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Accidentally Married A Fox God - The sovereign lord spoils his wife


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From one mishap into another. Li Meirong“s life took a turn for the worst after transmigrating into the body of a servant in a different realm, where she found herself in the form of a young woman and sold to a brothel house.
Successfully escaping that ordeal, she finds herself encountering a dying snow fox cub in the woods.

“From now on you will be my pet and will share all my mise...
《Accidentally Married A Fox God - The sovereign lord spoils his wife》 Volume 1
1 Bidding Commenced
2 50 Silver Taels
3 Succumb To Circumstances
4 About To Be Raped
5 Savior?
6 I Will Smite You
7 Absorb His Life Essence
8 Trick His Way Ou
9 Bloodbath
10 Truly Mesmerizing
11 Bai Qingyue, Your Husband
12 Forgotten Waters Sec
13 Lose Your Life On The First Day
14 Stuck Here
15 Disappointmen
16 Furnace
17 Stepping Into The Wild Lands
18 Suspiciously Quie
19 It Took Off Running
20 Jiangshi Master
21 Drain you dry
22 You Want Me To Feed You?
23 They Wouldn't Have Left Her
24 Nightmares
25 A Little Too Close
26 That's What It Means!
27 Let's Be Friends, Don't Drop Me
28 Stunning Vision To Behold
29 He Can Kill Me Without Moving A Finger
30 The Bestiary Coalition
31 Only One Person I Can Be With
32 Recalling How He Lost His Powers
33 Prepared The Prison
34 He Had No Time For This
35 Thoughts Drifted To How It All Commenced
36 Building A Harem Was The Standard
37 Master Can I Eat Him Now?
38 Join Us
39 I Would Be Wary If I were You
40 Cat Agreed To Carry Her
41 It's Just A Little Baby!
42 His Point Of View
43 Why Are You So Slow
44 It Wants To Eat You
45 You Are So Gullible
46 Master, Stop Being Lazy!
47 His Little Butt Moved About Like A Flying Snowball
48 Follow Through To The End
49 Hugged By A Large Snake
50 A Common Animal Would Be Better Than You!
51 He Must Have Lost His Mind
52 Stuck In An Active Volcano
53 Don't Like What You See?
54 On The Edge Of A Great Discovery
55 How May I Be Of Service
56 She Is The Ultimate Treasure
57 You Must Have A Goal
58 Weird Looking Shape
59 Chou Was "Upgrading"
60 Made Plans To Bully Her!
61 She Named Him Snowball!
62 Tribe's Extinction
63 Done Differently
64 She Didn't Suspect Him For Even One Second!
65 Do Not Worry I Am Here
66 Making His Wife Submit, How Dare They?!
67 Stall For Time
68 There Is No Medicine For Regre
69 Her Thoughts Were Led Astray
70 Shameless Fox
71 Unpleasant Family Reunion
72 It Will Not Be So Simple
73 Grabbed His Heart And Ripped I
74 She Wouldn't Be Able To Join You
75 His Son Was Deluding Himself
76 She Could Tell Who She Needed To Avoid
77 Not Allowed To Touch
78 I Quit!
79 I'm Not Fa
80 Planning His Revenge
81 Medium Grade Spirit Grass
82 Didn't Mean To Offend You
83 You're Free To Go Now
84 Snowball Has Someone He Likes!
85 Where Did You Run Off To Again?
86 One Piece At A Time
87 Enough Room For Both Of Us
88 Kiss And Choke At The Same Time
89 Your Heart's Desire
90 Mmm So Good
91 The Dream
92 It Was Terrible!
93 Underestimated Her
94 Investigation
95 This Devilish Spawn Is My Child?
96 Cooperate With Me
97 Calm Before The Storm
98 Demoted
99 Not Breathe A Word
100 Die A Thousand Deaths!
101 Stripping Them Of Their Dignity!
102 Why Are You Upset?
103 More, Please!
104 Condemn This Culpri
105 A Misunderstanding
106 I Am To Blame
107 This Brat!
108 Distrusting
109 He's Really Smiling
110 Finalize His Plan
111 You Don't Have To Take Responsibility!
112 Are We Going To Die?!
113 You Have To Be Responsible For Me!
