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Back For My Daughter


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\“Dad promises that I will be always there with you, my little baby.\“\r\n\r\nIt was Ye Qian“s promise to his child who was yet to be born.\r\n\r\nHowever, fate didn“t seem to agree as it took his life in the form of an accident before he could see his little one“s face. \r\n\r\nThe promise that was made to his wife and daughter reverberated as he left the world, just two months before the child ...
《Back For My Daughter》 Auxiliary Volume
《Back For My Daughter》 The Family Union
1 Here I Come!
2 Little Ming
3 She Might Be Waiting
4 Well, He Will Never Get It!
5 So What If You Have A Gun!
6 An Angel!
7 Threatening My Wife
8 Meanie
9 She Called Me PAPA
10 Dream Come True
11 Fishbone
12 Can He Cook?
13 At The Marke
14 Magical Cooking
15 Do You Remember?
16 Is There a Fierce Beast?
17 Was It All a Dream?
18 Lets Go To School!
19 Children Are Pures
20 Earn Money
21 Make Charms
22 High Mountain And Stars
23 Piggyback Ride
24 Lioness
25 How I Met Mengmeng?
26 Lunatic Selling Charms
27 First Customer
28 Hope
29 Did I Kill Your Ancestor?
30 Don't Know Me?
31 Let Me Go, Please!
32 Embarrassing Situation
33 The Small Play
34 Won't Dare to Argue
35 Yuan Meng's POV
36 Yuan Meng's POV Part 2
37 Yuan Meng's POV Part 3 las
38 Won't Love Mumma!
39 Mumma Missed Papa
40 Shooing The Crows
41 You Sure Have Guts
42 I Won't Talk to You
43 Don't Peek at Mumma
44 Bully
45 Qiqi Making Egg Rolls
46 Qiqi's Egg Rolls
47 Mumma Ran Away?
48 Only Hope
49 A Real Charm?
50 Han Xiaowen's Bliss
51 Cow Facing Tiger
52 Secret to Look Younger
53 Papa Won't Leave Qiqi, Right ?
54 Make The Baby Fa
55 Guests Arrive
56 Little Jia
57 Can I Call You Papa?
58 Eat A Lot of Food
59 Papa It's Tasty
60 Joy of Having Daughters
61 A Treasured Memory!
62 I See Her as My Daughter
63 A Coin Has Two Sides
64 Little Jia's Condition
65 Papa Is Telling Story!
66 The Story of a Man Who Went to Other World!
67 You Made Qiqi Fat!
68 Like a Father-Daughter Pair
69 Who Dares to Call My Daughter Fat!
70 What Am I Thinking?
71 Qiqi's Battle Mode Papa's Hairstyle
72 Ning Wei's Change
73 My Big Dummy!
74 Ning Wei's Dilemma
75 He Called Me Beautiful!
76 Let's Go To The Mall
77 Humph! Bad Uncle
78 Someone Is Saying Bad Things!
79 Are You Sure?
80 He Is A Fool!
81 Ning Wei Is Jealous
82 He Believes Me!
83 Grave Situation
84 Does Jia Want A Beating!
85 Did He Just Kissed Me!
86 We Will Meet Soon!
87 My Big Brother Qian!
88 Yu Lan
89 An Animal Boyfriend?
90 Are Mermaids Real?
91 This Shameless Guy!
92 When Did You Marry Twice?
93 Girls Are Abducted!
94 A Different Ye Qian!
95 Don't Worry Papa Is Here!
96 Thank You For Helping!
97 Why Is His Ear Red and Swollen?
98 Pitiful Ning Wei!
99 Powerhouse In Star City!
100 Shocking News!
101 Astounding Discovery
102 Star Dust?
103 How Dare You?
104 Xiao Ya
105 Logical or Illogical?
106 Forgotten People Unforgotten Memories
107 The Shopping Spree
108 Papa's Gift!
109 I Want One More Kiss!
110 A Gentleman's Duty
111 Hard to Understand Women
112 Grandma's Hairpin?
113 Throw Him Out!
114 The Ladies Are Angry
115 The Great Trinity
116 The Women Shopping Begins
117 Will I Look Beautiful?
118 Everywhere It's The Same
119 People Care But You Don't, Humph!
120 I, Ye Qian Am An Idiot!
121 He Sleeps Like Qiqi!
122 You Lowly People!
123 Necessary To Fall Hard
124 You Face Is Really Thick!
125 Wife Is Nonchalant But Other Woman Is Not!
126 127 Should He Be Angry For Her?
