two Great Families!
578 Frost Flower. Joelson’s Surprise
579 The Item Is in Hand. The Troublemaker Doldona
580 No Need to Wear the Required God-Domain-Level Magic Ring!
581 The Appearance of the Inner City Clan. The Competition for the Resplendent Ring!
582 The Purpose of the Navarro Clan’s Visit!
583 Chapter 584: A Glimpse across the sky, the survival of Doldona!
584 The Auction Item That Was Added at the Last Minute
585 I Can’t Really Have Fallen in Love with Joelson, Right...
586 The Terrifying Pressure and the Bashful Elena
587 After the Storm Passes, the Auction Will Continue!
588 Notify the Family and Prepare a Large Sum of Money!
589 A New Bidder
590 Three Magical Beast Eggs! 9,500,000 Snow Crystal Coins!
591 The Navarro Family Withdraws After Obtaining the Dragon Scales!
592 Spies in the Inner City! The Rampaging Miss Etiquette
593 The Dandy of the Elizabeth Family
594 The Auction Begins. The Starting Price is 50 Million!
595 The White Heat of the Auction
596 When Joelson Made His Move. The Entire Crowd Was Shocked
597 After Bidding. The Suspicions of the Inner City Families
598 Obtain the Resplendent Gem!
599 Mole
600 The Plan of the Elizabeth Family
601 His Whereabouts Are Exposed!
602 The Killer’s Doubts. Why Is Joelson So Calm?
603 I’ve Set Up an Inescapable Net, How Else Can You Run?
604 Help from the Mysterious Man. Escape!
605 The Key Is Right Before Your Eyes. Forcefully Break Through!
606 Do Not Abandon Her!
607 Isn’t This the Dog That the Glenn Family Keeps in Captivity?
608 Don’t Worry, Keep Chasing!
609 How Are You Going to Kill Me?
610 Someone Killed My Child!
611 To Be Able to Easily Insta-Kill the Peak of the Deity Domain. Joelson, Just What Kind of Strength Did He Possess?
612 Edward’s Choice
613 Black Shadows Attack
614 Leighton Eldoria
615 No Matter Who You Are, You Must Give Me an Explanation
616 You Should Give Me an Explanation!
617 A Fight Between Immortals
618 So What If They Are Gods?
619 The Suffocating Moment Before the Final Battle
620 Face-To-Face Confrontation!
621 Central Plaza, Regicide of the Iron-Blooded King
622 Central Plaza. The Competition Has Begun!
623 A Battle Without Any Suspense
624 The Power of One Punch. So Terrifying!
625 An Attack That Could Swallow Mountains and Rivers!
626 What’s a Bear? I Have the Phantom of a Giant Dragon!
627 Joelson Frozen into an Ice Sculpture? The Arrogant Reynolds?
628 Dragon God Ranch. I Need Your Strength!
629 You Have a Phantom? I Have One Too! The Fire Dragon That Scared Emperor Reynolds to Tears!
630 The Phantom of the Fire Dragon. Everyone was Shocked
631 The Power of the Ancient Fire Dragon. The Victory of Joelson!
632 Under the Suicidal Attack, Joelson Won!
633 Victory in a Perfect Posture!
634 The End of Everything!
635 At Your Disposal!
636 Leaving the Underground City. The Time To Part Has Arrived
637 There’s Another One As Awesome As Hades!
638 There Are Still Three More Who Are As Awesome As the Two of Them!
639 What Happened to Romi. The Miserable Execution in the Basement!
640 Under the Snow. The Battle That Took Place in the Wailing Abyss!
641 What Happened in the Dungeon... 642
642 The Shock of Romi in the Dungeon. The Great Change in the Underground City! 647
643 She Would Definitely Be Scorned by the Mother of the Glaciers 646
644 Stupefied Jailers. The Destruction of the Elizabeth Family! 645
645 Rescue the Girl in the Dungeon! 643
646 The Great Changes in the Underground City! 644
647 A Peak Demigod Is Actually Able to Defeat a God. I Refuse to Believe It!
648 The Situation of the Underground City Has Changed Drastically. What Is Joelson’s Plan!
649 The New Regime of the Underground City. The Beginning of Change!
650 Please Become the New King of the Underground City. My Great King, I Offer You My Loyalty!
651 The Loyalty of the Soldiers of the Underground City. The True Thoughts of the Nobles!
652 The Elizabeth Family in Fear
653 The Triumphant Glenn Family. A Hundred Years of Change in the Underground City!
654 The Miraculous Changes in the Underground City. The Various Factions with Different Hearts!
655 The Despair of the Elizabeth Family. The Faces of the People in the Midst of the Revolution!
656 The Ministers’ Ridiculous Chaotic Fight, as Well as the Loyalty of All the Guards Present!
657 Riot in the Square. Test of Captain Nair. The Restless Guards!
658 The Restless Guards. The Great Test of Captain Nair!
659 Guard Captain Nair Versus Guard Vice-Captain Yoke Hansen!
660 Intense Battles. Small Skirmishes of the Deity Domain Are Equally Interesting!
661 Guard Captain Nair’s Tit-For-Tat Battle. In a Life-And-Death Battle between Two People, the Victor Is?
662 The Break between Two People. A Life and Death Battle between Brothers, Who Is the Winner?
663 The Battle Is Intense. The Two of Them Are Risking Their Lives to Attack Each Other!