114 Some Kind Of Funny Joke
115 You Have Already Rejected Me
116 Thorn Piercing Her Hear
117 Willing To Do It With You
118 Strange Bitter Feeling
119 You, Be Quie
120 This Ferocious Tiger
121 Why Am I Not Surprised?
122 She's The Lord's Wife
123 Chou Is Building An Army!
124 This Plant Almost Ruined Everything!
125 Humph, I'll Show You...
126 Dual Cultivation Technique
127 Unexpected Visitor
128 Dear To Him?
129 Knocked Out Cold For So Long
130 Do Not Move
131 Thump Thump Thump
132 Stay Strong M'lady!
133 Then, Please Take Care Of Me
134 Raise Your Hand Up And Lower I
135 Played Him Like A Fiddle
136 Hot Sticky Substance
137 Get Out!!!
138 Tears Of Old Anger
139 Marry Me
140 A Friend, But Maybe Something More
141 Friendship Shattered For Good
142 People Come And Go
143 Nevermind, He's Still A Fiend!
144 No Longer Felt That Way
145 Snowball?
146 Not Ready To See Him!
147 Soon, Okay?
148 Snowball Is The Most Splendid
149 Did I Now?
150 Go Back To My World?
151 Foundation Rank
152 Is My Son Not Good Enough For You?
153 That Sincere And Humble Guy
154 Drowning In Happiness
155 Especially For You
156 I'll Stay Right Here
157 Xiong Mei
158 Would Love To Practise With You
159 Sea Of Endless Darkness
160 Damn This F*cking Cultivation!
161 You Stink Real Bad!
162 You Lie!
163 Flurry of Furred Beasts
164 Where Was Bai Yu?
165 The Wheels In His Head Kept Turning
166 What Are You Doing Here?
167 Breathe Next To Her Ear
168 Stars In Her Eyes
169 Trying To Kill Your Husband
170 Not Like He Has A Choice In The Matter
171 He Was Such A Busy Fox
172 Kissing Monster
173 Absolutely Appreciate
174 I Will Not Let You Die!
175 The Weeds Simply Had To Go
176 Ben Mo
177 Over The Week
178 Date
179 News of Your Wife
180 You Can Come Out Now
181 She Turned Into A Man
182 Dragon Prince
183 Counting The Seconds As They Passed By
184 Clang
185 Driving Him Mad!
186 Short Ribs
187 Grumpy For No Good Reason
188 Taste Ever So Swee
189 Steal A Kiss
190 Licked Her Fingers
191 Still Famished?
192 Masculine Beauty
193 Could Anyone Blame Him?
194 I Don't Care
195 Sweet Nothings
196 She Chose The Right Man This Time
197 My Well-Being, You Say?
198 Absolves You of All Crime
199 Bad Timing
200 Jade Palace
201 The Fox Lord's Punishmen
202 Never Forget This Favour
203 Tactfully Pretending To Sleep
204 Crazy Radish Wants To Kill Me!
205 C-Chou?!
206 Mushrooms Are Not Plants
207 What's A Studhorse?
208 Bad Luck With Men
209 Completely Wrong!
210 He Obviously Likes Men!
211 Can't Even Gain A Human Form!
212 Chou Wants To Go Out!
213 What If Something Happened To Zhu Qingyue?
214 Disguise The Aura
215 Run, My Lady!
216 He Had Been Mistaken
217 I'm Tired of Explaining Myself
218 Already Know All About Zhu Qingyue
219 I Figured It Out By Now
220 Oh No Oh No Oh No
221 Reconsider
222 Spare Me Your Words of Wisdom
223 The Story Just Didn't Add Up
224 Break Our Family's Curse
225 A Second Wife?!
226 Unorthodox Yuan Gui Sec
227 A Devil Is Terrorizing Our Sec
228 Silver Haired Devil
229 He Took Pleasure In This
230 For The Sake of One Insignificant Woman
231 Why Would I Need You for All These
232 Warm Your Bed
233 Injured By The Claws of A Small Fox Spiri
234 The Very Last Chess Piece
235 Ensnare Men
236 Quite Tipsy
237 This Thing Stinks!
238 Marital Status
239 The Moon Is Like His Hair
240 Tell Me If She's Lying
241 He Isn't Threatening In Any Way
242 A Furnace's Blood
243 Why Is Master Walking Straight Into A Trap?
244 No Eyebrow's Spirit Beas
245 Chou Is Scared
246 What Is That Thing?
247 My Eyes
248 Forced My Hand
249 Throw Your Mushroom Head Into The Ocean!