127 126 Magic!
128 Shop For Papa!
129 Papa's Magic Ring!
130 Serious Situation!
131 Ignorance Is Bliss
132 Grandparents Are Waiting!
133 In Front But Unable To Embrace!
134 You Can't Sit Here!
135 Sit On Grandma's Lap!
136 Who Is Little Qi?
137 Begin The Treatment!
138 Mysterious Egg In The Body!
139 A Baby's Cry!
140 Let Me Massage You Two
141 Xiao Ya Is Out of Danger
142 I Know You Like Me
143 You Are My Family!
144 A Boy Pulling Car
145 Can't Let You Die!
146 Mother Will Leave You Now
147 Conflicting Thoughts!
148 The Long Await!
149 Mom, I have Been A Bad Son
150 You Can Stay For The Nigh
151 Do You Think He Would?
152 Mother Will Cook For You
153 Do I have 2 Daughter In Laws?
154 All She Could Wish For!
155 The Ancestor's Teachings
156 Going Out With Papa!
157 Who Is Our New Friend?
158 Why Is The Shop Open?
159 Who Is The Man?
160 I Would Be Her Mother, My Love!
161 Don't Act Smart Or She Dies!
162 Do You Want To See Magic?
163 Uncle, You Fooled Me!
164 Angel Uncle!
165 Becoming Friends
166 Spirit Stove Technique
167 I Am Luo Ya!
168 Papa Scolded Qiqi!
169 DAD...?
170 Does She Miss Her Dad, Just Like Qiqi?
171 Cultivators On Earth!
172 173 Let Me Help You!
173 172 Papa, You Will Feel Cold!