664 The Outcome of the Battle That Had Not Yet Been Decided Must Be Decided Today!
665 The Two Who Use Weapons Decide the Winner. The Winner Is...?
666 The Intense Moment of the Duel. The Two of Them Realized That Their Desire to Win Was Pure!
667 The Ultimate Killing Move of the Two. The Winner Is...
668 After the Light Dissipates, the Result Is...
669 Draw. The Reconciliation between Captain Nair and Vice-Captain Hansen!
670 The Duel Is Over. All the Guards Are to Pledge Their Loyalty and Head to the Dungeon!
671 The Miraculous Recovery Potion. The Persistent Vice-Captain Hansen!
672 The Two Who Decide the Outcome. The Reconciliation of Joelson!
673 Joelson’s Answer. The Winner Was Decided Fifty Years Later!
674 The Victor Is Decided. Joelson’s Answer!
675 The Irrational Captain of the Guards, Nair. The Two Who Raised Objections to Joelson!
676 The Ending Has Been Decided. The Two of Them Are as Good as New
677 The Judgment of Joelson. The Decision of Captain Nair!
678 The Reason for Captain Nair’s Victory. All the Guards Are Feeling Uneasy!
679 The Reason for the Victory Has Been Announced. There Is Something Else Going on behind the Scenes!
680 The Truth behind the Matter. The Concealment of Our Comrades!
681 The True Meaning of ‘Going Easy.’ The Two of Them Had Turned against Each Other!
682 The Truth behind It. The Anger of Vice-Captain Hansen.
683 Self-Proof of Captain Nair under the Watchful Eyes of Everyone!
684 Relief after Anger. The Bitterness in Guard Captain Nair’s Heart!
685 The Just Judgment of Joelson. The Truth behind Captain Nair!
686 The Dust Has Settled. Everyone Has Forgiven the Past!
687 The Fair Judgment of Joelson. The Duel Was Coming to an End.
688 Stand on the Wrong Side? The Torture of the Waist Was Waiting for Everyone!
689 The Punishment of His Subordinates. Captain Nair’s Choice.
690 The Only Person Vice-Captain Hansen Acknowledged, Joelson!
691 When All This Is Over, No One Will Be Punished. The Elizabeth Family Will Be Brought to Account!
692 Everyone’s Verdict of Not Guilty. The Might of Joelson!
693 The Loyalty of All the Guards!
694 Everyone’s Expectations of Joelson!
695 Joelson Who Won All the Applause!
696 The Hearts of the People in the Underground City. Is Joelson Going to Become the King?
697 Joelson’s Plan. Everyone Was Shocked.
698 From the outside World. The Future of the Underground City!
699 The Expectations of Captain Nair and Vice-Captain Hansen!
700 Can Joelson Change the Underground City and Walk Towards the Underworld!
701 Joelson’s Rejection Shocking the Residents of the Underground City!
702 Magical Recovery Potion. The Shock of Guard Vice-Captain Hansen!
703 Guard Captain Nair and Guard Vice-Captain Hansen Felt Helpless in Their Hearts. It Was a Heavy Gift That They Could Not Repay!
704 The Possibility of Paying off Debts. Joelson’s Shocking Theory!
705 The Support and Confusion of the Nobles
706 Joelson’s True Thoughts. The Stunned Underground City Residents.
707 Joelson Did Not Intend to Be the King? Captain Nair and Vice-Captain Hansen Were Stunned
708 The Miracle of the Recovery Potion. The Two People Who Did Not Know How to Repay the Favor
709 Joelson’s Indifferent Command
710 The Two Who Wanted to Repay the Favor. Joelson’s Request Stunned Them
711 Joelson’s Request. The Shocked Captain Nair and Vice-Captain Hansen!
712 Joelson’s Arrangements Shocked the Entire Underground City!
713 Guard Captain Nair’s Resistance!
714 Guard Captain Nair’s Sincere Desire to Stay!
715 Guard Captain Nair’s Painful Urge to Stay and Joelson’s Helplessness
716 Guard Captain Nair’s Heartfelt Request. The Request of All the Underground City Residents!
717 The Sincerity of the Citizens of the Underground City. The past of Captain Nair.
718 Memories of Guard Captain Nair 1/3
719 Memories of Guard Captain Nair 2/3
720 Memories of Guard Captain Nair 3/3
721 The Underground City Needs Joelson! Everyone’s Helpless Pleas!
722 Captain Nair’s thoughts
723 Captain Nair’s Desire!
724 The Wish of Captain Nair. The Wish of Everyone in the Underground City!
725 The Pleas of Vice-Captain Hansen and the Others!
726 In the Face of Everyone’s Urging to Stay, Joelson Had No Choice but to Choose
727 Joelson’s Final Choice
728 Mia’s Guess. Joelson’s Choice
729 The Proud Vice-Captain of the Guards, Hansen, Revealed His True Feelings at This Moment!
730 What Will Be Joelson’s Final Decision?
731 Joelson’s Decision Surprised Everyone
732 Joelson’s Final Decision
733 Title of King? Everyone Had No Choice but to Compromise
734 The Solution to the Underground City. Joelson’s Idea!
735 Acting Executor: Guard Captain Nair!
736 Everything Has Been Decided. The Last Thing about Joelson!
737 Joelson’s Final Decision. Everything Has Come To an End!
738 Captain Nair’s Joy. Joelson’s First Order!
739 Guard Vice-Captain Hansen’s Emotions. Accept the Award!
740 The Valiance of Guard Vice-Captain Hansen! I