250 No Longer Able To Stay With Master - Part I
251 No Longer Able To Stay With Master - Part II
252 Have You Gone Insane?
253 She Murdered Me!
254 Waste Not Want No
255 No, Not A Furnace
256 Hurry Or You Will Die
257 Don't You Already Know?
258 Do You Understand? Yes or No?
259 You Passed
260 My Original Name Was Liu Wei
261 Very Rude of You To Ask
262 Where The Hell Did It Spring Form?!
262 Where The Hell Did It Spring From?!
263 Henpecked Husband
264 Zhu Qingyue Suddenly Reappeared
265 I Will Never Let You Go.
266 Test My Limits
267 Endless Amount of Satisfaction
268 I Didn't Wish To Needlessly Worry You
269 I Would Have Told You Everything
270 It Just Happened
271 I Got Struck By Lightning
272 Foiled My Plans
273 My Leverage
274 I'm Getting To That Point, Sire
275 See What I Told You
276 I Didn't Mean To Interrup
277 First Priority
278 Slandering Him Out In The Open
279 Visting Mo Cheng
280 Intrude Every Day
281 We'll Talk It Over
282 My Dearest Friend
283 Taste of Her Own Medicine
284 A Dutiful Husband Must Wait for His Wife To Make Decisions
285 He Is Evil
286 He's A Lunatic Too!
287 As For You
288 I'm Done
289 Still Waters Run Deep
290 Master Is Very Ugly
291 He Is Not A Man
292 Only Snowball Is Good To Me
293 Who Said I Don't Like It?
294 Did I Imagine What I saw
295 Strike Me Down If I Am Lying
296 You Are A Cruel Girl
297 Once Married Never Seperated
298 What Would You Have Me Do?
299 I Can Do This
300 Grant His Wife Pleasure
301 You Are A Dangerous Beauty
302 Possessive Eyes
303 Trouble My Wife To Take Care of Me
304 Spoil You Terribly
305 The Rice Has Been Cooked?
306 The Sack Began To Tremble
307 Your Aura Seems A Lot More Pleasan
308 I Shall Go In Her Stead
309 I Have To Get Out of Bed
310 This Is All Your Fault Anyway
311 Darling Please
312 So Kind So Forgiving
313 My Lady Is Our Long Lost Pearl
314 My Lord Dotes On You
315 Useless Trinkets
316 Shapeshifting Into His Wife
317 To What Do I Owe This Great Honour?
318 He Is My Darling Husband
319 Atrocious
320 Nefarious And Ruthless Character
321 You're Not A Real Person
322 My Presence Is Required Elsewhere
323 Teach This Junior A Lesson
324 A Huge Humiliation For Liu Jiyau
325 Blood Sucking Parasol
326 I Promise It Won't Kill You
327 A Switch Flipped
328 Cease The Battle At Once!
329 Keep A Civil Tongue In Your Head
330 You Expect A Lot of Me
331 A Being Made of Smoke And Shadows
332 Wrong Answer!
333 Ill Tempered Fox
334 Manipulating Everyone In Sigh
335 What Else Could Be The Reason?
336 I Can't Find Him Anywhere
337 Snowball is A Big Fatty
338 Ardent Expectation
339 Bao Li Had Seen Them!
340 I Know What I Saw, Okay?
341 No Good Reason
342 Who Are You?
343 Stop
344 Do Not Stray From The Path
345 My Home Is Wherever You Are
346 Mention Anything About Me?
347 How About Every Second Night?
348 Caging This Bird
349 Don't Be Mad At Snowball
350 That is Their Honor
351 As You Wish...
352 This is Good Enough For Me
353 Snap Her Body In Two!
354 Please The Both Of Them
355 That Went South
356 I'll Never Abandon You
357 This Lord Is Afraid For Himself?!
358 Most Certainly Will Not!
359 Just One More Kick
360 The Great Hero Bao Li
361 Dead To The World
362 Suffocating Silence
363 I Love You
《Accidentally Married A Fox God - The sovereign lord spoils his wife》 Text
363 Anything
364 I Love You
365 A Mountain of White Fur
366 Stop Staring At Me
367 Let The Pixie Go
368 Waiting For An Explanation
369 Pixies Don't Tell Lies!
370 I Don’t Want I
371 Compliments Were The Way To Go
372 You Can Fly?
373 Perhaps Threatened Him?
374 Gone Mad
375 He Does Sound Pretty Crazy
376 White Tea