174 This Old Lady Got So Much Work To Do?
175 Kshatriya Clan's Method!
176 He Changed A Lot!
177 Dinner Preparations
178 Are You Hiding Something?
179 Not All People Are Good!
180 Play Grandma's Games!
181 Grandma Knows Dao Of Cooking!
182 No Matter What You Look Like, I Will Always Love You!
183 I Don't Mind Having Another Grandchild
184 When Will Mumma And Papa Come?
185 Qiqi Is A Little Traitor!
186 Father Daughter Trio Embarrassed
187 Weird Room Decor
188 Magic Or Science?
189 Get Used To It!
190 Did He Do THAT To Me?
191 You Want To Take Advantage Of Me And Sister Wei!
192 Meeting With Someone Familiar!
193 You Must Live Well!
《Back For My Daughter》 Introducing Cultivation
194 I Am Xiao Ya
195 The Royal Serpent Clan
196 It See's You As Mother
197 Advanced Science In Ancient Times!
198 Artifact Crafting!
199 Mumma Won't Be Able To Stay With You
200 We Have No Feud!
201 We Protect The Lady Here!
202 You Changed So Much Little Qi!
203 Heartless But Big Brains?
204 Why Would One Come Here?
205 He Is The One Behind All Us
206 Crush Their Hope!
207 Going On A Rampage
208 How It Feels To Lose Hope?
209 Promise To His Daughters
210 More Like Sisters Than Mother Daughter
211 No Matter How Many Come, Will Die!
212 Who Is He?
213 Pridid Fire Serpen
214 The Pridid Trial
215 Could Something Have Happened To Him?
216 Suppression By Someone Stronger
217 Stop You Are Hurting Her!
218 A GOD!
219 The Lake Of Pridid
220 The Small Sparrow!
221 The Star Close To The Moon
222 Still He Cared For Her
223 True Gate Of Pridid
224 How Can She Have No Soul?
225 Shocking Revelation
226 Mystery In The Earth!
227 A Phoenix!
228 Wish Mengmeng Was Like You!
229 Using Scapegoats
230 You Are Well-behaved, Unlike Someone In My House
231 He Might Be Thinking Of Us, Sister Wei!
232 Black Magic!
233 Epitome Of Devil
234 Desperate Measure
235 Spa...row..!
236 Uncle Is Super Man
237 Could It Be Him?
238 It's Him!
239 Situation Worsened!
240 Yearning Of A Father
241 Wait Here With The AUNTY!
242 How Dare You Call Me That!
243 Who Is To Be Blamed?
244 Goodbye Little One!
245 Stay Good When You Grow Up
246 A Person With Spiritual Roots!
247 How Could It Be You?
248 How To Make Everyone Cultivate?
249 Bidding Farewell
250 Why Were You Here?
251 Super Uncle!
252 A Handsome Thief!
253 Longing For Their Mother!
254 Person Filled With Anger and Wrath
255 Your Mom Is Not So Old!
256 Is That A Snake?
257 Live For A Few Days At Mos
258 A Wake Up Gift!
259 Don't Want Sparrow To Feel Sad
260 Ye Qian's Sister?
261 Grandpa Xiao Is A Bear!
262 Ye Qian Will Get A Beating!
263 Mother And Son Gossip
264 Shouldn't I Be Thanking You!
265 Yuan Meng's Predicamen
266 Heart Aching Goodbye
267 Is Big Brother Willing To Beat Me?
268 Don't Be Angry With Me Little Lan!
269 Let Big Brother Carry You!
270 Don't Care Of What Others Think
271 A Completely Different World!
272 Time Can Change Anyone
273 Less Worried For Them
274 The Phoenix Soul Flame
275 How Will Little Bird Stay With Us?
276 We Will Be Always Grateful
277 Is It A Magical Creature?
278 Want To Embrace But!
279 Don't Want The Dragon To Wake Again
280 Does Mom's Stomach Hurt Because You Ate Too Much?
281 Harder Than Fighting An Evil Dragon!
282 Discovering Traces Of Qi!
283 Homicides Entered The City!
284 Yuan Meng Is Hiding Something!
285 Don't Want To See You In Pain
286 Qiqi Didn't Do Homework!
287 Being Cared Like Never Before!
288 No Matter If You Hate Me!
289 Want To Love You For Ages To Come!
290 Isn't Your Body Like A Superman!
291 Emerald Sternum
292 Are We Going On A Date?
293 He Will Tell If It's Necessary For Me
294 Didn't I Look Beautiful Before?
295 Accident!
296 Serves Him Right!
297 Mengmeng's Killing Intent, Fear of Loosing!
298 They Care For Public!
299 Investigation?
300 Unstable Killing Inten
301 Idiots Who Never Saw A Woman!
302 Are We Going On A Date Like This?
303 This Dumb Door Won't Open!
304 Emotions Make A Person!
305 Is She Mengmeng's Mother?
306 One Whom Yuan Meng Called Father!
307 Let Us Be Her Grandparents!
308 Being Devoid Of Joy In Life
309 Making Son-in-Law Hold A Dustbin!
310 Like A Monkey Who Found Banana!
311 A Mortal Formation!
312 I Am Happy That You Are Fine!
313 They Would Do That After Marriage!
314 Who Invited These Dogs?
315 Are They Not Going To Come?
316 He Came For Me!
317 This Place Isn't For You
318 You Look Like A Small Girl With That Face
319 What Is He Here For?
320 A Bond Out Of Everyone's Imagination
321 High Level Fawning And Boot Licking
322 Strength Doesn't Always Mean Power
323 No Gift For Me?
324 Yuan Meng's Gift!
325 Playing Tricks
326 He Is Only So So
327 Can't I Also Love You?
328 A Gift No Matter How Small Is A Gift!
329 Hope You Recognize Me Then!
330 Who Could Remember Him?
331 Happy That The World Did Not Change Much!
332 Can't Let My Son-In-Law Eat That Food!
333 Aunt Qin's Worrisome Condition!
334 Search The Spiritual Energy Source!
335 The Bare Bubhuksh Herb!
336 How Long Till He Comes Here?
337 I Am Qiqi's Father!
338 There Might Be A Reason!
339 So This Is You Trouble?
340 I Am A Calamity Magnet?
341 Piglets Talking About Horses!
342 Children Should Enjoy Their Childhood!
343 Promise Me To Stay Happy No Matter What!
344 You Owe Me A Million Years Of Love!
345 Aren't We In The Park?
346 This Is So Maddening!
347 Serene Like A Buddha!
348 I Thought, I Would Never See You Again!
349 My Nearsightedness Is Gone!
350 Spirit Eye
351 Just A Matter Of Time
352 Qain'er, Did You Became A Pervert All This Long!
353 Can't He Say I Look More Beautiful! Humph..
354 When Did Meng Started Being Chivalrous?
355 Where Are You Go...?
356 Yuan Meng's Other Side
357 A Child's Heart Is Fragile As Glass
358 Are You Mom?
359 What if uncle says that I am a bad girl!
360 Mom Is Here For Me!
361 I Saw Her Smile After A Whole Year!
362 Uncle Is My Dad!
363 Who Is That Little Girl?
364 Grandma Showing Off!
365 Sharing Strengthens Friendship!
366 Qiqi Won't Let Xiao Ya Off!
367 Don't Want Xiao Ya To Feel Like Me
368 I Want A Kiss From My Husband!
369 Manifestation Of Killing Inten
370 Finding Needle In A Farm Full Of Hay
371 Tiger In Sheep's Clothing
372 Is Qiqi Upset Because Of Xiao Ya?
373 What Are You Doing!
374 Little Girls Are Smar
375 Cultivated The Wrong Method All This Time?
376 WRATH!
377 It Feels So Good Resting In Papa's Lap!
378 Little Jia's Different Behavior!
379 He is not my Qian'er!
380 Is This How It End's!
381 Mengmeng Died Because Of Me
382 Even If I Don't Deserve Her, She Must Live!
383 Don't Get Angry At Your Papa, Qiqi!
384 I Want You To Do Me!
385 Heart's Blood
386 Bring Her Back!
387 He Looks Less Handsome!
388 Waiting For You To Wake Up!
389 Will Cherish The Time Given To Me
390 I Am Still Better Than You At This!
391 Make Me Die Of Jealousy
392 Leave My Mumma, Please
393 Last Memory Of Her Mother!
394 Aunt Lan'er Is Waiting
395 You Deserve It!
396 The Smile On Their Faces
397 I Need To Ask You Something!
398 Did Mumma Punished Papa?
399 How Can I Blame Her?
400 Unlike Someone, We Need To Bathe
401 Bonus chapter How Does She Know?
402 Papa Close Your Eyes, Humph
403 He Is The Doctor, Not Me
404 Someone Felt Pity For You?
405 I Will Get A Job!
406 It Takes A Lot Of Time To Get Ready!
407 My Poor Child!
408 Everyone's Life Is A Struggle
409 What Is The Reason
410 He Knows About Us
411 You Seem To Have Done Tha
412 Encounter With A Ferocious Beas
413 Do They Even Look Afraid?
414 Gramma, Qiqi Missed You!
415 Gold Lotus Roo
416 The Doctor Is A Swine
417 You Will Cry Under Me
418 The Person Backing Yuan Meng
419 No Information About Yuan Meng
420 Yuan Meng's Second Daughter!
421 Living For Someone Is Better Than Dying
422 423 Miraculous Herbs
423 422 Not The Same As You Described
424 Porridge With Gold Lotus Roo
425 She Belongs To You More, Than To Me
426 There Was An Accident Near
427 A Mouse Lurking Around!
428 God's Blessing Me!
429 I Am More Envious Of You Than You Are Of Me
430 WRATH Needs River Of Blood
431 I Am Blessed!
432 I Want Your Thumb
433 An Abomination
434 How Can I Like Him!
435 I Can't Wait For Tomorrow
436 Strength Of A Casual Punch
437 All By Himself
438 Young Hero Save Me Please! R13
439 Are You Willing To Accept Me?
440 Boss Should Reward Me R13
441 Have I Lost Something Before Getting? R13
442 Not Worth His Care
443 I Want To Remember This Forever
444 Mengmeng Will Kill Me If She Knows!
445 Unclean For Even Hell
446 You Want Her To Crawl Under You Right?
447 Are You An AVATAR?
448 Do You Want To Come?
449 Truth Behind God Asura Scripture
450 Can You Don't Do This!
451 Don't Call Yourself That Again, Ever!
452 No Matter How Much I Want, I Won't Eat You Up!
453 Don't You Want To Know What Is My Name?
454 Mu Xueyin
455 Don't Enter A Bathroom When A Man Is Busy
456 What A Pervert!
457 You Won't Be Heavy
458 Young Master I Am About To Release!
459 TEST TUBE Like Things!
460 Heart To Think For Others
461 Ye, I Will Love You, No Matter What!
462 We Will Start A New Life
463 Why Is She Here And Still Happy?
464 Being Slapped By An An
465 A Healing Treasure!
466 Family Should Stay Together
467 I Wish I Won't Come Here, Again
468 Stop Dreaming About I
469 My Skinny Grandchild!
470 Little Qi Made Breakfast Again!
471 A Waging War Between Two Armies!
472 Gruesome Threat For Aunt Qin
473 Let Me Give A Hand!
474 Having More Than One Wife
475 Study Better Than Someone Here
476 Little Qiqi's Cultivation Is High?
477 Ye Qian's Change In Behavior
478 Missing Her First Time's
479 A Weird Woman
480 What Is Embarrassing For A Woman?
481 Gift For My Little Girl
482 Blue Butterfly Earrings
484 Papa Looks Young And Handsome!
485 Acting Tough
486 A Parent's Responsibility
487 An Old Pal!
488 Cheeky Rascal Got A Beautiful Child
489 Won't Let Anyone Bully My Sister!
490 Jia's Friend!
491 A Foolish Father
492 Go Forth What Are You Waiting For, Little Girl!
493 Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover!
494 Ye Get Some Brains Now
495 Heavenly Secret!
496 What Are You Going To Name The Child!
497 A Country Bumpkin
498 Why Would I Be Embarrassed?
499 I Don't Have A Son!
500 An Acquaintance
501 A Slap!
502 They Are Fine, I Guess!
503 A Gift For Mu Xueyin!
504 Memory Fragment Stone
505 Handsome, Have A Coffee!
506 Ye Qian's Girlfriend?
507 For Sake Of Our Baby!
508 Playing As TO BE FATHER!
509 Men Only Think With They Lower Head!
510 Our Baby Is Kicking!
511 Consciousness Of God Asura Scripture
512 Learn To Keep Your Mouth Shut!
513 Knives Won't Work On Him!
514 Who Is Behind You?
515 Who Are You?
516 Did I Really Know Her?
517 I Don't Want To Share You Qian'er!
518 I Want To Forget You!
519 An Unknown Person?
520 Do You Want That Kind Of LOVE?
521 Why Did She Stay There?
522 Who Is The Gentleman?
523 Why They Make Small Mouth For Pockets!
524 525 How Can He Be Like That! CHAP HAS BEEN SHUFFELED
525 524 He Has Two Lovers!
526 Who Uses Cash These Day's!
527 A Fraudulent!
528 Envy Is The Root Of Adversity!
529 All Because Of That Bumpkin
530 A Place Devoid Of Worry
531 No One Should Look At Me Except...
532 My Dumb Husband Is Too Much!
533 Joining Beauties For A Lunch
534 Can't Be Anymore Proud!
535 Just Me And Qian'er
536 Asking For Silver Only To Get Gold!
537 Let's Just Be Friends
538 Can't You Be Anymore Serious?
539 Elemental Culinary Artem
540 A Weirdo!
541 I Also Have A Friend!
542 An Alarming Event!
543 Loss Of A Friend Break's One's Hear
544 Jia Will Miss Everyone!
545 Papa Should Not Know Of This!
546 She Is My Friend!
547 Big Sister's Pride!
548 A Powerful Cultivator Who Want's To Harm Children?
549 Wake Up, Little Qi!
550 Being Punished To Eat More During Dinner!
551 A Blessing In Disguise
552 Why Yu Lan Won't Say Her Feelings!
553 Why Was The Egg Never Found?
554 Fashion From One Realm Considered As Junk In Other!
555 Attracting Trouble For No Reason!
556 Early Maturing Of Kids Is Bad
557 I Am Here!
558 A Different Kind Of Parent!
559 Is He Really A Parent?
560 How Long Is The Wait?
561 Is He Silly Or Too Spoiling?
562 Papa, The Magic Ring Was Shaking Before!
563 Humph, Big Sister Will Forgive You!
564 Does He Really Cook So Well?
565 Little Qiqi's Parent's Must Be Very Young?
566 Dad, I Don't Have A Tail!
567 His Greatest Fear
568 In The Snack Shop!
569 General Takes Over The Territory!
570 Can We Sit Here?
571 Enjoying Something Simple Yet So Much
572 We Will Take This!
573 Qiqi's Chair!
574 I Can Drive Properly!
575 Where Is Your Dad?
576 You Are A Good Mother
577 Already Taking A Girl's Side!
578 Whose Father Is He?
579 Xiao Ya Misses Her Grandparents
580 Constant Increase In Cultivation
581 Ye Qian Scolds Xiao Ya
582 Whereabouts Of A Spirit Beast's
583 I Might Not Always Be With You
584 An Accident In The School
585 Who Is To Be Blamed?
586 None Is To Be Blamed
587 Ning Jia's Admission Under Special Circumstances?
588 Taking Responsibility For The Inciden
589 Shadow In Venerable Ye's Daughter's Heart?
590 Something Strange Happened In Star City!
591 592 Did You Miss Me? Chaps are jumbled :
592 591 Heavenly Ice Body Chaps are jumbled :
593 I Am Really Very Very Happy!
594 What Is Spirit Beast and Spiritual Qi?
595 Do You Want Me To Believe All This?
596 This Whole Plot Story Is Unbelievable!
597 Ghost At The Construction Site
598 Li Zhiyun
599 Do You Have Faith In My Mother?
600 Let Me Repay Your KINDNESS
601 Han Lao's Conspiracy
602 VOTE For The New CEO
603 No One Would Support You If You Are Not Worthy
604 The Greedy Nature Of Humans
605 Money Is Nothing Compared To Life
606 So You Want To Cook?
607 Does Papa Want Our Help?
608 Papa, I Removed The Beans
609 Beans Are Also Delicious!
610 Where Is Mom?
611 Why Didn't She Come?
612 I Reek With Sweaty Smell
613 An Immortal Can Also Be Duped
614 Incident Which Was Painful
615 Po Tian Is Out Of Reach
616 He Might Only Live For A Few Weeks
617 Smoking Causes Harm
618 Eat The Little Bird's Bite
619 Want To Eat From Papa's Hands, Forever
620 How Many Clothes And Makeup Can I Store
621 I Don't Want A Crappy Boyfriend Like Yours
622 Do I Really Look Like An AUNTIE?
623 Damned Brat!
624 Yu Lan's Brother!
625 Wake Up, It's Time For Dinner!
626 He Shouldn't Have Got A Cold, Right?
627 No Mother Want's Their Child To Mature Soon!
628 A Secret Only Whom You Trust Completely Can Know
629 We Are Fairies, But The Cursed Ones
630 Am I Not Attractive For Him?
631 Don't Come Here Again!
632 Have To Tell Me Many Things!
633 Tribulations Are Dangerous Right?
634 Do You Think, She Would Blame You?
635 Would You Want Qiqi To Think The Same?
636 It's Natural To Have Such Reaction
637 The Real Prosperity And Good Luck!
638 You Will Fulfil Your Promise, Like Always
639 You Are The Bestest Papa!
640 Are You Not Done Yet?
641 I Want To Always Stay With Papa And Do His Hair
642 Will Stay Forever And Be Powerful, Like Papa
643 Qiqi Will Study, But What?
644 Your Papa Is Needed For Punishing
645 This Young Man Is Differen
646 How Can I Know That?
647 Papa Is The Cutest!
648 Saved By An Hair Breath
649 Ye Qian's Gift For Yuan Meng
650 Fool Calling Others Fool!
651 I Didn't Forgot What You Said About My Child
《Back For My Daughter》 Vol 3 Let's Start Cultivating!
652 Didn't He Want To Meet Me?
653 Lin, The Jewel Destroyer!
654 You Are Not Ye Qian
653 Didn't He Want To Meet Me?
654 Lin, The Jewel Destroyer!
655 You Are Not Ye Qian
657 657 Breaking Through Twice In A Row!
658 Plants In A Green House
659 Who Is Ugly?
660 Someone Attacked Wu Ping!
661 Who Said I Will Not Pass The Test?
662 Won't Let Go Of Our Family!
663 Setting Formations In The Old Age Home
664 Jia Made Friends!
665 Papa Should Eat Almonds, Then You Won't Forge
666 Flying Swords And Hovering Chakras
667 Which Woman Won't Like Wearing Jewelries?
668 Doesn't It Make Papa As A Cheater?
669 How Ye Qian Got The Samsara Crown!
670 A Group Of Mother Duck And Ducklings!
671 Old Fellow Finally Said Something Good
672 Want To See Her In Despair
673 Grandma Is Waiting For Another Baby!
674 They Are Spending Some Private Time!
675 How Long Will It Take For Me To Bear A Child?
676 Your Papa Is A Lazy Pig!
677 She Is A What...?
678 Feifei!
679 She Is Our Eldest Daughter
680 Nothing Can Harm Us With You There!
681 Getting Even!
682 Issue With Your Head!
683 Something Is Coming!
684 Truth Exposed?
685 Someone Who Is Not Their Son
686 No One Could Survive, Except Her
687 Ning Wei's Relief
688 Numerous Incidents Happening In The City!
689 Awakening Of LUS
690 Ice Lotus Sutra
691 Pure Cosmic Origin Ar
692 Feifei Is Naughty!
693 Jia Is A Super Girl!
694 One Get's What He Deserves
695 Wu Family Meeting 1
696 The Wu Family Meeting 2
697 Bully The Weak And Fear The Powerful
698 Wanting To Curry Some Favors
699 Excited To Meet Son-In-Law!